10 interesting books with business ideas

Interesting books with business ideas - section Finance, How to make big money in small business - Jeffrey Fox 1) James Adams. Unlock Your Mind. Technique of Searching for Original Solutions.

1) James Adams. Unblock your mind. The technique of finding original solutions to complex problems and generating brilliant ideas.

2) Michael Mikalko. Encyclopedia of business ideas. Creativity training.

3) Alxandr Orlov. How to make money on ideas

4) Iyri Sherer. Creativity techniques. How to find, evaluate and implement an idea.

5) N. edosenko. 500 Home Business Ideas

6) Yuri Moroz. 1000 and 1 idea for your business

7) Brian Hill, Dee Power. Business angels. How to attract their money and experience for the implementation of your business ideas.

8) Stephen Strauss. Big idea, or how business inventors turned their ideas into a profitable product.

9) Thomas Knight. Will it fly? How to know if your business idea has wings before you jump.

10) Oleg Allin Veniamin Zaitsev. Business by and against the rules - 225 business ideas, 455 case studies.

business books worth reading

In a crisis, it is best to invest in yourself, in your knowledge and skills. A lot of knowledge and thoughts can be gleaned from books, so our editors have compiled a list of 33 books that, in our opinion, are required reading.

Atlas straightened his shoulders

By Ayn Rand 1957

"Atlas Shrugged" is the central work of the Russian writer Ayn Rand from abroad, translated into many languages ​​and has had a tremendous impact on the minds of several generations of readers. Combining fantasy and realism, utopia and dystopia, romantic heroics and sizzling grotesque in a peculiar way, the author poses in a very new way the "damned questions" eternal not only in Russian literature and offers his own answers, sharp, paradoxical, and in many ways controversial.


By Jason Fraid and David Heinmeier Hansson 2021

Jason Fraid and David Heinemeier Hensson are successful entrepreneurs, founders of 37signals. The products of this company are used by several million people all over the world. The most famous Basecamp is a project management system. The company employs only 14 people!

In this book, the authors share their experience of company development, that in order to do something worthwhile and popular it is not necessary to have several million dollars and a hundred employees. Their advice makes you think, look at familiar things from a different angle, revise outdated theories and views.

Do you really need an office?

Eric Ries "Business from scratch Lean Startup"

The author of this book is convinced that the main reason for all the failures is not high costs or failure to work deadlines. Eric Rees cites the main reason for the failure to release a product that has no demand. That is, if you release a product or service that nobody needs, then no amount of advertising will force people to buy it.

He put forward the concept of a "Lean Startup", which involves constantly researching the market and getting feedback from consumers. Focus not on carefully crafted business plans, but on the needs of the people. Based on this, develop your business and adjust this development regularly.

Jang Kim and Renee Mauborgne Blue Ocean Strategy

The concept of the book from Chan Kim and Rene Mauborgne is the creation of "blue oceans". By this concept, the authors called market spaces that are devoid of competition. They urge businessmen and companies to break out of the so-called red oceans and create unoccupied niches in which they can not be afraid of competitors.

Why share the demand for this or that product with others, if you can devote attention and strength to avoiding competition and creating growing demand. To do this, Kim and Mauborgne have developed special tools, such as the strategic canvas and value curve. To find out what these names mean, be sure to read the book.

Delivering Happiness by Tony Shay

The book tells the story of the creation and development of the famous company Zappos on behalf of Tony Shea. Zappos is a large online clothing store, and Shay is a successful businessman and its founder, who managed to achieve heights at a young age. This is almost an autobiographical book that shows you how a startup can be turned into a profitable million dollar business. Glory and money did not come to Neck at all right away, he had to work very long and hard to develop this business. After reading this book, you will want to take over from Tony and create a product that will bring joy and pleasure to people.

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Never Eat Alone is an interesting book about the importance of relationship building in business. Someone who has the right connections can literally own the world. KeithFerration believes that networking is the main tool for an entrepreneur and simply a successful person. This Western concept implies the ability to openly communicate, get acquainted, and recognize. Building connections will help you in difficult times - when necessary, you will always have someone to turn to. The author talks about her “acquaintances” and their role in her business. This book is a must for both entrepreneurs and everyone else.

Carl Sewell and Paul Brown “Clients for Life”

Karl Sewell managed to raise the company's sales in a fairly short time and achieve all sorts of heights. The main tool is attracting and retaining customers. In this book, he tells readers how to work with clients and properly organize the work of his company.

Today we will consider the topic: "10 best books about business that everyone should read", we will try to highlight the most important thing and, if necessary, an algorithm of actions. At the same time, you have access to the exclusive comments of our expert. You can ask all questions in a special form after the article. Please note that before asking questions, you should carefully read the article, because most of the answers are already there.

Best Business Books Everyone Should Read

Ecology of life. Today in the world there are a great many books about business, but there are quite a few really interesting and informative books. Business books are useful to read not only for novice startups and current leaders, but also for everyone who wants to build a successful career.

Today in the world there are a great many books about business, but there are quite a few really interesting and informative books. Business books are useful to read not only for novice startups and current leaders, but also for everyone who wants to build a successful career. As we read business books, we learn about success stories, mistakes and difficulties that authors have encountered first hand, and effective ways to solve these problems.

These books inspire, motivate, change the worldview, make you think, and motivate someone to take action!

We have selected the best, in our opinion, publications for you, which we gladly recommend reading. Read on and get inspired!

Henry Ford My Life, My Achievements

This book went around almost all states. It has been printed in many languages. Everywhere her publications were sold like hot cakes. A burning interest in it was created not by artificial advertising hype, but by its very content - behind this book the life and work of a very big man, behind it is the practical experience of the creator of production, unprecedented in scale and organization. In his book, Henry Ford shares his life story, his views on business management, his ideas in management theory and in general in the entire economy. His ideas are now embodied in thousands of companies that work according to the principle introduced by Ford at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Richard Branson Naked Business

The first of Sir Richard's books, completely devoted to the history of creation and the peculiarities of doing his business. “Instead of ranting about my success in these pages, I just wrote the whole truth about my companies,” writes Sir Richard. In addition to the candid stories of the Virgin Group's successes and failures, this book is invaluable with advice and quotes from a real entrepreneurial notebook.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

For those who want to become a successful entrepreneur, but do not yet have the necessary skills and experience.

Rework Business Without Prejudice, Jason Fried and David Hensson

About the Authors: Jason Fraid and David Heinemeier are successful entrepreneurs. Founders of 37signals, a software development company. Their apps are used by 3.5 million people.

About the book. Describes how to start your business from scratch. Thanks to it, you will be able to structure your knowledge in the field of the business industry, or you will discover a new, yet unexplored world.

The book will not only inspire you to create a new project and find a team, but will also expand your horizons. He will also tell you how a business can grow from a hobby into a profitable business.

Purpose of Continuous Improvement Process by Eliyahu Goldratt

About the author: Eliyahu Goldratt is a physicist, creator of the theory of constraints and control methods. Recognized guru in business management, author of several best-selling books.

About the book. Written in the genre of a business novel, where practical recommendations are woven into an artistic plot. The main character is the director of the plant, who devotes all his strength to production, but constantly loses customers. Business fails, and the hero meets a physicist who helps him to look at the situation in a different way and realize his goals.

Delivering Happiness From Zero to Billion: A First-Hand Story of Building a Great Company by Tony Shay

About the author: Tony Shay is a prominent American businessman and internet entrepreneur. Director of the profitable trading platform Zappos. om.

About the book. A vivid life story of Tony Shay himself, who became an entrepreneur already in childhood. The guy bred worms and sold them to friends. Every year his entrepreneurial skills have evolved. As a result, Shay grew up and created his own corporation, which was bought by Amazon for $ 1.2 billion.

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