How to start cooking from scratch

Home cooking as a business - features of starting your own business for cooking and semi-finished products.



The time has long passed when a woman was perceived exclusively as the keeper of the hearth. The main task of a woman has long been considered the upbringing of children and maintaining comfort in the family. Nowadays, the female half of the population also strives to realize themselves professionally and achieve career heights.

Many of our contemporaries are thinking about organizing their own business. And, of course, it is best to give preference to your favorite work - an occupation that brings satisfaction.

Why cooking?

For many women, cooking is an integral part of their lives. Some experienced housewives in cooking could well compete with many famous chefs. Or, for example, you are great at some category of dishes, for example, baked goods, and you often spoil your loved ones with delicious pies. In this case, you should definitely think seriously about organizing a culinary business.

This is a good business idea with a minimum of cost and investment. After all, many people have already realized that semi-finished products are harmful to the body and tend to eat healthy foods. And what could be better than homemade dishes cooked with soul.

Types of services

Let's look at several types of "culinary" activities:


  • So, your first action should be to choose what exactly you want to trade (homemade cakes, dinners, confectionery, cakes, etc.), that is, to determine the specific niche of this business.
  • Your next step should be drawing up a business plan. Remember, this is a very important point in organizing your own business. Try to think over everything very carefully and not miss anything.
  • Then you need to register your business. You can register a business as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. And also to issue all the necessary documents and obtain the necessary permission and license (if necessary).
  • The next step is to purchase the equipment necessary for the operation and, of course, the raw materials from which you will bake the finished product. Also, you will need packaging materials for finished products and disposable tableware for your home business. Beautiful and bright labels on packaging with the name of your organization will also not hurt.
  • Well, your last action will be advertising, which is simply necessary for the successful launch of your business. A lot depends on advertising, first of all, the number of customers, and your income will directly depend on this. After all, the more customers you have, the more your income will be. Make a trial batch of the product you plan to trade and photograph for advertising. You can create your own catalog, which will list all your products with descriptions and photos, and send catalogs to large organizations. This will certainly give you positive results. Now let's take a look at a few culinary business ideas.

Culinary business at home - preparing meals

If in your city where you live, there are companies or any offices, then you can quite realistically start preparing delicious homemade meals at home for their employees. They certainly won't give up on it. In order to deliver meals to the office, it is not necessary to have a personal car, you can do this without it, for example, walking with your baby, as they say along the way. It will be both pleasant and useful. If you recommend yourself well, then it is quite possible that over time you will also be asked to prepare meals for corporate events, for some holidays and the like.

Now let's calculate the income of this home business idea. It often averages 25% of the cost of the purchased products required. For example, you have approximately 2o clients from several firms. If they order lunch from you every working day, then your monthly income will be 25,000 rubles. These are only lunches, without preparing dishes for any parties or holidays, which will certainly be there, you can rest assured. Not a bad start.

Culinary business at home - making "sweet"

This business involves the preparation of various cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, sweets, pies and the like. In other words, everything that a sweet tooth loves. In order for your business to spread around the world at the speed of the wind, then offer your goodies to start with your neighbors, close relatives, friends and acquaintances. As they say, word of mouth has never let anyone down. If you manage to surprise your first clients, you can be sure that rumors about you will spread very quickly throughout the city and your business will go uphill very quickly.

What do you need to organize such a business? First you need to think carefully about the possible advertising of your business, on which your success will directly depend in the future. This can be done, for example, with the help of a tasting, during which you can talk about how much this preparation cost you, about the ingredients included, about the possibility of making these goodies to order. You can be sure that after a good advertising campaign, you will certainly receive orders for various events and holidays, which will be attended not only by your clients, but also by their guests, and therefore possibly your future clients.

And now about income. From one order, yours will be approximately 40% of its value. Remember one thing that in this business, earnings directly depend on the volume of the order. The larger it is, the more income. The average cost of a kilogram of baked goods is about 800 rubles. It is fashionable to do 10 kilograms or more per day, respectively, if you have regular customers, then you can earn about 8,000 rubles or more per day, and from 240 rubles per month. Good luck!

In recent years, the catering industry has greatly changed and attracts visitors with an original concept and a varied list of dishes. Cooking has outgrown the level of a diner or establishment where you can buy fresh pastries for a regular tea party or banquet. If in recent times, pies, fried pollock, boiled eggs and sandwiches were huddled in the showcase, now your eyes run up from the appetizing and variety of dishes. Such changes have a positive effect on the demand of buyers, who, after looking once, become regular customers. Interest allows enterprising people to open new horizons in the food industry and take an interest in how to discover cooking from scratch. But is it profitable to invest in this direction? Where should a beginner start? Details in the article.

Nowhere without analysis and concept

Usually, people who are involved in food preparation (cook, culinary specialist, technologist), who work in the grocery sector or who have free funds in sufficient quantities, come to the catering industry. You can just be the owner of a cookery and lay down all powers on the manager or administrator of the cafe if you are confident that the business will flourish without your participation.

Funds for opening even a small cookery are needed large, because the cafe will have to provide trade equipment for serving visitors and preparing dishes. Initially, an analysis will be required for the presence of such institutions in a settlement or a specific area. Perhaps the niche is completely occupied, and it is more profitable to open something else. Choosing your cooking concept will define the scale of the competition. The more unique the business idea is, the more chances that the establishment will interest the right audience.

An institution can be focused on a specific idea:

  • Sale of bakery products of our own production. The assortment includes only different types of bread and pastries. The bakery is equipped right in the cafe.
  • Sale of cakes, pastries, custom-made products. The production can be located elsewhere.
  • A wide assortment from sandwiches and pies to hot dishes with the possibility of warming up and a choice of salads.
  • Cooking at home. Delicious pastries, salads, hot meals, desserts and much more that will be accepted to order from a specific audience. Some housewives make good money making original cakes for various reasons.

There are a lot of ideas, you just need to choose your niche and test the waters so as not to be disappointed.

Getting Started

Any business requires legalization, unless you decide to make money on home culinary production, providing yourself with additional income. The choice of the organizational and legal form of entrepreneurial activity depends on the scale of cooking. If it is a small business, which involves the opening of a small institution with an adjacent production, it is advisable to issue the status of an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur). Registration will require a smaller package of documents and financial costs.

But one point should be taken into account: if the sale of alcohol is envisaged in cooking, then the status of an LLC and an annual license renewal will be required. It may be better to give up alcohol and take off serious obligations initially. Be sure to choose the types of entrepreneurial activity according to OKVED. They must be indicated in the application for registration with the Federal Tax Service.

For Cooking, Code 56 Food and Beverage Provisioning Activities must be entered. There are many sub-items in this section, you can choose one of them. Next, we select the taxation system at the stage of preparing documents for registration with the Federal Tax Service. There are two possible ways:

  • UTII. A single tax on imputed income is not applied to premises with an area not exceeding 50 sq. m. The basic profitability for a culinary specialist will be two physical indicators: the area of ​​the service hall or the number of employees.
  • PNS (patent) is applied if the area of ​​the hall for culinary visitors does not exceed 50 sq. m. This option is relevant for home cooking.

Not a single event is complete without a delicious cake, and various baked goods are most often a product of daily use. That is why such a business as baking at home will always be relevant. Probably, many housewives with culinary talent thought about baking at home as a means of earning money. How to start this activity and how to develop it - we will tell you in this article.

Baking types

First of all, a novice businessman needs to decide what kind of pastries to cook. The main target audience, methods of searching for potential customers and other nuances will depend on the option chosen. Common options for baking at home as a business are:

  • Cooking pies and other pastries. Such products can be sold through small offices and retail outlets.
  • Cakes and pastries to order. It should be noted that in this case, single and irregular orders for various celebrations prevail.
  • Other products for culinary and catering establishments. This direction is suitable for those who have the ability to produce products in large volumes.

Product pricing

For products to be in demand, it is important to offer quality products at a price that is acceptable to a potential audience. In this segment, the competition is quite high, so the overpriced goods can lead to a significant decline in customers. As a rule, the price is formed based on the purchase prices for raw materials. In this case, if you minimize the cost of raw materials, then, accordingly, you can reduce the average check for products. Today there is a huge assortment of wholesale bases where all the necessary ingredients are available, the prices of which are much lower than market ones.

Choosing a location for selling fresh baked goods

Undoubtedly, the success of a small business is influenced by many factors, including its location. For example, if you place a retail outlet in crowded places, then most likely, the turnover will be higher.

But do not forget about the competition, therefore it is worth opening a business specializing in baking in places where the least number of competitors is concentrated in the form of restaurants, cafes and pizzerias.

Fresh baked goods are great as a snack, so the following places would be the best places to place a retail outlet:

  • Office and shopping centers.
  • Campuses.
  • Recreation parks.
  • Railway and auto stations.
  • Metro exits.
  • Underground passages.
  • City beaches.
  • The central streets of the city.

In their search for business ideas, entrepreneurs pay particular attention to the catering sector. Buns, pies and cakes are popular, and if they are prepared with skillful hands, then success is almost guaranteed. The best way to attract a customer is to draw up a business plan, open up a culinary experience, and feed every guest deliciously.

First Steps

The first thing to start a culinary business with is to think over the concept of the establishment. The requirements for the premises and personnel, the range of products, depend on this.

Glamorous Place

A place where girls come to chat and eat cake. The assortment must include beautiful dishes, some fruits, ice cream. The emphasis is on the image, this is a quiet and calm place for sophisticated people.

Imitation of a dining room from -x

Faceted glasses, iron teapots and vendors in white coats. The cuisine is inexpensive, but hearty and abundant. Memories of the past cause many nostalgia, which can be used when decorating a room. A budget business option that attracts customers with low prices.

Russian national cuisine

Pies and pies, pies and kulebyaka. Hot whites do not leave anyone indifferent, you can run in here on the way and buy a fresh pie for a cozy homemade dinner.

National cuisine of other countries

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