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Round dates in the life of companies, anniversaries of entrepreneurs, conferences and seminars, New Years and the opening of new stores ... Some want to immortalize these

Anyone who has ever encountered filming a video, possessing an entry-level technique, knows that the video turns out to be somehow static at home. That is,

Making money through photography attracts a very large number of young and ambitious people. After all, everyone would like to receive money for

The amount of information that a modern person has to assimilate is constantly growing. Scientists have proven that visual data is easier to remember. In this regard

Opening your own interior photo studio as an option for a business with a low start-up and relatively quick payback. The article contains information about

Photo booths are very popular in the entertainment market, and therefore there are already quite a few of them, even though over the years they are

Webcams are familiar to many adult readers. The webcam business, thanks to technical progress and the availability of modern technology, every year gains more and more

Are you aiming for the genius of art photography? First, you will have to overcome several stages of real villainy. Indeed, as practice shows, to rake in profits for so

Being a real photo guru and swimming in the world of photography confidently and with enviable consistency in the face of growing competition means having your own photo studio.

Even if you are not a photo design specialist, you have a great chance to start a small photo design business. However, if you just have a desire to make money, then the lack of skills

The idea itself appeared in my head a long time ago, as it happens - ideas come from nowhere, and go nowhere. When the very idea of ​​"random photography" appeared

It's very simple if you have unlimited internet and a digital camera. Because many print and online publications need different illustrations for their publications. Any publication is looking for an illustration for publication in photobanks.

Photobanks are sites containing a huge number of photographs that are for sale. Each photographer can register on such a site and upload their photos there, and the buyer searches for the image he needs and pays money to use it.

Today, such type of sale and purchase as Royalty Free is very popular (when the right to non-exclusive use of photography is bought).

This means that the right to use your photo can be sold a huge number of times to a wide variety of buyers, and the copyright is reserved for you.

How to make money from photography? You upload a photo to the site only once, and you get income from it all your life. And you can upload the same photo to different photobank sites.

The secret of big money or the "Key to profit" strategy I want to share my own experience: I'll tell you about my way of making big money .. more

The most famous photobanks:

1. Shutterstock. om. This is one of the most lucrative photobanks, therefore, it is more difficult to get here than in the rest. You need to register, download a scan of the main page of your passport or driver's license, and after two days your data will be checked.

After that you must proceed to the exam - upload 10 photos, if at least 7 of them are approved, you have passed the exam. If you didn't manage to pass the exam, don't be upset - you can take it any number of times, though once a month.

The requirements for the quality of photos are tough - beginners upload photos of 4 megapixels, and photographers who work constantly - 2.5 megapixels. Photos must be in jpg, eps format. You can upload them in any quantity, the quality should be good.

The payment for one download is 25 cents, and after your income exceeds $ 500, you will receive 30 cents. For example, for downloading one of your photos 1000 times, you get $ 250.

Money can be withdrawn via Moneybookers or Paypal (however, your account must have a minimum of $ 75), or it can be sent to you by mail in the form of a check (minimum amount is $ 300). For the first time, beginners receive payment in a few months, as they are checking for plagiarism.

If photographing is your hobby, without which you cannot imagine a day, then why not make money on what you love? As you know, the best business is the one that brings moral and, of course, material satisfaction. Therefore, doing what you really like, you increase the chances of success significantly. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the step-by-step creation of a photography service business.

In the modern world, photography services are very popular. Wedding, birthday, school graduation, anniversary, wedding, New Year, corporate events - any such celebration requires the presence of a professional photographer who will record every important moment of the holiday. It is from such valuable moments that good memories are formed.

And you will be the magician who will keep precious minutes in memory.

Photo studio or studio?

You've probably asked yourself this question. But before answering it, you need to understand the differences between an ordinary salon and a photo studio.

The photo studio employs photographers who have professional skills in processing photos using Photoshop and Lightroom, shoot both in the background and on the road - weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, etc. In the studio you can take a high-quality photograph for documents, but the photographer cannot offer you any creative, interesting frames.

Business Registration

There are 2 types of business registration:

  • individual entrepreneur (IE);
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC).

How are the two different?

An individual entrepreneur is an individual who is financially responsible for the company's debts, placing his property under the outpost. Registration of an individual entrepreneur is cheaper, but the LLC is treated with great confidence. With an LLC you can share a business with a partner, with an individual entrepreneur - a studio can be registered only for one of you. Registration of a company requires large financial costs, since when obtaining a permit for activity, you need to have an authorized capital and provide government services with much more certificates and documents. There is no such thing in an individual entrepreneur, but if suddenly you want to sell a photo studio, it cannot appear as a ready-made business.

Premises rental

They are greeted by clothes, and in a photo studio "clothes" is a room. It should not only make a good impression on customers, but also be comfortable to work with:

Business idea Living D pictures

From time to time, our portal publishes materials about such business ideas that you cannot pass by.

They are really new - nothing like this has ever been seen on the market. They have a good perspective in terms of profitability - such ideas pay off within the first year of operation or even faster.

And most importantly, they can be safely called uncompetitive - at the moment this field of activity is in its infancy. In many, even large, cities, they have not even heard of anything like this. Yes, such ideas do not come up often. But they appear.

And we need to thank the enterprising people of our country for them, who bring new technologies from the West or create something new themselves.

Not so long ago (a couple of years ago) we talked about an incredibly promising business from sunny and "star" Hollywood. Of course, we mean the Dance Heads attraction, which probably every entrepreneur in our country has heard about today.

And not only an entrepreneur. After all, the Dancing Heads studio can be found today in almost every large (and many small) cities. But now not about her.

Now we will tell you about another project Dance Heads, which is capable of arousing even greater interest than the Dancing Heads studio in its time.

3D Photo Studio

Common photographs have been known to mankind for over a hundred years. Much has changed during this time. Now even a schoolboy can create a good interesting picture. You don't have to be the owner of a huge SLR camera. Almost any modern smartphone can take pictures of much higher quality than professional cameras a hundred years ago. It is a fact.

Yes, since then the photos have become better, more beautiful, richer. There have even appeared stereo photographs, which, as it were, convey the volume of the picture. Make the photo three-dimensional.

Business in photography is a godsend for creative individuals. The demand for the services of photographers is inexhaustible, since everyone strives to preserve in memory and capture the bright moments of life in photographs.

The main thing is that starting a small business in photography does not require significant investments. Graphic editors will allow you to transform pictures taken even on budget equipment.

Photo business direction

On average, the cost of photo sessions for a professional photographer varies from 2 thousand rubles. up to 10 thousand rubles.

The price for images is formed from the following factors:

  • photo session;
  • photo processing;
  • studio rent, if the order is thematic;
  • services print.

Nobody has been working with film for a long time, preferring digital equipment, and this saves money on consumables.

Professional equipment is not required to organize a photo service business. The role is played by the presence of desire, talent and creative inclinations.

The future professional photographer for business is offered 3 directions of development:

  • Photo sessions.
  • Organization of a small photo studio for the provision of services "photo for documents".
  • Real estate advertising.

We will consider each of the directions in more detail.

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