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Many good housewives, accepting compliments from relatives and friends with regards to their unimaginable steak or delicious dessert, do not even suspect that it is also possible to make good money on the ability to cook today. And often right at home and without tyrant bosses. Today I decided to make for you a selection of the most, in my opinion, promising and profitable business ideas for those who know how, and most importantly, love to cook (I will not tire of repeating that work should first of all bring pleasure, and money is a bonus for that you have found your favorite business, enjoy the process itself and, as a result, give a good result).

Making desserts to order or for free sale

This is perhaps the most popular option today, which many girls working from home have adopted.

The essence is quite simple, you take orders for desserts on special occasions and holidays and actually prepare them.

If you think that very few people in our difficult times order expensive cakes (and this is how they are at home), albeit on the occasion, then you are very much mistaken. If adults can grudgingly save money on themselves, then never on their children. Orders are guaranteed! Especially if your desserts are really tasty and, perhaps even more important in such cases, beautiful.

What can be baked for sale:

  • cakes ,
  • cake sets,
  • trendy macaroons,
  • cupcakes,
  • homemade marshmallows,
  • meringue,
  • gingerbread sets,
  • trifles,
  • pop cake,
  • lollipops ,
  • rolls,
  • sweets from childhood (now also relevant) - nuts, tubes with condensed milk, etc.

An integrated approach to decorating a sweet table for a children's birthday or a wedding reception is also in great demand today (although the pleasure is not cheap). This refers to the organization of candy bars, that is, when, in addition to the cake, they order a lot of different desserts, decorated in the same style.

As for specific ideas, I would not advise you to start looking for and reinventing the wheel for a long time. Just choose a few girls on Instagram who are already making a lot of money on custom-made desserts and look at their most popular positions (comments, likes).

As for recipes, decorating methods, ordering the necessary equipment, choosing products and other organizational issues, do not despair if you feel that you are falling short somewhere. Now on the Internet there are a lot of all kinds of master classes, video lessons, blogs with detailed information on what, where and for what. They will tell everything, teach everything, show everything. The main thing, as always, is your desire and professional approach to work.

Pies with delivery

The idea of ​​baking to order comes to mind of many housewives, inspired by the family's love for their desserts, but most lack knowledge of how to start a confectionery business at home correctly, where to look for customers and how to turn idea into a complete business plan?

The specifics of the home confectionery business

The home-based confectionery business is especially attractive as a business idea for those who do not have sufficient funds and skills to implement a full-fledged enterprise, and are more often viewed as a side job. But, with a competent approach and a formed client base, the idea may well meet the financial needs of the family.

It's not enough to bake pretty cakes, they have to be sold! Moreover, to sell in the amount planned, and not for which there was a random demand. Otherwise, this is not a business, but a hobby.

When starting your own business, you should understand its strengths and weaknesses and be ready for this.

Benefits of a home-based confectionery business

Difficulties of creating a home bakery

Distribution channels

The crucial question in how to make your home confectionery business profitable is selling your products. Until the customer base is formed, it is worth using all customer search channels:

  • Internet. Advertising in social networks and Instagram, on thematic forums;
  • Retailers;
  • Offices located nearby;
  • Recommendations from satisfied customers.

Who doesn't like to eat well? If you enjoy cooking, why not start a food-related home venture. An original business idea, a little advertising and self-organization - and you will become the owner of your own business, which brings not only pleasure, but also income. At the same time, it is important to love food and the cooking process itself, otherwise this process of building your own business can turn into hard labor.

Creation and sale of bakery products

A profitable business can be built on the fact that people love baking. They always buy bread, muffins or donuts for breakfast, lunch or dinner, many prefer cakes for dessert. You can capitalize on people's love of baked goods by baking and selling them yourself. You can specialize in a particular baked goods, such as making cookies, or you can immediately start producing a wide variety of treats (cakes, muffins, bread, etc.).

Recently, dietary and gluten-free products have begun to enjoy popularity, so you can occupy this niche in your city. You can sell your products directly through your own store or farmers' markets, you can also sell them to local cafes for subsequent sale.

Unusual sweets

Do you know how to create original products that others like? Do you know how to make delicious jam or make chocolate? Then you can turn your talents into a money-making vehicle. As in the case of baked goods, original and unusual sweets, for example, rosehip-flavored marshmallows, will be in greatest demand.

These treats are sold well at fairs, farmers' markets, and online stores. You can also sell them by negotiating with large candy stores, where they will gladly take your product for sale and help sell it as soon as possible.


If you enjoy preparing unusual foods for various holidays, you might consider starting a catering business. Preparing a large number of dishes for an event can be a daunting task for you, which is why at first you can only take small parties to work.

In addition, you can specialize in holding only certain types of events, and also only engage in the preparation of some specific dishes, for example, salads. If you are organizing meals for the holiday on your own, you cannot do without helpers who will help you prepare for the celebration and will serve dishes in a timely manner.

Personal chef

If you enjoy cooking but don't want to take on too much responsibility and serve a large number of people in the catering industry, you can become a Personal Chef. Businessmen often do not have the time and opportunity to deal with the preparation of a balanced and healthy diet, which is why they hire personal chefs.

Business Features

The business of manufacturing kitchen furniture occupies a considerable (about 20%) segment of the furniture market. At the same time, it allows both large furniture enterprises and small private manufacturers to exist in parallel. This is due to the fact that large corporations make mass-produced furniture. Such furniture is installed in kitchens of new buildings or hostels. For their business, mass character, economies of scale of production are important. However, they are unable to satisfy the needs of private consumers - it is impractical to re-equip an entire production line for a specific order. This opens up a large market share for small producers.

Small entrepreneurs are engaged in the manufacture of kitchen furniture for individual orders. This involves agreeing on the list and characteristics of the desired furniture (approximate dimensions, colors, type of wood, etc.), subsequent measurements for final calculations, directly manufacturing furniture and, finally, assembling and putting into operation in the customer's apartment.

The target audience is, as a rule, the local population: cabinet furniture, especially in the low price segment, will not be delivered from other cities and even more so from regions. This entails high transport costs, which affects the cost of products. Therefore, you will have to rely primarily on the local market.

The advantages of this business include a relatively low entry threshold (fairly moderate cost of equipment), constant and high demand (according to statistics, at least once every 10 years, families change their kitchen sets).

The disadvantages are, first of all, high competition in this area, as well as the need for qualified labor or possession of certain skills in woodworking. However, one should not forget that the overwhelming majority of small furniture manufacturers manufacture products of the budget segment (straightforward forms and smooth facades are an echo of the Soviet past) using cheap equipment. From here, having high-quality and technically sophisticated equipment and qualified personnel, it is possible to produce expensive and high-quality furniture of both medium and premium segments, the cost of which exceeds the price of budget products several times and brings considerable profit due to a lack of supply.

Manufacturing steps

In general, a kitchen set is manufactured using the same technology as any cabinet furniture. A special feature is, perhaps, only a larger number of internal compartments, which require precision additives, as well as many auxiliary fittings. Another technological feature is the manufacture of curved facades, which require a special press, as well as the manufacture of glasses (standard, ribbed, with a pattern), but all this can be purchased to order.

In general, work with the customer has the following structure.

Initially, in accordance with the wishes of the customer and his "vision" of the future kitchen, measurements are made and a sketch is prepared. After approval, a drawing is executed with the exact dimensions of all elements, as well as a list of parts and accessories is prepared. Here you can make your work easier by using specialized computer programs for designing furniture.

Is it possible to cook at home and sell food: business relevance + general launch template + 7 topical ideas for implementations in 2021.

Busy people have a hard time cooking every day and prefer food to order. In today's article, I want to tell you if it is possible to cook at home and sell food with the prospect of entrepreneurial activity in the future.

Business Relevance: Is It Possible To Cook At Home And Sell Food?

To begin with, such earnings will be a salvation for the female sex on maternity leave. Home cooking will allow you to combine child care and a small home business to replenish the family budget. In addition to mothers, such activities can help in organizing income for other categories of the population, the main thing is to have the time and desire for 6-8 hours of cooking a day.

What formats of snacks are popular in our country:

  • visiting catering establishments;
  • a snack from home, which is prepared in advance;
  • "on the run" - semi-finished products, hot dogs, buns and stuff.

Each of the options has its own positive aspects, but one fact remains - it cannot be compared with a complete homemade meal. For more details on the pros and cons of homemade food, I want to touch on the table below.

Advantages of the Direction Disadvantages of custom-made homemade food You don't have to know how to cook. To get a portion of delicious food, you just need to make a call and place an order. e each individual entrepreneur offers the buyer the highest quality goods. Here it is understandable, if there is an opportunity to cheat, it is a sin not to use it. Homemade food is very diverse. A person can choose from a dozen positions. the cooking conditions are unclear. Not every home chef follows all hygiene standards. The products are always fresh and prepared at home. e taste always meets the expectations of the customer. There is already a puncture in the recipe. time saving. A person does not spend half a day studying recipes and cooking from scratch. The recoupment of cooked food harms a person's cooking activity.

The table above allows you to look at the issue through the prism of the consumer. Now I want to touch on the entrepreneurial part of this area. The relevance of the idea is due to the gradual technologization of the world and an increase in the pace of life. People physically have no time to cook, because the priority of making money is higher for them. As a result, they partly use the earned finances to buy food, and here housewives come on the scene with their assortment of tasty and healthy food.

Is it possible to cook at home and sell food: TOP ideas + general instructions

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