Business idea for chefs: how to make money in your own kitchen

Starting a business in your own kitchen is real! How to make money from your culinary talent, we will tell you in this article.

We have long wanted to publish material for those who love to cook. But they just couldn't come up with an interesting business idea until one of our employees accidentally stumbled upon an unusual service called COOKERYONE. The service invites chefs to start a business in their own kitchen. There was no doubt about it - this is what we were looking for. We did not think for a long time, we called the COOKERYONE office to find out firsthand how it works. The project manager Evgenia Panova answered us.

Evgeniya: “Cookeryone is a service for ordering homemade food. The culinary specialist prepares food in his own kitchen, and uses our site as an electronic showcase for his dishes. In search of a delicious lunch or dinner, people go to COOKERYONE, look for a chef who cooks next to them using a special card, and place an order. Some people are not attached to geography, but are looking for a specific dish or culinary specialist that will inspire them the greatest confidence. "

BBport employee: "How can a culinary specialist inspire trust if we can't see him and can't even communicate with him ?!"

Evgeniya: “Why can't you ?! Communicate for health! There is a special chat for this, through which you can directly contact the culinary specialist. But other factors are usually credible or not. We have special sections in which chefs post photos of the kitchen and their dishes, share recipes and even run their own video blog. The more active a culinary specialist is on the site, the more confidence he has in him. In addition, we regularly make test purchases from registered users. Anyone who passes the test receives a trust badge from us, which is displayed in the profile. "

About those who already make money in their own kitchen

Svetlana Galanova was the first to contact us. It turned out that Svetlana is a professional chef who has worked in restaurants for over 18 years. Now Svetlana cooks at home and looks for clients on the COOKERYONE portal.

Our second heroine Elizaveta Terekhova has no professional education in the field of cooking, but she cooks from an early age:

“I made my first salad when I was 3.5 years old. Since then, cooking has become my second nature, and the kitchen is my favorite place. I don't know why I didn't go into the culinary profession. My first education is physics and mathematics, the second is economics. By the way, both are useful in cooking. It is very useful to understand what physical and chemical processes occur during cooking, and how they affect the final result. And if we are talking about making money in the kitchen, you need to be able to calculate the cost, estimate the labor intensity, and take into account the state of the market when pricing ”.

Svetlana and Elizaveta gladly agreed to tell BBport readers how to start making money in their kitchen.

What you need to start

You don't need anything special to start cooking to order:

Guess what is the most popular reason for those who would like to start their own business, but everyone puts it off until later?

This is not only a common excuse, but also a delusion.

After all, there are a wide variety of business ideas with minimal costs, which can be implemented with minimal start-up capital.

Which of them can you implement, and what do you need to get started instead of money?

Ideas for a business with minimal costs: Do you still need money?

An attentive reader should have noticed that the article deals specifically with the minimum costs, and not their complete absence.

The point is that it is impossible not to spend anything at all on an entrepreneurial business.

At a minimum, you will have three business cost categories:

If you left your regular job to do business, you can hardly do without money.

Therefore, the profit will be spent at least on your personal spending.

Before we start

Decide for what purpose you are creating courses. There are many directions, it is impossible to cover everything. You can choose lessons:

Study the demand. It directly depends on the size of the settlement. In the megalopolis there are clients for any of the directions. In a small town, the choice is limited, and you will have to start with the most requested topics.

Main risks

On the shelves of bookstores, you will see a lot of cooking manuals, you can learn interesting recipes and cooking basics from numerous women's magazines, special headings in newspapers. Popular shows from famous chefs are on TV, and the Internet is awash with recipes and tips from experienced housewives. It is very difficult to compete with this. You will have to popularize your offer and look for effective advertising techniques to attract customers.


The ideal option is a restaurant or cafe. Their kitchen has already been adapted for courses. If you are not the owner of such an institution, you can rent the premises of a bankrupt canteen or agree with the owner of an existing restaurant to hold classes on certain days and hours. This is the least expensive option, but you have to adjust to the schedule of the establishment. As a rule, the most active days and hours in the café work coincide with the most convenient time for those wishing to learn the basics of cooking. It's evening and weekend. Also, you cannot increase the number of sessions.

Most likely, you will have to look for premises for a non-working canteen or cafe or rent unsuitable areas and make repairs in them. Choose premises with the necessary communications - ventilation, sewerage, power supply, allowing you to connect kitchen equipment. Walls and floors must be covered with ceramic tiles. Exquisite design is not needed - convenience and tidiness are important.

Look for buildings located closer to the main streets. In a small town, rent is not expensive. For a megalopolis with high prices, sleeping, densely populated areas are also suitable.


A complete set of kitchen utensils is required for beginner culinary courses:

- dishes; - knives; - cutting boards.

How to open a cooking - step-by-step business plan: financial section, Top-3 competitive advantages, calculation of costs for starting and developing a business.

Capital investments: 300,000 rubles. Business payback: from 12 months.

Not only an experienced entrepreneur, but also a woman housewife can think about organizing a business in the production of dishes.

In the first case, the potential for the development of this niche and high demand can be attracted.

And for the fair sex, as a rule, it is an opportunity to self-actualize and just do something for the soul.

In any case, you will need to draw up a cooking business plan.

Only serious planning can create a company that will work steadily and prosper.

The platform for development is really impressive.

A large percentage of people have no desire or time to cook.

This is especially true for workaholics, although the need for delicious food is inherent in everyone.

However, an enabling environment for success is not enough.

Let's figure out what else is needed to open a culinary business.

The skill of cooking appeared at the moment when man mastered fire. And since then it has been continuously developing and improving.

This section contains all the culinary ideas that we found interesting

How to replace a pastry syringe

Pastry syringe or bag - a device for creating cream decorations.

Sometimes it's impossible to do without it, but more often than not, the syringe just lies on the shelf. A holiday is not every day!

But if you suddenly need a syringe, there is no need to run for.

Whole dumplings and clear broth

After modeling, finished dumplings are usually laid on cutting boards or trays, and so that the dumplings do not stick to their surface, these surfaces are usually sprinkled with flour. And there are people (I am one of them) who love to eat dumplings with broth. I don’t.

Strawberry Pepper Jam

The Spaniards have an unusual harvest of strawberries - with peas of hot and allspice. The resulting jam is spread over wheat bread toast - delicious!

Strawberries - 1 kg, sugar - 700 g, black, white and green peas.

How to make crispy sauerkraut

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