Business ideas 2021 with minimal investment in a small town

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in a small town face serious difficulties. First of all, it is a low purchasing power, since in small settlements the income of the population leaves much to be desired. There are other barriers - a high level of competition and a lack of start-up capital. Business ideas 2021 with minimal investment in a small town, selected in this article, will help you to develop your own business literally from scratch and achieve great success in your chosen field of activity.

Smoking cabins

The government of our country cares about the health of citizens, therefore it constantly fights against smoking in public places. This is a good and necessary business, but what about people who cannot quickly get rid of this addiction? Nobody wants to pay the fines, so smoking cabins have been installed in restaurants, business centers and other public institutions. In them, smokers can safely smoke without fear of being fined. Installing smoking booths is a great 2021 business idea with a small investment.

Anyone who does not have start-up capital can organize such a business. Smoking booth manufacturers often offer partnerships to sales representatives and dealers. You must find a restaurant or business center that wants to purchase smoking cabins and enter into an agreement with them for the supply of such products. After installing smoking cabins, you can earn money from their maintenance, sale of spare parts, and more. If you manage to find several buyers in your city, you can secure yourself a decent monthly income from servicing such equipment. This business idea is not yet widespread, so hurry before someone else takes your place in the market.

Online store

Having your own online store is a great business idea in 2021 for a small city. You can engage in such activities in your free time, for example, take orders in the morning and deliver goods in the evening. When the business starts to grow, hire several couriers and an administrator who will take orders and answer customer questions. If you can't find what kind of business to start with minimal investment, try this simple and profitable enough idea.

Colored crushed stone

Building materials are always very popular in the market, so their production brings good profits to the owners. Recently, people began to pay special attention to the landscape design of their backyard territory, so the demand for colored rubble began to grow. If you are looking for simple business ideas from scratch with minimal investment, start a small production of this building material at home. One ton of ordinary rubble costs about 3 thousand rubles. After painting it with special dyes, the cost of the material increases by 30%, and this is a fairly high profit. According to experts, the production of colored rubble is the easiest way to quickly start a small business from scratch.


Recently, many private entrepreneurs have been making good money by providing utilities. Despite the fact that this is a new idea for a business with minimal investment, it has already managed to prove its efficiency in practice.

Business without investment in a small town: Ideas from scratch

It is much easier to organize your own business in a small town or village. Even novice entrepreneurs can do it. Good money can be made anywhere. A business without investment in a small town is not a myth. We will tell you how to start a profitable business literally from scratch in this article.

Husband for an hour

This no-investment business idea is not new, but despite this, this service is very popular, especially among single women.

Masters come on call and do simple homework:

  • Replacing the socket;
  • Installing the toilet;
  • Repairing the tap.

This service is also often used by married couples who are busy at work from morning till night and do not have free time to do household chores. Find a few craftsmen who can fulfill orders and get to work. Over time, you will have regular customers, which will positively affect the profitability of your business. At first, this activity can be combined with the main job.

Knitting to order

The first thing that usually comes to mind is sewing clothes for newborn children. Usually, parents try to buy only the best things for their baby, so hats and socks with an original pattern will diverge like hot cakes. The products can be sold independently or taken in bulk to stores. Plus, these things sell well on the internet.

Organization of parties and room decor

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