Business idea food delivery to the office

I had a business idea of ​​a certain Internet portal of orders for the delivery of food to your home. The meaning of this business is that people, using the Internet or a mobile phone, without leaving their homes, can order food at home.

That is, people turn to this ordering portal and they are listed the necessary products that we could buy in any hypermarket or store. Therefore, there would be no need to create a purchasing department, since the goods would be purchased in the store.

Our profit would be a surcharge for the delivery of goods, which we would request from the customer in the amount of 10-15 percent of the cost of the goods delivered. Payment could be made on the spot by the buyer upon receipt of food, directly to the courier.

What needs to be done to bring this idea to life:

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1. Create a website, an order portal, where it would be easy to place an order. 2. Place on this site lists of goods that we can deliver to the consumer. 3. Promote this site. 4. Rent a car, or use a personal car to transport food. 5. Advertise our services in newspapers, tell your friends about them.

The client base will gradually accumulate. People, in fact, usually find it more convenient to pay an extra 15% on the cost of goods than to travel to buy food themselves. It takes too long to buy groceries in large hypermarkets, which are the majority of grocery stores today.

You will also need to study the proposals of competitors in order to set prices for your services below 5% percent, if of course you are eager to develop your business.

It will be necessary to hire a couple of operators, since after the advertising, calls will be received on all phones, and the service plays a very important role in business, as it contributes to an increase in customers.

Do not forget that you must acquire some kind of warehouse for storing goods. After all, it will be embarrassing if the ordered product is not there. Hire someone to keep track of your shipments and sales. So you will not go wrong.

Having done everything right, your business will definitely go uphill and you will become a successful businessman!

What types of delivery to earn in 2021? In this collection, we will consider several business ideas for courier services, ranging from well-known methods to highly specialized services.

Today, courier service is one of the most popular and promising areas of business in the service sector. The idea attracts experienced and novice entrepreneurs, because it requires minimal investment and at the same time guarantees a high level of profit. You can start from scratch and gradually develop your business.

The growth of online commerce contributes to the development of the delivery service. People get used to making purchases from the comfort of their homes. You can order delivery of almost any product, from dinner for the whole family to pet food. As the situation that has developed in 2021 has shown, the business of courier services can be relevant in times of crisis, during the quarantine period, when many people work remotely and are afraid to go shopping again.

Courier services are gradually mastering new directions: for example, a subscription delivery service is developing. Another trend in the service sector is narrow specialization. Consumers perceive small firms as experts in a niche, which means they trust them more. All of these trends give aspiring entrepreneurs a great chance to try their hand at the competitive courier market. Thanks to a narrow specialization, you can find your client and stand out from many competitors.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

This business idea is suitable for those who have managerial skills, are able to organize work smoothly, and are ready to actively seek clients and partners for development.

To assess the prospects of a business idea, compare the pros and cons of a courier service

No office or production space required;

There are no qualification requirements for the entrepreneur and his employees;

Opportunities to develop and scale your business

It is difficult to establish effective work at all stages of work;

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations


The goal of the project is to create a food delivery service from cafes and restaurants; region - Rostov-on-Don. Trade mark - Dostav-Ka. The demand for such services is due to the fact that often people want to eat deliciously, but do not want or cannot go to a restaurant for this. In addition, the service may be in demand when organizing various corporate-type events, less often family ones. There is practically no competition in the market for this type of service.

The main performance indicators of the project are given in Table. 1.

Table 1. Integral indicators of project efficiency

Analysis of the industry and the region shows that there is significant interest in this kind of services from potential customers. The location of the enterprise in Rostov-on-Don provides a target audience of several hundred thousand people. However, due to the fact that the food delivery market is still poorly covered (primarily by competitors), efforts are required to promote this type of service.

In general, the project can be characterized as average in terms of the degree of risk. According to the degree of interest for an investor - as high.


This type of service is new for Russia. There is practically no established competition on the market. With a sufficiently large number of catering establishments, their popularity, and also taking into account the official population of the city within 1.1 million people, a high level of demand for the project's services can be predicted.

As a rule, food delivery services are offered directly by the catering establishments themselves; delivery is carried out in-house. At the same time, the quality of service often suffers. Since this service is not a core service for a restaurant, less attention is paid to quality, the route of couriers with a large load is not planned properly, which may lead to delays in delivery, mis-grading in the order, etc. In addition, the number of establishments offering delivery is very limited. Usually these are chains whose food quality is relatively low. In general, it is inappropriate to consider such a delivery format as direct competition. Direct competitors are enterprises that provide completely similar services, that is, food delivery from a wide range of establishments, while not having their own production. Today there are two such companies in Rostov-on-Don. They will be discussed in more detail in Section 4 of this business plan.

The target audience of the project is men, women, married couples aged 15 to 50, as well as organizations. The income level of the target audience does not play a decisive role, i.e. Russians, even those with low income, visit cafes and restaurants from time to time. The demand for the project's services does not have a pronounced seasonality, however, demand peaks occur on Friday and weekends, as well as public holidays; there is also a slight decrease in demand in the summer for the vacation period.

Business Idea: Healthy Food Delivery Service

Investments: from 360,000 rubles

Payback: from 3 months

The demand for the delivery of ready-made healthy meals is increasing every day. People have no time to cook, but they want to eat tasty and healthy.

This creates unmet demand.

The profitability of such a business as a healthy food delivery service is facilitated by a small amount of investment and competitiveness, a minimum of risks, and simple reporting to supervisory authorities.

Business concept and target audience

Marketers believe that in a city with a population of about a million people, the catering market is about 18 million rubles a year.

The average potential of delivery services is 15 million rubles annually. In the case of healthy eating, due to the narrowness of the niche, this amount should be reduced to 10 million.

But the target audience is growing: an increasing number of people are concerned about their own health and longevity.

Obviously, not everyone likes systematic monotonous trips to the store for bread or milk. Some shoppers would prefer a different, more interesting activity to this kind of shopping. In addition, the product of the desired brand is not always available in a particular store. Buying food with subsequent delivery to the customer is a relatively new and very interesting idea for your business. You just need to delve into a few nuances to understand how to start a home delivery business from scratch.

How it works

Starting a home delivery business is an ingenious idea in its simplicity. A website is created as a basis for work. It lays out the full range of items to buy. Further, the scheme is simple. The buyer creates an application on the website. To do this, he fills out a small form, where the last name, first name and phone number are indicated. After that, the operator contacts him to clarify the order. Once the client and the dispatcher come to a common denominator, the courier comes into play. Its task is to purchase the necessary products and deliver them to the addressee.

With payment, everything is also very clear. There are two schemes that the buyer can use. He can pay for the goods by bank transfer on the site itself or for cash issued to the courier after delivery.

The business idea of ​​delivering groceries to your home is not particularly expensive. All that is needed for the prompt execution of an order is a smart courier and a car. And in order to simplify your life and not get involved in the story of selling your own products, shop in supermarkets in your city.

The main thing is to start!

It's good to have an idea, but talking is not enough. For a business to work, you need to know where to start. And, first of all, you need to register your organization. For this type of activity, the organizational and legal form of an individual entrepreneur is best suited. What documents are needed to open? You will need to obtain a special permit to provide courier services. Your activity is simple, because you are not going to produce anything. Therefore, there will be no problems with obtaining a permit for a grocery delivery business.

The most important link in the work is the operator. It must be chosen with great care. He must work quickly, be always collected and have communication skills. On his shoulders will fall not only the acceptance of the order with its subsequent transfer to the courier, but also full customer support.

In addition to the operator, you will need a courier. Its main task is to deliver the ordered products accurately and on time. The working scheme will function as smoothly as possible if you hire at least two couriers to the staff. This will help avoid possible overlaps. And most importantly, orders will definitely be delivered on time.

The operator should be provided with a workplace. You will need to rent a business premises and purchase the equipment necessary for the work. The dispatcher should always have a computer with Internet access and a telephone connection at hand. It is worth noting that at first the dispatcher can work remotely. The main thing is that he is always in touch and can answer all calls.

An important part of the delivery business is the availability of transport. In case you are going to start a business from scratch on your own, it is recommended to hire a courier with your car. In this case, you will only pay for gasoline.

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