Business ideas for moms on maternity leave in 2021

The topic of earnings is especially close to mothers on maternity leave. During working hours, there is no time to pay attention to the issues of creative self-realization, but in the decree there is a desire to engage in creativity, to create several accessories for the house, a multi-colored handbag or knitted clothes. Needlework is also becoming in demand because you cannot leave your baby alone for a long time, you have to spend a lot of time with him at home. In such conditions, a way of earning money will come in handy, which will help to keep your hands busy.

Important to know! During the decree, a woman asks herself the question: is she willing to spend 8-10 hours at work, leaving the child in someone else's care for several hours a day. Then the idea of ​​transforming your favorite hobby into income comes. At first, this is random money, a way to generate additional income. But with a systematic approach, a favorite hobby for a mother on maternity leave turns into the main income.

Idea: Educational games for children

The child needs a developing environment. A useful way to keep little hands busy is a pillow, beads on a string, a plastic bottle with cereals, an apron with colorful pockets. Craftswomen make educational aids at home - first for their beloved children, then for sale. Making them is not difficult, and the material will not ruin the family budget. Fabrics, beads, buttons - purchased in thematic sets or separately (cheaper in bulk).

: Stuffed Toys

Some mothers are engaged in sewing soft toys on maternity leave. Some people like to make pillows of complex shapes, others like to fill homemade fairy-tale characters with fragrant mixtures of medicinal herbs (this will calm the child, help him fall asleep). Still others are fond of sewing finger characters for the puppet theater (a very popular segment of the market, practically not mastered).

Several moms learned about the idea of ​​combining soft toys with educational techniques and got to work. Instead of cotton wool and shreds, the fabric shell is filled with cones, chestnuts, nuts, light balls of different sizes. This bright homemade toy pleases the kid and develops fine motor skills.

This is interesting! Wendy Cao, the mother of a little boy from Vancouver, came up with an original way to make money. She began to sew toys according to the drawings of her beloved son, trying to make her product look like a character invented by a child. This idea was appreciated by several mothers - now there is a studio in Canada that is engaged in sewing children's toys according to children's sketches - Child's Own Studio.

: Toddler Knits

It would seem that the market is filled with baby products. But finding a soft vest, natural down socks or a dress crocheted from cotton threads at an affordable price is not easy. Here's another way to transform your favorite hobby into money. Fashionable sets for children (beret + scarf; elegant dress + shawl), fishnet tights, vests are always in demand among grandmothers and mothers. You can find patterns in magazines, and ideas can be spied on from designers at children's fashion shows.

This is important! Colored knitted laptop cases are in trend. Thousands of women are unhappy with the standard black leather cases and are ready to purchase openwork handbags for $ 25-30.

: Gifts, holiday cards

Not all mothers know how to sew and knit, but there are those who are fond of a different kind of hobby - scrapbooking, decoupage, quilling. The emergence of new art materials, ready-made paper products for creativity, quick-drying acrylic paints - inspired women on maternity leave to create original interior items, boxes, postcards, notebooks, family albums.

Business ideas for young mothers

Many young moms worry about what will happen when they get out of it.

Return to your previous job, but what about the child? Who will look after him?

Quite a few ladies do not want to give their child up to nannies or grandmothers, they want to do everything themselves, but the 5-6 day work schedule does not allow them.

Yes, and often there is such a situation that there is no financial means to hire a nanny, or at least half of the salary will go to pay the nanny.

So what to do? Is there a way out of this situation? Of course there is!

There is a business for a young mother, and this is not just one specific area, it is quite a variety of different areas of activity, each mother can choose the one that suits her best.

Let's take a closer look at what business ideas exist for moms:

- If you need a little additional income, for example, for cosmetics, then you can do network marketing.

Sales consultants get the opportunity to use the cosmetics offered by their company, and you can also distribute it to your girlfriends, neighbors, girlfriends neighbors, etc., and now you will receive your first money.

- You can practice writing theses, tests, term papers, essays, or let's say become a tutor. This is in the case of having certain knowledge. Such earnings can be significant.

Unfortunately, finding themselves on maternity leave, few women manage to deal exclusively with themselves and their baby. After all, you must agree, receiving a tiny childcare allowance, and completely depend on the husband's earnings, there is somehow no time for yourself. It is not surprising that in such a situation, the expectant mother has to think - how to make money on maternity leave at home, so that there is enough money not only for the essentials, but also for some female joys? To help find the answer to this question, we will further consider options for business ideas for mothers on maternity leave in 2021, which may not only bring a small income to a young mother, but also become a serious business in the future.

What is the point of working on maternity leave?

Before we voice the most interesting business ideas of 2021 for moms on maternity leave, first let's try to name a few more reasons (except, of course, financial independence, because we voiced this reason in the first place) why it is so important so that, once on maternity leave, a woman does not focus only on motherhood:

  • Having engaged in something interesting for herself, the newly-made mother will not feel cut off from society. After all, while working, she, in any case, will have to communicate with people and this will help her somehow dilute the seemingly vicious circle of the daily life scenario of the type - feeding - diaper - walking - bathing - sleeping, etc.;
  • Business for mom on maternity leave will keep her in "shape", allowing her not to lose her professional skills (in case she decides to earn extra money just as a professional in a particular business). Well, even if business is not associated with professional activities, then any opportunity for self-development will keep the brain in good shape, which in the future (after the decree) will help to quickly integrate into the work process;
  • Feeling in demand, any woman will happy, and her baby will be happy with her. If a woman feels like she is driven into a frame, and a long stay in four walls begins to annoy her, then nothing good will come of it. Because as a result, this depression will be transmitted to the baby, who becomes restless, nervous, starts crying for no reason. And the rest of the family will have to endure all this, listen and slowly go crazy.

A successful mom is a good role model for a little person. Moreover, scientists have shown that children raised by successful parents are able to achieve much greater success in life than those raised by moms and dads with a limited range of interests. They become famous more often, get high positions, open their own business. And this is not surprising. After all, the model of relations in the family, the behavior of the parents, in the mind of the baby were laid in the very early childhood. And becoming an adult, he subconsciously will adhere to it. In general, an interesting home business for women that fills life with bright, unforgettable events is a necessity that is needed not only by a young mother, but also by her child.

Pros and cons of "maternity" business

  • Independently decide how to work for her (no one stands behind her back and does not demand to do “everything and now”;
  • No need to adjust to anyone, no one do not report;
  • No need to rush anywhere, spend finances on travel, lunch, but only get earned;
  • Manage your own finances;
  • Study, self-development , self-improvement, etc.

Of course, like any business, a maternity home business for moms is not without some drawbacks. And this also needs to be remembered. For example, a woman is caring for a baby and at the same time working:

  • Is subject to increased stress, which can lead to a constant feeling of fatigue and the desire to leave everything to rest;
  • May not cope with the correct planning of the work schedule and as a result - turn your life into continuous chaos;
  • Start gaining weight due to an immobile lifestyle (if you have to work while sitting at a computer) and the opportunity to constantly have something to eat (after all, the refrigerator is nearby!);
  • Become a victim of unscrupulous clients or scammers.

This list could be continued, but I think we don't need pessimism. Moreover, the well-known proverb says that he who does not take risks does not drink champagne. And we are preparing for a successful future. So let's move on!

How to start earning on maternity leave?

  • What can she do (it can be some kind of hobby, professional activity)?
  • How much free time can she devote to business?
  • According to statistics, opening your own full-fledged business on maternity leave falls on the second year of vacation. Until that time, women prefer to limit themselves to periodic part-time jobs. This is due to constantly growing costs, a psychological need for self-realization and a desire to build a career, while retaining the opportunity to devote a sufficient amount of time to raising a child. This is due to the fact that the most popular business ideas for mothers on maternity leave are related to the production of goods and services for children.

    Business Ideas for Moms with Startup Capital

    Women with savings have the greatest opportunities for self-realization. In this case, you can buy a franchise or open a rental center for children's items.

    What can a young mother rent

    You can start a rental business from scratch by offering rental items that you no longer use. However, in order to obtain a more tangible stable income, it is better to invest and purchase some assortment (to save money, these can be used things) and rent (buy) a warehouse. You can rent the following items:

    • Items required in the first six months of life: baby carriages, changing tables, developing rugs, mobiles for arenas. These items are only used for a few months and are very expensive. This leads to a high demand for rental of this category of goods. You can find clients on social networks, as well as distributing flyers near children's goods stores.
    • Things for tourist trips with small children: baby car seats, kangaroos and baby carriers, folding playpens for sleeping and playing, transforming travel bags (converted into a crib for a newborn). Such things will be actively in demand in the summer. The search for clients can be realized through cooperation with travel agencies and hotels.
    • Games and attractions: trampolines, inflatable pools, mini-slides, folding tunnels and various sports equipment for kids. Such items are in demand at children's parties. You can promote your services through private animators or by posting ads near kindergartens and schools.
    • Decorations and carnival costumes for children's birthday. Today it is very fashionable to make themed holidays for children. If you've arranged a similar one for your toddler, you may have some decorations left over. You can also buy used decor to expand your assortment. Suits for rent should be versatile, such as hats, ties, elasticated skirts, wigs, masks.
    • Clothes for pregnant women. Specific clothing - evening dresses for photo shoots, business suits, wedding dresses - will be a profitable product. Each dress will need to be photographed for a portfolio. The assortment must be versatile so that the sizes can suit a wide range of clients.

    A rental business carries the risk of property loss or damage. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately establish the collateral value of things, be sure to sign a lease agreement and make a copy of the tenant's passport. It is illegal to take a passport as a pledge, and therefore do not agree to persuasion to leave documents instead of a pledge, because it can be stolen.

    Own business by franchise

    If you have savings, you can start a full-fledged business. For example, invest in buying a ready-made business model (franchise). At the same time, you can choose a direction that will help you in the future with raising your child. This type of business is convenient in that the main work will be performed by hired personnel.

    These can be the following business options:

    Having a baby turns your whole life upside down. On the one hand, the desire to spend as much time as possible with the baby, and on the other, the need for professional self-realization.

    How to find a compromise? The answer is simple - your own business!

    We bring to your attention 5 business ideas for a young mother.

    Online store

    Opening an online store is a popular idea for your own business. You do not need to spend a lot of money on stocks of goods, rent of commercial space, salaries of employees and other expenses that are associated with the opening of a regular store. In addition, opening a virtual store gives the opportunity to work from home and flexibility in the work schedule, which is very important for every mom. However, due to the low threshold for entering this business, there is high competition here and it is difficult to find an unoccupied niche.

    It is worth spending time on a detailed analysis of the market and competitors in different niches. Often, young mothers do well in industries such as jewelry, perfumery, natural cosmetics, healthy eating, and baby products. Many people decide to sell handmade products. For example, jewelry, origami, invitations, cards, decoupage, etc. Do you have an interesting idea? Try to implement it!

    Home kindergarten

    Home kindergartens are gaining popularity. Without a doubt, most moms who go to work are much more willing to place their baby in the care of another mom than to an unverified nanny. In addition, nurseries and kindergartens are extremely overcrowded today. It is very difficult to get into a good garden near the house.

    Of course, a mom who decides to run such a business should have a lot of patience and experience in raising children.

    Taking pictures of children and parents

    Happy young parents strive to capture every moment of their child's growing up. However, amateur photography is no match for professional photography. So if you have the right skills and passion for photography, you can very well make a profitable business out of this activity. Children's photography is not only a creative process, but also the ability to find an approach to a child. Not many photographers specialize in child photography, so you can excel here if you stand out.

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