Production of semi-finished products at home

Home business with cakes is a great idea for their own business for mothers on maternity leave, as well as everyone who loves to cook beautifully and deliciously. In this article, we decided to answer the basic questions of novice cake makers and give them an incentive to take action.

There are many attractive things in the business of baking custom cakes. First, cake is an indispensable attribute of birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, an off-season hero of any holiday or celebration. Secondly, baking cakes can be organized even in your own kitchen, since most housewives already have everything you need for baking. Thirdly, baking cakes is creativity, and creativity helps us to express ourselves, to develop, finally, to feel needed by society, giving something of our own to others and receiving something in return. We won't reveal the big truth, but the only thing that is required of you in order to start your home business on cakes is to competently channel your culinary passion and creative fuse back on track.

Equipment for home business on cakes. We carry out an audit in the kitchen

Let's start with the equipment. If you are not a stranger to the kitchen, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. For baking cakes, you already have everything (well, or almost everything). You can, of course, be tempted by professional units and spend a lot of money on some kind of pastry oven, or you can just look at the kitchen shelves and see what is on them.

For example, you already have a stove and an oven, and among the kitchen utensils you will probably find bowls for kneading dough, a mixer, pots, knives and more. For a home business on cakes, most likely, you will have to buy only specific things - molds, irons, tools for mastic, dyes. Do not forget that you can save on almost everything. For example, molds can be bought second-hand from grandmothers in the secondary markets, and instead of tools for working with mastic, a children's plasticine sculpting kit and even a manicure set are perfect. In order for you not to forget anything, here is a complete (but not strictly required) list of inventory with approximate prices ..

Cake Baking Tools *

Cake baking equipment

A set of bowls for kneading dough

Mixer and whisk for whipping whites and grinding yolks with sugar

Kitchen scales and volumetric dishes

Catering provides a wide field of activity for small businesses. There is room for imagination and self-realization. Moreover, such a business can be opened practically from scratch.

The culinary departments in hypermarkets are in special demand among the population. However, independent small outlets are also becoming a favorite spot for patrons, especially if you have home cooking.

Cookies that cook on-site are the most appreciated, not outbound products. The rhythm of modern life does not allow the majority of employed (in the same business) people to spend a long time at the stove, even if this activity is to their liking, therefore, “home” freshly prepared food is in demand more and more. So it makes sense to make an investment by opening your own catering point.

How to open cooking, where to start - step-by-step instructions are presented in this article.

Relevance of the idea

The most attractive line of business is the service sector. Firstly, it does not require too large initial investments, and secondly, it is in constant demand from the population, which has less and less time to resolve domestic issues.

The prospects of the culinary business are confirmed by statistical data showing its annual growth by an average of 25%. This indicates a great demand for this service, which means it makes sense to open culinary as a profitable investment.

The idea is relevant in a number of advantageous positions:

  • A large hypermarket does not have enough time to meet the demand of the population, while a small institution can easily update the assortment (menu), introducing a variety into the kitchen that will be appreciated by the buyer;
  • Standard shops usually close no later than 20-21 pm. This is due to the sellers' eight-hour workday. And the opening of the cookery will allow you to independently regulate the opening hours. By shifting the schedule to a later time, you can get customers;
  • In such an establishment, it is much easier to give a guarantee and comply with the requirements for organic products if you make in-kind purchases and cook yourself.

With the observance of cleanliness and adhering to the course for the consumer, the catering business will bring great profits and quickly recoup the initial investment.

Opening Cooking

Having made a serious decision, you should decide on the format of the institution, based on material capabilities. Each option has its own characteristics and advantages. A novice businessman must understand in which direction it is easier and more profitable for him to work. The choice is presented in several options:

Residents of large cities, accustomed to living at a crazy pace, have practically no free time for cooking and are forced to eat either in fast food establishments or buy semi-finished products in order to bring convenience and comfort into their lives. If we talk about those who do not like or do not know how to cook, then for this category of people semi-finished products are even more in demand. Thus, the production of semi-finished products is a relevant business, with the correct organization of which it is quite easy to establish sales.

Market Analysis

General trends in the consumption of semi-finished products (in particular, meat) are positive. Both production and consumption of meat and products based on it are increasing annually. According to experts' forecasts, the market is growing by about 10% every year. The largest growth rate is accounted for by chilled semi-finished meat products. In turn, frozen meat products are losing their relevance.

The classification of semi-finished meat products can occur by the type of meat used, by the type of products (natural, processed), by the method of processing, etc. An accurate assessment of the demand for a particular type of semi-finished product cannot be given; this requires an analysis of the local market. Therefore, before organizing a home workshop for the production of cutlets and dumplings, you should familiarize yourself with the demand on the market, namely, identify the most popular dishes, fillings, and the type of meat.

Production technology

So, when preparing semi-finished meat products, the primary task is to get minced meat. To do this, the meat is thoroughly chopped on special equipment, after which fat, spices, eggs are added to it. If we consider the technology in more detail, then in the first stage it is required to grind meat blocks on a crusher. Then it is passed through a top, lard, salt, spices, water and other additives crushed on the same top are added, if required by the recipe. Next, the resulting mass must be thoroughly mixed in a meat mixer or use a cutter (it allows you to grind thin raw meat until it turns into a homogeneous mass).

Specific recipes differ both in different types of semi-finished products and in the framework of the 1st dish. For example, the same cutlets can be prepared in different ways: for "Moskovskie" cutlets, beef and raw fat, as well as wheat bread, onions and peppers are required, and "Pozharskie" cutlets are made from pork with the addition of the same additional components, but slightly in others. quantities.

Of course, when organizing the production of semi-finished products at home, an entrepreneur is unlikely to have sufficient space and capital to accommodate all production equipment in his kitchen, therefore, the bulk of operations are carried out using manual labor. However, even in this case, you can use various devices that simplify the processing of products (for example, electric meat grinders, homemade meat mixers, etc.).

Sales channels

Semi-finished products can be sold through 3 main channels:

  • Retail outlets. They account for about 50% of the products sold. They sell both frozen and chilled convenience foods. The options are the market (the simplest one), supermarkets.
  • Specialized cooking. In this case, the entrepreneur not only manufactures semi-finished products, but also directly sells them to private buyers. This approach allows you to instantly respond to changing taste preferences of customers.
  • HoReCa segment. Deliveries are made to catering establishments (fast food, bistros, bars, cafes, canteens).

According to all-Russian statistics, the most popular are dumplings, cutlets and pancakes with meat. Khinkali, stuffed vegetables, meat rolls are in less demand. Accordingly, if an accurate analysis of the regional market is not carried out, the above-mentioned semi-finished products should be produced first of all.

Also, experts expect an increase in demand for poultry meat (in particular, chicken), the replacement of traditional dishes with new ones, for example, the national cuisine of foreign countries, as well as an increase in the use of semi-finished products of a high price segment, which are completely ready to eat.

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