What business can you open for 300,000 rubles: the best ideas

Material on the topic: "Business 300 ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Business ideas with investments from up to rubles Where is profitable to invest in a year

Proper investment guarantees profit and, in the long term, business expansion and income growth. Several hundred thousand rubles will help you purchase equipment, purchase the necessary consumables or advertise services. Regardless of whether you decide to start an entertainment or manufacturing business.

It is known that the larger the amount, the more opportunities for the "promotion" of the business. For men, starting from 300,000-400,000 thousand, it is really possible to open a good business in a garage. This amount is quite enough for the purchase of high-quality equipment and tools.

Having a start-up capital of 500,000 rubles, you can open a business with or without a franchise in the production or trade. For example, start selling coffee in traffic jams, or open a children's playroom. This amount is quite enough for a good start. You can do without loans. We hope that among the business ideas we have proposed, there will be at least one that will suit your taste.

Where to invest in the year Business ideas with start-up investments from up to rubles

If you decide to work for yourself, then a small capital significantly expands your opportunities with the choice of direction in business. There are many ideas that can be implemented even with a starting capital of 200,000-300,000 rubles. Moreover, both in a small town and in a large regional or regional center.

It is possible to start a business with such capital in different directions: in the field of entertainment, in trade or any other. A small workshop for the production of custom-made furniture and interior accessories or a bakery at home does not require large investments.

You can start with a few hundred thousand rubles in a field where your knowledge and skills are most likely required. For example, in the IT sector, such investments will improve equipment and make additional advertising. Which will make it easier to build a client base if you decide to do web design or skype tutoring. Therefore, you should think carefully about which niche you should start in, which type of business will most likely pay off in your region. The business ideas below will help you make the right choice.

How to open a successful business for thousands of rubles?

The volume of available investments is one of the key factors for successful business development. The wider it is, the more prospects and profitable segments are available to an entrepreneur. But the ability to correctly distribute finances and invest them in business with benefit is no less important. It is also necessary that the product or service is relevant in the region, and the purchasing power allows you to pay for it. An investment of 300,000 thousand rubles is a pretty good start for a small business, which can provide an entrepreneur with a high and stable income.

How to open a profitable business for rubles?

300,000 rubles is not the largest, but significant capital for the successful development of small business. With such investments, you can realize yourself at a decent level and form a stable source of good earnings in almost any area. But in addition to the volume of investments, there are many more important factors that affect the profitability of the business and the percentage of sales: saturation of the sales market, the price policy of the supplier of raw materials, the quality of advertising and marketing strategy, the relevance of the service or product for the region, the purchasing power of the target audience. Starting a new business includes several basic steps:

Nowadays everyone can start their own business. And big investments are not always required. There are many business ideas for 300,000 rubles. Basically, these are small trade or service enterprises. What are the most interesting examples?

Trade area

Opening an online store will be even cheaper. There is no need to rent a room here. You can sell things on the Internet brought from abroad, for example, from China. The only thing that will have to be spent is website design and promotion.

Service Industry

The choice of ideas for a business with a budget of 300,000 rubles is huge here. After all, the main investments are the hands and the head of the entrepreneur. Various options can be organized for this amount:

  • Manicure at home or hairdresser.

In general, almost any business in the field of beauty can be opened within the specified amount. You can work right at home by equipping a separate room for this. The main item of expenses is the purchase of tools.

Foreign languages, website development, speech therapy, vocal lessons and much more are skills that you can share and get a good income with. Lessons are conducted at the home of a student or teacher, as well as remotely (for example, via Skype).

If you love and know how to sew, then you can start your own business at home, after which, as your business develops, open your own workshop or a whole atelier.

A good photographer is worth its weight in gold, despite the abundance of competitors. High-quality equipment and the ability to create beautiful photographs - this contributes to a good income.

All these ideas have one thing in common - for their implementation it is necessary to have such skills at a high level. That is, obviously, such a business is suitable for specialists in their field.

Game practitioner of “ideas”: anti-crisis addition to your way of earning

If you have worked or are working in the service industry, have many contacts and are looking for a source of online income that would please both pocket and soul, consider the idea of ​​conducting psychological online games.

Own business: outdoor survival courses

The business of conducting survival courses today may be in demand by the audience, but it will suit few: at the forefront of this business lies the rich practical experience of the instructors and presenters themselves.

Investments from 600,000 rubles.

Polyglottic Franchise Children's Language Center

Business in teaching English to preschoolers and primary school children under the brand of a large network. Its own methodological base, lesson plans, regular support at all stages.

Investments from 140,000 rubles.

Car interior upholstery: a profitable business with investments of up to thousands

The service of hauling elements of car interiors remains in demand on the market for several years, and in comparison with other areas of the auto business, it requires relatively small investments.

Investments from 150,000 rubles.

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