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Creating high-quality and interesting content for your blog is not as easy as it sounds. Fresh content not only helps in optimizing your site, but can also serve as an indicator of positioning in your field of activity. It is also a great opportunity to provide new and useful information for current and potential clients. Companies are struggling to come up with new post ideas. Use this list of ideas to brainstorm about promoting your business with content. Ideally, you should make a specific editorial calendar for posting to your blog and leave space for current events. This will allow you to ensure a constant stream of content, copying existing content when you are out of inspiration.

Blog Topic Ideas

• Read local articles, listen to local radio broadcasts, summarize what is happening and add your opinion at the end of the post on hot topics; • Monitor the questions that users ask you and your competitors, answer them in your post; • Use the Quora service. om to find out what conversations are happening around your industry or the product you are releasing. Write posts on the most popular questions. Also use Google Alerts to get interesting news about your industry straight to your email; • Write about annual events in your field, write about where you intend to participate, and where you can get to know you live;

• Dispel myths and misconceptions; • Make lists of interesting sources about your field, publish a selection of useful links on your topic; • Work ahead of the curve. Chat with your partners or suppliers; If there are any new products planned in the near future, write a review about it. • Conduct case studies. Share the successes of your clients that are associated with your company or the services you offer; • Tell us about your partners. Why are you dealing with them; • Use keywords Google AdWords, find out what phrases people come to your site. Build a message mentioning them; • Make a list of quotes from popular figures in your area and publish them. Find their tweeters - this is a great source of information on this topic. You can even organize a small conference there, similar to this one; You can also use services such as QuoteGarden to prepare for this post. om, BrainyQuote. om; • Identify popular companies in your area and place some of their post on your blog, linking to them and thanking them for the good material; • Cover the events in which you have participated, making the most interesting reviews; • Write posts about what you have learned in the last month or week; • Explore your own content, identify the most popular posts and write more on the relevant topic from a different angle or adding new details; • Collect some of your voluminous posts into groups and digest them; • Adapt famous fairy tales by rewriting them for your industry. Present bored material in an unusual way; • Write about your plans for your business or specific product. Ask for feedback from your readers what they think about it.

Ideas for visual content

Photos: • Take pictures of your regular customers, tell about them; • Make your own photo reviews of the brightest events in your industry and put watermarks. Thus, if someone uses your photos, mention of you will appear in other sources; • Take pictures of your employees, tell about who works for the company. • Post office photos; • Take pictures of all internal corporate events and post this material on the blog. Analytical visuals: • Make charts and graphs with statistical data. For example, "45% of people use our product for purposes ..."; • Make your own infographic with interesting facts about you. Use one of the free services from our last post. Another service to help: gliffy. om; • Use Screen Capture, for example, interesting Twitter conversations or remarkable details. More ideas: • Identify your most popular post and present it in image format; • Look for inspiration on social media. Monitor popular news on Facebook, see which images of your competitors there generate the most engagement. Learn from them; • Use Pinterest, search for images by keywords or browse the most popular ones to see which images are successful in your niche. For example, if you enter the word "blogging" into a search engine, you will find a lot of interesting infographics:

Video Content Ideas

• Is there any viral video about your brand on the web right now? If yes, then try to create your own video response to it; • Read a book on a professional topic and make a video review of it; • Shoot interviews with your clients and post them on your blog; • Make an accelerated video of your typical day at the office; • Create a fun video on how not to use your product - watch, for example, the How to Do It Wrong video from Rona stores. • Publicly thank your customers or answer their questions using video; • Visit TheAdFeed sites. om or AdsOfTheWorld. om. Find out which commercials are popular and try to understand why; • Create a video with short tips from experts who work in your company; • Search Youtube if one of your clients is posting a video about their experience of using your product, use the ready-made material and motivate your clients to generate such videos.

Don't get hung up on creating a unique super post, or you risk being left with a blank screen while trying to write it. Use your ideas and write your posts. The more you practice your writing, the more likely your inspiration won't keep you waiting long and you'll find your viral blog theme.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business idea blog". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business Idea Blog

Assertions that SEO is already dead and will not work in such and such a month, year, decade, we periodically hear on social networks and on many popular Internet resources. Along with this, all companies continue to carefully collect semantic cores, as well as diligently fill in Title and Description. In 2021, many people are trying to bury webinars in exactly the same way. At the same time, online conferences and events are becoming an increasingly popular event, especially in comparison with previous years. The key to success -.

Business idea Anti-theft systems a good start for small businesses

For people who want to start their own business, but do not have the opportunity to do it on financial issues, the solution to the problem can be the organization of a home business. Consider one of the options for starting your own business. As an idea, you can use the creation of anti-theft devices for cars. In this case, own housing is used as premises. You just have to purchase materials and invest your labor. At first, you can take your relatives to help, and only when there are a lot of orders, you can attract hired ones.

Business idea Organization of glass container production

How often do people use glassware? Is it necessary to preserve perishable food for a long time, protecting bulk cereals exposed to the environment? Do I need to close the conservation? For all these purposes, tin, cardboard and plastic containers are often used, but glassware always has a clear advantage over them. It is unlikely that a replacement worthy of glass will be found in the near future. Such priority properties of the material and its relevance prompted an excellent business idea - production.

Moscow labor market forecasts: which vacancies will increase in winter?

Most job seekers believe that winter is not the best time to find a new job. It is believed that employers at this time are set to rest, and specialists who are hiring new employees go on vacation. However, personnel experts argue that such views are only half true. According to them, the labor market in winter experiences the same needs as in other seasons. The exception is some segments of the industries related to sales and supplies: during the holidays.

Business idea Aroma console for VR gaming headsets

The idea of ​​a business, blogging is not new, many people start their own resource. But how to make your blog popular, get a lot of subscribers and turn a modest page into a successful internet business, there are practically no detailed recipes. Therefore, let us be grateful to the successful blogger Tina from the USA, who lives in Seattle, who not only talked about her best practices, but also shared them in the form of a detailed and structured manual.

How to get monthly subscribers for a new blog

Tina became a blogger in 2021, on September 27 she started her blog “Think Simple Now”, which literally translates as “Just think now”. The girl had no blogging experience at that time. Nevertheless, after 3 months, the number of subscribers to her resource reached 2,135 people.

As a newbie, Tina read literally a couple of articles on blogging, but didn't look for more information. And only after a while, looking back, she determined what actually caused a more than successful start:

Unambiguous target

Tina knew exactly what topics she wanted to cover when starting a blog. The creation of the material and the editing of the text took a lot of time and effort. The girl wrote high-quality, deeply revealing articles for her potential audience.


The simple marketing steps taken by Tina have proven to be more than effective. Of course, the girl began to promote the resource by creating a number of interesting and useful materials on her blog.

Summarizing the beginning of her blogging career, Tina focuses on the sequence of steps in creating a blog. This moment requires a certain amount of patience, which must be shown:

  • first, a lot of great content;
  • second, marketing.

Each new step builds on the previous one and you can't jump over a step here.

Blogging Start Stages: Detailing

Specific purpose and focus are required. It is necessary to clearly understand for what purpose the resource was created and what is the leader's motivation.

How useful is a blog for business? And is it worth it at all? In this case, the opinions of entrepreneurs are divided. Some people think that this is a waste of time and resources. Others are sure: the benefits of this tool are enormous.

For the sake of fairness, it should be said that there is an absolute majority of those in favor. A content marketing strategy cannot be considered completely thought out without creating a dedicated blog that not only attracts traffic to the company's website, but also actively works for its reputation.

The business benefits of blogging

The main goal of blogging is to make your company more recognizable. Most are aware of such blogs as Texterra and Tinkoff-zhurnal, which have made a significant contribution to the development of their owners' business. These are pretty striking examples of such content, and not every company can organize something like this for themselves, however, even a small blog can affect the growth of the enterprise.

Let's make a reservation right away: a business blog does not directly lead to an increase in sales, because this is not a website page or a landing page. But research shows that people who read a company's blog on a regular basis are 5-7 times more likely to become its real customers than occasional visitors to the firm's website. That is, the blog makes the audience more loyal and pays for itself even if you need to invest in its maintenance. This is especially true for companies that sell expensive goods and services.

The second important reason to start a blog is to showcase your expertise. This is especially true for those who offer themselves as a specialist (for example, stylists, designers), whose business revolves around the sale of their own knowledge and skills. In this case, a personal business blog aims to show the target audience their competence and, thanks to this, awaken in them the desire to apply for a service. In such a situation, it is important to post content that is relevant to the interests of your audience, and also take into account the level of its complexity and depth.

Besides, a blog is a good tool for getting traffic through search engines. Using search engines, people want to find information about a product or the most profitable and easiest way to purchase it. So they can go to the blog, and then to the store, if there is one.

By creating useful and marketing-wise content, you can increase audience loyalty both to your own product and to your company.

Personal and corporate business blogs

There are two main groups of blogs: personal and corporate. A personal business blog serves as a platform for promoting your own services. In this case, a person is a kind of brand. Blogging is entirely in the hands of the owner, he himself comes up with content and ways to promote.

It is useful to read fashionable business books, but books often do not keep pace with the changes taking place Therefore, it is better to look for fresh ideas in blogs of famous people - they are often updated and differ in the quality of information

We have made a selection of interesting and useful business blogs about sales, marketing, investing, management and other aspects of business.

Seth Godin's Blog

What the blog is about: about non-trivial, innovative marketing, built not on deceiving customers, but on trusting relationships. In addition to marketing, Seth also writes about corporate image building and unconventional sales approaches.

How often it is updated: at least once a day.

Who will be useful: marketers, sales specialists, business owners.

LinkedIn Today

Author: a blog in the form of a digest, which is filled with articles and posts based on your LikedIn account data.

What the blog is about: The topics of publications are extensive - from the analysis of global socio-political and economic trends to sales, management, IT-technologies, innovations, etc. The advantage of a blog is short, informative articles and a clear interface. It is convenient to read from any gadget.

How often updated: several times a day.

Who will benefit from: everyone interested in business, global economic trends, technology and personal finance management.

Paul Krugman's Blog at The New York Times

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