TOP 10 DIY souvenirs at home for sale

Psychologists have long noticed one feature: enthusiastic people are much easier to adapt to economic difficulties, and this, in general, is not surprising. A person who has a hobby will always find something to make money with with his own hands. Here are a few successful startups for those who want to make money without leaving their home.

Homemade cakes and chocolates

It just so happened that most of our women are skilled cooks, but they are modestly silent about their achievements and please only their loved ones. And if you think about it, you can earn extra money on this skill, enjoying the very process of culinary creativity.

The main thing in home baking is knowledge of basic recipes and decor. If you are confused that cream roses were the top of your pastry skill before, do not worry in vain. Fortunately, paintings and mini-figures from marzipan are in trend now.

If you have a good friend who is concerned about similar financial problems and is good at drawing, work together. There can be a double benefit, and the time at work will fly by unnoticed, and the demand for your sweets will increase - after all, in addition to their wonderful taste and originality, there will also be handmade packaging. And this is no less appreciated.

Cookies and muffins with company logo

Make a few samples for trial, go through the companies, post photos on the Internet, and a wave of orders will fall on you.

Fashion & Beauty

Don't you have a heart for cooking? Not scary. There are many more ways to make money with your own hands. After all, you are well versed in fashion trends, you know how to take care of your hands, face and décolleté area, and all your girlfriends quietly envy your ability to always look your best with minimal cosmetics costs. Then these activities will definitely suit you.

Consumables can be freely purchased at any hardware store. Initial capital investments will be small, and demand will allow not only to quickly recoup costs, but also to make good money.

However, material for leather bags can be "obtained" cheaply by buying jackets and coats in second-hand stores. You can sell your products in the same souvenir shops, hand-made shops.

Designer knits

Most often, active women take an interest in ways of earning money at home during their maternity leave. Especially those who are used to leading a busy life and purely physically cannot sit still. There are a lot of cases when an office worker in the past, having given birth to a child, suddenly learned all the intricacies of housekeeping and needlework - solely due to the fact that she is oppressed by simple vegetation in the role of a housewife, and she either does not want to go to her previous job, or it is not possible ...

The technologies for building a business for making souvenirs at home with your own hands are no different from those used in any other type of business. The highlights are:

  • market research and analysis,
  • ability to create a competitive product,
  • personal effectiveness,
  • financial and legal literacy.

Handicraft Business: Main Directions

There are no clearly formulated statistics on the profitability of various directions in needlework. It all depends on the ability to present oneself and the emotional involvement of the master, the so-called "state of the creator." Nevertheless, it is possible to analyze the most popular ways of making money based on social networks (for example, Instagram, which is currently the key platform for the sale of goods and services of freelancers): the mass supply is born, as a rule, by the presence of demand for these goods. And the higher the competition in the industry, the more profitable this industry is - the law of business.

ideas for a handmade goods business

For those who are determined to make souvenirs with their own hands at home for sale, the following information will be useful. Among the most common areas of business in needlework are the following:

  • Making knitted products, from toys to clothes;
  • Making jewelry;
  • Sewing bags and wallets made of genuine leather;
  • Creation of postcards, albums, gliders;
  • Making and decoupage wooden souvenirs;
  • Making wax candles;
  • Pottery art;
  • Creation of author's collection dolls;
  • Soap making and production of natural cosmetics;
  • Creation of attributes for eastern spiritual practices (dream catchers, mandalas).

Next, we will analyze each direction in more detail so that you can decide what souvenirs you could create with your own hands for sale. Remember: success in any business comes only to those who are truly passionate about their business and get real pleasure from it. If you focus solely on the amounts that can be earned on the sale of certain goods, you will burn out very quickly and, most likely, simply abandon this activity.

Creation and sale of knitwear

What to create?

What kind of self-employed person doesn't dream of finally quitting a job they hate and pursuing a hobby that makes money? Probably, even if the work is favorite, very often you want to realize yourself in a different direction. And for some, the impetus for starting their own business is the desire for big earnings or financial freedom. There are people who move from desire to action because of a problem - for example, being fired from work, accidents, and so on. When moving from words to deeds to implement a business idea, 90% of people go missing and only 10% get their way.

Of course, many do not want to start a business, fearing responsibility. But you need to understand the main thing: you do not have to buy a large industrial firm or engage in the construction of large-scale projects. Many people who are in business today and are among the richest once started small. And if you have a favorite pastime that you would like to devote more time to, then there is nothing better than a do-it-yourself home business for women. After all, you do not have to learn a new craft, and products made with love will certainly be appreciated by your clients and customers. Let's take a look at the basic home business ideas and calculate their approximate profitability.

Sewing production

Do you like sewing? Or maybe you have a sewing machine at home that you have not taken up for a long time, but would very much like to? If so, you can assume that the idea is ready. You know girls who love fashion. And these ladies are the majority! And what could be better than offering them unique gizmos that can become irreplaceable attributes in the wardrobe. Many women adore uniqueness in clothes, so your offer will be relevant to them. The costs of implementing a sewing business include such components as:

  • Purchase of raw materials and materials (fabrics, threads, sewing machine and equipment for it, consumables) - 50,000 rubles (for the first time).
  • Registration of individual entrepreneur and settlement of formalities - 5,000 rubles.
  • Advertising - 10,000 rubles.

Please note: as a home business, the advantage is that you do not have to pay for rent, repairs, and so on. You just need to advertise on the Internet, newspapers, in general, inform the public about your services, and that's enough.

In order to understand what the income and profit will be, decide on the margin. Suppose the cost of one simple sewn skirt is 200 rubles. You can easily sell it for 1000 rubles. That is, you get 800 rubles of profit. How many skirts can you make in a month on average? Ten? Fifteen? And maybe more when you gain experience. So, with 15 skirts sewn, the monthly profit is 12,000 rubles. By expanding the assortment and making more expensive items (jackets, trousers, dresses), you will be able to make a mark-up even more and, accordingly, get more profit.

As for advertising, usually seamstresses working from home offer their services in a very modest, amateurish way. At first, this option will be an excellent solution for you, until you get your hands on it. Then you can expand both in advertising and in assortment. The traditional way of advertising at the start of an activity is word of mouth. Tell a few of your friends about the idea, and for sure, the first customers will appear.

Making fresh baked goods

These are not all DIY home business ideas. Do you know how to bake? Do you lick your cakes and your cakes are a real treat for your family? Do you want to cook for yourself and your loved ones, but are afraid that you will not fit into your pants soon? You can cook just for fun, getting paid for it! Many women find their vocation in this particular type of activity. Business options:

  • Retail sale of baked goods to individuals. That is, you can cater for large events or just cook to order.
  • Cooperation with retailers. Do you have a cute candy shop near your house? Would you like to expand the assortment in it? Go ahead - negotiate cooperation.
  • Combined method - after a little experience, you can serve individuals and businesses. Needless to say, the income from your activities will increase?

Please note: keep in mind that you will have to spend time on obtaining licenses and solving formalities with a sanitary station, since the food industry business is one of the most "strict" in this regard.

Production of acrylic countertops

First of all, let's consider one of the most promising DIY home business ideas for men - the production of acrylic countertops. Such an enterprise can be opened on your own personal plot. In our country, acrylic stone is produced by units, so this market segment is practically free.

You will need about $ 5,000 to purchase equipment and raw materials. According to experts, the profitability of this business can reach 200-300%. For novice entrepreneurs, 100% will be normal. A small home business will generate about $ 300 in profit every day. About half of this amount is your net income. If you manage to ensure uninterrupted operation and find buyers who will pick up your products in bulk, you can earn about 4 thousand dollars a month. The business pays off completely in 6-10 months.

Nail extension

How much income can such a business idea from scratch at home bring? On average, you will spend 20 thousand rubles a month on consumables. Until regular customers appear, you will serve an average of 2 people a day. If you work 5 days a week, you can earn 30 thousand rubles per month.

Finding clients will not be difficult, even despite the fact that today there are a lot of proposals for the provision of this service. Place your ad on specialized Internet sites, social networks, forums.

If you do your job efficiently, then over time, you will have your own base of regular customers. Do not be lazy to constantly improve your skills, take advanced training courses. Believe me, your clients will be very happy if their master is a professional.

Create Topiary

Many people, in order to improve their lives, try to buy various talismans that can bring good luck. Therefore, souvenirs such as topiary are in great demand. Some enterprising citizens have turned this type of handicraft into a fairly profitable business.

Topiary is a decorative shearing of shrubs and stunted trees. Since live bonsai trees are too difficult to care for, they are replaced with artificial copies. They consist of a pot, trunk and crown. A variety of materials are used to create topiary. The barrel can be made of plaster, plastic, polymer clay, metal, and more. It is fixed in an ordinary flower pot using foam rubber or polyurethane foam. The crown of the topiary can be made of any fabric, lace, artificial flowers, sweets, etc. The choice of material depends on the imagination of the master. You can purchase a special set for topiary, which costs 1,000 rubles.

Creating topiary is a rather promising home business for women with their own hands. If you decide to engage in such a business, you should not expect a large profit at first. The most important thing is to achieve a high level of skill and make good advertising for your products. One topiary costs about 900-1500 rubles. The cost price of such a product ranges from 300-600 rubles. A skilled craftsman makes one such composition in 3-4 hours. Finished products can be taken to gift shops or sold online.

Felt toys

Felt boots were made from felt a few years ago. Nowadays, a lot has changed and now this material is used for the production of toys, jewelry or souvenirs. Felting is a great small business idea at home. Such an occupation can bring you a good income, which will be a decent addition to your main income.

If you have golden hands and a hobby brings pleasure, then you probably wondered how to make money at home, doing what you love.

Here are some interesting ideas that will help you get income from your skills.

So, here are some activities that can bring joy and income at home:


If you enjoy cooking, as well as comprehending the intricacies of world cuisine, and have noticeably succeeded in this, then you should turn your hobby into a profitable business.

The main areas of your culinary activity can be:

  • custom-made cakes for birthdays, holidays, matinees and other events;
  • set meals and snacks for offices;
  • healthy snacks for those who monitor health and proper nutrition (healthy candies, cereal bars, etc.);
  • delicious meals within certain diets: sweets, side dishes, etc.

Each of the options should be taken if you are confident in your abilities, have free time and know how to work efficiently and on time.

You can also focus on a specific cuisine. Over time, you will be able to offer customers dishes from all over the world.


Making cosmetics with your own hands is a fascinating process, thanks to which you can make good money.

Using proven natural ingredients, you will win a wide audience of buyers, and if you also take care of a cute original design, then your products will be snapped up.

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