Mini smokehouse; rational solution for a small town

9 out of 10 Russians eat smoked meat, bacon, fish or sausages. The market capacity is about 1 trillion. rub. Experts predicted that in 2021 the figure will grow by 5%. However, the current economic crisis can greatly distort the data. But even in the context of a general recession, the demand for food products, including smoked products, remains. Therefore, an entrepreneur will be able to make a profit by opening his own mini-smoking workshop.

Analyzing the market

When opening a mini-smokehouse, an entrepreneur will face high competition. There is no shortage of smoked products on the market. However, the products are mainly supplied by large companies. They use industrial production methods. Poultry and fish are thermally processed, saturated with special additives with a smoke smell. Products smoked in a mini-smokehouse have high taste. Focus on the market of a city or republic. Buyers are more active in purchasing local products. Therefore, an entrepreneur will be able to compete with large companies.

Small producers often start their activities illegally. The work is carried out directly in the apartment or in the basement of the house. The option has an increased risk. If the representatives of the regulatory authorities reveal the fact of illegal activity, they will bring the entrepreneur to justice.

Risks and Cons of Business

To start smoking meat or fish, you don't need to master super-hard skills. The business is highly profitable. On average, the costs are recouped in six months. You can easily expand the mini-workshop. It is enough to buy an electric smokehouse and increase production volumes. Business involves risks and disadvantages. They are as follows:

  • It is necessary to obtain permits, which is associated with certain difficulties. To minimize the risk, study the paperwork rules in advance. If you comply with the prescribed standards, government agencies do not have the right to reject the application.
  • Government authorities will periodically conduct inspections. Conduct work in accordance with legal regulations to reduce risk. Passing the inspection will confirm the quality of the product.
  • Finished products are stored a little. Find points of sale near the manufacturing site. Initially make a product to order. Extend product shelf life using the cold smoked method.

Business involves financial risks. There is a possibility of burnout. Not all suppliers fulfill their obligations.

The supply of low-quality raw materials will not allow the manufacture and sale of products.

Therefore, carefully choose your counterparties, calculate in advance the possible profit and payback periods. Send part of your income to promoting your business. Advertising will attract new customers.

Business Registration

Finding smoked meats in a store is a very simple matter. But their common drawback is the lack of zest. Everything that is offered in the sections of smoked products - ham, loin, bacon, poultry, fish - is made according to a similar recipe. Therefore, with visual abundance, getting smoked with a unique taste and aroma can be called real luck.

Having the skills to work with the production of smoked meats, or even better if this is a real hobby, you can easily build an autonomous smoked business that brings a stable average income even at the very beginning.

Well, to launch such a mini-enterprise, you need to understand well how it functions in the conditions of the modern food market in cities.

Step by step to disassemble this process, and independently make sure that opening your own smokehouse is profitable and interesting - the purpose of this article.

Smoking as a business

First of all, it should be noted: smoking products is a fairly successful business. Sales problems, as a rule, do not arise at all. Moreover, in this segment there is no need to talk about peaks and falls in sales.

The demand for cool smoked meats is constant among all categories of buyers - budget, with an average and above average income. It is easy to explain this - in addition to traditional holidays such as New Years, Easter, May weekends, there are many individual solemn events in cities, including buffets, banquets, in a word, rich tables with delicacies for guests.

According to experts in this field, a home-based smoking business, designed to serve restaurants and ordinary customers, can be started with a minimum investment of $ 1,000. This amount is enough to purchase the simplest smoking equipment. and start the production process.

If the goal is more global - a smoking workshop, the business project will be more costly, but the projected income will also be more impressive. Initial investments in small business smoking chambers, furniture, raw materials, spices, transportation, lease of retail space, etc. can range from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. We will dwell on the investment and profitability of a smoking plant further.

Competitive Analysis

Before starting a business for smoking fish, meat, lard, poultry, you should know exactly how tough the competition is in this segment. The more manufacturers of similar products, the lower the level of selling prices.

This simple activity can become the main or additional source of income.

Smoking shows good profitability, about 25% and more, if you study all the nuances of the case, preparing for the risks.

Is it profitable to smoke

The formula for calculating the probable income has not yet been derived, but it is believed that a permanent sales market in this segment guarantees a yield of 250-300%.

Let's determine the probable profit on the example of a small smokehouse, where mackerel is smoked in small batches, 40 kg per week. The owner buys fish, losing 20% ​​of its weight after gutting and salting, at 165 rubles. for 1 kg. A pack of wood chips (for example, an apple-pear) costs 50 rubles per smoking. for 400 g

350 rubles (the price of the finished product) * 40 kg (sold mackerel) = 14 thousand rubles for 7 "dirty" days. After the sale of the fish, the profit is more than 100%. The received amount is divided in half: the owner puts 7 thousand into circulation, purchasing the next batch of fish, and considers the remaining 7 thousand as net profit for the week.

Such a mini-smokehouse with hot smoking technology, where one person works (he buys, processes, smokes, sells through friends) brings about 30-35 thousand a month.

You can earn a lot more, but you need to open a smokehouse, get a license with many permits, hire workers, hand over ready-made mackerel to stores.

Daily production with accelerated sales of delicacies will generate more tangible income. The daily laying of fish in a 50 kg workshop will bring at least 150 thousand rubles. arrived. From this amount, you need to deduct expenses (gasoline, rent of retail and industrial places, electricity, other mandatory payments). The dry residue is up to 100 thousand rubles. net profit.

All of this comes with serious start-up costs, which not everyone is ready for. But if you like the idea, keep in mind that the initial investment will pay off no earlier than six months or a year.

Space requirements

Pros and cons of mini smokehouse

In simpler terms, the smokehouse is its own production, which can even be located at your home. Fish, meat, cheese and lard are suitable as food for smoking. The business of this direction belongs to a highly profitable category. The most attractive side of such an enterprise is that at the start-up stage, no significant financial investments are required, besides, all production equipment can be easily placed in your extension or garage.

  • There is no difficulty in the process of smoking products, even a beginner can do this business;
  • This is a promising opportunity to work for oneself;
  • There is no need for expensive room rent;
  • All production equipment is relatively small and will take up a minimum of free space;
  • High demand for smoked products;
  • Fast payback and high profitability.

We also recommend that you read the information on how to open a pizzeria.

But, despite such significant advantages, this business has its own disadvantages:

For the correct organization of your mini-smokehouse, you need to decide on the choice of smoking technology, make the selection of the appropriate smoking equipment, and also find a point of sale for the final product.

What is better to smoke

Modern mini smokehouses specialize in the production of the following products:

  • Fish fillets and minced meat;
  • Lard and smoked cheese;
  • Smoked and dried fish;
  • Poultry , pork or beef, both cold and hot smoked.

The local market provides an opportunity to purchase equipment for hot and cold smoking. The smoked meats obtained from them differ from each other and are aimed at different buyers.

When choosing a smoking method, it is worth considering how long the product can stay in the refrigerator. For example, hot smoked fish cannot stay in the refrigerator for more than 10 days. And when using cold technology, this period of time increases to 60 days.

This point must be taken into account. For example, you will be able to establish a wholesale distribution with a particular store. In such a situation, the best option would be hot smoked products. If the point of sale has not yet been determined, then it is better to turn your attention to equipment for cold smoking.

The main thing in this business is choosing a convenient place to trade. With the right approach and knowledge of their business, regular customers will soon be able to appear, and perhaps it will also be possible to negotiate with restaurants and supply them with their products, using wholesale supplies for this.

The smoking installation can be used at home as well, since it never takes up much space. The smoking technology is quite mature and well thought out. Getting finished products from smoked fish and meat does not require too much effort. Smoking at home lasts no longer than 50 minutes. The delivery set also includes an instruction, which describes in detail the technology of smoking and preparation of raw materials. As a result, everything turns out to be quite simple and very convenient to use. But you need to understand that the actual smoking process will not be particularly difficult - it is much more difficult to subsequently sell the resulting products.

Construction of a home smokehouse. It is quite possible to easily build a small smokehouse on your site. This will require a barrel made of metal, bricks (only a few of them are required), as well as additional fittings. Now about the process of building a smokehouse in stages. First you need to dig out a little space for the hearth.

The barrel is covered with a fairly dense cloth (any). This is the simplest method of all available, which will ultimately allow you to get your own homemade smoked meats. Now you can roughly imagine how exactly to make your own small home smokehouse. In practice, this is a fairly simple process that does not require any special investment. As a result, if you get such a smokehouse, there will be fresh smoked meats on the table at any time.

A small home smokehouse can generate income if you sell the products it receives to your friends. In addition, there is always the possibility to make smoked products to order in small shops.

Earnings from smoking fish, meat, bacon. Business idea

Sales of products. To sell homemade products, you can always rent a point in the market. It could be some other place. In this case, it is quite possible to sell the products ourselves. As a result, you can easily control the level of demand for it. In addition, the end result is information about the market and the products sold there. If you want, you can eventually become a supplier.

  • Walls.
  • Top cover.
  • Smoke outlet.
  • Wire rack
  • Drip tray for fat.
  • Wood chips.
  • Fasteners for pallets.
  • Product.
  • Smoke sleeve.
  • Firewood fireplace.

A business idea - smoking meat, fish, lard is now very relevant. The idea can be realized in 2 different ways. Moreover, the first of them is the implementation of a wholesale purchase. There is always an opportunity to find wholesalers, buy smoked meats and sell them. But since the product quality may not be very good, it’s better not to do it at all. And in this case, you need to be dependent on someone. We have created a business plan for self-smoking with the subsequent sale of manufactured products.

What foods can be smoked at home?

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