A selection of business ideas in the service sector for 2021

Orientation in the specifics of the services that are planned to be provided as a business is one of the components of a successful business and quick earnings. The search for a direction in 2021 makes aspiring businessmen torn between stability or profitability of their offspring: what brings more income may not be in such demand in the future. We are talking about new types of services provided, since the classic ones speak of stability, but less profit.

The perspective of growth and development should be thought out at the initial stage when drawing up a business plan, when only a person thinks about an idea. Skills, abilities and acumen for the chosen field are the main criterion for successful work on the image. Today, money can be made from any service that people are interested in. But success is achieved through hard work.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Starting your own business gives you the opportunity to become more financially independent with greater chances of achieving your dreams. Service business ideas require upfront capital investment, even if it is telecommuting.

A franchise will only help with a clear idea and the availability of funds for its implementation. Therefore, many investors try to minimize their costs. This type of activity has both positive and negative sides.

  • Knowledge and skills obtained at the first stage. To save costs, the future businessman does all the work himself, without resorting to private third-party firms;
  • Possibility to choose the most comfortable option for himself. There are a large number of spheres of activity. The entrepreneur independently deals with the design and style of the business, the choice of partner and the work schedule;
  • Transparent actions. There should be phenomenal knowledge of nuances. Each point of the business plan is developed and implemented independently. The entrepreneur knows all the strengths and weaknesses of his business;
  • Employees. Independent selection of specialists, dictation of their conditions;
  • Work on increasing the level. A person who creates his own business on his own, rather than buying back, is highly respected.

But there are also negative sides:

  • Nuances in a business idea. It is not enough to choose a money business for yourself. Greater success is guaranteed in a favorite business, in which they understand, it is easier to weed out illiterate competitors;
  • Recruiting staff. During the first half of the year, the staff will change almost every month. Employees should not only have the right education and experience, but also create a welcoming atmosphere in the office. Labor relations directly affect performance and future profits;
  • Making a business plan with a full-fledged study of the selected topics and analysis of competitiveness. If this is a bought-out business, it begins to act according to a previously developed business strategy, and competitors have long known about it. The initial development of this niche will take time, specifics;
  • Imposed responsibility. This is an independent work, which is not characterized by outside help. In the initial stages, the founder will simultaneously deal with accounting;
  • Time and physical costs. Business development requires partners, a supplier, workers, office equipment, premises. And arranging everything takes time;
  • Long-term payback. The business can fully pay off and bring profit in a few months;
  • Experience and knowledge. If you do not have the skills, there may be problems with understanding the nuances;
  • Financial issues. Initial costs can reach several hundred thousand rubles. Many resort to loans, go into debt. Therefore, it is advisable to think about costs in advance.

Business Options

Various business ideas in the service sector in 2021 are now experiencing a crisis, as people are used to paying for what they feel that will remain after the business, actively investing in it.

Precious metals

Even during the crisis, skillful entrepreneurs are trying to get income from the population. Industries suffering from the economic crisis, if managed and promoted competently, keep afloat with further successful development and bypassing competition.

People have learned to profit from the problems and needs of modern society. The reduced income level led to the fact that pawnshops began to open en masse in almost every district of Russian cities. These financial companies are actively developing during financial instability, providing a real opportunity to generate income.

Tired of getting below average wages for your work? Do you want to start your own business, but at the same time there is no opportunity to invest large capital in its start? Then you should stop at such an option as business ideas in the service sector. This business sector is very relevant, because almost any service, even during a crisis, is always in good demand.


Having set yourself the goal of creating your own business, even a small one, the first step is to find out exactly all the subtleties and nuances of doing business in the chosen industry. So what characterizes a service business idea? The first thing I wanted to tell you about is those undoubted advantages that have a positive effect on starting a business in this direction:

• Relatively small investment compared to those required to start a production or trade.

• Provision of additional or bonus services.

• The principle of word of mouth. The rendered high-quality service to one person is able not only to keep this lucky person among the permanent, but also to attract a lot of those who came to you on the recommendation of a satisfied client.


But such "popular" advertising can have the opposite effect if the provided service is of poor quality. Unfortunately, this is not the only disadvantage of any business idea in the service sector:

• High level of competition if your service is not new.

• And if this is the case, then a large investment in advertising and marketing campaigns will be required.

• The service provided should be “for the people”, because the growth and well-being of your business depends on it.

Business in the service sector is a very broad concept, so everyone can choose a suitable startup for themselves.

The service industry has always been one of the most common areas for starting a business.

And this is reasonable, because you can only make money on what people really need.

Business in the service sector is a very broad concept, so everyone can choose a suitable startup for themselves.

The main thing is to study the theoretical basis, think over the business plan to the smallest detail and find enough money for capital investments.

But it all starts with an idea (what services are the most profitable for the population to earn), which will either lead to big earnings, or to ruin the business.

What does it take to start a service business?

Not every person can be engaged in business, and even more so that is connected with the sphere of services to the population.

If you do not have certain qualities, if you are not ready from morning till night to work on the development of your business in the service sector, if you do not have start-up capital, and you do not know how to handle money at all, then it is better to look simple job with a stable salary.

Business on services to the population does not tolerate amateurs, lazy people and fools.

Doing business in the service sector is not advisable without:

  • Education (higher or secondary specialized). If you have a diploma in education in the field that you are going to do, then it will be much easier for you to work.
  • Work experience. If you don't understand the business you want to open at all, then how can you control the activities of your employees? For example, in order to make a restaurant successful, it is advisable to work in the restaurant business for at least a few years. An extreme option is to thoroughly study the theory of your new business in order to provide the highest quality services to the public.
  • The presence of such qualities as: commitment, efficiency, creativity, perseverance, leadership and others.
  • Ability to work with numbers and reasonable distribution of earned funds.
  • Starting capital (or at least 50% of the required amount).
  • Desire to work hard and hard, to solve problems before they arise, to lead everything independently, despite the presence of assistants.
  • Belief in your success.

What is the most profitable service business to do?

The sphere of providing services to the population is an attractive niche for starting your own business. The centuries-old business practice proves that services remain in demand even in the face of economic recession during the crisis.

And if you introduce some special “zest” into your own business, which the consumer will like, a small business can bring a stable and fairly significant income.

The personal services industry has a number of undeniable advantages over other market segments. Even during the war, people did not stop sewing clothes, getting their hair cut at the hairdresser's or washing themselves in the bathhouse. Today, this niche provides a more expanded assortment, which only adds to the attractiveness of this type of business.

  • Starting a business is possible with little investment and even without them.
  • Ease of management compared to trade or production.
  • Great opportunities for providing discounts, bonuses, holding promotions.
  • Services are able to advertise themselves, which saves on media advertising.

The disadvantages of such a business are insignificant and, most likely, may appear due to the personal incompetence of the entrepreneur himself and his inability to compete. But you shouldn't forget about them:

  • The appearance of nearby active competitors can reduce all undertakings to nothing.
  • If a service is unknown to most consumers, then it will have to be widely advertised, spending a lot of money.
  • Poor provision of services can create spontaneous anti-advertising.

However, a talented entrepreneur and professional in his field can always turn any business shortcomings into pluses and make them work for themselves. But to become such an entrepreneur, you need to really be well versed in the field of activity and the target audience for which the project will be created.

How to get started in this area, you can learn from the following video:

Effective referral options

The most successful entrepreneurs at the start of their business themselves become an employee, an accountant, and a director in one person. Such a move allows not only to save on investments, wages and other expenses, but also to "grope" the prospects of a given direction.

Renovation and finishing

All people periodically need repair of apartments and houses, electrical wiring, sewerage and water supply networks, as well as household appliances. If you are a professional in this field, why not offer your services.

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