How to start a homemade cookie business

More and more often in social networks and among private advertisements, you can find proposals for the manufacture of homemade confectionery.

Small-scale production of cookies as a business is gaining popularity among housewives, but the profitability of such a business is insignificant, so home cooking is more of a hobby with a pleasant material bonus than a business that brings a stable income.

However, there is an opportunity to put baked goods on stream and get more significant profits.

Peculiarities of the confectionery business

The main and indisputable advantages of making cookies as a business:

  • demand for products,
  • long shelf life,
  • independence from seasonality,
  • quick payback.

However, there is a very high level of competition among confectioners, although not only corporations but also small manufacturers work freely in this segment.

The main competitive advantage should be the optimal price / quality ratio, the updated assortment, a certain zest of the product.

Before calculating the required investments, you need to decide what niche you plan to occupy in the confectionery business.

You can stay at the level of home production, or you can develop your business to the level of a mini-workshop.

Home production

The business idea of ​​baking homemade biscuits is a rarity today, because such a product is rarely found on store shelves. It is not difficult to organize business cookies at home; even if you own the minimum start-up capital, you can always start from the bottom and rise to the top of the homemade cookie business.

Starting a homemade cookie business

Home business cookie ideas suitable for girls and women. Many mothers on maternity leave can start producing cookies at home, as well as families if it is in their best interest to start a family business.

There are several options for starting a homemade cookie baking business. You can start with any of the methods for making homemade cookies and the business can grow in the future.

You have a minimum starting capital

Starting capital: 3 - 15 thousand rubles;

Monthly profit: 3 - 5 thousand rubles;

In such conditions, it will be enough just to choose several types of cookies and start a business. Equipment, as a rule, is minimal: cookie molds and baking equipment - various kinds of ovens. It is also necessary to purchase raw materials at wholesale prices. The product must be fresh - this is important when starting any home production. Find recipes and start baking.

This modest home business does not require registration. When the business starts to gain momentum and actively develop, only then registration will be needed.

In order to avoid creating an illegal business, the product is sold in the most usual way: with friends and neighbors at home and given to stores for sale. It will be easier to negotiate with neighbors - good relations and a high-quality product will allow you to constantly sell cookies. When it comes to stores, not every grocery store owner will want to deal with an unknown person who owns a cookie business at home. Nevertheless, having mastered the technique of communication and negotiation, most of the owners of such points can be persuaded. Shopkeepers will throw in their 20-30% and start selling your cookies.

The majority of consumers in our country buy it regularly, both spontaneously, grabbing it on the way to the checkout, and planning a purchase in advance, before going to the supermarket.

The production of cookies of various types in our country totals more than 900 tons per year, and the market demand not only remains at a high level, but also steadily grows - annually by 8-10%. Of course, there is a lot of competition here, because the business is profitable.

Moreover, both large confectionery factories and small manufacturers coexist, which in this specific segment can successfully compete for tastes and customer loyalty. Today, the confectionery niche is almost completely filled, but there is still room for new players, whose products, with a competent approach and high quality, can take their corner on the shelf of a grocery store, and then place on the table of the end consumer. We will try to tell you in this article how to organize our own production of cookies, which will be able to win back a share on the confectionery counter.

Basic steps for setting up a mini biscuit shop

Unlike a number of other products, where small companies find it difficult to compete with the giants of the market, in the confectionery business, in particular in the production of cookies, success can quickly come to small production. The most important thing here is quality, taste, assortment and the presence of the very zest that will attract the attention of the consumer to the product.

Therefore, feel free to count on the fact that your own mini-shop for the production of cookies can easily turn into a successful, profitable and profitable business. However, despite such bright prospects, you will have to work hard to be able to declare yourself from the best side. To do this, you first need to draw up a business plan, which will reflect and carefully consider the following points:

  • type and range of products;
  • cookie production technology, stages;
  • equipment (what, in what quantity);
  • premises for organizing a workshop;
  • sales of production products (channels);
  • calculation of costs and expected profits.

All these questions are essential, and it is their correct decision that influences the final result - the quality of the finished biscuits, the availability of demand and, as a result, profit.

Determining the range of our workshop

There are many types of cookies. Depending on the technology, as well as the composition (sugar and fat content), dough of various properties can be obtained. Butter biscuits are especially popular, from which a variety of cookies are made: shortbread, which is sweeter and fatter, and sandy-deposited, less fat and plastic.

As a result, you will have a very wide assortment (sugar, lingering, crackers and biscuits, etc.), which can be further diversified in shape, size, finish, various fillings and additives. You can determine what kind of product to offer to consumers by interviewing the buyers themselves and analyzing the market, competitors in your region.

See what others are doing and do something new. Or the old one, but in a new interpretation - with unexpected fillings, combinations, other forms and original presentation. If the consumer notices and appreciates your cookie, then the trump card is in your hands.

Of all the confectionery products, biscuits are the most popular among consumers. Given such a demand for the product, it is only natural that a business in this area can become highly profitable. The production of sugar cookies will turn out to be a profitable business if you correctly approach the organizational issues and think over the development strategy of the enterprise.

Cookies are porous confectionery products of various shapes and small sizes, for the preparation of which flour, sugar, fats, eggs and various flavors are used.

Starting investments - from 800,000 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

Difficulty starting a business - 7/10.

According to analysts, the demand among consumers for cookies is only growing - an affordable and tasty treat. And this only spurs entrepreneurs to introduce new recipes and production methods - a huge assortment of sweets is presented on store shelves. And you may well be a healthy competitor to existing enterprises. By offering quality products to customers, you can quickly earn a decent reputation for yourself.

How to open a mini biscuit production in Russia? What should an entrepreneur consider?

Organizational issues when organizing a business

Starting a business in the food industry is fraught with many difficulties. Both the equipment, and the premises, and the product recipe itself are subject to serious checks by the supervisory authorities - the fire inspection, Rospotrebnadzor and SES. Prepare for a long wait - organizing the production of cookies will require collecting a whole package of documents and going through many stages of registration of activities.

Register as an LLC. This will make it easier for you to conclude contracts with large buyers in the future.

Immediately decide whether you will open a confectionery production under your own brand. Branding is costly and troublesome. But this will be the best way to attract consumers - they, having memorized the trademark of the products they like, will choose only your sweets in the future. If you have very little money, start producing butter biscuits without registering a brand. But in the future, when things gain momentum, be sure to tackle this issue.

For many, cookies are a favorite treat since childhood. In addition, it is not only a delicious addition to tea, but also a great gift for any holidays. For the same reasons, making cookies is a great start to starting a business. The main advantages of biscuit production are the variety of options and high popularity, which allows you to reach categories of buyers, both low and high income.

How to organize a workshop?

To open an enterprise for the mass production of cookies, first of all, you need a room suitable for sanitary requirements. The building should have easy access roads, a direct connection to the sewerage system, and a constant supply of electricity and water.

To create an enterprise for the production of cookies, you must register with the tax authority as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Of course, registering an individual entrepreneur is the easiest way. But if you plan to expand your business in the future and attract external funds, then it would be more rational to create an LLC. It is also worth noting here that when registering, you should choose the taxation system that the company will use, and under which OKVED codes it will operate. For such production, code 10 is suitable. 2. 1 - production of cookies. H

As far as taxation is concerned, the most suitable is the simplified system. This choice is due to the fact that the company has a fairly high level of costs, and a simplified system with the "income minus costs" regime will reduce tax expenditures. When using this method, the tax rate will be 15%.

Obtaining required permissions

As mentioned earlier, in order to launch a biscuit shop, you need to obtain a number of documents, without which the legal operation of the enterprise will be impossible.

To register as an individual entrepreneur you need:

  • application for registration (form Р21001);
  • passport and its photocopy;
  • TIN and its photocopy;
  • confirmation of payment of the state duty;
  • application for the transition to the simplified tax system (form No. 26. -1).

To register as an LLC you will need:

  • application for registration of LLC (form Р11001);
  • decision of the founders to establish LLC;
  • charter of LLC;
  • confirmation of payment of the state duty;
  • application for the transition to the simplified tax system (form No. 26. -1);
  • a letter of guarantee from the owner of the legal address;
  • confirmation payment of the authorized capital of the LLC (can be obtained from the bank).

Further, when the legal entity has already been registered, for the legal functioning of the workshop, it is necessary to obtain a number of special permits, including:

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