Sewing bed linen as a business from A to Z

Handicraft (such as sewing and embroidery) has always been important, since clothing is a basic necessity for a person, and no less necessary than food or water.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many entrepreneurs have chosen tailoring as a niche for doing business. Currently, a huge number of trade marks and brands are known that offer their products to the consumer. But it is very difficult to take your place in this area.

How to choose a profitable business niche?

Today, the service market offers tailoring for both the general public and exclusive single models for wealthy clients. In addition, accessories are manufactured and much more. There are millions of new and old ideas for entrepreneurs.

But if you rely not only on fashion trends, it becomes clear that in every person's daily life there is another very important place - this is his personal space for relaxation. Everyone knows the feeling of joy and peace experienced after a working day on beautiful bed linen in their favorite bed. If you think about it, then every person, regardless of gender and age, has several sets of bedding. Hence, clothing and food are not the only things people need in their daily life. Then it is logical to consider sewing bed linen as a business. Where to start?

To organize any business, including such as sewing bed linen at home, a business plan is essential. But do not rush to spend all your finances. Before compiling it and calculating in detail all expenses and incomes, you need to find out if the production of bedding is a fast-paying business with high profits.

Profitability Assessment

According to statistics, more than 50 million Russian families use up to seven sets of bed linen. Sales growth is growing from year to year, on average it is 25%. Russian manufacturers are the absolute market leader. Almost 75% of consumers use their products. Turkey and China are less popular with Russians. Expensive bed linen of Italian brands is bought much less often, and even then most often as a gift.

It becomes clear that sewing bed linen for sale is very profitable. With a high demand, this type of activity has little competition, which means that sewing bed linen as a business will bring good profit to the entrepreneur and will quickly pay off. The advantage is that the organization requires a minimum of equipment.

Stages of organizing the production of bed linen at home

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The world today is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, which will surely be defeated after mass vaccination. But along with health-related problems, economic challenges that have already covered many countries are no less urgent. That is why, more than ever, the question of additional earnings is relevant. Sewing will be a good help in this, especially to order.

What is needed for this?

For handicrafts in general, and for sewing for subsequent sales in particular, the following set of materials and qualities will be required:

  • Desire and perseverance;
  • Fantasy and creativity;
  • Basic set of cutting and sewing skills;
  • Sewing machine;
  • A set of sewing accessories.

In order to sell things, you can use social networks, free message boards or create your own website.

Detailed video tutorials for creating any things and crafts can be found online. Here are 6 ideas that will surely bring income.

Cloth masks as a hype element

The lack of medical masks, or rather the speculation on them by enterprising businessmen, can be compensated for with fabric masks. We have already written about their effectiveness and wearing time. Opinions vary, but the fact that it brings real income today will not be denied.

And you don't need much to create even original masterpieces. You can sew a mask at home in just a few minutes, having available tools. Such handcraft will cost quite inexpensively, and the yield can be 500% or more.

Children's bedding sets

Many young mothers prefer not to buy ready-made PBC for their baby's crib, but to sew it themselves. Arguing this by the fact that they themselves can choose the material, color and size of the linen. But you can make good money on this, because sets for IZ are selling well.

Hello dear readers of dohodinet. u. If you like to come up with smart and casual clothes, if you follow fashion and love to tinker with capricious fabrics, you can easily make money from sewing.

A properly organized sewing business will provide your family, turn your favorite hobby into a source of income. Like any entrepreneurial idea, a home studio project requires careful planning and constant attention. How to open a sewing workshop at home, what ideas will bring success and income - we will talk about this in the article.

How to start a sewing business

At first glance, the profession of a homework seamstress is not difficult. Or, as some optimistic blogs write: "Anyone can master sewing at home." This is an extremely presumptuous statement.

In fact, the art of tailoring, like any craft, takes a long time to learn, to develop skills, to train your hand. A minimum knowledge of the types of fabrics, types and models of sewing machines is required. A professional dressmaker, moreover, must be able to model and design products independently.

Therefore, you can start a sewing business if you are good at and love to sew: it is unlikely that you will be able to navigate "along the way".

Sewing at home: current business projects

So, if you decide to make money by sewing, decide with your clientele: who will need your servants? Who do you offer your products to?

The old format - a dressmaker sews ordinary skirts, dresses, blouses for clients - is a thing of the past. Casual clothes are cheaper and easier to find at the store. Potential buyers will be happy to purchase something that cannot be found in ready-to-wear departments or unique author's products.

Most often they sew to order:

  • Dance, stage costumes, clothes for theatrical and creative performances.
  • All kinds of home textiles: curtains, draperies, drapes, covers for upholstered furniture.
  • Custom size clothing.
  • Fancy cut evening dresses, wedding dresses.
  • Ethnic and religious clothing.

Handmade sewing: bags, pillows, dolls

How to make money by sewing? The most common question for those who decide to devote themselves to sewing and needlework, not just for the joy of the soul, but with a firm intention to make money. I divide these people into two categories. Because for each group of needlewomen, the approach in the intention to make money is different. And you need to clearly understand what caste you are from in order to form yourself the right plan of action.

The first are those who do business on their hobby. And they often have a problem, they don't know how to sell. That is, they do not know simple truths in business. Such as what is demand, needs, work with objections, a portrait of the target audience and other important aspects without which their favorite business will soon burst like a soap bubble. Because creative people come into business not because they want to make money, but because they enjoy doing what they love.

There is also a second group of people whose business arises from the desire to get rich. They know how to organize demand, where to get a sea of ​​hot customers, but they also do not buy from them. And all why? Because selling without love for what you do is initially a failure. I always say that if a person does what he loves, what his soul burns with, he will always be successful. And if you, roughly speaking, shove people your goods and services, customers will run away from yours - "buy", "today is the last day of the discount," etc.

Let's talk today about the most common mistakes of the first category of needlewomen, because I myself belong to her. And on my own experience, I went from hobby to dream job. And if you, like me, are burning with your own business, but still do not know how to make money on sewing, I have something to share with you.

TOP mistakes of beginners how to make money on sewing

Not knowing your target audience

This is now shouting at every corner of every starting business coach. If you haven’t heard what the ideal portrait of your client is, your business is far from making big money. You deprive yourself of hot buyers who are ready to place an order with you right now. And this is not a joke!

Why is it important to know your target audience? Because when we offer our product (service) to everyone, it means we are not offering it to anyone. People love to buy a product that suits exactly their needs. Therefore, you need to understand which of the needs of people you cover with your service, their pains and problems. Ask yourself a simple question - "What can you offer people and why YOU?"

Not knowing how sales processes are built in the modern world

Until now, many are convinced that in order for people to hear about you, you need to act the old fashioned way. Launch word of mouth among friends, post announcements at doorways, distribute flyers, etc. Believe me, if you act in this way now, your clients will be grandmothers - pensioners and relatives. Both of these categories do not apply to those who are willing to buy "high". You will have a job, but to earn your living, you have to plow like a horse. Did you dream about it when you started doing what you love?

A woman who knows how to sew will never go hungry! You can make good money on this hobby without leaving your home. Find out right now how to replenish your family budget.

How to start your own small sewing business

The first thing you need is self-confidence and a business spirit. The right marketing ploy is to post your ads near your own home, markets and popular clothing stores, so you can find clients who need to shorten their pants or fit a thing that you really like, but does not fit well.

If you are thinking about how to make money from sewing at home and you want to get more orders, leave ads for sewing bed linen and tea towels near fabric stores, materials for them are cheaper than finished products, and work simple, so it will suit even a not very experienced master.

It is a little harder to make curtains, because they are usually made from fabrics that are inconvenient to sew, but such services are in great demand, since the heights of ceilings and cornices are different and it is almost impossible to buy ready-made curtains of the required length. It will also be useful to post information about your activities on local sites.

Conduct a marketing survey! Perhaps there is a factory or mine in your city and workers need footcloths or strong trousers at affordable prices, or is there a children's dance group that needs costumes? Let them know about you. There are many options for how to make money by sewing, in order to get maximum profit, it is worth covering the whole range of work, and becoming a wide-profile specialist.

Equipment and supplies for work

To fulfill orders at home - the best option is an electric sewing machine, with it you need not so much physical effort as with a mechanical one. It is faster and more powerful than the foot-operated models and is a worthwhile purchase if you are going to do a lot of work every day.

In addition, there is less noise and discomfort for family members from modern electric models. When you already have a sewing machine, it remains to check other small things necessary for work:

  • black and white thread for sewing on a typewriter. It is advisable to select threads of a different color to match the color of the fabric;
  • machine needles and needles for hand sewing with a large eye;
  • sewing tape for taking measurements;
  • sharp scissors;
  • chalk or pointed soap to paint on the fabric;
  • multiple zippers of different sizes. When buying them, keep in mind that the long "zipper" can be shortened, but the short one cannot be lengthened;
  • a large mirror and an area where your visitors will comfortably change clothes for fitting.

Accessories will never be superfluous in the arsenal of a seamstress who wants to make money at home. Various buttons, chains, fasteners, jeans buttons, beads and multi-colored edging ribbons often help out and help to make the design of things original.

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