Business idea: we open cooking

Cooking is very convenient and also tasty, and what is more necessary to attract regular customers. Moreover, most people in the modern world simply do not have enough time to cook.

This is what makes the culinary discovery business very promising. In addition, every year the number of regular customers of culinary services is growing at a rapid pace.

Currently, there are no obstacles to open this type of business. To begin with, you will need to collect a whole package of documents of a different nature.

These are not only documents for starting a business, but also for the compliance of your production with various sanitary standards and requirements.

In addition, if you decide to open cooking, then get ready for constant checks, inspection bodies will come to you almost every month, but this should not be a burden, but should become the norm.

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Next, you need to find a room where your products will be manufactured.

You can open it as your own mini-store, where there will be a production and a sales department for finished products, or you can simply make products, and negotiate sales with stores. We have seen similar ones separately in many stores where finished products are sold, and it is with them that you need to negotiate.

Business idea: opening cooking

You will also need to purchase all the required equipment for the production of finished products. It is best not to buy it, but to lease it from large companies. This will reduce the initial cost of opening your own cooking.

This will be just the way, since it can take you about $ 50,000 to buy one piece of equipment. This is only a fraction of the cost, so if you can reduce it in some way then do it.

Then you need to find personnel who will manufacture the products. It is desirable that your employees have experience in this field of activity.


Often, cooking is a separate store or a department in a large store that sells already prepared food and fresh convenience foods for home cooking. In fact, cooking is something between fast food (famous for the speed of service) and homemade food (famous for the quality and healthiness of the dishes). Now let's take a closer look at the stages of opening this business.

Where can I get the money for the culinary business idea?

Often, most good ideas get stuck at this stage and die. It is for this reason that in this article it is considered in the first place, despite the fact that in fact any business starts from a different stage. If you do not have your own funds, or if you have a small capital, but it is not enough to open a cookery, then you can use one of the following options:

  • loan ;
  • government support;
  • attracting investors to your business idea.

As a rule, in an ordinary bank there is no such loan for the development of private business, which is not, however, there is a consumer loan that can be taken at any time. The main thing is that these funds are sufficient for all expenses. That is why you need to calculate the required amounts in advance.

To clarify all the nuances of state support, you should contact the specialists in this area, they will explain exactly which programs are valid at the moment and will tell you more about all the requirements. But be aware that you will not be given money just like that until officials are sure that you are able to recoup all investments. For this reason, you will be required to have a business plan for your project, or rather, all expenses.

Investors operate according to the same scheme, the only difference is that they receive money not from the state, but from ordinary individuals. They are even more interested in the return on your investment, so you shouldn't go to them with ideas without numbers and specific calculations. For this reason, the first step in business should be the business plan stage. This is where the conversation will go now.


To open your own cookery, which will definitely have a kitchen and, of course, a trade department, you need a room with an area of ​​100. It must comply with the SES standards, since this business is directly related to the production and sale of food products.

If you are planning to open a business with a small start-up capital, then the only solution is to rent premises. The location of the culinary is also important. The best option would be to open it away from competitors, large stores and supermarkets. But the presence of premises for offices, bus and tram stops, sleeping areas next to the cooking area is only welcome.

Document processing

To open your own cooking, you need to draw up a list of documents:

My memory. Development techniques. Diseases and Treatment. Products and preparations

What kind of business should a woman do? In this article, we will consider 5 interesting and original business ideas for active and motivated girls

Hello dear girls, women! This is Alexander Berezhnov, an entrepreneur and one of the founders of the HeatherBober website. u.

Today this wonderful article was published on the pages of a business magazine especially for you.

What is business for a woman? For some of you, this is a small home project, while others strive to create a large, interesting company.

In any case, the material in this article will help you structure your thoughts, give you new ideas and inspiration for starting a new venture.

Below we will consider both classic and non-standard ways of starting a business for women, having studied which, dear girls, you will have new ideas for organizing your business.

Business for women - myth or reality?

There is an opinion that business is the lot of a strong half of humanity. But in the modern world of fast speeds and information technology, women are no worse able to conduct business.

Practice shows that in some areas women are not only not inferior to men, but are also able to run business much more successfully. These are traditional female spheres: beauty and health (cosmetics, clothing, dancing, yoga, massage, health and rejuvenation procedures), cooking, psychology and pedagogy.

By the way, how, along with men, women can create passive income for themselves, that is, such income that will come to you, regardless of whether you work or not. Do you have a question, how can this be, I don’t work, but the money goes?

The methods described in the article about passive income can be a good alternative for you to start your own business.

The mystery of the century: there are more and more groceries in the store, and there is less and less time to cook a full dinner. The rhythm of modern life affects. Everything should be simple, fast and work. Last, in the case of food, it must be delicious. This, by the way, is used by fast food establishments. However, they cannot replace home cooking either. And here the food store comes to the rescue. A profitable business that meets all the requirements of a modern society.

Cooking is a store or department at a cafe, restaurant or canteen that sells semi-finished and ready-made meals of its own preparation.

Modern cooking is successfully integrated between fast food establishments and grocery stores. According to experts, the demand in the ready-made cooking market is growing by 10-20% annually, with no intention of slowing down. And it would seem that with such growth, you can open a culinary store and immediately get a good profit. This is indirectly confirmed by the success of the culinary departments in popular hypermarkets. But, it is this format in large retail chains that provides the lion's share of demand, leaving mere crumbs to stand-alone cookery.

Therefore, the culinary business is a rather risky venture if you do not know about the pitfalls inherent in this market. And you need to put everything into action - constantly take into account all the factors affecting the business, and come up with non-standard marketing moves. That is, in fact, you will have to compete with chain trading companies. Hard? Yes! But, as practice shows, the disadvantages of supermarkets can be easily turned into the advantages of a small business.

So, the main part of the culinary market was occupied by large retail chains with their own culinary production. This is an established fact that cannot be ignored. It was they who first appreciated this niche and realized that the modern demand for ready-made cooking will only grow. Consumers living at the pace of the 21st century have appreciated this offer: buying ready-made home-quality meals, without wasting time on cooking. Moreover, with a minimum difference in price between the prepared dish and the food set necessary for preparing it.

But the size of retail chains is their main weakness. Despite supplying the volume of demand, they cannot provide flexibility. That is, they react to a reorganization or change in demand with a delay, since any ready-made dish must be developed, agreed upon and, in general, fully studied its purchasing power, especially with the same scale of sales of other products within the chains. Yes, supermarket cooking is not the main source of income.

That is why the menu offered in the culinary departments of retail chains, as regular customers may notice, changes quite rarely. In contrast to stand-alone cookery, where ready-made meals are the main assortment of the store. And where the menu can change monthly, for example, depending on the season.

In connection with this feature of supermarkets, we can make the correct conclusion - if the opening of a cookery is planned, then it should be equipped with its own kitchen-production. To be completely independent from third-party ready-to-eat meals. Of course, you can expand the assortment by purchasing a number of products from others, for example, sandwiches, sandwiches or pastries. However, the assortment offer purchased from third-party manufacturers should not exceed 20% of the total volume of offered dishes. Otherwise, any mistake of the supplier will lead to the complete inoperability of the culinary business. And this is fraught with serious losses, unlike the same supermarkets, which will not seriously suffer if the culinary department is closed.

Also, the advantages of our own production, placed in cooking, include the freshness and low cost of ready-made meals. Since there is no additional logistics from the manufacturer. Which will be positively assessed by the end consumer. Freshness and cheap cost of ready-made meals are the main factors for creating a core of regular customers, and this, in turn, will help to form a constant demand and profit for the enterprise.

When planning to open a culinary store, it is necessary to take into account all the demand arising from the buyer. It can be conditionally divided into two types - ready-to-eat dishes and semi-finished products or cooking sets. The second is a fairly new direction of demand that is gaining popularity. It is a cooking kit where all ingredients are properly peeled, chopped or chopped. It is enough for the buyer to fry, boil or bake them to get a ready-made, beautiful restaurant-level dish. Such sets are popular with those who like or want to stand at the stove, but do not want to mess with the preparation - the dirtiest and sloppy stage. For example, a young man who decides to surprise his girlfriend with his “culinary talent” will definitely buy a set for cooking. Or vice versa. Time savings for the main action and the taste of the dish are guaranteed.

Also, if possible, it is necessary to provide for the delivery of ready-made meals and semi-finished products to the buyer at home or office. This can be cooperation with delivery services or your own courier. In any case, the convenience for the client will play a positive role. Delivery of hot meals to offices on a regular basis fits perfectly into this format. This will also allow the culinary business to find a circle of regular customers and meet demand where supermarkets cannot work.

Therefore, nevertheless, ready meals should be the main assortment of cooking - from cold appetizers and salads to hot dishes. Cooked locally. Other factors influencing the success of starting a culinary business are:

  • The location of the grocery store - it should be convenient for the main type of consumer. For example, close proximity to office centers, or located close to the main flow of people - next to public transport stops, metro or shopping centers.
  • Competition - some are afraid of it, others advise looking for moderate competition in proximity. But the proximity of a serious competitor, the same supermarkets, can be a big plus. If you organize this fact correctly. For example, through the same assortment, larger than a competitor's or serving size. After all, what is competition? This is a target audience with generated demand. No need to spend on advertising and marketing. It is enough to "entice" the audience from a competitor. This is perfectly illustrated by the food cords in the malls. Where, in a small area, there are many famous and little-known catering points. Everyone has a queue. As well as profit, it is enough for everyone (otherwise they would not work in this place). All this works with the right business organization. Why? The answer is given above.
  • Own production with experienced chefs, providing a wide range at reasonable prices, available to a wide range of buyers.

People used to have the luxury of home cooking. Each had a large kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances, where one could engage in the "production" of culinary masterpieces. But everything has changed in the age of speed and information technology. There is practically no time for yourself, let alone for cooking. Many don't even have a kitchen at home. In view of its uselessness. And if there is a kitchen, this does not mean that it is actively used. People (especially in big cities) are actively switching to the consumption of ready-made meals, semi-finished products, which can be simply warmed up in the microwave or to food in cafes and restaurants (but not everyone can afford this luxury).

As a result, a situation arises when thousands of people almost completely stop consuming tasty, healthy food that has been loved since childhood. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, pies are replacing and replacing mashed potatoes, cabbage rolls, cutlets, various salads, etc. But even the most inveterate “fast food” at one time or another always has a desire to eat normal homemade food.

It would seem that a way out of this situation is possible from two sides. You can somehow organize the cooking time and do the cooking in your own kitchen. The second option is to earn more and eat in good cafes or even restaurants. But this method will remain an unattainable dream for the majority.

How can I help these people?

Will help in solving this issue. This is a kind of a ready-made food store, where all food is usually prepared on the spot. In front of buyers. Or in the next room, where the kitchen is equipped.

Culinary shops have become so popular in major cities these days that they can compete with conventional grocery stores. People love the opportunity to buy ready-made homemade meals. They can simultaneously save their own time and eat delicious, fresh and healthy food.

Good demand for this category of goods makes the business idea of ​​opening a culinary experience a great opportunity for both a beginner and an experienced businessman.

Opening culinary - finding a room?

Naturally, you should start with finding a suitable room. Rather, the most important factor is not the room itself, but its location. It all depends on targeting a particular audience of clients. There are two ideal options. The first is the business districts, where there are many offices of various companies. The second is sleeping areas. Close to large residential complexes. It is advisable to choose the most elite high-rise buildings. It is their residents who always have a lack of time, which you can compensate by offering fresh ready-made meals.

Opening a grocery store next to a large supermarket or hypermarket can also be a good option. But there is one common problem here. Very often, the owners of such retail chains organize their own culinary departments inside their stores. And, I must say, the food there is often very much even nothing. It is probably not worth opening a ready-made food store near such trading establishments.

As for the room itself, it is desirable that it consisted of at least two rooms. In one, you equip the kitchen. The second will be a sales area where your employees will serve customers. If the sales area is large enough, then a small "dining room" can also be organized here. As a rule, in such places, high tables are usually placed for express eating while standing. Students (and others) will be very grateful to you.

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