Business for an artist, or Start working for yourself

In modern society, it is considered prestigious, even, perhaps, respectable, to use the services of a designer in the construction or arrangement of housing. For an entrepreneurial person, this "design fashion" creates real opportunities to create a successful business.

In this article we will talk about several business models for owning a design business: where to start, what are the features, what to look for, and so on. But, first, I want to briefly outline the features of various types of design activities.

What is the job of a designer?

Of course, many potential customers believe that there is nothing difficult in the work of a designer, and they can easily cope with this task on their own. Someone even succeeds, but, as a rule, faced with pitfalls and the specifics of repairs, such "amateurs" safely run aground and, in the end, turn to professionals. After all, good taste, desire and enthusiasm are not enough in this difficult matter.

In the USA, for example, there are over 60,000 interior designers, about a third of them are self-employed. And in most states, in order to establish yourself as a designer, you must pass a rigorous certification exam and obtain a license. Our situation is simpler - this type of activity is not licensed, although having a professional diploma will certainly help you quickly gain the trust of potential customers and get the desired order.

If you have good spatial thinking, you skillfully manipulate space, color, furniture and accessories, then interior design is your field of activity. First, decide what exactly you would like to do. Design? This is clear. But practice shows that the narrower the specialization, the more perfection the specialist achieves in it. Therefore, many people prefer to specialize in one thing, for example, in the design of the kitchen or lighting, in the creation of author's interior items and / or furniture. And besides good taste, rich imagination and knowledge of different styles, you also need the ability to draw plans and draw perspective (on a computer or with a pencil) in order to visualize his future interior for the client.

Interior redesign

Redesign is a direction that appeared in the world about 20-25 years ago, and in Russia quite recently. If you define its essence in a nutshell, then the redesigner, without resorting to rebuilding or major repairs of the premises, completely changes its appearance, its visual perception. In fact, there are two ways to advance your redesign career: commercial (renovation of residential premises) and real estate (preparation of secondary real estate for sale). I think that special explanations are not required here, I will mention only a few redesign techniques with which you can change the appearance of a room - decorating and painting walls, rearranging furniture, changing colors, optimizing lighting, new decor for textiles and windows, etc.

Restoration and restoration

Restoration specialists use their knowledge and skills to save furniture, accessories and other vintage objects such as murals, stained glass windows, brickwork, decorative plaster and much more from destruction of time. And since the fashion for antiques and vintage interior items is an enduring phenomenon, there will always be work for a restorer and not only in a museum. If you establish yourself as a professional in this field, you will make very good money.

Designer is a creative profession, the boundaries and possibilities of which have no limits. In the modern world, every person comes across the work of people of this direction when he buys clothes, orders a wedding photo album, creates an apartment design plan, or simply wants to improve his own courtyard. The profession is worthy and well-paid, so if there is an entrepreneurial streak combined with design views, then it is worth trying yourself as a designer in order to self-actualize and receive a stable income. This article will focus on three business ideas that are know-how in the modern world.

Business idea Production of custom screens

But the situation changed when Europe was swept by the fashion for everything Chinese. Among the newfangled things was a screen, which demonstrated its suitability as a small sash.

It served as a kind of movable wall, behind which you could change your wardrobe, take a bath or weave courtyard intrigues. In the 19-20 centuries, the further purpose of the screen changed - it began to be placed in the rooms of houses, dividing one large area into several zones.

Target audience - who can order screens

The use of a screen in modern apartments and houses is still relevant. Such a piece of furniture can not only divide the area into several zones, but also become a beautiful decorative element in the home. People who have a large square area find a special need to install a screen.

So that the room does not seem deserted and uncomfortable, designers advise to acquire this particular part of the interior. In addition to ordinary people who want to equip their home with taste, screens are also needed by those who are engaged in the modeling business, run a clothing store, run a private massage parlor, carry out cosmetic procedures, etc. The demand for this piece of furniture is wide, therefore the target audience for business the idea of ​​"Making a screen to order" is present.

Business idea Video infographic creation

This presentation tool is great for creating commercials about firms, companies and other objects where you need to tell the public about a lot in a short period of time.

Target audience for video infographics service

With the advent of the Internet, every enterprise, plant and factory has one more opportunity to promote its products. Nowadays, it is no longer relevant to order thick advertising catalogs or brochures in order to distribute them among future potential buyers and customers. This method does not cover the required number of audiences to acquaint them with the goods or services produced by the company.

Thanks to the Internet space, this situation has changed and today it is possible to inform a potential partner about the manufactured products, being hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. And for the information to be clear and memorable, modern marketers use video infographics services. Thus, the target audience for this business idea will be many enterprises and companies wishing to tell the world about their products and services.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business design ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business on exclusive interior items Interview with the creator of La Casa Decor

The niche of online stores with interesting products is constantly growing. Sooner or later, people in our country will grow to “too lazy to go to the store, buy on the Internet”, as is the case in Europe and the USA. Therefore, if you have your own business or you are just planning to open something, then be sure to make yourself an online representation. There is a huge number of your future clients here.

We talked over a cup of tea with the creator of one of such projects on the network, which implements exclusive handmade things.

Project address - www. acasa-decor. om, you can read an interview about the idea, its prospects and nuances below.

Please introduce yourself, what is your name and how do you relate to the project?

Hello, my name is Anna (Pryakhina). I am directly related to the la casa decor project - I am its creator.

Tell us how it all started, how did you come up with the idea? What did you do before, what is your experience?

I'll start with what I did before. Since 2021, she worked for a large Russian company that provided services in the b2b sector and held a leading position in its field. In this company, I grew from a specialist to the head of a department within the commercial block, gained invaluable experience, where I had the opportunity to work in different conditions.

How did I come up with the idea? A year ago, I already started to probe the handmade sphere. I was interested to know her from the inside. So, I managed to be a master, learned about various resources for the placement and implementation of works, tools, exhibitions and more.

After some time, the idea of ​​the project was born. Realizing that organizing processes, leading them, taking responsibility, making decisions and being responsible for them is my element and this is what I like to do, I decided to take on this very responsibility again.

Plus I am a creative person and like any creative person I want to create something beautiful around. In general, I also realized my dream of "combining business with pleasure." And the work you love always bears fruit.

Opening a design studio will not be difficult, following our simple guidelines

The design market is growing rapidly, and if just seven years ago only a few could afford this service, today an increasing number of our fellow citizens are resorting to at the service of designers.

Many creative, creative people dream of creating their own interior design studio, because this is a beautiful and interesting type of business.

But, nevertheless, this is just a business, and so, a business approach should still become the dominant.

The successful work of the interior design studio is based on two "elephants":

  • on the one hand, effective proposals and sales of design services to clients, successful marketing,
  • , on the other hand, a creative artistic and architectural component.

Design Studio Concept

If you do not intend to join the ranks of one-day companies, then you need to approach the creation of this business very responsibly. First things first, you should define the format of the enterprise:

1) this will be an additional business direction of the parent company (for example, a studio at a furniture salon or an enterprise selling finishing),

2) a full-fledged bureau that provides a full range of services from interior design to house design.

Then you need to choose a design studio business plan that suits you.

Be aware that studios do not have specialization by types of clients, they cooperate simultaneously with both legal entities and private ones, the only feature is that studios are aimed at cooperation with clients whose income is above average.

Many people with artistic talent imagine themselves in the place of famous painters. In a good way, they envy the artists of the past, who were lucky enough to become popular personalities.

The paradoxical fact is this: during their lifetime, many painters were not so popular and basically ended up being absolutely beggars.

The realities of the modern world provide an opportunity to open a successful business for an artist, making his own name famous during his lifetime.

Where to start

Any business starts with a fully thought-out idea of ​​its implementation. All possible risks, financial costs are calculated, the general direction of the case is determined.

Business for an artist is quite specific, it requires an analysis of the market demand for services rendered in this area.

In view of the huge competition in the field of painting, a future entrepreneur should pay special attention to this issue: how to draw up an ideal plan.

When drawing up a work plan, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • Calculate all the necessary financial costs for registering an individual entrepreneur or opening a limited liability company, for renting an office or acquiring commercial premises, purchasing specialized equipment and tools. Consider the cost of the initial advertising campaign and the creation of an advertising site.
  • Study the cost of services of potential competitors, their quality and the number of options. This will be necessary to create an exclusive offer that will favorably distinguish an entrepreneur among the mass of similar offers.
  • Find an opportunity to shorten the terms of rendered art services, but without losing their quality.

Having drawn up a plan based on the data received, they take the necessary amount of start-up investments, the so-called start-up capital.

Having analyzed all the offers on the market, we get data on the increased demand for some works.

Based on these data, a commercial offer is made, which should distinguish the entrepreneur from all competitors.

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