Interesting ideas with a small start-up capital for opening a home business, or what unites a husband for an hour, a stalker and a Snow Maiden

Home business is the same age as humanity. Because from time immemorial there have been people with straight hands, who know how to do something right at the "hearth" better than others and are ready to offer their services to those who are always busy, are not capable of creating the desired product, or are simply lazy, preferring to receive what they need in exchange for one kind or not so much money.

If you are sick of the idea of ​​wiping your wardrobe in the office, sitting at the monitor for 6-8 hours, while spending only a fifth of the specified time on really valuable work for society, you can always try to get bread and butter on free bread in home business. You are also here if you left a low-paid job, but the figure in the passport confuses employers and they refuse you along with a good salary and social benefits. There is something to put your hands and head into if you are capable of generating new ideas and sensibly translating them into real form or those already invented before you.

Many pensioners, having waited for the state guaranteed social assistance for old age, also do not sit, enjoying the opportunity to do nothing. The prices are now wow, and a normal person not only wants to live with warmth and light in his home, but to eat three times a day, to treat sores earned by back-breaking work not with citramone alone, but with something more effective. To help children financially or to visit relatives and friends, many souls also want to see a piece of another world. And most of you can't make fun of retirement. So people over 40-50-60 years old are being introduced into the sphere of home business as individual entrepreneurs. Many people, they say, live even better in a state of permanent or periodic time pressure than before, when they lived on a salary, the tyrant boss was tolerated, and squabbles in the team were observed.

Of course a home business is not a quiet haven around the clock. Even those who have chosen employment in the form of trading in their own garden with grown dill-onions constantly have moments that are delicate for the nervous system. For example, in the season it is necessary in the morning, and this is from 4-5 hours, to have time to water and weed the greens, to pick up a portion for sale and give the crop a presentation, to have time to get to the market and take a bigger seat. And then, throughout the trading period, convince suitable buyers of the worth of the product, and at the same time maintain it in an attractive form by spraying, sun protection. Not everyone, by the way, will be able to earn not only radiculitis from his garden, but also a decent penny.

Troubles are predicted for any kind of home business. In addition, even pensioners, if their work becomes a “tap” with a systematic stream of income that can be tracked by the tax authorities, will have to be formalized to avoid fines. But this is a topic for another conversation, but for now let's think about how you can start your business at home and what options do not require large investments.

"Husband for an hour", but no sex

Long active belittling in the eyes of the masses of physical labor over intellectual has led to the fact that today a good plumber or electrician is not even worth its weight in gold. They are like aliens: it seems that they once met someone, but the rest of the people did not come across. If you change the gaskets in the taps without any problems, are able to assemble a furniture set even without a drawing, or replace the toilet without breaking it, then you will not be left without a piece of bread with caviar for every breakfast. For the initial start, you, in theory, have the entire tool, and you will quickly develop a customer base. You yourself know what repair kits for the same water taps are made of today. "Blotters" after all: they will stand for 3-4 months, and then again require replacement. A gold mine, in a word.

Where to recruit first and subsequent clients:

  • Among neighbors at the entrance, house, street.
  • Inform your spouses, relatives, former employees and acquaintances about your new role.
  • Report to local media.

Sewing, knitting, lace making

Ladies who do not faint from the sight of a sewing needle or masterfully possess the secrets of turning into beautiful things of yarn in balls, the owners of the always demanded talent. Although the stores are bursting with goods, second-hand outlets are ready to provide buyers with cute clothes at bargain prices, the demand for piece goods remains. And if you also connect a gadget with Internet access to business, then income will be not only in domestic rubles, but also in foreign currency. Are you struggling with digital technology? Any relative from the younger generation can become your administrator or show you where to find one - for a small price, you will be relieved of the need to understand the intricacies of managing a website or your own page.

Where customers can come from:

  • On a tip from word of mouth.
  • From social networks (you need to post a photo of samples of finished products and indicate that you can do something similar to order).
  • From virtual marketplaces inviting masters to cooperate for a small fee (eBay, Etsy, Masters Fair, etc.)

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