Video ideas; 100 ideas and how to find even more on your own

In this article, you will find 100 topics that are suitable for any video blog on YouTube. However, there is something much more valuable here than just video ideas. I will teach you how to generate a huge number of fresh themes on your own using special tools. I will also show you how to evaluate whether they will gain views and whether they will be popular.

These tools and principles helped me find 100 ideas in a short period of time that any YouTuber can use.

ideas for any video

Have thoughts like: "everything cool that could be filmed has already been filmed before me", "there are no free niches on YouTube", "there are too many vloggers and so on, I can never think of something original ”? At such moments, people ask the universe to send them fresh thoughts. If you also asked, then here it is, your source of inspiration.

Given: a thematic video blog in which you, as the protagonist, talk about your subject of interest. Typically, these channels include both a "helpful" part where you share valuable information, and a first-person vlog that tells about you and your adventures in the context of a general topic.

  • Why did I start a YouTube channel? An excellent topic where you can tell about yourself, as well as your goal and mission. It is not necessary to make such a video first, because if you do not have subscribers, then there is no one to meet. Wait for an acceptable value, and then present the channel to the audience.
  • How to do it right ____. Teach your viewers some cool tricks from your topic that they didn't know about.
  • Shopping, browsing and unboxing. Consider products that are specific to your niche. Tell us about your favorites or the crapiest ones. As a separate heading, you can shoot reviews of new products.
  • My unpopular opinions. Viewers love conflicting positions. Tell us about an opinion that goes against the generally accepted in your topic. Such videos can collect a lot of comments and generate real discussion.
  • I did ____ and this is what came out of it. An excellent occasion to experiment in your field. For example, TheYankow scored 100 three-pointers in the ring for 30 days. I wonder what came of it, huh?

  • Why can't you ____? Take a deep dive into one problem your followers are facing all the time.
  • How much can you earn with ___? If your topic is not just a personal hobby, but a means of earning money, tell your subscribers how much you earn from it, where you find clients, what earnings a beginner can expect, and how much a high-level professional can get.
  • Tags. Questions and answers. Gather questions from subscribers and provide answers.
  • ___ cool accessories up to ____ rubles. Tell us about inexpensive devices and gadgets that make work easier and improve results.
  • My favorite bloggers, accounts, etc. Tell us about other professionals in your business, your favorite Instagram blogs or Facebook pages.
  • Top ___ useful resources about ____. This is a wai rating with the most useful sources of information on your topic: forums, magazines, books.
  • My best works / analysis of the best works. Show what you are capable of or tell about the best jobs in your field. Explain why they were successful.
  • Interview with ____. Invite a professional or another YouTuber who is shooting on the same topic. Together you can do not only interviews, but also an interesting video podcast.
  • Challenge. You can not only shoot a video on the topic of a popular challenge, but also come up with your own.
  • ___ hacks in ___ seconds. Choose really simple and most effective life hacks. Hayden Pedersen hit the spot, so his video has been watched over 10 million times!

  • I hate when ____. What causes bewilderment in your activity, or makes you angry? How do you deal with such situations? Serve negative situations positively and humorously.
  • 10 reasons to love ____. As opposed to the previous video, make a video explaining why you love something.
  • ___ facts ____ that you did not know. If you know any unusual facts from your topic. And if these facts turn out to be useful, then it will greatly play into your hands.
  • Do ____ every day and in a month you will get ____. Many skills will take time to develop. Do you know of a little practice that will help you develop the necessary skills if you do it day after day?
  • I want to ____. Instead of a space, we substitute the task: to run a marathon (for a sports blogger), send works to a competition (for a photographer), take part in a race (for an autoblogger). If you set a big task, then you can shoot a whole series of videos in which you will show your process of moving towards your intended goal.
  • ___ of the myth of ____. Think about what common misconceptions have about your field as a whole or about its specific aspects.
  • ____ The entire process from A to Z. Show the entire process from start to finish.
  • How ____? In this video, I propose to shift the focus of attention from the result obtained to meeting the needs of the viewer. For example, “not how to make a sketch,” but “how to make friends laugh with a new sketch”?
  • Webinar on ____.
  • ___ recipes from ____. Refer to authorities. Reveal the techniques used by world famous people.
  • Response video. If one of your colleagues in the shop has expressed an opinion with which you disagree or to which you have something to add, make a response video. Give reasons for each point of your position so that the viewer finds out as much useful information as possible.
  • When am I finally ________? This is a typical beginner's question. In the space, substitute what relates to your niche: get a million views, earn the first $ 10 on knitting, finish repairs, etc. ... ...
  • When can I take money for _______. Tell us when you think it is right to start making money in your business.
  • 5 most controversial statements about ______. Tell us what the professionals in your niche argue about on the forums, and what position you take on these issues.
  • Live. - host a live dedicated to a specific topic or answer questions from the audience.
  • ____ step by step instructions. Expand the execution of a technique by decomposing the information into several stages or steps.
  • How to replace ____? Tell us what you can do to replace expensive gadgets or equipment that is difficult to obtain.
  • Video guide to ____. Instead of a space, substitute whatever you want to describe: Odessa, Photoshop, the style of the 2021s, etc. ... ...
  • Success stories ____. This is inspirational content. You can share the success stories of the top professionals in your niche, but it’s even more fun to create a section where your followers will share their stories and achievements.
  • ____ from scratch yourself. Tell us how you can learn how to do something yourself from the very beginning.

  • Typical ___. What kind of person is a typical representative of your niche, your client, customer, newbie? The video can be shot in a humorous style.
  • Why ____ when you can just _____? In this video, you can share an easy way to do something.
  • Why didn't you start ... filming videos, doing BMX stunts, taking pictures? What fears are stopping people from doing what you are doing? What fears did you have?
  • What does it take to do something like _____. Instead of a space, substitute a professional from your field. For example, what does it take to photograph like Sergei Maksimishin? Experience? Unique style?
  • Inspired by… Video inspired by another work. If a famous blogger in your niche has done a great job, you can try repeating it altogether or do your job but keep his style.
  • Results of the year. Tell us about what you have achieved over the year in your business, how you developed the channel. Be sure to share what you haven't done yet and why.
  • Honest review of ____. Have you tried something new? Share your unbiased opinion. Be honest about all the pros and cons.
  • ____ embarrassing question about _____. Collect the most ridiculous and bizarre questions about your topic and answer them.
  • Which is better: ____ or _____? As a criterion for comparison, instead of "better", you can choose more objective indicators: faster, more reliable, more suitable for specific conditions.
  • The fastest way is _____. Think of quick tricks that will save your viewers time.

Which videos to shoot on YouTube?

This question can be broken down into two parts. First, you need to find the original theme for your new video. Secondly, we certainly want such a video to be watched by as many people as possible. The recipe is both simple and complex.

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