Best Earning Ideas for Teens

Sega brought the popular video game Sonic Forces into real life by creating a parkour room based on one of the game's levels. “1000 Ideas” wondered what other games are worthy of such a fate.

New York is one of the most populous cities in the world. Not surprisingly, in the stone jungle, people lack nature. They decided to fix this outside the box, starting to build the world's first subz.

Investments from 1,500,000 rubles.

Sovetskaya Pharmacy is a “near home” format pharmacies in a low price segment with an area of ​​40 sq. ., attracting a convenient location and a wide range of drugs from 30,000 names.

Designer and programmer Yusi Liu has created a robot that writes poetry on the coast, based on the personal perception of what he saw and heard around. Poet on the shore (. / P>

Amadeus has developed the world's first virtual reality travel booking service. Navitaire, recently acquired by Amadeus, is testing.

Psychological training "spree" is a real test for representatives of top management and workaholics of the elite. Participants are encouraged to ride shopping carts, run on go.

Don't throw away your old grandma's troughs! You can become an honorary member of the Broken Troughs Club, and maybe personally take part in the races. Organization by.

Investments from 300,000 rubles.

Business that operates in small towns and villages. The revenue from film screenings for 1 day is on average 15-50 thousand rubles, we also add the sale of popcorn and cola, and we will increase our cash register by another 40.

A new rain-room business is gaining popularity in China after the British company Random International presented its installation in Shanghai under the name R.

The Spirit of the City Photo Observatory is a public space where, instead of a starry sky, visitors can see online photos taken by the citizens themselves.

Best Earning Ideas for Teens

You don't have to be an adult to start your own business.

There are actually many different opportunities that teenagers can take advantage of. Here are 50 mini business options for teens.

Sharing knowledge and skills

This option is suitable for students who excel in certain subjects. They can offer help to other teens by starting a business as an academic teacher and making good money.

Or, you can focus your efforts on your tutoring services and focus on helping college students and female students prepare for credit or other standardized tests.


Babysitting and childcare are popular ways for young people to earn extra money.


If you have any skills in arts or crafts, you can open your own shop selling handmade goods online. Or you can sell crafts on various sites that provide such an opportunity.

Or you can personally sell your wares to customers at local craft fairs or other events that help craft sellers.

Social media

Regardless of the sphere in which the population of Russia is employed, everyone has a need for rest and entertainment. Therefore, the entertainment business will never lose its relevance. But the most important thing is to choose the right or form a business idea that will generate income. They can even be very profitable, but before implementing them, it is necessary to conduct a market analysis.

Entertainment business ideas are the most relevant and profitable

Any business should be started by choosing a business idea and registering an enterprise. Drawing up a business plan with an estimate of expenses and future income will also be an important step in the work.

Tip: before starting any business, it is necessary to analyze its profitability. The best option would be to contact a specialist for this.

Laser Paintball

Laser paintball is a kind of paintball that means you don't have to buy paint balls and get your clothes dirty. In addition, unlike the usual familiar game, this one does not need instructors, since the registration of defeats is done automatically using a computer. The opening of such an enterprise will be especially profitable in tourist areas, so this idea can be easily implemented as one of the Krasnodar Territory.

Segway rental

Sigway is a new generation scooter that has recently gained great popularity among lovers of progressive technology. Such a device provides fast movement with less energy and time, ease of operation, environmental friendliness and no noise.

The cost of one device on two wheels can range from 10 to 100 thousand rubles. To organize a rental business, you will need at least 2-3 segways. The place for rental, as a rule, is chosen crowded - recreation parks are perfect for this. No special premises are required for this, and you can store the devices even at home. This idea will come up as one of the simplest.

Trampoline Park

How to make money in a crisis? It is unlikely that it will be difficult if you decide to open a trampoline park. On the one hand, in difficult times, any entertainment business is risky, but trampolines, oddly enough, have and will continue to be popular in the near future. Moreover, there are trampolines for both adults and children, their cost will also depend on the purpose. You can register a business as an individual entrepreneur and sell it in recreation parks.

Many young people who are just starting out dream of a successful business that would be out of competition and, naturally, would bring good income. But, unfortunately, due to inexperience and inability to adapt to modern trends and completely new needs of humanity, they do not always manage to find a suitable idea. Not surprisingly, all efforts to become a successful businessman often end in great disappointment and financial losses. Therefore, so that this does not happen, and you do not have to think about how to get unemployment benefits, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the best business ideas for students in 2021, as well as find out how and where you can get start-up capital.

Starting capital - how much do you need and where to get it?

When planning a business, every aspiring entrepreneur will need start-up capital. In some cases, it can be several thousand rubles, in others - even several million (it all depends on the business idea, with which, of course, he must decide). Therefore, before embarking on the implementation of his coolest business idea for young people, a young businessman needs to understand how much money is needed for this. What is considered first? Of course, the costs and investments of a mandatory order that will go to:

  • Registration of entrepreneurial activity (registration with the tax office, invoice);
  • Registration of a package of documents permitting the activity (they are drawn up depending on the type of activity);
  • Rent or purchase of a place for business, website design for an online store, purchase of a franchise, etc.;
  • Payment of salaries for the first time (if the individual entrepreneur plans to work independently, you need to include funds for personal needs);
  • Purchase of equipment, transport (its content);
  • Purchase of raw materials or goods for sale;
  • Advertising.

In general, as already mentioned, all costs are taken into account, without which a business cannot be started, and it is good if a novice businessman has the necessary amount - after all, with it he can start developing a business plan and start implementing it ...

But what if there is a problem with finances? Of course, you can put off the dream of a successful business until better times, find a job and live like most of your fellow citizens. Or you can turn to someone who is ready to provide assistance to young businesses - that is, to the state, where there are many different programs of financial assistance to small businesses and students, and which have already been used by many Russians.

Benefits of receiving government assistance for business

  • Availability. You can even apply for such support at the employment center. This will require a business plan and a project;
  • Gratuitousness (after receiving financial assistance, it will need to be mastered within a certain period of time and report on the intended use by providing supporting documents);
  • Sufficiency (one an entrepreneur, depending on the presented business project, can be allocated from 60 thousand rubles or more) and you can count on more than one subsidy. You can get several of them from different organs. So the money may be enough not only for the start, but also for development.

True, if an entrepreneur counts only on state aid, he needs to be prepared for the fact that they may refuse. Because the state subsidizes not every type of business, but only priority business ideas for young entrepreneurs of a certain direction, who will pass a competitive selection (the main selection criteria are the field of activity, the number of jobs created, the amount of income) among which we can single out:

  • Production projects;
  • Agricultural;
  • Social projects.

That is, if business ideas for young people include opening, for example, a shoe or sewing workshop, a training center, a private kindergarten, a hairdressing salon, a mini-bakery or something like that, then there is a high probability that you can get it by asking for support. By the way, when submitting an application, one must take into account that the subsidiary program is not dimensionless. So it's best to apply at the beginning of the year.

We bring to your attention 6 summer attractions that will definitely bring you profit. Naturally, subject to proper organization, including a good location, the quality of the attraction and the level of work of the operators.

If you ask an entrepreneur which of the attractions in his mini-park is the most proven and reliable in terms of earning money, you will surely hear in response - a trampoline - a slide! Indeed, children love trampolines so much, and if it is also with a slide, not a single child can pass by such a miracle.

Installing a trampoline slide in any public place with children will definitely make a profit. This is such a proven business that it can be compared to a bread kiosk.


How much money do you need for trampolines

The recipe for success in this matter is extremely simple. A slide trampoline is purchased, costing from 300,000 rubles. Anything that is cheaper, as a rule, does not look very interesting, which means it attracts less attention. The slide should be large, like the trampoline itself, then the children will come to it again and again. During the summer season, some children jump on the same trampoline at least 20 times, and parents leave several thousand rubles for just one attraction. The advantage of the trampoline slide is that it works even in the sleeping areas of the city. The more young families live in the district, the better. For this reason, there are a lot of places to place this attraction. The payback period for a trampoline slide, provided that it is located well, is no more than 2 months.

Another proven entertainment business of all time is shooting gallery. First of all, we are talking about a classic, pneumatic dash. In any resort town, on any beach and city park, shooting galleries are constantly in demand. Where there are a lot of tourists, the shooting ranges are constantly packed with arrows.

How much you can earn by opening a shooting gallery

Shooting ranges are profitable because they are equally interesting for both men and women. The cost of the game, as a rule, does not exceed 50 rubles, which is an excellent bait. But after all, the case never ends with one shot, so the average client leaves at least 300 rubles in the shooting range.

How much money is needed to open a shooting range

For a beginner entrepreneur, the shooting gallery is attractive because it requires minimal start-up costs. Often, to open a tent with pneumatics, no more than 100 thousand rubles are required, and everything invested can pay off in a couple of city celebrations (May 9, youth day).

Some may think that 5-d rides are out of fashion for a long time. Yes, the excitement is gone, but the business is still generating income. Children really like this entertainment, and you can take your parents with you. 5-d attraction (or 7-d) can be safely called family fun. Unlike real park amusement rides, 5-d cinemas seem completely safe and at the same time bring no less thrill. In our town (100 thousand inhabitants), for 5 years, starting in spring, they have been exhibiting a 5-D cinema, and in the same place. And they don't complain about attendance. As soon as you pass by, you can always see several people waiting in line. The main criterion for success is to update the tracks on time and clients will come again.

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