How to start an online business in China from the comfort of your home

Business with Chinese goods from scratch

In 2021, trade between Russia and China increased to $ 110 billion.

"Is it really possible to sell a product without first purchasing it?" A successful trading business begins with this question. If you are sure that you do not need to rent a warehouse, buy a ton of goods and order the perfect online store from a studio for $ 5000, you have a chance to figure out the niche from scratch and turn out to be profitable. You can open a business with China in Russia according to the following principle:

  • Sold ;
  • Received money;
  • Bought in China and indicated the buyer's address for delivery.

I will immediately dispel doubts like: "How happy will they pay me for air?"

The customer Marina does not even think about whether you have a product in stock. If you give her a hairbrush as a gift when buying a hair dryer, she will be extremely happy and will pay for the purchase right away. And already with the money received, you will pay off the Chinese supplier.

Looking inside the business

Trading with China for beginners can be in different variations:

  • online store ;
  • one-page pages ;
  • message boards;
  • social networks.

To start selling goods from China, you do not need to buy goods right away. First you need to find a buyer for it. You can learn more about this at the webinar that we have prepared for you.

Delivery may substitute

Where to start a business with China is from market analysis. And most importantly - the conditions and cost of delivery.

It often happens that a product costs $ 3 and comes out with delivery of $ 15. And sometimes they bring it free. Therefore, you need to immediately find out which service delivers the goods, delivery time and price.

Tips and step-by-step instructions

The Chinese often refer to Russian businessmen as “bukaopu” (Chinese: “out of tune, unreliable”). But trends are changing, and now Eastern entrepreneurs are willing to work with Russians.

The article will be useful for novice businessmen who plan to establish partnerships with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. Most of the nuances will be detailed in our material. Provides step-by-step instructions, guidelines and examples.

Business with China on the resale of goods

Despite the fact that this niche is very popular and only the lazy does not work in it, everyone can find their place here. And even a beginner can easily earn from 50 thousand rubles a month without much effort. Of course, you need to have an entrepreneurial streak, have basic knowledge and understand the goal of the end result.

But even if you lack something (knowledge, skills or personal qualities), it is fixable. Business on goods from China is unpretentious. The main thing is to set a clear goal for yourself and move towards it step by step.

The simplest algorithm for working with China can be described in three points:

  • Search for hot products in China at low prices.
  • Delivery of goods to Russia.
  • Sale at a premium.

Why is it profitable to buy in China? Now the quality of the products is growing, while the wholesale prices remain the same.

For example, consider the products of Xiaomi, a Chinese brand that instantly conquered its consumer not only domestically, but all over the world. Why? Because the quality of products, smartphones in particular, is even higher than that of the promoted brands. And the price is lower.

In general, in 2021, the trade between the Russian Federation and the Celestial Empire exceeded $ 110 billion.

Business in China is beneficial for Russians by the convenience and efficiency of administrative services, minimal state control, political stability, cheap labor resources, and the general focus of the economy on the development of entrepreneurship. The criteria are attractive not only for investors from the Russian Federation, but also for other countries of the world. Russian businessmen are interested in registering a company on the territory of the PRC due to a convenient transport interchange, a great demand for Chinese goods.

What is relevant and profitable to do in China now

Small business in China, based on the purchase and resale of goods, has some advantages. Cooperating with the manufacturer, you can purchase products at a minimal cost (this is due to cheap labor). In case of resale, a businessman receives a margin of up to 1000%. Other benefits of a personal file:

  • Wide assortment. The Chinese market sells interesting trinkets, high-quality smartphones, and products from expensive brands.
  • Competition. Sellers fight for every customer. To sell the goods, they are in touch around the clock, concluding contracts for small deliveries, delivering product samples free of charge.
  • Exclusive. Entrepreneurs do not work with the seller, but with his manufacturer, which reduces purchasing costs.

Russians have the right to work in China in various fields of activity. For successful entrepreneurship, it is recommended to conduct a local market analysis. The main trends of our time include:

  • catering for Russians and tourists from other countries;
  • providing legal services to enterprises that work on export-import operations with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers;
  • notary translation agency;
  • beauty salon;
  • fitness center;
  • recruiting agency.

Services are appreciated in densely populated business cities. The choice of direction of work depends on the competition. To win the trust of local customers, it is necessary to find a unique approach to solving production, household, and advertising problems.

Business analysts advise opening a business in China related to a product that is in great demand among the Chinese.

Top Small Business Ideas

Success and maximum profit can be obtained by trading in small items, instant food, car accessories, electronics, good quality fur coats.

China is a progressive country with an economy that is showing sharp annual growth. In the last decade, the Celestial Empire has shown an unprecedented surge in financial activity, is developing in all markets of presence and entering previously unknown niches. All products invented and manufactured in other countries of the world sooner or later begin to be produced in China. The Celestial Empire intensively exports manufactured goods to most countries in the world.

China is synonymous with innovation because it brings new trading technologies and creative business ideas every day. We figure out how to pick up the wave of success and start your own business, based on the ideas of our Chinese colleagues.

Business ideas from China for Russia

The Chinese market offers novelties to the world every day.

The range of products invented and developed in this country is extremely wide. Chinese plants and factories are becoming more and more serious and confident competition to major world manufacturers. They release large quantities of popular products or invent new products and then actively introduce them.

Questions about the quality of Chinese goods have not been heard for a long time. Manufacturing technologies in the Celestial Empire are being improved every year. The Chinese market offers the world community quality goods at competitive prices. Now is perhaps the best time to capitalize on products and ideas from China. Moreover, not all of the know-how of this Asian country is represented in Russia. This opens up almost limitless opportunities for domestic businessmen.

Business in China

The Celestial Empire managed to achieve high economic results due to large volumes of production and export of its goods to most countries of the world.

Another competitive advantage of the Chinese is their ingenuity and innovation, which allow them to constantly introduce new products to the market.

The high demand for goods from the Middle Kingdom ensures the low cost of production. Essentials produced in

China, in Russia they cost about twice as much. In our country, there are a lot of products manufactured in the Middle Kingdom. Russian businessmen have been drawing business ideas from the east for several years now. Mutually beneficial cooperation with colleagues from China really opens up new horizons for them.

China is ahead of the rest, and this cannot be denied. Wherever you look, wherever you go, there are Chinese goods everywhere, from expensive equipment to toilet brushes. And along with this, business with China is also developing. Why is that?

Previously, Chinese goods have won a not entirely positive reputation among the population. If Chinese means bad, it is already leaving thinking. Cheap trinkets for a penny are replaced by decent things that are not cheap. But it is definitely more profitable for consumers to buy quality goods from China than analogues from Europe or the USA.

When there is demand, you need to organize the supply flow. Business with China is an excellent option for making money on the Russian market in modern realities. There is no large-scale production in Russia, and the resale of goods from abroad is the only option to saturate the consumer market with a variety of goods that meet modern trends, and not starve to death without a job.

But before you start, pay attention to the course on money thinking from Ilya Sitnov.

Resale Business with China

At first glance, the easiest way to get started. But, everything is like everywhere else - there are nuances, which we will talk about now.

More and more people are paying attention to the side in the PRC. A huge assortment of products and low prices are the main arguments "For" in favor of establishing partnerships with the Chinese side.

Okay, all the benefits are clear and you are ready to set up a resale business with China. Where to start?

First, decide what you would like to resell. Toys, underwear or small electronics. But of course, one desire is not enough, you need to study the user demand and the existing market for similar goods in your city.

Where there is a lot of competition it will be more difficult, especially if the stores are already "promoted" and have a good reputation. And in a low user niche (unpopular products such as glasses or occluder eye patches), demand is significantly lower, which also carries certain risks.

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