Making handmade cosmetics as a business

In Europe and the United States, there are certain standards that confirm that the products are really grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. This is very important for any raw material used in the production of cosmetics. If you decide to make money on your own cosmetics, then you need to have ready-made recipes and an understanding of who exactly you want to sell the product to.

To get started, you have to work hard and hard to get people to even consider buying cosmetics from you. It is very important to communicate with your audience, tell them stories, listen to people's opinions on the product line.

For example, you decide to manufacture and sell solid shampoos for various hair types. Focus on this product. Tell us why you decided to make these shampoos at all, what is so special about them, why you need to pay attention to their composition, and so on. Every day you will need to post at least 1-2 posts. You can also open a website, but it is better for now to blog on some of the social networks. For example, on Instagram. By the way, this social network makes it possible to make automatic reposts to many other sites. Therefore, you immediately provide yourself with serious audience coverage.

It is very important to understand that people do not always comment and ask something, but at the same time they can write very actively in private messages and place orders. An account with 3000-4000 subscribers can provide you with orders for months in advance.

If cosmetics is a new direction for you, then first you need to create 20 posts on a social network, tell people your story, why you decided to go in for cosmetics. Then we proceed to the development of official advertising. The advantage of this promotion method is that you are almost guaranteed to provide yourself with orders. And this can be done in just a day. That is, the first sales may be by the evening, despite the fact that you opened your account in the morning.

For example, someone understands Instagram, while someone is already well versed in Facebook or even creating a website from scratch and launching contextual advertising. If you know a thing or two about designing landing pages, then this is the place to start. Choose something that you already know at least minimally. This will reduce the stress of entering the business. Natural cosmetics are more and more in demand among buyers, and therefore sales will definitely be there if you thoroughly approach the matter.

Natural cosmetics, as you already understood, are made without preservatives and other synthetic fillers. Therefore, the shelf life and storage times differ for each direction. So, for example, for solid types of cosmetics - shampoos, soaps, etc., the shelf life can reach 6 months. And the life cycle of liquid and creamy barely exceeds 30 days. Beginners shouldn't forget this. We recommend that you start a business in the manufacture and sale of natural cosmetics from those copies, whose recipes imply a long shelf life, and therefore implementation.

A few words about the recipe. Basic and basic recipes can be found online. All private craftsmen do this, taking proven foundations, modifying them to their taste and the needs of the customer. Aromatize, change the composition and amount of ingredients.

Formalization of a business depends on the types of cosmetics manufacturing. So for some types of cosmetics there are GOSTs, so production must adhere to the requirements that are described in the regulatory documents. There are types of cosmetics for which there are no GOSTs, therefore, the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products" apply to them. Mandatory certification of cosmetics in the Russian Federation has been canceled since 2021, now it is enough to obtain a certificate of conformity and the regulation of technical conditions for cosmetics of your formulation. To do this, it is necessary to provide several samples to a number of government agencies. You can go through the whole procedure yourself, or delegate it to all kinds of intermediaries. Registration cost varies from 10 to 40 thousand rubles per prescription. After receiving a certificate of state registration, you can officially sell cosmetics of your own manufacture, for which it is enough to open your own individual entrepreneur.

Natural organic cosmetics, or as it is also called "eco", "bio" cosmetics - a set of products for the care of the whole body, made with plant ingredients, as well as minerals grown in a clean environment and certified inspection bodies. The boom in healthy eating and sports has led to a logical continuation of this trend, namely, to rethink the cosmetics market. In fact, modern, inexpensive cosmetics contain many chemical components that are not very beneficial for human skin or hair, and natural remedies will slowly take away their market share in this sales segment.

On the cosmetic market, you can often find the labels "bio" or "eco", but you should always look at the composition of the product and its expiration date. In many cases, such products have nothing to do with the inscription on them, but they contain harmful chemical components.

When starting a natural cosmetics business, it is important to understand what requirements it must meet.

  • lack of cheap low-quality raw materials, refined products, paraffin oils and silicones in the composition.
  • without animal substances.
  • non-GMO.
  • free of synthetic fragrances and dyes.
  • components are grown in environmentally friendly fields.
  • free of parabens and other questionable preservatives (may contain natural preservatives).

The products themselves, when applied, should not interfere with the natural skin processes, namely the secretions that provide detoxification and drainage, and provide a regulatory function to restore and moisturize the skin.

Certified organic cosmetics may contain inorganic elements such as water and mineral salts. The very term organic cosmetics has come to this industry and the food industry, where organic is a product of natural origin obtained from plants.

Due to the use of natural ingredients, the shelf life of finished products is very short, up to 10 - 30 days, and then subject to the temperature regime in refrigeration units. And this is a huge disadvantage in the natural cosmetics business. To resolve this issue, natural food preservatives are added to the composition of the funds: potassium sorbate and sodium benzonate, to replace synthetic (parabens).

In most cases, natural cosmetics contain surfactants such as sodium cocoamphoacetate instead of sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate.

Ecocosmetics also do not include alcohol, acetone and solvents that disrupt the hydrolipid balance of the skin.

In addition to the beauty effect, when using such products, you use the healing properties of the herbal composition and bring great benefits to your body.

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become a tribute to modern fashion. The demand for natural products of an expensive cosmetic line is quite high, so the offer to buyers in the form of manufacturing high-quality natural cosmetic products at a low cost has become relevant. Two young women took up the development of home soap making, one of whom is a chemist by profession, and the second is an information scientist. Manufacturers have brought to the attention of consumers the idea of ​​using natural raw materials in order to obtain a finished product. Oils and other components are ordered directly from suppliers, some of the components of the future cream, mask or scrub are discharged from abroad.

Creating and promoting handmade products

The performer chemist is developing new and improved formulations of cosmetics that have a beneficial effect on the skin, leading to the effect of tightened and smooth skin. Solutions of oils and herbal infusions are poured into molds and left at room temperature for a time period of about 30-120 minutes until complete solidification. The second assistant, who is fluent in computer literacy, took on the function of drafting business documentation, developing and filling an electronic store for the sale of goods, conducting an advertising PR campaign in social networks in order to promote products.

At first, the production of home cosmetics was carried out in the kitchen of a residential building, and then, with the growing demand for goods, business women began to rent and cooperate with the owners of the showroom. Renting a showroom made it possible to change the surroundings and present the products from the advantageous side. Payment of the cost of renting the premises was made from the amount of the profit received and was marked in the business plan as an item called "Operating expenses".

The start-up capital for opening a soap making at home was 90.00 rubles, but during the first year of work on setting up a business, the founders had to arrange a significant amount of credit for themselves. The lion's share of income during the first 3 months of the operation of the online store selling fragrant goods was taken by the payment for the activities of the store itself. The chemist emphasizes the idea that high-quality photographs of products increase the demand for cosmetics. For this reason, photography of goods should be done in an appropriate environment.

The advantage of the showroom is the opportunity to make goods in limited quantities, order a certain amount of natural ingredients from suppliers, not waste your own time and home workshop space on storing cosmetic lines in special conditions suitable for keeping products fresh form. It became available to produce the required amount of cosmetic products quickly, on order and in the required volumes. The speed with which a soap, cream or scrub is produced is proportional to the long-term relationship between customers and manufacturers. The product comes to consumers within 2-4 days, without losing its original properties: customers are satisfied - the business is rapidly rising up the hill.

Documentation and recruiting

It has become very easy to issue the relevant IP documentation after reviewing the list of contracts between an entrepreneur and state authorities to be concluded: Rospotrebnadzor, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, municipal services for the removal of solid, medical and household waste. You can get advice on the legal side of registering your own business from a legal adviser working in the Federal Tax Service or at the territorial office of the service. It is not worth neglecting the rules for concluding contracts with public services, since the functioning of a business in such a case will be short-lived.

The range of goods is subject to monitoring and revision depending on the level of decrease or increase in demand for a particular line of cosmetics. Products that are in demand to a greater or lesser extent are promoted in the online store and showroom, and products that are not often purchased by consumers are removed from catalog positions and shelves. For 2 years of the store's operation, the girls have updated the range of products in exactly half. So, if at the beginning of their entrepreneurial activity, buyers could choose fragrant soap from 30 positions, then after a 2-year period - only from 10. Instead of "boring" products, the founders offered consumers a first-class natural shampoo.

The team of passionate professionals consists of 4 people: 2 girls-craftswomen, an assistant, a courier. You should approach writing a business plan thoroughly, taking into account the following cost items:

Many people with an entrepreneurial spirit are thinking about the production of natural cosmetic products. Their popularity is growing rapidly every year. This means that if you offer potential customers high-quality and natural cosmetics, you can make good money.

Cosmetic business

Building any business starts with investing money. Therefore, you need to take care of the availability of sufficient start-up capital to start your own business. But cash injections alone will not be enough, you need to know how the production process works from the inside.

How to start your own business?

To start your own natural cosmetics business you need:

  • Open an individual entrepreneur or LLC.
  • Find suppliers of natural raw materials. It is not worth saving here and it is better to conclude contracts with trusted and reliable partners.
  • You need to find the right room. The production process cannot be carried out in ordinary household conditions. It is better to rent either former laboratories or premises specially designed for the manufacture of cosmetic products.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment. Its full list and cost will directly depend on the volume and what kind of natural cosmetics will be produced.
  • Conducting an active advertising campaign. It is from a competent advertising campaign that the production efficiency and the success of the further sale of goods will depend.

Important! Agreements for the supply of equipment and natural cosmetic raw materials should be concluded with those suppliers who have certificates of quality and compliance with standards for their products.

Composition of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics should be understood as products containing substances of plant and animal origin. Moreover, their number can be minimal. we are talking about products that can contain from 10 to 50% of natural ingredients.

The following components are most often used for the production of natural cosmetic products:

At all times, women dreamed of becoming even more beautiful. For this, it became necessary to develop new techniques that brought in good money.

Today, the sale of cosmetics is widely developed. But nevertheless, it is one of the most profitable businesses. After all, a woman is able to deny herself many desires, but not in the acquisition of beauty products.

Idea for business

On the Russian market, there is a fairly high competition among manufacturers of cosmetic products. That is why few consider this business to be promising for themselves. However, despite the large scale of the market, you can always find a certain niche and start producing your own cosmetics with a small initial investment.

Where to start? A business plan is prepared in advance. The production of cosmetics, as well as all stages of the preparatory activities, should be described in this document.

First of all, you should study consumer demand. This will allow to adjust the production of cosmetics, taking into account their wishes. For beginners, it may be of particular interest to produce and sell products that contain only natural ingredients. It is impossible to produce such cosmetics on an industrial scale, since natural substances cannot be stored for a long period. To prevent spoilage, emulsifiers and preservatives are added to the finished products.

Small businessmen can manufacture cosmetics containing only natural ingredients. They can guarantee the high quality of their products by developing their own recipes and producing goods to order.

Advantages and disadvantages of herbal remedies

Natural cosmetics do not contain harmful chemical additives. It is produced on the basis of extracts and decoctions of medicinal herbs. Whey, natural oils and other natural ingredients are used in these products.

The main disadvantage of such funds lies in their short shelf life. Due to the expensive components in their composition, they have a fairly high cost. However, all this is more than offset by useful properties and high quality of the manufactured goods.

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