Profitable business: how to open a private cemetery


No, animal farewell ceremonies are not a fad of our time. Already in ancient Egypt, cats, dogs and even crocodiles were buried. But the features of the ritual and the availability of animal burials did not acquire so long ago.

Paris has got the first cemetery for animals. The need for this appeared in 1899, after the corpses of dogs and cats were found in the Seine during the cleaning. The mayor's office allocated money, and a burial area was organized on Revager Island. The site was divided into 4 parts - for dogs, for cats, for birds and for other animals.

Both commoners and noble Parisians could have buried animals here. The latter decorated the burial places of their pets with graceful tombstones and monuments, so now the cemetery on Revager Island is a small landmark of the city. It still functions as a burial ground for dog ashes.

Since then, animal cemeteries have appeared in many cities around the world. Along with legal sites on the borders of cities, spontaneous and unauthorized burial areas arose.

Animal Graveyards: Legal and Illegal

In the USSR, there were no legal cemeteries for animals, so the townspeople buried animals in public gardens, parks, nearby forests and dachas. This, frankly, unhygienic practice has survived in Russia to this day, but there are alternatives to it.

All unauthorized pet graveyards are similar to human counterparts. There is less scale and mournful pathos here, but there are crosses and fences on the graves of cats and dogs.

According to the veterinary and sanitary rules for the collection, utilization and destruction of biological waste, it is impossible to bury in illegal cemeteries in the same way as within the city. According to the document, pets belong to the category of biological waste, therefore such objects must be disposed of (destroyed) - incinerated or placed in biothermal pits. Why? The remains of a sick or infected dog or a cat not properly buried can poison water and soil.

Here are some more arguments against. Forest belts near large cities, where pets were buried for decades, are now becoming sites for the construction of new quarters, and cemeteries in parks, for obvious reasons, do not suit people walking there.

Some resourceful entrepreneurs may be interested in the question of how to open a cemetery for people and how to draw up a business plan with calculations. After all, there is always a demand for a place for the burial of relatives. And the acute problem with the lack and high cost of such services from government agencies gives rise to thoughts about the implementation of the private sector in this direction.

And if in more developed countries such a practice has existed for many years, then in our country it is still only in the plans of the government. It is quite possible that it will be possible to implement this project in the near future, but now the situation is quite tense and confusing.


The problem with finding a place for burial of people is becoming more acute every year. Partially it is solved by crematoria, not taking up much space and observing certain ecological rules for nature conservation. And yet the need for cemeteries, especially in large cities and metropolitan areas, remains.

Today, finding a grave for a deceased relative is possible only after a long search and costly bribes. The situation is a little simpler for those families who have worried in advance about having their own family fenced plot, where the burial of several generations in a row is supposed to be.

Prohibitions and laws

In modern conditions in our country there are standards that assume only municipal sites for the arrangement of graves. And in most cases they are already full. Only in some regions is this issue resolved with the help of semi-legal methods, when a private person rents land for a cemetery from the city administration and helps to bury people for a moderate fee in an accessible area.

Animal Services

The situation is a little different in terms of the burial of pets. The laws of the Russian Federation do not say a word about this, which for most entrepreneurs means that such activities are not prohibited.

And according to the normative documents of sanitary and epidemiological control, the corpse of an animal of any kind refers to other biological waste that must be disposed of. Such activities are also available for a private entrepreneur.

It is only important to do this in accordance with the same standards - to make burial in graves at a depth of at least 2 meters, and each of the cells must be protected on all sides by concrete ceilings. In this case, you need to act in close contact with the veterinary service and disinfect everything that only touched the corpse.

Ritual services for the burial of pets are considered quite popular, since in Moscow alone there are about 200 thousand dogs living in apartments or in private territories, as well as at least 2.5 million other pets (from cats and to reptiles).

Organizing your own business will allow you to get not only financial freedom. There will be no dependence on the authorities. Any person, having become an entrepreneur, is responsible to himself. One has only to think about the best things to do.

Private cemeteries in world practice

On the one hand, the idea of ​​starting a home business is quite logical. However, world practice shows that the solution to this issue is ambiguous.

Even in the New World and Europe, a hundred years ago, the existence of private cemeteries was widespread.

This idea is clearly discouraged by the authorities at this time. Why is this happening? The fact is that many years of experience in doing such a business has shown that privatization inevitably entails many problems associated with the improvement, as well as the ownership of the graves located in this territory.

Private cemeteries in Russia

Currently, the places where the last refuge are located are under the authority of the municipality. How do I open a private cemetery? Today in Russia such a business is contrary to the current legislation. However, the Federal Antimonopoly Service has already come forward with a proposal to amend regulations.

It is likely that a number of legislative acts will still be amended, and private graveyards will appear on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is assumed that they will be allocated land plots leased for forty-nine years. According to experts, this will reduce the cost of funeral procedures. After the lease expires, the cemetery will not be demolished. The authorities will conclude a new agreement on the use of the land plot for another forty-nine years.

Burial of pets

How to open a private cemetery until amendments to the existing legislation are adopted? The business idea of ​​burying pets is currently being implemented in Russia. This problem is relevant not only for city dwellers. It also worries the population of the countryside.

Today, more and more people keep animals in city apartments. Pets often become practically family members. However, their life expectancy is much shorter than that of humans. The death of an animal turns out to be a tragic event for the owner. In addition, the burial of the animal is becoming a big problem. It is impossible to do this within the city limits, and hardly anyone will dare to throw the deceased pet into the trash.

Idea for business

Thinking about how to open a private cemetery in Russia? This type of activity may turn out to be much more profitable than one might think. Life is fleeting, people die every day, so the issue of burial remains relevant even in a not very favorable economy. In our article we will tell you about all the nuances that await a businessman on the path of development. Also here will be given some recommendations that will make such a business more profitable.

Legislative side of the issue

If you are wondering whether it is possible to open a private cemetery in Russia for the burial of people, then you should know that today the law does not provide for regulations that would allow this type of activity. This means that there is no completely legal way to implement such a business. However, in some regions this issue is resolved at the municipal level in agreement with the local administration. For example, an individual may rent land on which, on a voluntary basis, he will allow relatives to bury the dead for a small amount. If your plans included opening a private cemetery in Russia with a picturesque territory, family crypts and the like, then, unfortunately, this will not work. Although the State Duma has been discussing bills for several years that would allow individuals to engage in such a practice.

Extract from federal law

It is worth noting that the federal law on burial and funeral business clearly states that the issue of creating and dismantling cemeteries is dealt with by local government bodies. For example, if the current cemetery is threatened by a natural disaster or is simply overcrowded, then the authorities can make concessions to individuals, allowing them to rent land from the state, but only for one purpose - the burial of people. In this case, you will not be the owner of the cemetery, but only a tenant who, on a voluntary basis, allows you to bury the dead on your plot. Of course, for a small amount, you can help relatives organize all the funeral procedures, but this will be an individual agreement between you and the individual.

Also in the federal law on burial and funeral business it is said that the places for the burial of the remains must meet special requirements, so not every site is suitable for this. It is also worth noting that cemeteries fall into a separate category of objects of cultural and historical significance, so it is not possible to open or close them just like that. Even if you find loopholes in the law and agree with the administration on the conduct of all procedures, it is far from a fact that the prosecutor’s office will not be interested in such a business one day. Therefore, it is almost impossible to open a cemetery for people. However, there is also an alternative.

Burial of pets

By law, private cemeteries cannot be used to bury human remains. However, a similar business idea could be implemented in a slightly different direction. Residents of many cities are concerned about the burial of pets, since, according to the law, it is forbidden to bury remains in parks and even in forests, and crematoria services can be very expensive. Some people want their four-legged pet to install a tombstone over his grave.

That is why many people are wondering how to open a private cemetery in Russia for burying pets. From a legislative point of view, no difficulties should arise here. You simply rent a plot of land where you allow your clients to bury their four-legged comrades. The law does not prohibit burying animals on a private territory if the procedure is carried out in accordance with all the rules. We'll talk about them in the next section.

Animal burial rules

According to various regulatory documents of sanitary and epidemiological control, animal carcasses are classified as biological waste, which must be disposed of without fail. If a person buries a dog in a park or forest, then he risks infecting the soil with infections. Therefore, many people prefer to contact individuals who are well versed in this issue.

Here are some guidelines a person should know when deciding to open a private cemetery:

There is a place in Yekaterinburg where cats, dogs, ferrets and even lions find their last shelter.

When mentioning the pet cemetery, many will remember the book by Stephen King, the hero of which wanted to bring his dead pet back to life, but this attempt ended tragically. In Yekaterinburg, there is a special and official cemetery for everyone who wants to humanly spend their pet on the last journey. Ferrets, chinchillas, horses are brought here from all over the region, and once a young lioness was buried.

ETV spoke with the owners of the cemetery, those who left pets here and those who are able to give a clear answer to the question: is it necessary to make a cult out of dead animals?

To get to the animal cemetery, you have to take a ride to the Poultry Farm, and then walk through the forest park. Tall pine trees surround the "Garden of Memory". Here, the owners erect marble monuments to their departed pets, carry flowers, toys and treats. Some people order wooden houses for their deceased pets, set up fences and benches - everything, like people have.

The reasons why people bury their pets with all the honors are different. We talked about them with the owners of the "Memory Garden", its visitors, as well as with zoologists and a psychotherapist.

“Someone buries in the forest, but someone deserves it”

Victoria Shinkareva, Manager of the "Garden of Memory":

- Every second family has animals, and people have not yet forgotten how to love them. Many people prefer to bury their pets in the forest, and some say goodbye to them with dignity. The most unusual animal in our cemetery is the nine-month-old Chelsea lioness. She was carried in a compartment of a passenger train, and in Yekaterinburg she was taken off the flight and left in a box until morning. As it turned out later, the animal suffocated.

The city began to decide where to bury her, and we offered our services, because we are the only official cemetery in Russia. As a result, a lioness weighing 90 kilograms was cremated and buried.

People come to us with marmots, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, parrots, horses often have to be cremated. The most common procedure is cremation; only a third of people do burials. Many people bury the ashes in the country or at home, plant plants and make a kind of memory corner. Both teenagers and elderly people turn to us. They just care. We also work closely with animal rights activists, because sometimes the owners ask to euthanize a healthy animal, then we find a new home for it.

Our clients can furnish burials to their liking, but we prohibit the use of Christian symbols so as not to draw any parallels with human burials. You can understand their desire - people yearn. It is not customary to talk about this in society, but we are all alone in one way or another.

"After the injection, the dog's heart stopped, but began to beat again"

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