What animals are profitable to breed for a business at home

Earning money from animal breeding is suitable for both experienced farmers and beginners. It does not require money, special skills and equipment. Anyone can do it, having studied in detail the specifics of this activity. Before starting a business, it is necessary to find out which animals are profitable to breed for a business at home. The territory owned, the region of residence, the ultimate goal and workload of the future businessman are taken into account.

Features of animal breeding

To turn animal husbandry into a source of income, you need to think through all the stages of work and get acquainted with the technology of raising animals. To breed them, you need a special room, a special daily routine and constant monitoring of their condition. To establish activities and maintain the workflow, a novice businessman will need to buy his own allotment or allocate a small plot on the existing land. In addition, he will have to regularly carry out:

  • vaccination ;
  • care;
  • feeding ;
  • walking ;
  • veterinary service.

In addition to creating optimal conditions for keeping, you have to think about what kind of animals should be raised. When choosing, the consumer demand in the region of residence, the initial capital of the farmer, the dimensions of the area allocated for cultivation are taken into account. It should also be taken into account that when breeding a number of animals, such activities may be seasonal. Therefore, before starting a business, you have to think over the distribution channels for products and agree on supplies with customers.

The profitability of such a business reaches an average of 20 percent. Moreover, the merchant will not turn into net profit immediately, but after 2-5 seasons, depending on the value and reproduction rate of the selected breed (you can read about sturgeon breeding here). In order for the income to be stable in every season, it is necessary to prescribe a development strategy when starting a business, the number of fry required to purchase equipment, and the type of reservoir to be installed. For clarity, you can sketch a diagram of the organization of the economy in order to control the entire process at every stage.


It brings double profits, since both meat and eggs can be sold. To set things up, first you need to decide on the type of birds being raised. It is worth choosing individuals based on the focus of the activity. So Brahma is suitable for the sale of carcasses, since its weight reaches 5 kg. And Leghorn is very productive: one chicken is capable of producing over 200 eggs per year. Besides chickens, it is also possible to breed:

  • geese ;
  • turkeys ;
  • duck ;
  • turkey ;
  • quails ...

Chickens are in demand. They are also less whimsical. For example, keeping ducks and geese is associated with additional spending on the purchase of diversified feed and the creation of large enclosures, in which there should be fences, drinkers, feeders, and water drains. Such requirements for engaging in poultry farming are spelled out in the Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of April 3, 2021. Special conditions of keeping should be observed when raising animals.

Sturgeon is a popular and very valuable fish that can be raised at home. Competition in business is low, and business requires a lot of investments, so most farmers are eliminated at the start. True, home conditions are easily suitable for sturgeon breeding, subject to the growing conditions. And the payback of the farm is no more than 3 years, even with suboptimal indicators.

Evaluating the idea

If you are interested in breeding sturgeon fish, it is important to evaluate the idea and write a business plan with calculations before starting a business. But first, evaluate the options for obtaining fish - to grow it in a RAS or in a pond on your site. This business plan with calculations will help to deal with this and other issues.

To rate an idea, answer the following series of questions:

  • Where to grow sturgeon? - there are two options: installation of a closed water supply and an artificial pond. Let's analyze both options in the article.
  • Does the climate allow sturgeon to be raised in a pond? - if the climate is suitable for fish, then the entrepreneur will save a lot of money.
  • Are there finances for the construction of the RAS? - to build a business, you will have to invest about 3-5 million rubles.
  • Is there a room for the RAS? - the installation of a closed water supply will have to be installed in a spacious room.
  • Grow only sturgeon or combine ideas? - several types of fish can be bred in several pools.
  • Is there a demand for fish? - if demand is high, this is only a plus for business.
  • Are there competitors? - competitors can raise fish in a pond or in a RAS. Estimate the competition, fish prices, where sturgeon is delivered.

We are building a RAS for sturgeon breeding

A closed water supply installation consists of several tanks, they are also pools to which the pumps are connected. The pump pumps out 10% of the water per day, passing it through purification filters, disinfecting the water, supplying it with oxygen, nitrogen and other important elements, and returning it back to the pool.

For a novice entrepreneur, when breeding sturgeon in the RAS, it is more correct to buy ready-made equipment and hire a specialist for its maintenance. A finished installation for several pools with a total volume of 120 cubic meters of water will cost 2.5 million rubles.

What a novice farmer needs to know when working with RAS:

  • All equipment in terms of power must match each other. If any of the components are slower or faster, the system may eventually fail.
  • The fish stocking density should be 50 kilograms per 1 cubic meter of water. When overcrowded, the equipment will not keep up with water purification, and the fish will start to hurt. Even with powerful hardware, overpopulation is undesirable.
  • It is necessary to monitor the indicators of temperature, oxygen and useful elements in the water. The optimum water temperature is 23 °, oxygen content 11 mg / l, nitrogen 2 mg / l, phosphorus 0.4 mg / l, carbon dioxide 20 mg / l, iron 1 mg / l.

Nutria farming as a business is considered one of the new and popular types of small business in livestock farming.

It gained such popularity for its availability, profitability and low cost price. After all, these animals are famous for: valuable fur, delicious dietary meat, resembling rabbit meat in properties, great fertility, unpretentiousness in keeping conditions and the ability to eat cheap vegetable feed. In order to understand whether it is profitable to breed nutria, it is worthwhile to understand this issue in more detail.

  • 1 Advantages and Disadvantages of Nutria Farming Business.
    • 1. Advantages:
    • 1. Disadvantages:
  • 2 How and where to keep nutria?
  • 3 Feed. What does nutria eat?
  • 4 Features of cultivation of nutria at home.
  • 5 Slaughter of animals.
  • 6 Skinning.
  • 7 Sale of meat and fur.
  • 8 How much money is needed to start a business.
  • 9 How much can you earn from nutria farming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nutria Farming Business

Like everything in our mortal world, nutria cultivation has both positive aspects and negative factors that should be taken into account.



How and where to keep nutria?

Nutria is a mammalian rodent. Reaches large sizes, maximum weight 12 kg. The body length is 50-80 cm, the tail is 30-50 cm. Externally it resembles a beaver, has large bright orange incisors. The guard hair is coarse and long, the underpurple is wavy, soft and thick. Under normal conditions, it lives near water bodies and eats food of plant origin, prefers roots and shoots. Leads active life in the dark.

For cultivation of nutria at home, no special requirements are required. If you have your own private subsidiary farm with a small plot, then this business will suit you. An ideal home for these animals will be a barn with a courtyard for compulsory walking. An enclosure for nutria should be fenced off with a metal fence or mesh, 1 meter high. Most often, cages and metal enclosures are used to keep animals.

Wooden structures cannot be used, as they will simply chew them. The floor of the house is covered with hay or straw. They do not tolerate low temperatures. In the cold season, cages with animals should be moved to a warm room without drafts, but with good ventilation. The temperature inside it must be at least eight degrees. The average cell size is not less than 2. sq. ...

Walking is a prerequisite for growing nutria. In addition to the fact that it will be necessary to concrete the floor in the walking area, so also provide a sufficient amount of water. Some breeders even set up special small pools. This is due to the fact that the natural habitat of rodents is water, and they are also clean. They love to splash in the water and brush their luxurious skin there.

Shrimp farming in Russia has great commercial potential, since this niche in our country is not overflowing yet. In supermarkets and restaurants, the price tag for this delicacy is obscenely high, so an idea for a start-up creeps into the head by itself.

If you want to start your own business, but have not yet decided on a business idea, then you have come to the right place. Today we'll take a look at the shrimp theme from A to Z. Where should you start? How and where to breed these animals? What investments will be required? And how much can you earn in the end?

  • 1 Which shrimp to choose for breeding
  • 2 Where the shrimp is bred
    • 2. Open water shrimp farming
    • 2. Growing shrimp in an artificial reservoir
  • 3 Growing shrimp in an aquarium
    • 3. Recirculating water system (closed water supply systems)
  • 4 Requirements for water for breeding shrimp
  • 5 Requirements for artificial reservoir
  • 6 Requirements to the premises
  • 7 How and where to buy shrimp for breeding
  • 8 How to properly breed shrimp
    • 8. Shrimp feeding
    • 8. Contents
    • 8. Reproduction
  • 9 Growing technology
  • 10 Market for shrimp
  • 11 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 12 How much can you earn from shrimp farming
  • 13 Do you need to register a business
  • 14 Pros and cons of a shrimp farming business at home

Which shrimp to choose for breeding

There are over 2,000 species of shrimp in nature. But which one should you choose for your home business?

For breeding in artificial conditions, it is better to choose unpretentious individuals for which it is easier to recreate the conditions of their usual habitat. Number one in this sense would be the Malaysian giant freshwater shrimp (Rosenberg shrimp). They are hardy, fertile, quickly adapt to any conditions and live well in fresh water.

Where shrimp is bred

Artificial cultivation and breeding of shrimp is possible in three ways:

Having analyzed each technique separately, you can find the most attractive one for yourself. After all, it all depends on what end result the future business is aimed at.

Open water shrimp farming

Shrimps feel good at water temperatures from + 22 ° C. Therefore, this option for shrimp breeding is more suitable for hot countries, where the thermometer is constantly at high temperature marks. The leaders here are the Asian countries - Thailand, Vietnam.

Animal breeding at home is becoming a profitable and widespread type of own business. To organize a profitable household, it is necessary to have sufficient land and initial capital, and have the necessary knowledge in the field of animal husbandry.

A comparative analysis of the conditions for breeding the species, its relevance, payback periods will help the entrepreneur to determine the profitability of the enterprise. When choosing which animals to raise on your home farm, you need to take into account the available free space, the size of the initial capital and the ability to organize comfortable conditions for the reproduction of the species.

Different types of animals, birds, fish and even insects can become a profitable business when breeding them at home, if you follow certain rules:

  • Purchase young stock in the required quantity and from reliable suppliers;
  • Preliminary study of the breeding of the species;
  • Prepare the premises by creating all the necessary conditions ;
  • Use quality feed, monitor the health of animals;
  • Determine the sales market, find regular customers.

Which animals are better and more profitable to breed depends on the location of the mini-farm, natural and climatic conditions, the demand for the species and the preferences of the entrepreneur himself.

Type: Cost of an individual for breeding, rubles / piece Breeding period Payback Seasonality Sales market Yield, rubles / year (explanations in the text) Fish 100 - 150 Caviar - after 6 years, grown individuals for sale 7 - 9 months 0 - 12 months UTB, autumn Grocery markets, shops, wholesale organizations From 300 000 Cancers 50 - 12021 - 12 months. - 3 years All year round Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores From 130 000 Poultry (chickens, turkeys) 150 - 3006 - 8 months 0 - 12 months All year round Food markets, shops, wholesale organizations From 150 000 Rabbits from 2021 -12 months 8 - 10 months all year round Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores From 300 000 Pigs from 150010 - 12 months Year Round the year Food markets, shops, wholesale organizations From 500 000 Worms (bloodworms) 50 - 80 rubles / kg2 - 3 months. - 5 monthsAutumn, winter, springFishermen, fish farms, fishing shopsFrom 300,000

Sturgeon, sterlet, commercial fish

Growing fish at home is beneficial if there are sufficient areas on which to arrange artificial reservoirs. The minimum pool area is 3 meters in diameter, depth is 1 - 1.5 meters.

At the initial stage you will need:

  • Several tanks for rearing fry, each 2 - 2.5 cubic meters;
  • Heated room for raising sturgeon at home;
  • A generator that provides uninterrupted power to the farm;
  • A water pump connected to a well or well;
  • Automatic feeders that ensure timely and even distribution of feed;
  • Compressor for saturation of water with oxygen.

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