Scheme for making money on sweets (100-250 thousand

Bakery and confectionery products are goods, the demand for which always remains stable. At the same time, the standard assortment of a large bakery is always scarce, and sometimes not the very first freshness of the product. Against this background, the original and always fresh pastries of the home mini-bakery wins. Home-based confectionery as a business is characterized by high demand and relatively low level of competition. What points should you pay attention to when opening such an enterprise?


Many start-up entrepreneurs who do business at home have a question about the need for state registration. From the point of view of Russian legislation, this is a prerequisite for engaging in commercial activities. Before opening a home confectionery, it is required not only to register an individual entrepreneur, but also to issue a sanitary book. In the future, the entrepreneur will have to regularly undergo a medical examination in order to avoid claims from the SES.

The same service issues a permit for the sale of products, having previously checked their quality. In general, regulatory authorities are somewhat wary of home-made food products. The reason is that it is quite difficult to achieve ideal sanitary conditions at home, as required by SanPiN standards. Therefore, you should be prepared for unexpected checks.

Home confectionery room

The main advantage of the home confectionery business is its low capital intensity. No need to rent space is a great plus for a beginner or entrepreneur with a small budget. Production processes and storage of finished products are limited to their own kitchen in an apartment or in a private house.

The main condition for maintaining the premises is cleanliness. The kitchen should be well ventilated and free from household pests and parasites. The advantage will be a large kitchen area and a spacious pantry with the ability to adjust the temperature.

Confectionery equipment

Confectionery equipment for small businesses is distinguished by a variety of techniques for preparing and baking products. One stove is not enough here, besides, the pastry chef will need various auxiliary equipment, consumables, convenient kitchen utensils and various forms. An approximate list of machinery and equipment:

  • powerful hob with multiple burners;
  • oven;
  • food processor;
  • mixer;
  • blender;
  • deep fryer;
  • juicer;
  • separate refrigerator (it is not recommended to use one in which family products are stored);
  • kitchen utensils - whisks, spatulas, bowls, knives and so on;
  • pastry syringe;
  • consumables - baking or parchment paper, foil, paper cupcake molds, packaging materials and others;
  • forms and stencils for baking and decorating finished products.

The list is impressive, but at the initial stage and in the absence of funds, you can limit yourself to what is already in the kitchen. It is also worth thinking about the necessary little things that will be required for the individual design of products - this will become the hallmark of the mini-confectionery and will attract the first customers. Thus, a novice entrepreneur has a chance to reduce the item of equipment costs to several thousand rubles.

Confectionery assortment

Hello everyone, now I will tell you how I make money selling sweets, and specifically confectionery.

I will not describe the difficult fate with my wife on maternity leave and mortgage. I will only say that I work in a bank, and at night I am a pastry chef. I started this home business in April 2021. My knowledge in this was at the zero level. I just took it and tried it.

We will build our small business on French desserts “Macarons”. Yes, these are those cakes when the husband pays for his wife's order and says the phrase - “did she really order this garbage?”

Why macarons?

There are so many different desserts?

  • Macarons are highly publicized.
  • A lot of stories, legends have been created around them, about the complexity of manufacturing (because of this they cost so much). And to get your favorite dessert from the eminent pastry chef, queues line up, he also "laid the golden egg."
  • The price can be almost any. Really - ANYONE and they will be bought. In France, they cost 2-4 euros apiece, in America from 1. dollars. In Russia, the average price is 60-80 rubles. apiece, there is someone and 200 rubles. sells per piece
  • A huge amount of different fillings, you can stuff anything and it will be delicious. Therefore, in a box of 8 flavors, it's like 8 different cakes.
  • There are a lot of different colors (and women love that).
  • You can sell a lot of related things (more on this later in the text).

What are the difficulties?

There are a lot of recipes on the Internet. I will give the one for which I cook myself.

My recipe

For cooking you will need:

  • almond flour (very fine, the finest you can find);
  • powdered sugar;
  • egg white;
  • water;
  • sugar.

  • food thermometer;
  • precise kitchen scales;
  • mixer (preferably planetary);
  • silicone spatula;
  • pastry nozzle Circle 8-10 mm;
  • pastry bag;
  • teflon / silicone mats.

Many are interested in how to open a pastry shop from scratch and make good money on making sweets. A detailed answer is in our article. This type of entrepreneurial activity can be very profitable if you draw up a business plan correctly and take a responsible approach to the purchase of equipment, getting started and an advertising campaign.

What is a homemade pastry shop

People are very fond of good sweets and delicious pastries, so the demand for quality products of this kind is consistently high throughout the year. Also, in recent years, there has been a fashion for exclusive cakes and custom-made sweet sets. These treats cost a lot, so entrepreneurs who know how to organize production and provide such services usually earn very good money.

However, high demand also generates high competition in this area. To make your pastry shop profitable, you have to approach work in a complex and even creative way. Namely, to take care not only of high-quality equipment and high-quality ingredients, but also of advertising and promotion on social networks. In this article, we will look at all the components of a successful home mini-bakery launch.

First of all, it should be remembered that a confectionery is primarily a production. It is necessary to organize a workplace in accordance with all legislative and sanitary standards, monitor the serviceability of equipment, the shelf life of products and cleanliness. Quality production is the key to successful sales and profits.

Why official registration is needed

Some chefs bake cakes and pastries in their own home kitchens. This allows them to generate additional income, but does not guarantee the quality and safety of products to customers. Moreover, from the point of view of the law, such activities are illegal, as they represent illegal profit. In order not to have problems with the law in the future, it is better to register a business and comply with the law.

There are two registration options for a home confectionery: individual entrepreneur and LLC. Registration of the status of an individual entrepreneur would be preferable for a small business: it takes less time, requires few documents and reporting, and also allows you to hire up to 100 workers, which is more than enough for a home confectionery.

The application procedure can be completed online through the public services portal. Get used to regularly use electronic services for document circulation: this significantly saves time and even money. Also, entrepreneurs submit several reports and declarations during the year, the list of which can be specified on the website of the Federal Tax Service. Fines are provided for late submission of documents. It is necessary to register the status before actually starting work.

Among the documents and permits that need to be obtained to open a confectionery are:

  • conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological service;
  • sanitary passport of the premises;
  • production control program;
  • certificates for manufactured products.

Selecting premises for the future pastry shop

Handmade confectionery is gaining popularity. People want delicious, original, and the business idea of ​​their pastry shop will be more relevant than ever. As a result, we get an organization that will bake cakes and pastries. At the initial stages, the idea does not require the help of additional workers, and your own kitchen is enough to work.

Market Analysis

You must define who will become your customer. Most often, custom-made confectionery is needed by people of middle and high income for various holidays. Your competitors are shops, catering establishments and other confectioners. To get around them, you must attract customers with your skill, originality. People need to see that they have turned to a real professional who is interested in their business.

Action Required

1) Build a portfolio. Develop a list of items that you can make, with their cost, weight, KBZHU, and detailed composition.

2) Check compliance with the standards so as not to violate the law.

3) Solve the issue with the supply and purchase of products. It is important to use only quality products, the sellers of which will have the necessary certificates.

4) Start looking for clients in advance. Warn acquaintances, relatives, neighbors that soon you will start making to order. Even if they do not turn to you, they will convey what they have heard to their friends, and it is likely that someone of them will be interested in your case.

Calculate the cost of cakes or pastries and set the price based on this. It should be higher than the market average, because a high-quality product cannot be cheaper than a store one. Many people are willing to pay money for an interesting original product, and for them the cost is equal to the quality mark.

Think about advertising your services. You can create your own website or maintain a page on social networks. Word of mouth is always a powerful source of advertising. The more satisfied your client is, the more people he will tell about you and the more of them will be interested in your services. Promotions, bonus and discount systems are also a good method.

There is practically no competition in the sphere of premium confectionery in Russia, which makes it promising to organize a business designed for an audience with a high income. To open a cafe-confectionery in this format will require 3.14 million rubles, which can be recouped within six months.

Summary of the "Cafe-confectionery" project

The goal of the project is to open a café-confectionery in the premium price segment in St. Petersburg. The project involves the production and sale of a fairly wide range of confectionery products. The confectionery is located in a rented area in the central part of the city, in the immediate vicinity of tourist routes. The positioning of the project is carried out in the segment of environmentally friendly handmade products. The maximum capacity of the cafe is 30 people, the total area is 100 m 2.

The main factors for the success of the project are:

a wide original range and a carefully developed recipe

using only natural ingredients

handmade, full production cycle without semi-finished products

good location of the cafe

active cooperation with online services providing travel guide services for the city

Investment costs are directed to the acquisition of fixed assets, the implementation of the initial advertising campaign, as well as the formation of a working capital fund, the funds from which are directed to cover losses before the project reaches recoupment.

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