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If you are looking for a home business idea, then the suggestions below will definitely suit you. At home, you can also do business quite successfully. Our proposals for mini-factories are just right for this.

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Home mini-plant

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Remember, at least once in our life each of us thought about creating our own production. A home mini-plant can be the first step towards realizing an idea. If you search, you can find many ideas to bring to life. We offer several options for Home Mini-Plants!

The section presents 8 home business options for our franchises.

What business to start at home?

You can buy a business and start a business today. Below are some ideas you can use to set up your own mini-factories for small businesses.

With a thorough approach to business development, you get not only an interesting lesson, financial independence, but also rise in your own eyes. Set aside enough time for the business and the cost of the franchise for any of these options will pay off within a few months of work.

D-Effect Plaster Tiles

For many buyers, the price when buying a finishing material is a decisive factor - this is the main plus in the implementation of gypsum tiles with a 3D effect. It charges from any light source, both natural and electric, and glows in the dark. Renovators will appreciate its benefits.

Glow-in-the-dark pet supplies

At one time we were engaged in interior decoration. And once a customer approached us with a fantasy and ordered a mirror surface finish on the wall and ceiling. We went to a glass factory, entered the mirror shop (earlier it was easier to enter the territory), bought mirrors, talked to the workers, watched the production and realized that we could well do this ourselves.

We worked on this project for the production of mirror tiles in the early nineties and did not know equally about the production of this type of product, except for one thing - we were convinced that it would be in demand and, ultimately, - were not mistaken.

A lot of time was spent studying the experience of specialized enterprises and working out the entire technological cycle. We developed and assembled all the necessary equipment ourselves, although you can buy everything. Now this production is no longer our main occupation, but it is still profitable and brings good income (profit of $ 3500-5000 per month, depending on demand), even taking into account the rather high salaries of the personnel.

The whole process consists in purchasing ready-made mirror sheets or mirror scrap, or mastering the application of a mirror layer on glass on your own. You decide. Next, you need to cut the purchased raw materials into tiles of the required size (150 x 150, etc.). Sand the edges of the cut with an emery wheel and, if necessary, apply or fill in the pattern. That's all. Profitability can be easily increased to 100% or more through experience. And to increase production volumes using special equipment. We copied the technology used in the mirror factories. But, of course, I had to adapt what I saw for a small business and taking into account the use of available materials for the manufacture of equipment. We are convinced that this type of activity is available to anyone.

Cutting mirrors requires a table and glass cutter. To process the sides of the finished tile, you need an emery wheel (preferably a machine). And to fill the pattern, a 2-3 A compressor is needed. The pattern is packed by feeding sand under pressure to the glass surface. For this, a stencil is made (a piece of linoleum is also suitable). You can, of course, do with paint, but still a stuffed drawing looks more elegant. For the compressor, we even tried a compressor from an industrial refrigerator, which is cheaper to get, and were satisfied with the work, however, it is more difficult to achieve high performance with it.

Millions here, of course, you will not earn, but it is quite possible to secure your own business. At first, I made ONE per month such tiles up to 150 sq. ... Then we were invited to decorate the premises with our products, which is additional paid work. I don't know what your prices are, but I buy mirrors for 350-400 rubles. per sq. ... and I sell tiles for 750-800 rubles. per sq. ... So count it. I didn’t come up with the price - this is formed by the market.

The products, of course, are not cheap, but there is a buyer for them. And even people with average incomes willingly order 1.5-2 sq. ... for bathrooms. A mirror generally expands the volume of the room, and a strip along the bathtub from such a tile makes a wonderful design.

It is bought for decorating bathrooms, entrepreneurs order it for decorating sales areas, showcases, building foyers, etc. There is work, i.e. the design of the room becomes truly original, besides, they order not only the tiles themselves, but often they ask to arrange the room and, therefore, they also pay for the work.

The construction segment today is inferior in terms of the introduction of new technologies only to the telecommunications sector. Literally every day they talk about "new breakthroughs" and the emergence of new "unique" technologies. Such activity does not always correspond to real needs and, moreover, to real market opportunities. Practice shows that good old technologies remain not only in demand, but also provide excellent chances to start your own business with little investment. The realities of small business in 2021 show rather illusory prospects for the construction market, but the question remains, what should the construction teams do, how to look for an alternative to earn money?

The answer can be found in related areas, in the optimization of the business itself. As one of the alternatives (in truth, the option is good for organizing a new business), you can consider organizing the production of paving slabs using the vibratory casting method.

How much is it worth producing paving slabs

The level of depreciation of fixed assets is not just large, but very large, this applies to all aspects, including sidewalks. If we talk about the roadway, the very roads, then the situation is no better, this issue belongs to the sphere of interests of the "big" bosses, as a result they are at least repaired. A completely different situation is developing with the sidewalks, money for them is not particularly allocated, the specifics of their repair does not allow to overclock. From practice I can say for sure that from one square meter of the road it is possible to "appropriate" 3-4 times more. Most sidewalk repairs in cities, small towns, private households are outsourced to small businesses. What does this mean in practice?

When organizing a full cycle from production to laying paving slabs, the business receives significant advantages in the form of:

  • - flexible pricing policy. The final price of the finished product will not include the price of an intermediary (as for retail sales - 20-50%, the cost of foreman's services - 20-30%). In fact, this means that tiles can be laid at a 50% discount without losing the average profitability.
  • - an individual approach to the client. Selection of shape, color, it is possible to take into account the individual characteristics of the site.
  • - full range of services. If we take into account that for the mini-shop itself, the initial raw materials (screening, cement) will be purchased at wholesale prices from established suppliers, then de facto the client pays, and really gets everything at once at the optimal price.

By and large, it is precisely such a complex option that makes it possible to talk about the paving slab business as an option for construction teams in re-profiling.

Do not forget about the profitability of the business, two main points:

  • - the production of sidewalk tiles has a profitability of 40-50% for wholesale and about 80-90 for retail sales;
  • - using one and the same the same equipment (with the exception of molds) can produce a very wide range of products, not just tiles.
  • - the profit from laying sidewalks also reaches 50%.

Total, due to the full cycle, it is possible to get about 100% profitability, and due to a wide range of products, “smooth out” seasonal fluctuations in demand.


Premises for the production of paving slabs

First, you need to find a suitable premises for the production of paving slabs. For these purposes, any industrial or warehouse premises located in the city or outside the city are suitable. The room must have an area of ​​at least 70, and with a secured voltage of 380 V. In the selected room for the production of paving slabs, there must be a drying chamber, the temperature in which is about 45 degrees without any fans and with a heated floor installed. The monthly rental price of such premises will be on average 20,000 rubles.

Start of production of paving slabs

Before proceeding directly to the production of paving slabs, I would like to tell you about the methods of its manufacture. So, in our time to make in several ways:

  • by vibration casting ;
  • by vibration casting.

This article will discuss the second method of making tiles. So, let's begin.

For the production of tiles by vibrocasting, a room of at least 100 m², supplied with three-phase electricity, is required. To start the production of paving slabs, you need to purchase:

  • vibrating table for forming;
  • stripping table;
  • set of plastic molds;
  • forced-type concrete mixers;
  • heated water containers;
  • containers for rinsing solution.

To prepare the concrete required for the manufacture of tiles in this way, use Portland cement M500. It is advisable to use cement from the same manufacturer, since different cement grades, when painted with any dye, give different shades of tiles. Also, for the manufacture of tiles, you need sand, the size modulus of which should be from 2, crushed stone, a plasticizer additive, pigment and water.

To prepare a mixture of concrete for 1m² of tiles, with a thickness of 6 cm you will need:

The bottle recycling business requires a lot of investment, but you will see the result in a couple of months. The main thing is to properly organize the work in the shop, create competent advertising, find good suppliers. Therefore, this is a great business idea. If you are a creative person, then also take a look at the idea of ​​making creative furniture.

  • Investments: 13 thousand dollars
  • Profitability: 16 thousand dollars
  • Payback calculation: 2 months
  • Personnel : 9 employees

Paving slabs made from plastic bottles: the early stages of business development

To start a paving slabs recycling business, you need to choose the space you need. You can choose a quickly erected hangar or warehouse. Business has environmental significance, therefore, empty premises in the suburbs are often given for the processing of plastic for paving slabs.

Recycled plastic tiles are goods that require special equipment to make. The production line includes:

  • device that removes labels and caps;
  • crusher;
  • conveyor;
  • boiler for removal unwanted items with steam;
  • washing machine;
  • dryer;
  • air dryer;
  • container for finished products.

Think about where you will get the raw materials so that you can recycle them later. Among the main options are garbage collection at landfills, purchase from enterprises that collect and primarily recycle plastic. You can organize your own collection point for recycled plastic. Local establishments will be happy to dispose of waste. The manufacture of paving slabs from plastic bottles is a type of business that, moreover, also restores the ecological balance.

Business Promotion

To promote the business of manufacturing paving slabs from plastic bottles, there will be high-quality advertising. It is best to contact the consumer firms of the finished product. It will also be necessary to find production facilities that can become suppliers of recycled plastic. Find out if there are such firms in your city, a personal visit and presentation of their services - the best ways to advertise. Create a special website with a simple design, indicate the main services that your company provides, describe the prices and work schedule.

To promote recycled plastic paving slabs, you can use contextual advertising and actively send messages on social networks. To attract potential customers, use the distribution of flyers, pasting posters in residential buildings located nearby. Plastic tiles are widely used today, since this is an ecological use of waste, this business idea is more relevant than ever.

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