4 interesting business ideas from scratch

Interesting business ideas interest many people and quite often. But in a crisis, far fewer citizens move from thoughts to actions, because they are afraid to burn out. The article is able to dispel doubts and offer ideas for aspiring businessmen.

Why is it important to look for a unique business in a competitive environment?

The modern market is replete with offers. For example, the beauty industry is constantly surprising: new materials for nail extension, new designs, hairstyles, hair coloring options, therapy, etc. It would seem that all the masters are doing the same thing. But there is a difference. The main reason for providing unique, fresh ideas is market oversaturation. The consumer is presented with a huge choice for any goods and services.

In general, all interesting ideas for business from one opera. But something distinguishes them: some have an interior design, others have discounts on weekends, some have interesting conversations over manicure and delicious tea with sweets, some have an installment plan, some have gifts, and so on. Every entrepreneur tries to stand out with some detail in order to attract a buyer. After all, it is clear that in the presence of 50 identical offers, it is simply necessary to differ from competitors and give an understanding to the client that this particular offer is what he needs.

The best interesting business ideas in

It is important to analyze the situation before starting a business. How much the offer is in demand. Whether a wide consumer is waiting for it. I have provided a few examples below. The ideas are not unusual, but some with minimal investment and payback in 95% of cases. And since business is, first of all, an activity that generates income, then such options may well be suitable.

Ideas for small businesses in a crisis

Small business is suitable for the first experience in entrepreneurship. This is exactly what happens to most people. Of course, you want to become a successful businessman with minimal investment. And even more so in a crisis. But don't forget about the consumer. The crisis in the country extends to him as well. In this regard, the proposal must be available to the target audience.

Here are some options from Europe and the world and rare Russian proposals:

How to come up with a good idea yourself and predict relevance?

There are several articles on our site that answer these questions in detail. The main thing in choosing a field of activity is to understand how much it is in demand. Ask yourself, as a consumer, “what do I need”, “what do I lack in the market”. If it's hard, then it is better to watch the lectures of successful businessmen, find their advice on the net. And, of course, read. Books store more useful information than Internet resources.

What kind of service business to start?

interesting business ideas from scratch

We have tried to collect for you some of the most interesting business ideas from scratch that have not yet been implemented in our homeland. But as we all know, profitable spheres are not empty for a long time, so sooner or later this business will appear in our country. Whether it will take root or not is another question. You can read about other equally profitable business ideas from scratch in this article.

Glowing discs for cars

Glowing discs for cars is an interesting idea for a business from scratch, because it requires minimal investment, and the prospects are not even bad. If you approach the matter correctly, you can make good money on it.

To implement this idea, all you need to do is buy a special paint, or rather (luminescent paint), it costs around 15-20 thousand rubles. As for the profit, it will be about 1,000 per 1 car. This interesting idea for a small business from scratch should especially interest tuning enthusiasts, that is, the young part of car owners.

Topless coffee shop

This interesting idea came to us and the USA, the whole point is in the name of this business idea. Attractive topless waitresses selling coffee, naturally this coffee shop has become a very popular place for men.

In the CIS countries, this kind of establishments have not been noticed. For those who have a wild fantasy, it's worth making it clear right away that the table service will not go further (no knee dancing or something like that) will be here, everything is civil. This idea is likely to fail in our country, but the idea is very interesting.

Fresh Juice Machine

In Russia now you will not surprise anyone with a machine that will make coffee or tea for you in a few seconds. The vending business is constantly developing and business was not limited to one coffee or tea, today you can find machines abroad that offer to make freshly squeezed juice for you in a few seconds. The principle is the same, it is necessary to fall asleep a certain amount and substitute a glass in a special hole.

Laser engraving on glass

Business development: interesting business solutions

Creative and interesting business solutions

Good afternoon, readers of my blog. At a certain point in business development, a creative crisis sets in, when new ideas do not appear, but old ones are not as effective as they were before. I can assure you that this is the case for 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs. Then you wonder, but how to get the business off the ground, what could be done to achieve the maximum effect? Business is an action, action-packed thriller with incredible twists and turns. Every company wishing to achieve success is looking for new, interesting and unusual ways to declare itself to the world, increase its business reputation, increase sales and outflank competitors. Of course, you can advertise on radio and television, you can paste over the whole city with your posters, you can distribute flyers and leaflets, but is it effective? Those who want to be ahead of the rest of the world choose more creative methods, ones that can grab the attention of customers and stay in their heads for a long time.

Today I will tell you about creative and interesting business decisions that were made by well-known world companies, I will give advice on how these ideas can be implemented within small or medium-sized businesses.

The most creative version of this idea came to mind for the advertisers of the Puma company. It was back in 1970. The final of the World Cup, a few seconds before the starting whistle, the legendary Pele crouches down to tie his shoes, the camera takes a close-up and ... and the whole world sees the Puma logo and inscription on the shoes of the legendary football player. Such advertising turned out to be ten times more effective and profitable than anything else. Even if the Puma management decided to paste over the entire stadium with their logos, the result would be much less. One interesting and creative idea has given rise to a number of advertising campaigns using sports and show business stars. Now such companies as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Fila and dozens of others spend millions of dollars attracting famous people to their advertising projects, trying to surprise customers with an unusual approach and interesting solutions.

It is clear that small and medium-sized businesses do not have such advertising costs, and it will not be realistic to invite a global star. But if you are developing a company in the regions, then establish cooperation with local stars. This can be even more effective.

This story took place in the 70s, in one of the cities of the United States. Robert Taylor, that is the name of our hero, is the only one who sold liquid soap in those years. This was his development, and Robert understood that this product had a great future. The problem was that he could not patent his invention. The idea of ​​liquid soap was already known before, and mankind invented pumps many centuries ago. Large companies could easily steal Taylor's idea, put production on the assembly line and ruin a growing business. But what happens next? Robert Taylor is taking a desperate and very risky move to buy all the plastic liquid soap pumps. Yes, yes, absolutely everything in the USA. For the good of the country, only two factories were engaged in the manufacture of such pumps, and Taylor placed them a huge order, almost 12 million dollars. The factories were loaded with work for several years ahead and did not accept other orders. It is worth noting that the amount of 12 million was simply huge, and several times exceeded all the profit that Robert received for the entire time of work.

Other companies, lacking the most important element - the pump, there was simply no point in developing this business, they sat, biting their elbows and watched how Taylor's small company turned into a real market monopolist. The move was incredibly risky, but the result was not long in coming. Within 2 years, Robert Taylor sells the company for $ 61 million.

Savvy and cunning are important. Even in the most difficult situation, when competitors are intentionally dumping prices, you can stay in the black. The hero of this story was Herbert Dow, who founded Dow Chemical and sold various chemicals to industrial enterprises in the United States. The price was not great - only 35 cents a pound. The ambitions of the company grew, production increased and Gerber wanted to enter the world market. In Europe, he faced a big problem - the German cartel, which sold similar funds for 49 cents, but owned a significant part of the market. Dow took a chance and entered British enterprises with his own, cheaper proposal. The Germans responded immediately, reducing the price of the product to 15 cents, thereby wishing to knock Dow Chemical out of Europe. But Gerber Dau turned out to be smarter and smarter than the Germans. He did not get involved in a price struggle, but simply curtailed his production in the United States, secretly began to buy goods from German manufacturers, repackage them and sell them for 27 cents. In this way, production and delivery costs have been reduced. Dow Chemical is one of the largest chemical concerns in the world.

Remember that any problem can be solved, and if you have a creative approach, you can solve it with maximum benefit and benefit.

Top - most original business ideas in the world

What entrepreneurs do not come up with to lure customers and make good profits: tattoo their teeth, produce coffins in the shape of guitars, paint portraits with amino acids. But, what is interesting, sometimes the most absurd ideas turn out to be the most popular and relevant after some time.

    • Virtual dinners are the best recipe for loneliness
    • Business ideas from Europe
    • Business ideas from the USA

    So, the mediocre seller Frank Woolworth, who, shaking with fear, first placed price tags on goods, became the creator of the largest retail network of the last century. Perhaps the top business ideas presented on our website will help you come up with your own business or occupy a new niche in the market.

    Virtual dinners - the best recipe for loneliness

    This is the conclusion made by Seo-Yun Park from South Korea, deciding to start broadcasting her meals online. Dining has proven to be very popular on the Internet.

    In the modern world, where not everyone has time to go to restaurants and meet new people, having a meal with a virtual interlocutor helps to believe in yourself and get joy from communication.

    The business idea of ​​virtual dining is not new in itself. Back in 2021, the Virtual Family Dinner system was invented in the USA, thanks to which members of the same family could meet during online dinning as often as they want.

    But a meal with a beautiful girl breaks all records. In his business, Seo-Yun earns up to $ 10,000 a week.

    European Business Ideas

    Hairdresser for ... soul

    … and not just to get a haircut or shave - consider the owners of the Parisian salons for men "Sport" and "Politics", where clients come to use the services of a barber, and at the same time to chat on topics of interest to them. This two-in-one service is one of the rather lucrative business ideas. It is so in demand that queues often line up at the salons.

    You are in the section of the Interesco website. nfo "BUSINESS". The section of the BUSINESS website is devoted to business issues - what it is and how to organize it. In other words, the Business section contains articles about business, about your own business, about business development - and a lot of other indicative information on a business topic - on the basis of which you can independently take steps to success.

    How to open your own mini-bakery:

    We continue the section "Business" and the subsection "Ideas for business" with an article on how to open your own mini-bakery. Moreover, the advice is not just like that, from the head, but from professionals - straight from experienced people who participated in the opening of many mini-bakeries.

    As we said in the article "The Most Profitable Business", when you have an area with guaranteed demand, then you get an almost perpetual source of income. Of course, no one cancels advertising and quality. But the bakery comes with a sales guarantee - so study the interesting question.

    Profitable business - own bakery

    A small bakery is an attractive project for starting your own business at any time. After all, fresh bread will always be in demand - both in a crisis and in well-fed years of economic stability. Only in the first case is the consumption of budget varieties growing - shaped bricks, loaves, black hearth bread, and with the growth of income, people pay more attention to baguettes, buns and other original baked goods.

    How to talk about the result

    We supplement the section “Business” and the subsection “Communication” with the article “How to speak for the result”. Where we will try to answer the question of how to do this. The book "The Rule of Four Seconds" will help us with this.

    How to speak about the result is the same as “not out of fear, but in good faith”. That is, to make not a formal speech for abstract listeners, but to create interesting communication with real, really existing people about what they need. After all, how many times has this happened - you sit, think over the speech for a week, a month. You work out every nuance, every logical transition. And then five minutes of shame - and everyone forgot about you. Meaning?

    So here's how to speak to the result - an excerpt from Peter Bregman's new book “The Rule of Four Seconds. Stop. Think. Do it ”

    TOP business ideas for April

    We continue the section “Business” and the subsection “Ideas for business” with the article “TOP 5 business ideas for April 2021”. In which we bring to your attention several relevant business ideas that can be implemented - and, most importantly, earn.

    5 business ideas for April, 10 business ideas for 2021, 5000 ideas for the last century and so on ... Why so many? Wouldn't it be better to decide on a couple of ideas and perfect them? Good question that gets even more interesting when you remember Bruce Lee's quote: “I'm not afraid of a person who has learned 1000 tricks. I am afraid of a person who has worked 1 step a thousand times. " It is not for nothing that some authors compare business with war and suggest conducting a business strategy according to the ancient Chinese rules of war ...

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