How to start a pastry business

The tempting pastry business is distinguished by the ability to start without capital investments.

For a start, you need the most common ingredients and household appliances found in any home.

And women and men who, for whatever reason, have been left without work, can realize themselves with the help of such a simple matter.

Business Organization

According to the law, any form of business must be officially registered.

However, if the pastry business is just starting to spin up, limiting itself to baking for friends, relatives, then we can wait a little while paying taxes to the state.

If the business plan includes further development with a gradual coverage of the clientele, sales to shops, cafes, supermarkets, then you should already draw up documents, since none of these establishments can work with random people.

It is quite simple to set the price of a product in order to win:

  • ingredients are purchased;
  • counter is recorded;
  • baked goods are carried out;
  • all costs are summed up and divided by the number of pies.

So you can get a specific figure corresponding to the real cost of the product.

The catering market has not lost its relevance for a long time, because now it is full of competitors. But there are also directions that are quite loyal to newcomers. These include the sale of pies. How to open a pie shop from scratch and where to start a business?

We will consider the most profitable solutions for business on various issues and advice from experienced entrepreneurs about some difficulties, evaluate possible work strategies, and also draw up a business plan for the project with calculations of its profitability.

Analyze the business and choose the format

To open a business in a certain area, it is important to understand what it is, what goals it pursues, and what are its features. In our case, the pie as a business project is really good for a beginner because of the simplicity of its opening and running.

This business will not bring particularly large income, but it will be an excellent stable option for the main income. In addition, although there are a lot of entrepreneurs in this market, there is not much competition: it is still easy to find a place for an advantageous location, and there is a constant demand for the product.

It is only important to make a quality product in order to gather a permanent audience. Among other things, the pie business allows you to choose a format that suits the financial capabilities of the entrepreneur. The following establishments that sell this product are opened as standard:

  • Small bakeries.
  • Pie stalls, including those on wheels.
  • Cake home business.
  • Cafe-pie.

For a beginner, any option is suitable, except, perhaps, a cafe. Such establishments use a lot of start-up investments and time to promote the project, and in case of failure, there is a risk of losing a lot.

Download for free as an example a business plan for Pie.

We register the project and draw up documents

Whichever format you choose, you must officially register your own pie business. The first step is to register an LLC or individual entrepreneur. The Sole Proprietor is comfortable for every format, including kiosks and mini-bakeries.

Traditional Russian pies. With cabbage and potatoes, cherries or apples. Everyone knows this delicacy, which can become the basis for their own business. Selling pies as a business has been known for a long time, they are hot and tasty, they not only satisfy hunger, but also delight entrepreneurs with a good income.

Today Reconomica magazine offers its readers the history of the pastry business, which dates back to the 90s and still exists today. Can you make a million on pies? Read it!

A little about myself

Good afternoon. My name is Natalya Zavolokina, I am 56 years old.

I launched my own small business 20 years ago and continue to do it successfully to this day. I live in a small urban-type village of Sarata and since the age of 35 I have been selling homemade fried pies at the local market.


Even before fate connected me with trading in the market, I worked in the 90s as a cook in a canteen at a railway station. The dining room was small, there were two owners, from the staff - just me and the saleswoman, and things were going badly. Why our cafeteria closed, I still don't know. The owners ran out of money, or they quarreled among themselves, but the fact remains - I was left without work and without money.

The town is small, you won't find much work, and where there are cooks, all the places have already been taken. For almost a year I was out of work.

From time to time, acquaintances invited the cook to a wedding or commemoration. I had all the dishes, preparations and serving. I had to take my eldest daughter as my assistant, periodically the younger one helped too. They paid well, that's why I agreed.

Earnings were unstable - today there is, and then you sit for a month, again you wait for who will have what holiday, but you wonder whether they will call or not.

When the last 200 rubles remained in my wallet, and there was no work for almost 3 months, I began to sound the alarm. My daughters offered me to try selling pies on the market, especially since I am friends with pastries, and I know how to cook pies and buns. This is how the idea of ​​my future business came about.

If you don't try, you won't recognize

In those years, I still did not know what a business plan was and how to draw it up. If you have money, then you can open something of your own, if you don't have it, you work for the state.

Posted by Natali Killer Published June 5, 2021 Updated June 13, 2021

When looking for a new business, entrepreneurs are looking for a field of activity that would be new to society, pay for itself well and, most importantly, bring pleasure to the businessman himself. Today, when the food market is overflowing with pesticide products, homemade products are a valuable commodity and become a real delight for food lovers.

Therefore, aspiring entrepreneurs can seriously think about opening their own bakery in order to start a business and start making money on pies. One of the main advantages of this business is that there is no need for large investments at the start, respectively, and the payback of the business will be very quick. In addition, making pies does not require much skill and almost any experienced chef can handle this task. If you delve into history, then this idea is not entirely new, and our predecessors made big money on baking, delighting people with delicious pies. It is worth taking a closer look at what prospects are there for making money on pies?

Brief content of the article

Making money on pies - the Russian answer to an Italian pizzeria

Pies with delivery are a new trend in the food industry. Increasingly, this food can be found in the hands of couriers in a hurry to take them to happy customers. They buy pies for different occasions: a festive dinner with the family, a corporate party, an event in a restaurant or cafe, a picnic. Not all housewives can cook as deliciously as professional chefs, so in many cases it is much more reasonable and profitable to order ready-made food delivery.

The popularity of filled baked goods is also explained by the following:

  • Our compatriots still prefer Russian cuisine rather than foreign. It is more pleasant for them to feel the aroma and taste the usual pies with natural meat, rather than ordering pizza from incomprehensible ingredients.
  • Homemade cakes are a great way to refresh childhood memories and relive the moments left behind by your parental home. The pastries prepared by a grandmother or mother in childhood remain in the hearts of almost all people forever.

Today it is better to order pies with delivery in special establishments specializing in baking. The menu of such cafes has several options for baking, suitable for a simple dinner with friends and family, and for organizing a major event, for example, a corporate party.

To start making money on baking, you can choose the most profitable range of products yourself:

  • Saturated pies with different fillings in the form of fish, vegetables, meat, mushrooms, including combined options;
  • Sweet pies with fruits, berries and cottage cheese ;
  • Ossetian pastries.

The last product is worth talking about separately. Ossetian pies are a special product that is popular in many countries around the world. As the name implies, Ossetia became the birthplace of these pies, where people approach the cooking process with special trepidation and a wide soul. In this region, not a single large feast can do without this dish, which is made with various fillings.

You can buy pies with delivery by ordering the filling in advance (even its unusual options), so everyone will find a dish to their liking.

In this article we will look at the business plan for pies, find out whether it is profitable to open a pie cafe or install a vending machine with bakery products. The demand for this product is high and does not depend on the season. Pies are sold with a margin of more than 100%, which helps to quickly recoup the initial investment and earn stable income. How to register a pie, what permissions do you need to get, which trading format to choose and how much money will you need to open?


Pie as a business is possible in the form of individual entrepreneurship or a limited liability company. The owner of the establishment himself determines the option that is profitable for himself. Small cafes for 10-15 seats, vending machines or street kiosks are more suitable for individual entrepreneurs. Registration of this status will take from 3 to 5 days and will cost only 800 rubles.

To register an LLC, you will need to develop a charter, prepare a protocol of founders or a decision of a single participant. The state fee is 4 times more - 4000 rubles, you will also need to pay for notarization of the statutory documentation. In the case of a pie, this form should be chosen only when there are 2 or more founders of the business. The advantage of a legal entity in the absence of personal liability in bankruptcy.

Pirozhkova, operating as a full-fledged cafe, will indicate OKVED 56. 0.. Kiosk or similar non-stationary trade facility - 47. 9. Vending machine with pies - OKVED 47. 9.. Optimal taxation - simplified regime.

Sanitary Requirements and Permits

To legally open a pie shop from scratch, you will need to obtain permits from several government agencies. In terms of legislation, a pie cafe is no different from a Japanese or Italian cafe, so the set of papers will be standard. What documents are needed:

  • Rospotrebnadzor certificate with permission to open a catering establishment at a specific address;
  • positive conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological service;
  • positive conclusion of the fire inspection ;
  • contract for the removal and disposal of waste (for stationary objects);
  • documents for baking equipment;
  • technological maps of cooking;
  • employment contracts and medical records of employees with a valid medical examination and completed training in sanitary standards).

Patty shops usually do not offer alcohol, but a license will be required if there are alcoholic drinks in the establishment. It costs 65,000 rubles. SES and Fire Inspection issue permits only after an inspection check. First, the institution is fully prepared for the opening, hires staff and organizes medical examinations for employees, conclude contracts for waste disposal and only then invite inspectors.

Selling pies on the street is formalized as street trade. There are 3 formats: stationary (kiosks, stalls), exit (from a specially equipped vehicle) and through an open-air counter. For all 3 types, permission must be obtained from the municipal administration of the city or district. To do this, they write a statement, and as an application they present a map-diagram of the location of the shopping facility. Registration will take from 30 to 45 days, so you should take care of them in advance. This document is obtained in addition to the permission of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service.

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