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If you are experiencing difficulties in finding an interesting and non-standard idea for starting your own business, then maybe you should take a closer look at what they are doing in other countries?

So, business ideas from the USA are distinguished by originality and freshness, but at the same time some of them can take root in our country, you just need to adapt them to our market conditions.

The advantage of adopting American business ideas is that here you will not have competitors, and if they do, then in a minimal number.

And the downside may be that most likely you will encounter a misunderstanding among potential customers, and due to this, the business may "burn out".

Therefore, let's consider several options for business ideas from the United States, which have successfully proven themselves in their homeland, and, perhaps, can take root in the post-Soviet space.

What are the US business ideas based on?

First of all, it should be noted that business in the United States has a number of features.

American business is shaped by a culture that includes the traditions of many peoples.

For this reason, business ideas from the USA may not be accepted in our countries.

The service industry is highly developed in the USA.

Entrepreneurs always try to make life easier for residents, and creative thinking helps them in this.

Ash is the main component of Eco BLAC bricks.

It makes up 70% of the total mass.

American business ideas are considered one of the most interesting and creative of our time. Having studied such solutions in detail, you will be able to launch unique earning mechanisms using the newest methods.

The United States of America is considered to be the state with the most developed entrepreneurship. The economic status of this country and numerous studies have repeatedly confirmed this judgment.

However, many of these startups are not able to work, and do not have competitiveness in Russia and other countries of the former CIS. There are many reasons for such conclusions. However, some of them can become a real discovery for domestic businessmen. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Highly profitable American business ideas

In second place in the top five is Ralph Lauren with a capital of $ 5 billion. The main essence of his startup fully characterizes the entire segment of small business in America. More precisely, the proposal was simple and ingenious - he suggested sticking special stickers on T-shirts with peculiar horse labels. At the same time, such a solution, which at first glance is very simple, brought the maximum profit.

The third place is deservedly occupied by Jeff Bizos with an income of 4 billion 400 million. The startups of this person were implemented in the field of information technology, on the Internet. The result of his ideas was the Amazon store. om, which has gained popularity all over the world. It is worth noting that this example vividly demonstrates the penetration of a unique business idea into the vastness of a rapidly developing market. As a result, the owner has received huge profits and worldwide fame.

Ty Warner is on the fourth step with an income of four and a half billion dollars. His case is one of the most striking examples of success in a small business segment, which has led to significant profits. At the same time, the simplicity of this project is amazing - Ty's company produced soft bears with various names, while in limited editions, which, according to the trend, began to be collected.

If we try to briefly characterize small business in the United States of America, then we mean such a project would be a simple idea, with easy implementation combined with maximum profit.

In addition, it is worth noting that Americans are much more successful in business, as they know how to turn their hobbies and skills into profit and profitable enterprises. At the same time, in this state, people are not afraid of losses and their own stupidity, since each of these ideas was initially even too simple.

Based on the above, when choosing ideas for business from the United States, it is necessary to take into account a large number of extremely simple solutions. However, such decisions should be considered at the very initial stages. Take your time to brush off opportunities.

Important! When choosing a solution, it is necessary to calculate all possible expenses and incomes, while trying to determine the relevance of the implementation of such a solution in your region.

Where to look for business ideas from the USA?

Interesting! It is recommended to study business ideas from America on the resources from the USA.

How to find a business from the USA, top sites about American business ideas

Talking about the prospects and shortcomings of American business ideas in the article "What American Business Ideas Work", it is simply impossible to ignore the topic of finding the very business ideas from America. Today we'll talk about how to look for an idea, where to look and, most importantly, highlight the most interesting facts.

The USA is a country of entrepreneurs, such a statement is not a fiction, but a fact of life, just like China is a country of traders (read what to trade here), and Germany is a country of industrialists (you can read production ideas here). This statement is based on research and the general level of development of the economies of the respective countries. The consequence of such a largely conditional division is the fact that in America literally every day a lot of new, original ideas of their business are formed, which are unique and nowhere else found directions. Additionally, it should be noted that a large number of ideas do not take root or are not competitive on a Russian scale. It is even possible to draw an analogy to finding a good and successful business idea from the USA with finding a gold nugget in a heap of rock. True, the successful finding of the "nugget" guarantees the owner a truly heavenly life.

First - Brad Hughes (USA) - $ 5.3 billion. Started a business in America to install lockers along the Autobahn. At the time of creation, the business belonged to the idea of ​​a small business, surpassed most other successful areas of its own business in simplicity and originality.

The second example is Ralph Lauren. $ 5 billion. The essence of the idea, from my point of view, generally characterizes the entire small business from America, or rather, the whole idea was to stick a label with a horse on T-shirts. Simple, unpretentious and most importantly super-profitable.

The third is Jeff Bizos. $ 4.4 billion. The idea relates to the Internet industry, the result of the growth of small businesses is known all over the world, the Amazon store. om is a prime example of how an idea has successfully entered a growing market. Here it can be noted that the sale of frozen yoghurts for Russia can be such a fresh business of ideas from America, read more in the article "About fresh business ideas and, most importantly, promising ones." This little hobby not only made the owner very wealthy, but also very famous.

Fourth - Ty Warner Ty Warner. $ 4.5 billion. Another prime example of successful admission is how small businesses in America make money. The essence of ideas from America is simple, the release of teddy bears with different names and small batches, which automatically begin to collect. This is how they become successful.

I will not give other examples, in general, four examples fully characterize the ideas of small business from America, in the essence of which lies a simple idea, unpretentious execution and maximum profit.

Conclusion, the Americans, unlike us, are able and strive to maximize the conversion of their knowledge, skills and abilities into business and profit. At the same time, they are not afraid to burn out or seem "stupid", each of the above ideas at the initial stage looked exactly like this. So, when choosing an American idea, you need to be prepared for a large number of areas characterized by the word "delirium", at least at the initial stage. Do not rush to discard the advice, but count. think and just "try" business from America on yourself and your region and only then draw conclusions.

Having discussed how to look for a business from America and what characterizes most small business ideas from the USA, let's move on to the question of where to look for such ideas?

The answer suggests itself, the main source for thinking about American ideas can only be American sites of business ideas. Here you can make one reservation, often American ideas find themselves on the pages and Russian resources devoted to business ideas, in particular, I have already talked about several such ideas - here is an amateur business from the USA and a fresh idea from scratch. At the same time, they undergo a kind of "censorship" by editors or owners, as a result, up to 90% of such ideas are simply "lost", so that the newest and freshest American business ideas can be found on authentic resources.

An additional feature of American websites for small businesses is that the information on them is an extremely small descriptive part of a business idea, in which there is simply no more or less intelligible explanation about the functioning of the business itself or the technology of its implementation. All these features must be taught by yourself or looked for in other sources. Additionally, you can add that the publication on American sites of business ideas is carried out exclusively in English (surprising, but true).

Top American Business Idea Sites

Hi, my name is Maya, just sharing my experience

Good day, blog visitors! Glad that you came to me! If you are interested in the topic "Business in America, which is not in Russia", you have come to the right place! This article is dedicated to those American business ideas that can take root here too!

The difference in mentality

Americans are known throughout the world as experienced entrepreneurs. So it doesn't hurt to learn how to do business from them. In addition, many domestic business projects are nothing more than the result of American intellectual activity, an attempt to repeat someone else's success.

But what are the significant differences between US entrepreneurship and Russian commerce? Here are the basic features of American businessmen:

  • They take up only the area of ​​activity in which they are professionals or have sufficient experience;
  • They set the goal not to increase capital, but to implement know-how , a unique idea;
  • Consider making money a phenomenon that naturally appears as a result of several successful actions;
  • Spread entrepreneurship exclusively on the World Wide Web;
  • Instruct to develop ideas for business only to those who can really do it;
  • They prefer to buy a ready-made business, and not rely only on themselves in business from scratch, as Russians do.

However, despite the significant difference in mentality, some ideas from abroad may in the future take root in our country. Let it take longer and with a delay. Below are the relevant examples.

What is worth learning?

Eco-friendly disposable cups

Statistical analysis of coffee consumption in the United States has led to this indicator: in one year, Americans throw out 146 billion coffee glasses. But because of the polyethylene included in the composition, the decomposition process of these products is quite long. Therefore, the environment is polluted. As a result of this conclusion, an idea was developed for the production of containers for coffee, which will help restore the environment. Disposable cups were launched, with plant seeds placed in the walls.

So, throwing a "vegetable" cup on the ground, an American contributes to the revival of the flora of his city. Why not repeat it here?

New American Business Ideas

American small business Rocket Chemical (3 employees) has developed WD-40 Metal Oxidation Liquid from its fortieth attempt (hence the name of the product). Today this brand is known all over the world.

Americans are traditionally known as the most entrepreneurial people on the planet. They seem to be capable of making money out of anything that catches their eye. There is no doubt that ideas for doing business in the United States arise in the minds of energetic and intelligent people who have a sense to learn from.

Why American Business Ideas Are Good

The history of the United States is rich in episodes of sudden and rapid enrichment of the poor. Some of them are probably heavily embellished. Some legends have become an accompanying part of the most famous brands and now they themselves constitute intangible assets, regardless of their veracity.

Many American business ideas have arisen this way - seemingly by accident, but in reality quite naturally. For example, disposable paper cups were invented to sell carbonated water, and as a result, they became a separate product in demand. And Coca-Cola, jeans, and bubble gum - all of these typically American successful commercial products were invented or gained popularity by people of the poor (often very poor) who want to make money.

Lack of initial capital does not prevent you from getting rich, if you have the desire and ingenuity.

Perhaps not all American business ideas can take root on Russian soil, but some of them deserve analysis and adaptation. In addition, it does not always make sense to copy them: the very principle of freedom of thought and the desire to make money are important.

Best ideas for your business in America of the year

American local business is justly proud of its ability to keep up with the times and even "step on the heels" of current technologies. The number of small businesses in the United States is striking - there are more than 21 million of them.

More often than not, these structures started with small sums of up to thousands of dollars. In most cases, small and medium-sized businesses are focused on meeting the needs of the population, facilitating routine household operations and generally improving the quality of life.

All these circumstances suggest the applicability of American business concepts in the Russian context. Despite the difference in mentality, in our country, as in the United States, the mass consumer strives for convenience, comfort, delicious food, entertainment and other benefits.

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