How to organize a business in the country: options for a family business on your site

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Earth, like time, is a resource that is limited and there are many ways to benefit from it. Today we will consider the 7 most profitable ways to generate income from an ordinary land plot, whether it be a summer cottage or a personal plot near a house or maybe a remote garden plot (garden or summer cottage).

Growing crops

The easiest way to generate income from the land is to grow something. If there is a lot of land, it is not fenced off, not guarded and there is no desire to tinker on it, then the easiest way is to grow hay on such land. But there are more fruitful crops: sunflowers, potatoes, cabbage, beets, carrots, and so on.

If the plot is not large - from one to six acres, then it is more profitable to grow more complex and faster-growing crops. For example, onions, dill, strawberries, flowers. By installing greenhouses, you can increase the amount of harvest. There is a detailed article with useful information on how to organize your business on a small plot using greenhouses: a business for growing in greenhouses. There are also recommendations on how to build efficient greenhouses very inexpensively.

If you have free funds to pay salaries, you can immediately hire people who are ready to work on your site. Then you can start earning income after the first harvest. When choosing workers, you need to weed out the lazy and drinkers. The average salary in rural areas is 6,000 rubles for a five-day working week. For a plot of 6 acres, one worker is enough to start making a profit from him. However, daily work may be required during planting and harvesting periods. In other periods, you can go to work less often, and in winter this is not required at all.

The harvested crop can be sold in bulk to buyers or large consumers - vegetable factories, canteens and others.

Depending on the chosen culture, different care is required. If you are not familiar with plant growing, you can start by growing potatoes. Working with potatoes is familiar to many in our country, so it will not be difficult to find people who understand it. For one planted kilogram of potatoes, you can get 5 kilograms of harvest. The resulting difference after deducting wages and costs of fertilizers and chemicals will be your profit.

Raising farm animals

It is more profitable to raise farm animals on a plot of the same size. Unlike the previous method, animals require daily care. Therefore, here you will either have to work yourself, or hire at least two people.

For those who have not only garden plots, but also a lot of free time, the issues of making a profit using the dacha may become relevant. We will try to figure out whether it is possible to organize a business in the country, options for earning income with the help of a summer residence.

Ideas for organizing a business in the country

The very first thing that comes to mind is the cultivation of fruits, berries, vegetables, greens in the country in order to sell them to the population. The second direction is the use of land for the production of poultry and animal meat. A family gardening business can be very diverse.

Vegetables and herbs

Before anyone, how to choose crops for growing, you need to know the consumer demand for them. It is enough to go to the local market and ask the price of the product. As a rule, the earliest products are in the greatest demand and at a good price. To get early vegetables and greens, you need a greenhouse or film cover. You can grow under them:

  • young radishes
  • all kinds of salad
  • trendy arugula
  • spicy herbs such as dill, parsley, basil

The cultivation of these crops is beneficial not only because after the winter the consumer missed greens and vegetables from the open ground, but also because after harvesting the area of ​​the site can be reused.

If the size of the territory allows, then small-scale production of early potatoes can be the basis of a family business in the country. Young early potatoes cost three to four times more than regular potatoes and are very popular. This type of business will be discussed in more detail below.

Berry crops

When choosing berries for growing for sale, it is also advisable to give preference to the earliest varieties. Even before strawberries, honeysuckle ripens in the gardens. This berry is no less useful than blueberries and currants. In addition to early crops, you can opt for more wild berries, such as garden blueberries, sometimes mistakenly called blueberries. Naturally, you can grow garden strawberries, currants and raspberries for sale. These berries are always in demand. The success of the business depends on the selection of modern high-yielding varieties with increased disease resistance.

Suburban poultry and livestock farming as a family business

According to the statutory documents of dacha cooperatives, as well as in accordance with veterinary and other legislation of the Russian Federation, it is impossible to set up a full-fledged farm in a dacha. Therefore, for business, you need to choose medium-sized, highly productive animals and birds, whose meat and live young will be in consumer demand.

In addition, if the dacha is used for the season, it is necessary to provide for either the maintenance of the breeding stock in the winter, or its annual purchase.

Vacation is freedom for body and soul. But, often a person experiences calmness and pleasure only in the first week of the prescribed rest, and then. Money (vacation pay) begins to decrease exponentially, and the first pay according to the plan is not at all soon. A person begins to economize, to infringe on his desires, which definitely leads to an absolutely ruined rest.

How to fix the situation? Many townspeople go out of town to summer cottages for the summer. Yes, your vegetables from the garden, fresh air, silence, natural beauty - you cannot list all the delights of summer cottage life! But, the money problem reaches with its tentacles even there, which brings gloom, anxiety, perplexity.

It turns out that it is at the dacha that men have more opportunities to open a mini-business than in the city. Find a profitable business to your liking and skills, so that the family income not only does not dry out, but is also qualitatively replenished. Below are the brightest ways of seasonal small business that have long been tested in practice and have shown excellent results.

Seasonal business in the country - tax free

This is the slogan that attracts millions of people to use such a profitable government trick for their own benefit.

The organizer of a mini-business at the dacha will not need:

  • Register as an individual entrepreneur in the fiscal services at the place of registration;
  • Register a private enterprise and pay taxes.

In the event that a person just on summer vacation decided to earn extra money with their own skills and talents, then such activities are not considered taxable income.

The main criteria for a mini-business in the country

What to do to make money in the country? The question is urgent, serious and does not accept a momentary solution. Everything should be carefully considered, analyzed, calculated.

An indicative list of questions that must be answered before starting to organize your own mini-business in the country:

  • What do you love and know how to do at your leisure the most? (Answers in the form of: watching TV, reading a newspaper, smoking, eating are not considered).
  • Based on the characteristics of your hobby, you should think about what dimensions of the territory should be arranged in your own yard in order to provide enough space for placing and using the necessary work equipment and other devices of activity, as well as where to receive the expected customers.
  • Is your work in demand in this area? In other words, it is necessary to assess the market for finished products or services. Will there be a demand for those products of production (goods or services) that you, as a private entrepreneur, are preparing to produce and put up for sale?
  • What initial capital should be invested in organizing a mini-business? Quite often, this issue is not even considered, since a person who has been passionate about something for a long time and has planned to get income from his favorite activity already has everything that is necessary to do this work.

Having received answers to all of the above questions, the future mini-entrepreneur will be able to clearly imagine the external organization of his mini-business, suggest the number of interested buyers, and calculate the expected profit from his business venture.

Many people perceive the dacha only as a place where you can rest your body and soul: to fry a barbecue, sunbathe, take a steam bath. However, there are people who not only rest at their summer cottage, but also grow crops. Someone makes do with cucumbers and herbs, and someone approaches this issue on a larger scale: plants potatoes for several hundred square meters, has two or three greenhouses and hotbeds, grows various berries and fruit-bearing trees.

Svetlana Stepanova's mother-in-law belongs to the second category of summer residents. Svetlana told Reconomica magazine about how a woman manages not only to grow a crop for herself, but also to make money on it.

Summer cottage is not only a place to relax

Hello! Today, using the example of my mother-in-law, I want to show you how you can organize additional income, having a summer cottage. My mother-in-law has long been retired. Her name is Valentina Dmitrievna and she is 65 years old. We live in the city of Kemerovo.

Buying vegetables and berries in the store has now become an expensive pleasure, especially in winter. For example, a kilogram of tomatoes in Kemerovo closer to the New Year costs about 450 rubles. In autumn, vegetables are much cheaper, the same tomatoes can be bought at 50 rubles per kilogram. If you are a fan of making preparations for the winter in large quantities, then the purchased ingredients will not cost as cheaply as you would like. Both the quality and the taste characteristics leave much to be desired. Fresh berries in winter are very difficult to find. Basically, they are either frozen or canned, and are relatively expensive in terms of cost.

Suburban area as a way to earn money

The most profitable option in this case would be to buy a suburban area. Now almost everyone has a garden or a summer cottage for running a personal backyard farm, but this is convenient not only because you can save well on vegetables and berries, you can still make good money on running such a farm.

Summer cottage is not only a place to relax

Many people refuse to sell crops grown on their own land, primarily because they do not want to spend all day in the market, and some are simply ashamed. All harvested crops are stored in the cellars and are not always eaten during the winter, which leads to the fact that by autumn everything simply rots or the vegetables are thrown out to make room for new crops. Such people simply do not understand what losses they incur and how profitable it is to organize a small business by selling crops from their own land, especially if the harvest is good and there is a surplus.

Transportation costs

Seasonal earnings in Russia, in particular business in the country, do not lose their topicality in the context of the economic crisis. The problems of the Russian economy affected the state of agriculture, industry, business and the welfare of citizens. Today, Russians have little choice, "tighten their belts" or look for ideas for business.

Let's consider the option of entrepreneurial activity from scratch using the example of a summer cottage and talk about which business direction is more profitable, how to rationally use the land and open production to generate additional income.

Earnings on a personal plot

The main advantage of the dacha option is the availability of premises for organizing production.

So, the problem: how can you use the land and what mini business to open, with a minimum investment.

Set up a tire fitting, workshop in the country; breed pets or grow seedlings for sale, without a lease and monthly bonded payment. Convenient position for starting a business.

And since the problem with the premises has been resolved, the main thing remains - to calculate the feasibility of the "business on earth" project: how much can you earn and is it worth it.

It is difficult to answer for sure, since many external factors affect the amount of income:

  • line of business;
  • availability of communications;
  • site location;
  • types of buildings, etc. / li >

Hence the different opportunities for making a profit:

  • If the site is not far from the city - rent out the house, the dacha business will bring 20-25 thousand a month.
  • Dilution of flowers will give up to 100 thousand rubles.
  • Growing onions for feathers, parsley and dill - 20-30 thousand rubles.
  • Apiary - 150 thousand rubles.

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