How to start a homemade dumplings business

The production of dumplings is one of the most modern home businesses. It is especially popular in small towns, even taking into account the fact that the market is filled with this kind of product. The popularity of semi-finished products also lies in the large assortment, for example, manti, dumplings, khinkali, etc. Such products are loved and consumed by almost everyone, since their main advantage is quick preparation.

Pros and cons of business

Advantages of the dumplings business:

  • The desire to buy dumplings does not depend on the season at all.
  • A business pays off quite quickly with the right organization and management.
  • Sufficiently low volume of labor-intensive capital.
  • Significant savings due to the absence of the need to rent premises, hire workers at the initial stages.

The big disadvantage of the business is its high competitiveness. But if the products are made from environmentally friendly and high quality products, then they will clearly lead.

Required documents

The first games often disperse among friends and acquaintances. They are the most important tasters. But you won't make a lot of money that way. You need to look for places of sale, and for this you need a package of mandatory documents:

  • Documentation of Rospotrebnadzor and Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.
  • Hygienic conclusion of SES.
  • Recipe.

When expanding - building your own workshop - you will need to register with the tax office and register your activities. You can register as a private entrepreneur or legal entity.

In this case, the conclusion of the fire department will be required. You will also need:

  • Technical conditions, which are registered and agreed (TU).
  • Label layout.
  • Technical instruction (TI).

If staff will be hired, they must have a health record.

Making dumplings at home and selling them only to individuals does not require various documents.

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The financial investments were very insignificant. For making dumplings, I allocated an empty room in the house. I already had an electric meat grinder, a molding mold and a 450l freezer. From the equipment I had to buy only a metal production table for 5000 rubles. You could do without him, but I wanted everything to be real.

Only the process of making minced meat is automated, the rest of the procedures are dough kneading and molding, manually. Little things, such as pots, rolling pins, cutting boards and other utensils, are in the kitchen of every housewife. In addition, you need plastic bags that are dense and durable. They cost 1,500 rubles for 500 pieces. I could use credit card funds to purchase the necessary equipment, I did without it.

If we consider how much the equipment costs from scratch, the calculation will look something like this:

chest freezer (like mine) - 30,000 rubles, electric meat grinder (budget option) - about 6,000 rubles. mold for making dumplings - 200 rubles. industrial metal thick - 5000 rubles. shares - 1500 rubles.

It remains only to find suppliers, guaranteed - quality, meat, I did not want to spoil my reputation. The supplier was found pretty quickly, the local farmer agreed to bring me the meat at home. The price of beef is 300 rubles. per kilogram. When buying meat, be sure to have a veterinary certificate.

Legal arrangement

At first, it was possible to do without the official registration of individual entrepreneurship, only I am absurdly law-abiding, so I immediately started this process. There are two ways to open an IP - through the State Services portal or in person. If you register through the portal of State Services, you do not need to pay the state duty, if personally, the state duty is 800 rubles. So that there are no problems with the mass of tax returns, my individual entrepreneur is on a simplified taxation system.

OKVED code is suitable for making dumplings at home: 98. 0 “Undifferentiated private household providing services for own consumption” (while I was planning to work alone and sell dumplings to friends); 10. 3. "Manufacturing of meat (meat-containing) semi-finished products" (in the hope of expanding the business and attracting assistants). At the same time, I need to issue a sanitary book and undergo training for a sanitary minimum, this pleasure cost me 5,000 rubles.

Informing acquaintances

First purchase and first sales

Finally, I collected all the necessary documents. The moment of the birth of a business woman has come. To begin with, I bought: 10 kg of beef for 3000 rubles, 10 kg of flour for 350 rubles, a cell of eggs for 150 rubles, 3 kg of onions for 105 rubles, the total cost of food for the first batch of dumplings is 3605 rubles. The cost of a kilogram of dumplings was 130 rubles. I sell it through a friend's store, at 250 rubles per kilogram. The profit per kilogram was 120 rubles - a profitability of 92%, if you count it without going into the economic nuances - electricity, my salary and others.

Despite the fact that dumplings are a well-known product, the business of their production does not lose its relevance. The main indicator is the speed of preparation, satiety and taste of the dish. With a partial attitude to such a product and the ability to cook it deliciously, you can open a dumplings business and start making good money.

Cooking dumplings at home

Business Registration

There is no need to register a mini-business at the stage of selling products to neighbors. But if the business has reached the level of wholesale sales for cafes or other establishments, then registration of an individual entrepreneur is necessary. Documents that buyers of products may require must be in hand and provided upon request. You need to have 2 declarations and a certificate. Moreover, the certificate is voluntary. To obtain certificates, you need to prepare technical specifications and documents, namely:

  • Flour product recipe.
  • Sample label.
  • Lease agreement.
  • Copies of OGRN and INN.
  • Permission from Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Conclusion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.
  • The conclusion of the fire department.
  • Sanitary books for staff.

How to make homemade dumplings?

Any hostess knows how to cook this dish deliciously. Moreover, sometimes the manufacture of dumplings is passed on in family recipes from generation to generation. Simple products are needed for production:

  • Flour.
  • Water.
  • Eggs.
  • Bow.
  • Condiments, including pepper and salt.
  • Chicken, pork, beef, turkey or lamb.

Moreover, the ratio of products used to prepare dough or minced meat is determined by the one who prepares them. It is possible to use a proven recipe from the Internet or a passable unique family recipe. In order to reduce production costs without affecting its quality, you can add bread or potatoes to the minced meat, as well as water. The permissible amount of water should not exceed 20%. Adding water can make the recipe more beneficial by making the dumplings juicier and tastier. For the filling, it is not necessary to use minced meat, it can be fruit, vegetable or seafood. Perhaps some combination of flavors can be a highlight for business promotion.

Manufacturing Equipment

The automatic setting will allow you to make not only this dish, but also ravioli or roll out dough for lasagna.

We were interested in the post of one member of the forum with the nickname afgan1971 @: “Either bad luck, or luck (I don’t know yet) took me to a small Ural town where I came on a business trip,” he writes. - In search of where to re-eat, I ended up in one family dumplings, consisting of a small kitchen, where they made dumplings with a variety of fillings, and a dining room with several tables. I have never eaten anything tastier in my entire forty-year life. So I decided that I would open the production of dumplings - the same family company, so that "they lick their fingers, rolling their well-fed eyes with bliss." I think that the feature should be precisely in quality and in a rich recipe, numbering, for example, a hundred options for fillings. "

Indeed, why not start your own production of delicious dumplings. Let's talk about this.

According to experts, a formal approach to the business idea of ​​producing dumplings is unlikely to be successful. “Perhaps they will buy such a product,” says Igor Malyugin, an expert on startups. "At the same time, the existing competition from the promoted brands will hang like a sword of Damocles." According to the expert, an unforgettable taste can bring a stable profit in this field, which will become the hallmark of the manufacturer.

It just seems like dumplings are a simple dish. In reality, their preparation has many secrets and nuances that affect the taste. “One of the mistakes is a superficial approach to kneading dumplings,” says chef Varvara Sibirskaya. - Firstly, flour should be wheat and only of the highest grade (it is enriched with oxygen by sifting). Requires the right approach and the preparation of an egg-water solution. Otherwise, the dumplings will greatly lose their taste. "

In this regard, you should carefully read the book "Your dumplings" by Elena Maslyakova.

“In 1879, in Nizhny Novgorod, a brochure“ Songs about dumplings ”was published, where the epigraph was the lines:“ I am ready to fall on my knees before the one who invented dumplings! ”writes Elena Maslyakova. “In our time, there are many people who are ready to repeat the words of an unknown poet.” Of course, if you cook dumplings correctly and with heart.

Recipe selection

The most popular are Siberian dumplings, then - Russian, then - Moscow, then - in Tajik (lamb with garlic and goat milk) and, of course, Ukrainian: great in taste, but fatty due to bacon ... “As an alternative to meat filling, you can offer sorcerers from turkey or Odessa vegetable dumplings,” says nutritionist Arina Katz. - Also, those who want to lose weight will like shallots with apples and dumplings with melon-pumpkin pate. Simply put, there is a recipe for every taste ”.

Still, when choosing a recipe, local traditions and consumer demand should be taken into account. “It is important to present the goods correctly,” advises PR specialist Roman Guardianov. - For example, the market for fish dumplings is now underestimated, although they are not inferior to meat dumplings in terms of consumer properties. If you decide to make salmon-filled dumplings, talk about it in the local press or regional tabloids. The main thing is not to explain to the editors that it is necessary to promote the business (three skins will be removed). "

To understand if there will be demand, let's turn to the forums.

Chronic lack of free time pushes millions of Russians to eat semi-finished products. This opens up opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to organize their own production of instant food. Today we will tell you about how to open a dumplings business.

Store-bought dumplings are no match for homemade dumplings made with carefully selected ingredients. However, the modern rhythm of life allows you to indulge in culinary delights only on holidays. Therefore, the factory production of dumplings and other semi-finished products is experiencing a renaissance, capturing the hearts and minds of aspiring entrepreneurs. We will tell you in detail how to organize your own dumplings line, what equipment you need to purchase and what you need to take into account when entering this highly competitive market.

Is it worth starting?

The most difficult thing in a new business is organizing a dumplings production workshop. Literally every piece of equipment must be chosen wisely, since the cost of production and its quality will depend on the efficiency of the line. If you succeed, then the new production from the first days will delight you with high profitability and the possibility of expanding the range of products with minimal investment.

The demand for dumplings does not depend on the seasonality factor and shows rapid growth from year to year. Even if at first it will be difficult for you to beat more experienced competitors, hard work on product quality and lower production costs will allow you to quickly find your buyer.

Large workshop or home production?

It all depends on your financial capabilities. Having spent money on organizing a full-fledged production, you are unlikely to face a long-term lack of demand for manufactured products. Provided that a competent marketing policy is carried out, it will be possible to load the lines by 80-90% in 2–3 months. In other sectors of the food industry, it is not always possible to achieve similar indicators even a year after launch.

As for home production, to open it, you will need the same registration of an individual entrepreneur and obtaining permits at the sanitary and epidemiological station. Therefore, this option for organizing a business is relevant only in cases where the available financial capabilities do not allow opening a full-fledged factory line. In the future, if you want the production of dumplings as a business to become your main source of income, you still have to spend on renting premises and purchasing professional equipment.

Dumplings Production Plan

To understand what equipment is needed to open a dumplings, it is necessary to progressively consider all stages of production.

Deboning and trimming of meat

If you are planning to use natural meat for the filling, which we strongly recommend, you cannot do without preliminary deboning and trimming of the meat. The purchase of processed meat products is unprofitable due to their high cost compared to half carcasses. For deboning and trimming, you will need a large stainless steel table, several special hooks, and a set of professional knives. The total cost of the said equipment will be about 10 thousand rubles.

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