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Today, business ideas for the manufacture and sale of various products for animals are in the stage of rapid growth.

Their advantage is high profitability and relatively short payback periods.

Many dog ​​and cat owners are willing to pay good money not only for clothes, but also for furniture for their pets.

It is possible to build a highly profitable business on the manufacture and sale of furniture for animals.

An entrepreneur can start working in this direction right in his own apartment.

How to start a pet furniture business

Furniture for animals does not differ in large dimensions, so one spacious room will be enough to accommodate the necessary materials and tools.

At the initial stage of the development of such a business, it is necessary to purchase consumables and tools.

Drawings for the manufacture of similar products can be found on the Internet. If desired, a businessman will be able to develop his own models of furniture items for animals.

If the entrepreneur has no desire to master this field of activity, he can hire a carpenter. Before starting a business, an entrepreneur should decide on his specialization.

For example, you can only make cat houses or dog beds.

These pieces of furniture are gaining widespread popularity. To find out which products are in greatest demand, you can talk with pet shop owners.

Investments: from 50,000 rubles

Payback: from 2 months

Having your own pet clothing store can be quite a lucrative solution if you approach all your financial issues correctly. As with any product, when opening a store, the main task is to choose the right place. It should be understood that initially potential clients are people with average and high incomes, since a low-income person will not spend their last funds to buy overalls for a dog or a cat. Let's consider the business idea in more detail, noting all the necessary points and possible risks.

Business Concept

Before starting to implement the project, it is necessary to solve two main questions: where to get the goods from and decide on the place. A pet clothing store should be located in business districts or improved residential neighborhoods where potential customers are located. Of course, you can take a cheap apartment in a residential area, but it is unlikely that someone will travel to the other side of the city to buy clothes for a pet. It should also be understood that this business is primarily based on a person's desire to purchase a thing for a pet in a stylish and fashionable store.

Potential clients are, as a rule, women with average and high incomes who can afford to maintain and care for animals.

What is required for implementation?

Distance from the metro in this business is not so important, it is much better to choose a rental space with a convenient location for cars. Large shopping centers are also great. If the business is planned to develop in the capital, then you should also pay attention to elite residential complexes.

As for the goods, it is better to purchase clothes for animals first-hand or order tailoring yourself. The latter option will make it possible to implement your own ideas and original designs, which will also affect pricing. The assortment can be as follows:

  • clothes for home (pajamas, robes, etc.);
  • clothes for special occasions (suits, tuxedos, evening dresses);
  • accessories (jewelry, glasses, collars);
  • clothes for walking (overalls, jackets, pants).

Pet Shop

Investments: from 300,000 rubles.

The key is to open a pet store somewhere in a residential area that will sell pets and pet related products directly. If you have a suitable quality of goods, then they will go to the pet store only because it is close to home.

Considering the approximate growth in this niche of about 20% and the people's love for their pets, the prospect of opening such a business is very good. In general, even novice entrepreneurs should cope with this task.

To start, you will need about 300,000 rubles. A small pet store in a residential area can generate about 50,000 rubles in profit.

Veterinary Pharmacy

Investments: from 500,000 rubles.

This business idea is more promising than a pet store. The fact is that veterinary pharmacies are much smaller than specialty stores. It is also worth considering their uneven geography.

According to statistics, there are about 100 veterinary pharmacies per 2,000,000 pets. The overall competition is below average, which creates an excellent starting point. It is important that there is a person who understands preparations for pets.

One of the advantages of such a business idea is that it is in demand even during the crisis and in small settlements.

Often people figure out how to start breeding cats in order to get passive income. In fact, such a home business is not as easy as it sounds. The main problem is that newcomers to the Internet see the price of pedigree kittens too high and mistakenly believe that this is a very profitable niche. Before opening a case, you must definitely study all the nuances of this difficult case.

What are the pros and cons of a business

Breeding cats has both advantages and disadvantages. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with them even before proceeding directly with reproduction.

Important. Any animal, regardless of breed, requires money and attention.

The more cats were taken to start, the more money will have to be invested in raising them. The benefits noted by business owners include:

  • relatively small financial costs for the purchase of a female or a pair;
  • quick payback;
  • no need to obtain a license;
  • ease of combining with other works.

But there are drawbacks, which are quite significant. Studying them, some aspiring businessmen abandon their idea. There is always high competition among breeders. Also starting a business you need to have basic knowledge of felinology, zoomedicine. You can't do without them.

It is also important to understand that a cat requires a lot of attention during the period of gestation. Most likely, you will have to take a vacation from your main job. As sad as it is, there is always a risk that some of the pets or the female herself will die. Even if the birth was successful, you should not relax. Complications may develop after delivery.

Another drawback is the irregularity of earnings. There may be one kitten in a litter, which means that the investment will not pay off. In this case, the cat can be knitted only once every 7-8 months.

Business plan

When figuring out how to become a cat breeder and where to start, it's imperative to draw up a business plan. He will help you analyze the chosen niche and make a final conclusion. The business plan should include risks, opportunities, sales paths, competitor analysis, financial and marketing plans.

Costs and Benefits

At the initial stages, only approximate data can be calculated. The price for breeding purebred cats depends on the chosen breed, the number of animals. The creation of a cattery with 10 cats will cost approximately * 1.5 million rubles. If each of them gives birth to at least 4 kittens, then you can get an income of * 1.2 million rubles.

If you love animals, then you can very well combine your addiction to "our smaller brothers" with running a successful business by opening your own pet store, pet supply store or starting a pet care company.

This is truly a lucrative business: in 2021 alone, Americans spent $ 34.5 billion on their cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses and other pets. In 2021, this figure increased by another $ 1.4 billion and continues to grow every year, not paying attention to all kinds of global financial crises.

For many people, a cat or dog becomes practically a family member. Our four-legged friends love us unconditionally, bring us joy, help fill the void when adult children leave their parental home or a spouse dies, they give us a sense of well-being and even lower blood pressure. So, naturally, they are taken care of, paying hefty bills for groceries, toys, medical treatment, and so on. And some people care about their pets much more than their relatives!

Many successful entrepreneurs started their business in this area precisely in order to help their furry pets and teach other people how to properly handle animals. For example, John Zambelli, owner of NaturesPet. om, an online pet food business in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, says it started the business to give pets the chance to live long and healthy lives. His company succeeds in selling quality and only natural animal feed.

Well, that's all the lyrics. And if you look from a practical point of view, the following directions are in the greatest demand in this area today:

  • dog walking / pet hotel;
  • training;
  • pet grooming / grooming;
  • sale of feed, clothing and other goods for animals;
  • sale of elite, high-quality goods for animals.

Each of these businesses can be started as a Homebased, that is, a home business, with a small initial investment and without hiring employees, at least until the blessed time when you decide it's time to expand. Let's take a closer look at each of these five areas

Dog walking and pet hotel

As a matter of fact, caring for pets and walking dogs are still in their infancy - there is not even a name for such professions, but, nevertheless, almost 3% of the population use or are ready to use these services, unfortunately , there is simply no more accurate statistics.

Dogs can be walked individually or in small groups, but we deliberately combined these two directions into one point, since almost no one is engaged in pure dog walking. Usually this service "overgrows" with additional tasks: feeding, cleaning, possibly giving medicine or giving an injection, "sheltering" the animal during the owner's business trip, and so on. Therefore, it is better to immediately think over exactly what services you can offer for the convenience of your four-legged clients and their owners.

You can supervise the animals during the day while the owners are at work, or take care of them for a longer period. As you can see, it is quite possible to have a good time playing with a kitten or a puppy and at the same time make good money.


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