Mini brewery business plan: a project with a yield of 330,000 rubles per month

Brewery as a Business - Step-by-Step Launch Plan

To successfully launch a brewery as a business, you need to study the legal side of starting a business and technological features of beer production.


First of all, you need to register your business form. Due to the fact that beer is an alcoholic beverage, you must open a legal entity:

  • prepare and notarize the constituent documents of a limited liability company - LLC;
  • obtain a legal address (rent the necessary premises or register at the address of the place of residence of the founder / director LLC);
  • select codes of activity according to OKVED (for the brewery, the main will be 11.5, additional ones need to be selected depending on how and where the finished product will be sold);
  • determine the size of the authorized capital of the LLC and open a bank account;
  • go through the state registration of the company.

Next, you should register with the tax authority and obtain a license. Beer is an excise goods subject to an additional 15% tax.

A mandatory document is a hygienic certificate from the SES, which is issued after an expert examination of the finished product by its specialists.

Brewing Market Analysis

Beer is a very popular drink among Russians and residents of the CIS countries. Moreover, the volumes of consumption are gradually growing due to the change in the culture of citizens - they prefer to consume strong alcoholic drinks less and less.

The technology of alcoholic fermentation of malt wort is used for beer production. The production uses special brewer's yeast and hops. Russian producers most often use barley malt.

Most of the consumer beer market is occupied by the so-called pasteurized or regular beer. It accounts for about 90 - 97%. The rest of the production is "live" beer. It is very difficult to break into the regular beer market, since more than 60% of the volume is accounted for by only 3 companies with 40 trademarks:

  • SUN Inbev;
  • SABMiller.

For small business representatives, a more promising direction is the production of "live" beer. Here the competition is also quite high, but in many regions the demand for these products is not fully satisfied. It will be much easier for a microbrewery to achieve positive results here.

Liked the idea of ​​brewing beer in your own kitchen? We support! After all, the organization of the production of a foamy drink at home guarantees:

  • safety for health due to the absence of harmful additives;
  • full compliance with the expected taste of the final result;
  • the ability to organize "beer parties" at any the time when the soul desires.

For brewing beer, you will need to equip the room in a special way, where the sacred rite will take place. You must purchase home brewing equipment.

It can be different both in quality and in price categories. For professionals, one is suitable, but for beginners, you can limit yourself to another, more modest and cheaper.

What do beginners need to brew beer?

If you plan to brew beer at home from time to time, to raise the vitality of yourself and your friends, or on big family holidays, there is no point in spending huge amounts of money on those devices that professional brewers use.

To brew beer you need the following equipment:

  • a saucepan of 25-30 liters (we knead the ingredients in it, prepare the wort);
  • another similar saucepan or tank (fermentation will take place in it) ;
  • a thin hose (they remove the foam);
  • an electronic thermometer (the most expensive of the devices; its cost varies from 5 thousand to 6 thousand rubles - if the thermometer is of high quality, suitable for measuring the temperature of cold and hot liquid).

Equipment for brewing beer also includes a cooler. Strictly speaking, for beginners, it is an optional subject. In winter, you can place the drink for quick cooling in the "refrigerator" under the window (although there is not enough space in it).

And at any time of the year you can use the bath for the same purposes. Cooling the drink in the bath is achieved by placing the container in cold water. If you add ice from the refrigerator there, the process will speed up.

It turns out such a special refrigerator for beer. It is connected to the water supply and waiting for about 20 minutes. Then the cooler is removed.

Making beer at home is a task that requires preparation not only in theoretical terms. You will have to purchase at least such a minimum set for preparing a hoppy drink.

Yes, let's not forget about the hydrometer - a device with which the density of a liquid is measured.

The favorite drink of people in many countries of the world is beer. This intoxicating drink has been and remains the most demanded and popular regardless of the season. Therefore, in today's article I want to discuss a lucrative idea of ​​earning - beer production as a business.

It should be noted that beer production as a business is a rather ancient way of earning money. Our ancestors, many years ago, developed brewing technology and over time it has only improved. Today, large factories with a loud name are engaged in the production of beer. But it should be noted that very often the quality of this ancient intoxicated drink suffers due to the dishonesty of manufacturers who are trying to increase the shelf life of the drink, thereby adding preservatives to it, which negatively affect the taste of bottled beer.

True fans of this drink prefer live, draft beer, which, as a rule, comes from private breweries. The taste of such beer is always pleasant and fresh, because the drink is prepared without adding preservatives and flavor enhancers. Therefore, despite the fact that large factories are engaged in the production of beer, the number of consumers of fresh hop drink for bottling not only does not decrease, but increases every year. Thus, we can conclude that beer production as a business at home is a completely profitable idea of ​​earning money.

Home Beer Production Business Plan

  • Demand. If we talk about the popularity of alcoholic beverages, then beer takes the first place, and all because of its low cost and pleasant taste. The demand for beer in the warm season increases significantly, but this drink is also popular in winter, so beer production cannot be called a seasonal business.
  • Competition. As noted above, large factories are engaged in mass production of beer, supplying large quantities of the drink to all cities and even neighboring states. Naturally, you will not be able to compete with local giants, but you can still grab some of the buyers. All you need is to brew quality beer and skillfully promote your brand. Over time, you will have regular customers, due to which your business will develop.

Stages of a business plan for beer production:

Business Registration

If you want to start brewing at home and sell your products, then you should register your business legally with the relevant authorities.

First of all, you need to decide on the material and legal form of activity. I recommend that you stop at sole proprietorship. In this case, the registration process will be faster, and taxes will be paid according to a simplified system.

Home brewing license

Brewery room

In this article, we are considering the idea of ​​organizing a business at home, so you shouldn't have any special expenses for arranging the premises. Home brewing is a feasible idea that does not require large financial investments.

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  • 6 How much does it cost to open a brewery and how much you can earn

A mini-brewery will become a profitable business if a business plan is drawn up taking into account the specifics of this business and with an understanding of the basic principles of beer production. How to make a mini-brewery a profitable project, what you need to pay attention to in the first place - we will consider in more detail.

Business brewery pros and cons

Let's analyze a mini-brewery in terms of its business benefits.

People who already have experience in this business highlight the following points as disadvantages:

Read also an overview of the idea of ​​opening a liquor store.

Brewery as a Business - Step by Step Launch Plan

A phased algorithm for a potential brewer includes the following activities:

  • Drawing up a business plan, monitoring for regional competition, determining the scale of future production;
  • Registration of an enterprise, acquisition of a license. For a brewery, you need to open an LLC. Until recently, beer production was not subject to compulsory federal licensing. In 2021, the situation has changed. The lack of a permit for this type of activity is a serious administrative violation;
  • The choice of premises, if necessary - repair. Note! The internal state of the workshop must fully comply with sanitary standards and requirements;
  • Purchase of equipment - if you have limited funds, you can buy a used line, and subsequently upgrade. This will save on equipment up to 40% of the total investment;
  • Search for employees - a professional brewer, accountant, driver, manager and cleaner. This is the minimum number of employees;
  • Searching for suppliers of raw materials - for the smooth operation of the workshop, it should be enough for at least a couple of weeks of work;
  • Purchase of additional equipment, consumables and components;
  • Launching advertising and searching for sales channels - without good PR in the first months it will be difficult to reach the normal level of sales.

Brewery Business Plan

A well-designed plan for the development of any business, regardless of direction, includes basic main sections:

  • summary - the following is presented as briefly as possible: information: the concept of the project, where the workshop will be located, what will be the budget, methods and places of realization of the finished product, projected profit, profitability, investment opportunities; <
  • market analysis - studying competitors, consumer ability, the influence of seasonality on product sales, identifying a potential buyer and identifying a target audience - those who will become the final consumer of the product. At this stage, their own strengths and those distinctive features that competitors do not have are determined;
  • production plan - includes a description of the technological process according to the project, a detailed consideration of all key stages of the beverage production - from its preparatory stage to the final release. product. It describes a detailed description of future drinks - variety, color, strength, composition, estimates the approximate scale of production per month;
  • organizational plan is the most voluminous and complex part of the project. A daily schedule for the implementation of the project is being developed, broken down by time: for paperwork, selection of premises, purchase of equipment and raw materials, recruitment and training of personnel, sale of a finished drink;
  • marketing plan is necessary to promote the product, ensure a quick payback of the project and increasing the profitability of production. Taking into account the specifics of a particular region, the level of competition and planned volumes, the most effective sales channels for the drink are determined;
  • financial and investment plan - reflects financial investments in the business, broken down into short-term and long-term, aimed at the acquisition of tangible and intangible assets. The total cost of the project is determined, the sources of financing for each stage of the plan's implementation are identified. It also shows projected sales and estimated net income. At the end of the section, an economic justification of the feasibility of conducting production and a forecast of the movement of money as the further development and modernization of the business is presented Financial statistics are more clearly visible in tables, graphs, pictures and diagrams.

Brewery Equipment

Beer is the oldest drink dating back to the 4th century BC. e. At this time, in western Iran began to grow crops for the production of the drink. Later, the first mini-breweries appeared, supplying the builders of the Egyptian pyramids with weak alcohol.

The recipe for making a drink from barley, rice, vegetables and fruits was found on Sumerian tablets. In the lines of the hymn to the patroness of brewing Ninkashi, the preparation of several varieties of beer was described.

Opening an intoxicating business

The desire of mankind for everything natural has revived the old love of winemaking and brewing. A variety of mini-breweries for small businesses allows anyone to master hop production. Beer brewed with your own hands is more valuable and of higher quality than store beer.

Drink lovers often ask questions: "How to open a brewery in Russia?" and "How much money should you invest in developing your business?" You will receive answers in our article.

First, let's figure out what you need to open your own brewery.

First, study the nuances of production and determine in which segment you will develop. The volume of production depends on your decision. For example, microbreweries will be able to produce a maximum of 500 liters of beer in 24 hours. Mini-breweries have more serious indicators, reaching 15 thousand liters at the same time.

Second, analyze the market for the alcoholic product. If your plans include cooperation with large chain pubs or restaurants, then you need to start production using the full technology of brewing the drink. When organizing a small point of sale, it is worth using the technology of a shortened brewing cycle.

Third, decide what investment you are willing to invest in opening your brewery. To start a business on a full technological cycle, you need to have about 200 thousand dollars. It can be compared to opening a small brewery. If your budget is more modest, you can open a brewery with a shorter brew cycle. Savings come from the use of ready-made wort and inexpensive equipment.

Please note that the production of dark or light beer requires different brewing times. Light beer takes about a month to prepare, and dark beer takes 40 days.

Also, do not ignore the latest innovations in beer sales.

Firstly, all wholesale purchases, as well as retail purchases of alcohol from July 1, 2021, must be entered into the EGAIS system, in rural settlements from July 1, 2021. Not connecting to the Unified State Automated Information System for fines is tantamount to selling alcohol without a license and accompanying papers. The EGAIS software is installed on a computer; for its operation, an electronic signature, a crypto key and a PDF-417 scanner are required. The approximate cost of the entire connection will be 25,000 rubles.

Secondly, the sale of beer in PET bottles from 2021 will be banned.

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