What business to do in Kazakhstan in 2021

Many women in Kazakhstan want to start a business, but they cannot find the right idea. The country's economy is actively developing. Some early promising business ideas are losing their relevance, others are in wide demand at all times. Let's take a closer look at what kind of business for women in Kazakhstan brings good profit.

Here are some promising ideas:


Opening a bakery is one of the most profitable business opportunities in the food industry in Kazakhstan, which can be started in your own or rented premises. The demand for baked goods is huge throughout the country. Bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, buns are the most popular among consumers.

Many women don't know where to start a baking business. To open a bakery, you need to consider the following important points:

  • Business idea development.

Decide on the format of the enterprise, type of products, choice of premises, sales market.

  • Document preparation.

You must have documents confirming the ownership of the premises, registration with the tax authority and SES, a certificate of compliance with fire safety rules.

  • Technical features.

Small businesses for beginners usually come with a lot of paperwork. But having decided to work for yourself, it is important to be patient and purposefully make your dream come true. Decide on the field of activity, find the optimal segment for yourself and study the work of competitors. Such simple actions take time. But this is the only way your business idea will be successful and will soon start making a profit.

Where to start a business? Everyone who has just set foot on the path of organizing their own business thinks about how to open a business in Kazakhstan.

At the first stage, it is not at all necessary to have millions if you set yourself the goal of starting a small business. Small business from scratch for beginners is optimally organized in such proven areas as services and mediation. Also use the following ideas for business in Kazakhstan:

Private kindergarten

Working young parents often do not know whom to entrust their child to. Therefore, you can open a private kindergarten directly at home. It is enough to accept several children. Or try working as an on-call nanny, having prepared interesting activities for the children in advance while their parents are away.

Mobile Appliance Repair Workshop

For men who understand radio engineering, an interesting and profitable business will be the repair of household appliances and equipment at the client's home.

It is enough to advertise on special Internet sites, as well as in local newspapers. Here, the master will only need to get to the customer's address and complete the work.

Growing mushrooms

Growing oyster mushrooms is a profitable business without large investments and labor costs. Buy raw materials, and the growing process itself does not require special attention. This business benefits from the fact that mushrooms are grown both indoors and outdoors.

The first option is more attractive, since indoor work allows you to make a profit all year round. Up to 100 kg of mushrooms are removed from one square meter.

Before starting such a business, find a market for the product. And sell the spent substrate in which the oyster mushrooms were grown as animal feed.

Business plan development: Pixabay

What business to do? In this article, we will consider business ideas that will work in 2021. The pandemic that broke out in 2021 has made adjustments to the professional activities of all industries. Some have successfully adjusted to the current realities, while others have not coped with the piled quarantine. So, let's consider what kind of business to do in Kazakhstan in 2021.

Selling goods from China

Selling goods purchased in China has long been a trendy business idea for citizens of the post-Soviet space. The sale of Chinese goods is still relevant, since the production of the Celestial Empire not only offers a huge assortment, but also quickly respond to fashion and global trends.

In this matter, it is important not to grab onto everything at once. Choose your product niche and grow your own store using China as a supplier of unusual, unique, interesting and trending products.

Experts set terms and conditions for returning to travel

This business will require minimal investment, since you only need to buy products, wait for delivery and sell in any convenient way.

In China, the goods are not so expensive, but you have to spend money on the services of photographers and models to make high-quality advertising. Still, it is not that expensive compared to other business ideas, since you can take photos yourself.

LED animation for bicycle wheels

Every country has cycling enthusiasts. The steel two-wheeled companion will give amazing emotions when you go on a long trip out of town to nature. Also, cycling is good for your health.

Looking for business ideas that are not available in Kazakhstan to start your own business? Novice businessmen are interested in those projects that will fill free market niches with a 100% guarantee and will be in demand in Kazakhstan. We propose to study the options that were "shot" in other countries, but which are not yet on the domestic market.

Do you want to open a business in Kazakhstan, but do not know what services or goods will be in demand? To get a stable and decent profit, you should study the demand market and develop business projects that will satisfy it. To do this, you need to think big, strategically and creatively. Success will come to those who stake on something that is not in Kazakhstan. But then the fear arises that what was conceived will not be in demand on the national market.

"Not everyone can buy": eggs have risen in price in several regions of Kazakhstan

In order for a new business to work 100%, to make a profit, adopt business ideas for startups, study the world experience. We offer an overview of fashion trends, directions and products that have turned out to be vital for a modern person.

Here are some promising and fresh ideas for small business in Kazakhstan:

Ideas for business in Kazakhstan: Vending with goods for travelers

The vending business is not as well developed as it seems at first glance. The maximum that is presented on the Kazakh market is coffee machines, vending machines for selling bottled water, vending machines with various snacks.

However, there is a great vending business idea for those who often move, travel. Necessarily in the rush to get ready some thing is forgotten. Headphones for the phone, charger, personal hygiene items, umbrellas, items of clothing (scarf, hat, mittens), shoes (for example, slippers for a comfortable train ride) are what most often fall out of sight of the traveler.

Association of Payment Organizations Supported PayBox Money on New Year's Eve

They are easy to buy in specialty stores, but in this case, the rate on the speed and availability of purchasing the desired product will work. These machines are best set in:

  • lobbies of bus and railway stations;
  • airports;
  • hotels.

This is a great idea for resort pensions, sanatoriums and hotels that are located outside the city limits.

Business ideas in Kazakhstan: vending machines in high-rise buildings and office centers

Hello dear readers of the blogfreo. u. Which business ideas for beginners in Kazakhstan are the most promising today, which are innovative, and how best to implement them? The answers to these and other questions are given below.

Small business is one of the most pressing topics in Kazakhstan today. Gradually, the market is filled with new directions, the old ideas lose their effectiveness. And the country's economy is developing rapidly, and many niches remain vacant. Therefore, it is important to know how ideas today can seriously help budding entrepreneurs.

Small business area

In it, one part of aspiring entrepreneurs is trying to occupy a unique niche in which there are no competitors, and which will become a true discovery. The second one is mastered where there is a wide demand, even with significant competition.

A successful small business for beginners in Kazakhstan implies the implementation of original ideas and projects. And even those who already have a case should still be in the know. Since business is an unstable phenomenon, and every businessman should be aware of their risks. And it is always better to arrange several sources of profit and not depend on one niche.

When choosing options for a business, it is worth analyzing:

  • its suitability for a particular area,
  • level of knowledge and experience in this area,
  • degree of risks.

You should also change your mindset. And as a businessman, it differs significantly from the mentality of a salaried employee. You can start with modest actions: you bought something in one place, sold it in another. Some start out by selling unnecessary items on sites like Avito. From such stages, the thinking of an entrepreneur is formed.

Residents of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries are poorly developed in this direction. And therefore we are forced to fight with many foundations. And many aspiring businessmen can achieve serious success without plunging into hired work. And due to its potential and ideas to reach a significantly new level. The problem lies in the formation of start-up capital. And wage labor can only serve as a means for this.

Also, preparation for a business and a set of an initial budget can be carried out with the help of self-employment - working for yourself. Which is already a small business. A striking example of this is the work of a freelancer.

Solving the start-up capital dilemma

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