Business idea of ​​opening a children's toys store

Just imagine. Millions of toys every year are delivered by rivers to our country from China, only for one single holiday - New Year!

This New Year will be no exception. However, we will not act like a crowd and will try not only to make ourselves a set of Christmas tree decorations on our own, but we will also try to teach you how to make money on them at no cost.

Christmas tree decorations business

Judge for yourself. Of all the Christmas tree accessories on planet Earth, about 75% are collected in China.

There, stubborn workers day and night sculpt more and more new toys, selling them for next to nothing. However, after passing through a bunch of customs and bureaucratic barriers and falling into the hands of profit-seeking sellers, they become ten times more expensive.

And sometimes even hundreds of times, forcing us to give a fortune in order to update the collection of Christmas tree decorations.

It's good if you still have a collection of Christmas balls, figures, etc. from that millennium, but everything in our world wears out and from festive balls a toy sometimes turns into a shabby kind of toy.

Thus, we are somehow forced to buy Chinese goods, despite the fact that we do not know anything about its quality.

Above, I touched on the quality of our subjects. And I said this for a reason. Nowadays, the pursuit of profit and the thirst for profit makes toys not to be painted with what is useful and, let's just say, dangerous for our body.

In principle, you can understand the manufacturers. On the eve of the holidays, who will investigate this or that dye in the laboratory.

As a result, we get quite a few problems not only in the toy market, but also in the toy market for children.

Despite the fact that nowadays computer and online games are very common, board games remain in demand not only by children, but also by adults. If you decide to implement an idea based on desktop entertainment, then this material is for you.

Board Games Club

A profitable business idea - opening a tabletop entertainment club. To implement such a business idea, you will need from 500,000 rubles.

The first step to opening a club is to register an individual entrepreneur. Next, we are looking for a room: we buy or rent it. It is recommended that the board games club be located in the city center, close to metro stations, parks, shopping centers.

The next stage of the idea is to renovate the club. The decor of the room can be done, for example, in the style of a puzzle.

It is possible to offer different games:

  • monopoly ;
  • table football;
  • backgammon;
  • loto;
  • mafia;
  • crocodile.

To attract visitors, it is recommended to conduct an advertising campaign. Information about your club can be disseminated on the Internet, on the radio, in magazines and newspapers.

Handing out business cards is a simple but effective way to advertise. You can make an interesting promotion - visitors who present a business card get a 5% discount. You can periodically hold open days and distribute club cards with discounts and bonuses for visits and purchases. It is possible that the players themselves will disseminate information about the club.

It is recommended to provide visitors with the opportunity to buy the board game they like.

Hometown Monopoly

The classic scheme of systematic earnings in the form of a home business. Of course, you will not earn mountains of gold. However, with the proper skill and application of your own knowledge, you can make this type of business stable.

All you need for such a business is your writing skills and the Internet. On the Internet, you will search for orders using special freelance exchanges. Payment after the fact is charged using popular electronic currencies or directly to a plastic card.

The advantages of such a business are that you yourself forecast your income by distributing your time between orders. And you can choose the topics that interest you the most.

In parallel with writing texts, you can explore several additional topics that are paid for under the freelance scheme - promotion of groups on social networks, writing reviews, testing sites and much more.

Birthdays, holidays, events and so on, which includes the ritual of giving, happen in the life of each of us quite often. Original gift wrapping and decoration are also part of the gift. But, not everyone can boast that they can perfectly choose and select gifts. If you have such a gift, make money on it.

Create several ready-made gift sets in the form of gift baskets by type - for her, for him, for the birthday of a girl, boy, Easter, New Year, Valentine's Day, anniversary. Add some zest, something like a homemade postcard or personalized gift.

Offer your ready-made solutions via the Internet in the form of colorful photos and detailed descriptions of what is included in the gift and for whom it is intended - on a social network, on a created page, landing page or bulletin board of your region. There will be demand, especially during the moments of large-scale holidays. Your business will save most of us a lot of time. Especially if all your ready-made gifts are highly personalized and available to different budgets.

The downside of such a business is the need for initial start-up capital, which you will spend on the design of the first gift sets.

Elderly people require attention and care for themselves, due to the fact that they themselves can no longer be independent. You can try to work as a caregiver for such people. Of course, you will require a medical education or courses where you will receive the necessary knowledge.

This kind of work won't make you a lot of money if, with experience, you don't start your own agency of caregivers for the elderly. In any case, this will allow you to earn money. Who knows, maybe this tip will help you get through the black streak in your life?

Tip: in addition to caring for the elderly, you can try to take care of seriously ill people, or, radically change direction and become a private children's nanny, but in addition to medical education, you must have a pedagogical, otherwise the demand for your services will be low.

Once again, one of the oldest types of home business is tutoring. Since time immemorial, this type of earnings has not changed. Of course, the 21st century has left its mark on this work. Now they teach not spelling, but successful passing of the exam. Homework is checked not on the way between cases, but via Skype. However, the essence has not changed.

  • 1 How to start opening a toy store
  • 2 What room to choose for a toy store
  • 3 Assortment of a toy store
  • 4 Marketing Campaign of a Toy Store
  • 5 How Much Money Does It Take to Open a Toy Store
  • 6 Newbie in the Toy Store

It's not a pity for children - parents use this philosophy when they strive to please their children.

Therefore, the business ideas of children's toys stores are always profitable and interesting for entrepreneurs as a promising business.

When opening such a business, you need to navigate in it and at least study the range that is in trend.

How to start opening a toy store

Any business requires compliance with the law, therefore, you must first make a state registration.

For a toy store, the form of IE is more suitable, although some may prefer LLC.

The difference in registration of an individual entrepreneur and an LLC lies in the cost of the registration itself, payment of taxes and the responsibility that will be borne by the owner or founder.

For beginners, the most suitable option would be an individual entrepreneur, since this will not require the cost of an accountant and other persons who will have to submit reports.

LLC is an organization in which at least three people must work, for whom you need to pay taxes and so on.

In order to save money on an accountant, you can transfer accounting support to a third-party company (it will be cheaper than keeping an accountant on staff and paying him salary with all social benefits).

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Children's toys business idea". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Opening a toy store, an approximate business plan

Trade is the engine of progress, and they love to trade in the country, it is retail trade that remains the most popular business idea in Russia, but what exactly to implement is another matter.

A business idea with a children's toys store stands out among the many directions. Goods for children, as well as food, are included in the short list of non-elastic demand. This means that even the last money parents spend on food, children's toys. To the critics of this statement, I can say that during the crisis, they began to buy cheaper goods, but only a few refuse from the "amenities" of the little ones (son, daughter).

Opening a children's toys store is a profitable and promising business, subject to a number of mandatory conditions.

To take into account all the nuances, we will draw up an approximate business plan for a children's toys store.

How to open a toy store, choosing a location

In the previous article dedicated to the business idea of ​​selling children's toys, we have already considered the initial requirements for the premises of a retail outlet, these are:

  • - necessarily a crowded passage, in shopping centers this is the first second floor area of ​​escalators or staircases, markets are central rows, transport interchanges (stops, metro stations);
  • - minimum area from 30 squares, 40-50 clean sales area is considered optimal;
  • - no direct competitors;

The average rental price for such premises starts from 1000 rubles per square meter, depending on the region, it can be 2021-3000 rubles. In total, the minimum rental of such a store will cost 50 thousand rubles a month.

The price is largely relative, in fact, the rental price is very different, on the pages of the site they considered the idea of ​​opening a pillow cleaning workshop, compared the rental prices of different regions.

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