Oriental cuisine restaurant business plan

Hello dear readers of the mlnrub blog. u. Today I will tell you about an unusual self-service restaurant that works without the involvement of service personnel. Such a business idea does not require large investments and therefore satisfies the format of a “business idea for a million”.

Selfie service Essence and example of implementation

Foodsy is a modern self-service, which means a self-service canteen. Translated "self" means "independently". This kind of services are gaining popularity due to the fact that in the modern world there are more and more introverts, social anxiety and other introverted individuals.

In such a business, costs are minimized due to the lack of personnel, but at the same time other problems are added: the need to purchase sustainable equipment and regular maintenance. Edwin Sander, a regular chef, was one of the first to open a self-service Foodsy dining room. It is located in the city of Amsterdam.

The main question that arises from surprised businessmen: how do visitors pay for services and do they run away? There is no such. The bill is paid in a mobile phone through a special application. The next question is: what does full self-service include? It involves self-cooking. Only after that you can take a table and start eating your masterpiece. Intuition says that the dishes in such establishments are not the most complicated. We can say simple and quick cooking. Foodsy, like any solid self-service restaurant, has its own menu on the table. It has an application that describes recipes and step-by-step preparation of a certain dish from the menu. After cooking, you can return to the hall and eat your dish.

In other words, Foodsy is someone else's apartment with a full refrigerator. This is a good choice to while away the time for extraordinary personalities. There is no need to buy food here, and then you don’t have to carry them home and think about what to cook. When you want to spend an evening with your girlfriend or friends, you can go to Foodsy. The refrigerator has everything: food, liquor, spices and more. The menu options are thought out with a step-by-step design. The self-service restaurant can be classified as one of the most original DIY projects.

Potential problems in business implementation

Hygiene issues may arise as not all visitors can wash their hands with soap and water before preparing food. How this kind of question is resolved, the author of the self-service restaurant did not answer. Although the service is in demand, a large number of young people are beginning to arrange bedlam in the Foodsy kitchen: oil is burning in the pans in full, the official dishes of a good-natured restaurant are beating and much more.

A very unusual and bold business idea that does not require large investments, but has some problems in implementation.

Small cozy cafes are popular in big cities and small towns. Unlike restaurants, this sphere of public catering does not provide for an extensive list of dishes and other delights - people come to cafes to have a quick bite and have an interesting time. Therefore, for an entrepreneur, opening a mini-cafe is a good idea to join the great restaurant business, promising development and long-term prospects. So, here's a business idea for how to open a mini-cafe from scratch.

Documentation required

To create a small cafe, you can stop at the registration of a businessman as an individual entrepreneur. However, you should consider the nuances. If you plan to sell alcoholic beverages in a cafe, you will have to register it as an LLC, since a license for alcohol is available only to legal entities.

To open a mini-cafe you will need the following documents:

  • Permission to open a public catering point in a certain room, its compliance with sanitary and fire standards.
  • Lease agreement for the area (ownership).
  • Certificate of state registration.
  • Coordination of the opening and operation of the facility with the city administration, DEZ, Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Licenses for trading activities for the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.
  • Medical cards (with timely passed medical examination) from service personnel.
  • Permission from Rospotrebnadzor to prepare and sell the planned menu.

When registering a cafe, you need to refer to the OKVED codes. Depending on the direction of the cafeteria, we select the following items of the classifier:

  • “Fast food and self-service restaurants and cafes” (56. 0.).
  • "Catering establishments with service to take away" (56. 0. 1).
  • If the cafe is open at the institution (company), select the code 56. 9..
  • “Serving of drinks (production and sale)” - code 56. 0.
  • “Retail trade in alcoholic beverages” (52.5).
  • "Activities of restaurants and cafes" (55. 0).

The taxation system should be chosen taking into account the square of the cafe area. It is most profitable to stay at UTII - a special regime that depends on the area of ​​the premises for servicing the population. Since the mini-cafe provides for the lease of a small area, this form of taxation is chosen by the bulk of entrepreneurs.

Determining the location

How to start organizing a business? Of course, with the right choice of premises and its location. To open a popular mini-cafe, you will have to study the marketing aspects of the project yourself. The best choice of placement for cafes is the central streets of the city, areas for rent on the ground floors of buildings. The room is selected taking into account the following factors:

  • Maximum population density.
  • Assignment of the rented area. The ideal option is to rent an area where a catering point was previously located. If you are not lucky, you will have to contact the SES and the fire service for permits and the placement of communications required by these authorities.
  • Electricity supply. The standard requirement for the provision of kitchen equipment in a cafe is the supply of electricity with a capacity of at least 75 kW. If the indicator is less than required, you will have to spend money on connecting additional devices that provide the required power.
  • Lease term. It is necessary to rent a room for a period of at least 5 years, since the first 1-2 years the cafe will gain clients and "beat off" the invested funds. The conclusion of a lease agreement for up to a year is not considered, as in this case it is impossible to obtain a license to trade in alcohol.
  • Room area - from 50 sq. meters. The distance from the residential sector and social facilities is taken into account. To obtain permits and licenses, cafes must be located 25 meters from such facilities.

The direction of the company's activity involves not only catering, but also leisure activities: organizing banquets or festive events A visit to a restaurant is undoubtedly a desire to eat deliciously, but it is also an opportunity to communicate with others, discuss business issues, or simply have fun.

  • local residents (from 95%);
  • tourists and city guests, including foreigners (up to 5%)

  • families with children;
  • students;
  • businessmen, officials, specialists (white, blue and gray collars).

The total investment costs of the project include:

Investments in fixed assets, USD 1,296,100 Investments in working capital, USD 1,609,900 Total, USD 2,906,000

Performance indicators of the enterprise for the year of the project

Annual profit (5 year), USD 1,156,615 Return on assets 31.1% Internal rate of return (IRR) 54.4% Net present value (NPV), USD 1,811,606 Project payback (simple) , years 2.42 Payback of the project (discounted), years 2.77

Project Concept


Oriental cuisine restaurant includes dishes of Uzbek, Kazakh, Dungan, Uyghur, Tatar cuisine. This cuisine is the most popular among the population in the city, selection of qualified chefs is easier than for other cuisine. The interior solution ideally matches the format of the restaurant and cuisine. The format of the restaurant is in the middle price category. The area of ​​the hall is about 770 sq. ... Estimated number of seats - 200. Average check (bill per visitor) without alcohol - 36.7 dollars. USA, with alcohol - 50 dollars. USA. It is estimated that about half of the visitors are drinking alcohol. It is planned to serve two main streams of guests: lunch and dinner.

Project goal: opening a modern oriental restaurant in the middle price segment.

The main services provided by the restaurant:

When thinking about opening a restaurant, choose the class, level and type of establishment in accordance with the project budget.

The style of the restaurant's interior is a very important aspect, which largely determines the popularity of the establishment.

Want to open a restaurant but don't know where to start? Ready-made solutions are a well-thought-out concept of a successful business.

Designing a future restaurant is a crucial stage that should be entrusted to professionals.

Choose only the equipment for a restaurant or cafe that will best suit the type of your establishment.

An exclusive corporate identity is what distinguishes a well-thought-out restaurant project and forms a memorable image.

Stylish bright signboard will favorably distinguish your establishment and help attract customers.

How to build a profitable restaurant business and minimize risks?

Not enough funds to start the project? Pay attention to special lending systems.

Everyone who has thought about starting their own business, for sure, mentally went through those areas in which he would be interested in doing business, and those that will bring income. As polls show, the restaurant business is most often “at the intersection”. Many people want to open their own cafe, bar or, if finances and ambitions allow, a gourmet restaurant. The public catering niche in Russia is not yet saturated enough, therefore, there is room for bold undertakings and fresh ideas.

To create your own business, you will need not only money, but also competent calculation and planning. Have you ever wondered if you can open your own cafe? After all, this business is quite profitable! However, not everyone will decide to take such a step, perhaps due to a lack of funds, lack of the necessary premises or reliable companions.

It is necessary to approach the preparation for the opening of your cafe very scrupulously

If the idea of ​​opening your own cafe often comes to you, think about this question seriously, make calculations and analyze your possibilities. And perhaps you will understand for yourself that you are on the right path. Be confident, dare, and be lucky! The success of your organization will depend only on you!

How does a new business start?

Start with an idea! Let it be truly interesting and exciting, and be able to orient you towards creativity, because opening a cafe is a business that requires from an enterprising person not only knowledge of the laws of commerce, but also a certain creative approach.

Perhaps the idea will be to imagine the style of the created cafe. Start to select a location and suitable premises for the implementation of your idea.

If you want to organize a cafe as a fast food point, choose a place at the intersection of busy roads or near public transport stops. It is great if, for example, a school or an organization with a large staff of employees serving many clients is nearby. In this case, your cafe will be able to get customers who will constantly visit it.

How to organize a cafe in a residential area, where there may not be so many customers during the day? In this case, an organization that performs the functions of a day shop and an evening restaurant, where people living in the area can have dinner or relax, is more suitable.

Let's start developing a business plan

A business plan for opening a cafe can help plan the costs of organizing a cafe, calculate costs, predict costs and plan profits.

The developed plan will give you independence and confidence. Among other things, a business plan will allow you to organize a cafe using

investors. If the investment is received, the income from the organization is shared with the investors, but you will not risk your funds, and this is a plus.

Alternatively, open a cafe under a franchise that will allow you to use the trademark of a larger organization.

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