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The main task of any recruiting agency is the selection of qualified workers who can professionally do their job. Our firm will be engaged in the selection of domestic personnel.

Therefore, it is necessary to have organizational skills, skills in working with people and with information.

In addition, you will have to face such concepts as:

  • work with clients;
  • legal basis of the agency;
  • competition.

How to find a good nanny?

Ability to take care of a child is not immediately assessed. First of all, they pay attention to the manner of communication, appearance, the ability to win over children and adults. Finding a nanny may not be limited to babysitting. Often agency clients require a candidate to perform housework.

Basic requirements for a nanny:

  • personal documents;
  • teacher education;
  • medical examination results;
  • information about the previous place of work;
  • positive recommendations (mandatory verification of all reviews about the candidate);
  • knowledge of the psychological and physiological characteristics of the child;
  • no bad habits.

Selection is carried out in two stages:

  • Questioning of candidates.
  • An interview with a psychologist.

Housekeepers, governesses, chauffeurs, tutors - these specialists are becoming more and more in demand today. And where to look for such people? How can you be sure of their professionalism?

These questions are of interest to many applicants. That is why the question of how to open a recruiting agency is becoming more and more urgent. After all, it can become a really interesting and profitable business.

What is such an agency? Basic principles of work

If you are interested in how to open a recruiting agency, then you are probably wondering exactly how such enterprises work. It's actually pretty simple. The clients of such agencies are employers - people who are looking for this or that specialist.

Since in most cases the company offers the services of domestic staff, clients, accordingly, are looking for nannies, governesses, tutors, gardeners, cleaners, cooks, etc. For example, if both parents are busy with work, then they need the person who will look after the child or keep the house clean, spoil delicious homemade dishes from time to time.

Of course, you don't want to take anyone into your house anyhow - employers want to hire only really good people who can be trusted. The agency is an intermediary between an employer and a specialist in a particular business.

Where does the profit come from?

In fact, a home recruiting firm can be a profitable business. This business does not require large start-up capital, but it takes a lot of time and effort to develop. So where does the money come from?

Many agencies charge employers, a small reward for finding the perfect employee. In addition, people who are looking for work pay money. Here you can already choose the system yourself. In some firms, employees pay a certain amount immediately after registration, and the agency guarantees them decent employment.

Some businesses charge 50-100% of the first salary of a hired specialist. On the other hand, you can charge a small monthly fee to have an employee or employer listed in your database. In any case, at the initial stages, it is best to establish a convenient and understandable payment scheme.

Housekeepers, governesses, drivers, tutors - these specialists are becoming more and more in demand today. And where to look for such people? How can you be sure of their professionalism? Many job seekers are interested in these questions. That is why the question of how to open a recruiting agency is becoming more and more urgent. After all, it can become a really interesting and profitable business.

Today Olga Vasilievna Demirova from Odessa, who has many years of experience in this field and knows all the nuances of such a business, is visiting Reconomica magazine, as she now owns her own recruiting agency.

How I got out of the "wing"

My name is Olga Vasilievna Demirova, and I live in the city of Odessa.

From 30 to 35 years old I worked in a recruiting agency as a HR manager. In 2021, when I turned 35, I opened my own recruiting agency for domestic staff, which is still operating.

Human Resources Manager

For almost 5 years I have worked in the largest recruiting agency in Odessa as a HR manager.

My responsibilities included:

  • personnel search;
  • questionnaires and testing;
  • checking labor reputation;
  • compiling a personnel base; <
  • searching for clients;
  • recruiting an employee;
  • supporting a recruitment transaction.

In other words, the client asked to find him a nanny or a cook, voiced his wishes and requirements, based on them, we looked for several options for employees. Then, a meeting-interview of the client with the staff was organized, where he chose a suitable candidate.

With diligent work, I was able to earn $ 200-250 a month.

My salary

Wanting to work for themselves and have a significantly higher income, many people seek to open their own recruitment agency. This is fraught with certain risks and difficulties that must be taken into account in order to achieve the desired result.

Business advantages and disadvantages

The second problem is that those companies that still understand the benefits of working with a personnel company are mostly large enough and already have a partner in this area. Finally, the third problem is the high level of competition in this market.

The following advantages can be distinguished:

  • Low payback period.
  • High profit level.
  • No need for a large amount of initial investment.
  • The market is not highly seasonal.
  • Opportunity to build partnerships with your clients through the search for highly qualified personnel.
  • The presence of interest in this form of business from employers and employees, since the search is carried out confidentially.
  • Ease of organizing such a business.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Almost complete absence of barriers to entry to the market (this is both an advantage for a new company and a disadvantage, since their absence can lead to a sharp increase in competition in a short period of time).
  • Possibility to choose different formats for carrying out activities.

Registration of the form of activity

To start working officially, the agency must be registered. So, it is preferable to register a legal entity - a limited liability company. It is also permissible to register an individual entrepreneur in the absence of expansion plans. In this case, the company can only have one founder.

In addition, the legal entity must open a bank account. When registering, it is advisable to choose a simplified taxation system so that tax is paid on net profit. This is beneficial because such an enterprise has minimal operating costs.

Agency types and typical services

There are 2 large categories of companies:

  • who are looking for personnel for a certain position;
  • who help find employment for staff (that is, they are looking for a vacancy for a person, not a person for a vacancy).

The second type earns thanks to the contributions of people who are looking for a job: this can be either a fixed amount for information about companies that are looking for a specialist in the relevant profile, or a fee for accessing the database for a certain amount of time. Finally, the third option is to receive money from a person after his employment in the amount of the average monthly salary.

The success of any organization largely depends on such components as the professionalism and qualifications of employees. At present, a high unemployment rate is recorded in our country, but with all this situation, it is not at all easy to find real professionals in their field. Large organizations pay professionals really decent wages. Accordingly, the opening of a recruiting agency is a very relevant idea. Lately, many such agencies have been opened, but the demand for services such as recruiting is still greater than the available supply.

Today the situation in Russia is such that with a high level of unemployment, there is an acute shortage of truly professional specialists.

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Project Description

Before starting a recruiting agency, decide on your specialization and choose the concept of your agency. A service such as recruiting can be offered by different types of recruiting agencies.

Employment Agencies

They do not employ applicants, but can only provide information about vacancies. Job seekers pay for the services of such organizations. A payment is taken in the amount of a monthly salary, but after the applicant is hired. The job of employment agencies is mainly to provide information on available vacancies.

Headhunting Agencies

Their task is to search for clients exclusively highly professional specialists. And they not only look for them, but also lure the best specialists from other organizations.

Recruiting agencies

Their services are paid by the employer. The payment can be from 1 to 3 salaries of the selected candidate.

Highly specialized recruiting agencies

They only select personnel with a narrow specialization (for example, only educators, etc.).

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