How to start a soft ice cream business

Contains powder, liquid and many different flavors and aromas. The best option for selling this finished product is the sale from the storefront.

Pros and cons of this area

Soft ice cream on the Russian market accounts for only 10% of the total sales, although in Western countries this figure reaches 70%. Based on this information, it can be concluded that the potential for production and sale is very high.

However, we must not forget that this product has a limited shelf life, so it is recommended to place the outlet in a busy, passable place that allows you to count on the daily sale of large quantities.

You need to start looking for a freezer in advance, since the level of competition in this area is very high. During the registration process, you need to find out whether street trading is possible in relation to the selected product.

In addition, you need to follow the plan for public regular or one-time events, city or national holidays. These include: sports competitions, carnival, city day, youth day, etc. One such event can bring 50 or even 100 times the profit, that is, partially or even completely recoup the freezer.

Activity Registration

For registration of an individual entrepreneur, the following documents must be prepared:

To obtain permission to locate a trade stall in a certain place, you need to apply with a request to the consumer market department.

Obtaining a permit for street trading requires the collection of a rather impressive package of documents, namely:

  • certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur;
  • articles of association;
  • certificates of entering an individual entrepreneur into the state register;
  • approvals assortment with Rospotrebnadzor;
  • conclusions issued by the fire and sanitary-epidemiological service;
  • certificates from the tax inspectorate about existing debts.

In addition, preparation is necessary: ​​

  • audit log;
  • organization passport;
  • inspection log;
  • sanitary passport.

How to create an ice cream business in a week and make it profitable for the whole year?

Summer three years ago turned out to be very hot, and for Larisa it was doubly hot. Her idea of ​​earning a little extra money for a vacation promised at first a good profit, and ten days later threatened to grow into her own business. Two days of thinking whether the game was worth the candle brought a real strategic business decision, which was reviewed at an enviable frequency of once or twice a month over the next two years. Today Larisa is much more organized and does not deviate a step from a specific business plan. By next spring, her cafe should be full of special ice cream, and this summer she is studying the demand for a new product - her own bio ice cream.

Just a side job

In fact, Larisa, a young mother, who stepped over from the first maternity leave to the second, was not at all going to open her own business. I just really wanted to visit the fabulous Christmas country of the good-natured Joulupukki, so that the kids could whisper their great desires in his ear, and at the same time, their mother would be able to fulfill her childhood dream - to visit a real holiday of miracles. This journey, after so many years of maternity-and-home confinement, promised to be the best gift in life. But it also required solid financial preparation (especially since the euro rate rose sharply just then).

Larisa on the Internet often found suggestions for moms of "easy money on the Web", but, reasoning sensibly, she was looking for a more reasonable and real way. “Selling is the most real business today,” says Larisa. - The main thing is to find those "hot cakes" that will satisfy your need. And in the summer, everyone eagerly buys ice cream. That's how I decided to start a small ice cream business. "

Cost Item Amount, c. ... refrigerator showcase250Purchase of goods600Decription115Total965

* You can get a refrigerator for free if you contact an ice cream maker and sell only its assortment.

Those stories of a successful example of ice cream trading in the summer, which our heroine found on the Internet, only encouraged. The fact that the ice cream business thrives only for a couple of months of the season was not at all embarrassing, because it was only important to earn extra money. And the minimum investments that were required to organize a retail outlet came to naught, because the issues of choosing a place of trade and a display refrigerator had already been resolved. On a large array of private houses on the outskirts of the city, where our heroine lives, there was not even a small shop, not that a cafe, but there were more than enough children on the streets (holidays). Larisa's house is located at the very first crossroads through which literally all residents of the massif pass in their cars. “It's just an enviable location for a shop and a cafe,” says Larisa. - We talked about this a lot in the family, but we did not want to run such a business. We can say that the choice was made for us by chance ”.

Interesting video about "fried ice cream":

Accidents are not accidental

Thai (or fried) ice cream arrived from Asia and quickly replaced the desserts that Russians were tired of. Consumers love novelties, and gastronomic delight novelties will forever conquer their hearts. So it comes as no surprise that the fried ice cream business turns out to be profitable in most cases.

How is Thai ice cream made?

Thai Ice-Cream is made from natural ingredients. The base is milk or cream with fresh fruit. Sweetness is achieved through toppings and sprinkles. The dessert is being prepared in front of the customer.

First, products are laid out on an ice board (freezer) - milk, fruits, cookies, additives. The mixture is vigorously stirred, periodically "fried". Upon reaching the desired consistency, roll it into a roll. The process takes no more than 5 minutes. Instead of the classic base, a conventional dry mix is ​​also used.

Brief Market Analysis

Russians learned about the Thai delicacy in 2021. Then a lot of special boards, containers, equipment for the preparation of an outlandish dessert appeared on the market. Today, dessert is sold only in large metropolitan areas - and even then not everywhere. The industry is just “accelerating” - which plays into the hands of forward-thinking entrepreneurs interested in creating a network.

Let's consider how to open a business selling ice cream rolls.

Equipment selection

The main component of a business is a freezer. This is an assembly consisting of a compressor, a radiator, a tube for converting a liquid frion into a gaseous one, a working surface. The quality of the equipment determines the speed of preparation, the taste of the dessert, as well as productivity.

We recommend buying a freezer directly from an official manufacturer. Many resellers charge a markup of 100 or even 200%. Pre-study the reviews about the units that the company sells.

Find and rent a place

About 2-4 square meters will be required. The area depends on the size of the equipment.

Optimal rental locations:

Financial model of ice cream sale

Brief Investment Memorandum

Ice cream is one of the most popular types of dessert. He is adored by both adults and children. The main demand falls on the spring-autumn period, when the temperature is high. For an entrepreneur, this business is an excellent opportunity to make good money in the summer. The payback period of the project is 5 months.

In order to open an ice cream outlet, you need to choose the right location. A good location is a guarantee of high and stable sales at any time. For this, cinemas, parks, etc. are perfect. It will also require hiring 4 people to start.

Horns or cups will be offered for sale. In this case, ice cream can be made in a freezer, which will allow you to get a more delicate taste or from the refrigerator in frozen form. On average, about 90 servings will be sold daily, with a 700% markup. The cost of 1 portion is 20 rubles. The main costs will be for raw materials.

With similar sales figures, the financial parameters of the project will be as follows (when starting a business in May):

Description of business, product or service

Opening an ice cream outlet is a profitable investment of your own funds. This is evidenced by the high popularity of this delicacy and the marginality.

To open, you first need to choose a good room. The profit of this business will largely depend on this. The required area is 8 m2. All equipment can be placed here. The most suitable rental locations would be busy locations. These include recreational areas where people go for walks, namely:

  • Parks
  • Entrances to shopping centers and cinemas
  • Central city streets
  • Beaches
  • < / ul>

    These are the most popular holiday destinations with a large number of people. Premises can be rented both from private individuals and by participating in tenders for rent from municipal authorities. The second method is more costly, but since most parks and other city objects are in municipal ownership, it is necessary to focus on this rental option.

    In addition to space, you will need to find good equipment. The following equipment will be required for sale and production:

    For many years, sweets have been an integral part of people's entertainment, and almost the only way to save children and adults from the summer heat and heat.

    Now everyone knows ice cream, and therefore the interest in it from aspiring entrepreneurs is quite understandable.

    The sweet commodity has a high level of profitability, income, and is also characterized by little hassle along with minimal initial investment.


    For the production of soft ice cream, a fat mixture should be used. In some cases, six to eight percent fat is more than adequate. It is worth noting that if the supplier of the mixture offers to dilute them with milk, this indicates low-quality and insipid products, which are undesirable to use.

    Making soft ice cream from a mixture

    Dilute dry mixes with one kilogram per 2.9 liters of water. In this case, the ice cream is not only denser, but also much tastier. If this level is exceeded, the ice cream may become more "watery" and less saturated. Ice crystals may appear that are unpleasantly crunchy on the teeth.

    Required equipment for ice cream production

    After the detailed business plan has been drawn up and approved, it is necessary to choose the most suitable equipment for the production of soft ice cream. Below are three of the most common and well-proven freezers.


    The freezer is characterized by a high level of manufacturability and an excellent modern design solution. Made in Italy.

    • Dimensions: 870 x 580 x 290 mm.
    • Productivity at the level of twelve liters per hour.
    • Weight: 88 kilograms.
    • Cost: 265 thousand rubles.

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