How to open culinary: we study the nuances of business and draw the right conclusions

Business Outlook

Over the past 5 years, the food delivery market has grown by 35% and reached a volume of 132 billion rubles

Everything has been rapidly changing in recent decades - social structures of states, technologies, borders, exchange rates, fashion. But the desire of people to eat tasty and inexpensive food always remains. Public catering is one of the most important sectors of the economy, and the food business is available to both large and very small enterprises. Millions of employees from various companies eat lunch every day. Housewives, tired of cooking, order dishes for a family dinner. Very busy people want to enjoy something delicious without leaving their homes.

The idea of ​​starting a food delivery service from scratch seems like a daunting idea, but in reality it's not that difficult if you know how to do it.

Relevance of food delivery as a business

The initial factor that attracts those who want to make money on delivery meals is the relative simplicity and cheapness of entering the business. It seems that any amateur culinary specialist who knows how to cook deliciously in his own kitchen will cope with the task.

Can I cook at home and sell food to everyone? In theory, yes, if you go to some enterprise and agree with its employees on regular deliveries of meals and be sure that no one will give out. But this activity will be illegal. Any food production operates on the basis of the Technical Regulations TR CU 021/2021, and food safety must be controlled. It is imperative to comply with the so-called SanPiN, that is, Sanitary and Epidemiological Rules. If you have an idea on how to open a business related to any type of catering, you should carefully read these documents first.

There are many requirements, violations are punished strictly, cooking conditions are checked by Rospotrebnadzor and SES.

In addition, the provisions of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation are in force, which prohibit industrial production in apartments (Art. 17), but allow professional or individual entrepreneurial activities in them, provided that the legal rights of neighbors to normal living conditions are respected.

Summarizing the above, we can come to the following conclusions:

  • The business of preparing culinary products in one's own home is not only illegal, but also unprofitable. On a baking sheet of pies, for example, you won't be able to make serious money, but the risk is great.
  • To organize the production process, it is necessary to officially register a business entity providing public catering services.
  • This should be taken seriously. You will need professional equipment, hiring personnel and a working space.

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It is highly discouraged to look at an empty stomach! Business Idea of ​​the Year eRetailAwards 2021, the best culinary startup according to Saveurs magazine, more than one hundred thousand subscribers on social networks and a 25% increase in sales every month. I warned you ...

1. No need to waste time shopping and wondering what to cook. Just choose a dish on the website or in the mobile application.

3. Cook and collect rave reviews:

4. From the initial idea - to make an offline store of recipes with food, Sergey Ashin refused. He was living in Germany at the time and often used this local network:

- You come and take as much as you need for today, for a certain number of people. You cook good quality food without leaving anything in the fridge. The classic trip to the store is bags, half-eaten food, and a restaurant is a costly thing and with children is not very realizable, especially when they are small.

5. - In Russia, the German version is unlikely to work. The store greatly limits the project - there are places for displaying a maximum of 15 options. Relatively speaking, there will be a table and food. We thought it was wrong. Why offer 15 recipes when you can show 100 or 200? We now have over 300 dishes to choose from.

5. - The client must have a very strong motivation to go across the city to the store, especially taking into account traffic jams and Moscow distances.

Another decisive argument is the fundamentally different retail situation from Europe. We have terrible prices, very few premises, and the renovation itself kills a lot of money that can be spent on creating a product, website, infrastructure. Therefore, we did not go offline, but completely plunged into the Internet.

6. - The project started in 2021. We made the first 20 recipes and launched the Chefmarket. We were looking for events, holidays where interesting people gather, a hipster get-together, put their point there, cooked food and talked about themselves. This was the best option for us.

“We created the market and, except for personal communication, it was impossible to attract customers. And here social networks helped us a lot "

Providing Russian citizens with ready-made meals is a fairly popular and profitable type of business in our country. Although there are a fair number of competitors, this does not prevent newcomers from finding their niche in this area. How to open a business to deliver ready meals to your home or office? Where to begin? How to bypass competitors and not lose customers? What do the experts advise? How to develop a business plan? Answers to questions on a first come, first served basis.

What types of home delivery businesses are there?

The business activity in question takes various forms:

  • Cooperation with the restaurant. In this variant, the entrepreneur acts as an intermediary delivering the restaurant product to the customer's home or office. Many restaurants do not want to lose customers, and at the same time consider it inappropriate to spend on organizing delivery. The benefit is mutual: the food manufacturer expands its customer base, the intermediary earns on the margin.
  • Opening your own food outlet with delivery service to your home or office.
  • Cooking at home with the subsequent delivery of ready meals to customers. This is a variation of a family business where all relatives are involved. In addition to ready-made food, you can specialize in the delivery of semi-finished products (dumplings, dumplings, and so on).

How to formalize your home delivery business officially?

The so-called legalization of business is mainly started after the promotion of the business, when there is a profit and the prospect of its growth. This is a risky path. Penalties have not yet been lifted.

It is better to immediately take care of the required package of documents:

  • Register the status of an individual entrepreneur and receive the corresponding papers.
  • Visit the tax office to select the form of taxation.
  • Obtain permission from the SES and the fire department for the compliance of the premises with all standards, taking into account the planned activities. Of course, this is not an easy question. Therefore, its decision is usually taken care of by specialists from law firms.
  • Permitting papers must be signed by Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Cashless payment for services requires a bank account.
  • Each employee should issue a health book.

In total, up to 3,000 rubles are spent on the documentary part. The duration of the procedure is a month or more.

What do you need to buy to start a food delivery business?

Working with a full production cycle, i.e. preparing food and delivering the finished product, implies a hefty cost.

The amount of expenses is directly dependent on some features of the business:

Hello! What is better to cook, what is in demand, what would you order yourself? How much to charge for work? I am a correspondence student, a lot of time! I don't want to work for strangers. I worked several times as a seller, this salary will not survive. I saw VK local groups selling cupcakes and cakes, homemade pies. I thought at first to advertise that I was preparing common dishes. For those who want to save time. But you never know what requests there will be, and if I can't cope. All the trouble is to buy ingredients instead of spoiled ones. suddenly the dish does not come out at all, and the person will wait, it will be inconvenient (I love to cook and know how, but there is no corresponding education. Can you share a good recipe? I follow the instructions for recipes from Internet publics; still sometimes it turns out malasha porridge.

Learn Korean pork skins

I wouldn't buy anything, for example. If you are too lazy to cook, you can eat in a cafe, there are at least some checks. Moreover, if you do not always succeed in your plans, what profit do you expect at all? Look for a job in your specialty.

Author, can you bungle the Salucci head salad? Or Husband's Horns? "Goat in the garden"?

Author, can you bungle the Salucci head salad? Or Husband's Horns? "Goat in the garden"?

Salucci head? Have I missed a new culinary masterpiece? :(

Beeeh, I never buy from such craftswomen who cook at home, only unsanitary conditions. Fu!

Salucci head? Have I missed a new culinary masterpiece? :(

The head sleep number is a German speck with cabbage

I took cupcakes and gingerbread a couple of times, but I wouldn't do the rest. who needs those pies, they will definitely not order. As soon as you walk around the market, maybe someone will buy from you, but what's the point? You will lose a lot of time, waste on food and earn a penny.

I wouldn't order anything from you either, it's somehow strange. Maybe you should get a job in some family and cook for them in their kitchen? Or to some office for a couple of people to cook and bring them?

Beeeh, I never buy from such craftswomen who cook at home, only unsanitary conditions. Fu!

+100500! Hair, nails, cat whiskers and wool, cockroaches, a sad married couple. No, well, fig!

We live in such a “fast-paced” era that we are constantly forced to save not only money, but also time. And on food - including, which is why the markets for fast food and frozen convenience foods are developing so dynamically. What does this indicate? The fact that if you have the idea of ​​opening cooking, then this idea is at least sound - by definition.

And statistics are here to help: sales of semi-finished food products are growing annually at an impressive pace (for example, in 2021, a 35% increase was recorded). True, not everything is so simple with the culinary business in our country: the sale of food products without sealed packaging on the domestic market is fraught with a lot of difficulties, and the success of such a business depends on many factors - of various kinds. How can you open your own cooking so that it brings tangible income?

Studying the market conditions and choosing favorable conditions for the start

To conduct preliminary market monitoring, you do not need to go to an expensive marketing agency and study hundreds of pages of the report after the research. It is enough to visit the corresponding departments of several large super- and hypermarkets - and realize that the range of frozen semi-finished products, which only need to be heated in the microwave for two to three minutes before use, is more than impressive. This means that it makes no sense at all to think about how to open culinary without a production cycle: such an institution will not withstand the competition. For a newly opened culinary store to be successful, customers need to offer something new that they are not bored with. And, of course, delicious. In a word, like at home, only very quickly and not too expensive.

So, the concept is indicated: produce is necessary. Now, in the best traditions of political economy, we need to figure out what exactly should be produced. There are five possibilities here.

  • So called homemade food. From the point of view of profitability, such an enterprise is average: it will quickly find a regular clientele and will not develop too intensively afterwards.
  • Retro idea. Nostalgia for canteens ("first-second-and compote") and luxurious restaurants "for the elite" (with an indispensable hodgepodge and a Kiev cutlet on the menu) of Soviet times will not leave the minds and hearts of Russians for a long time, who at a conscious age found that historical period.
  • National cuisine (this is especially true in the respective regions). If the food is cooked deliciously, as they say, with a soul, then the new culinary will certainly find its admirers.
  • Realization of ready-made kits - similar to those offered by many catering establishments of business lunches (for example, a "lunch" set of cutlets, mashed potatoes, salad and a piece of bread or a "snack" set of herring, boiled potatoes, pickled cucumber and onions ).
  • Non-standard idea. The venture element is welcome in any business, even when it comes to how to open a cooking. Here, of course, there can be no specific recommendations: creativity is creativity. There is a fantasy - you need to use it and make a profit!

After defining the assortment, you need to deal with the target audience. In general, the target audience for cooking is people who return home after a hard day. All at approximately the same time. It is during this time interval (from 18 to 20 hours on weekdays) that you should watch the flow of people. And at the same time to look after the most suitable place - near hostels, large new buildings, inexpensive hotels. It is good to conduct monitoring, marking on the map those neighborhoods that could become a good platform for the placement of future culinary.

When the card is “painted”, you can proceed directly to solving the problem of choosing a specific place for the establishment. If the monitoring is carried out correctly, then several of the most successful options will be determined automatically - these are the places where the maximum density of the human flow as such and the maximum concentration of the target audience are recorded at the same time. Now you need to find a suitable room. Not too big (so as not to overpay for rent) and preferably not in the neighborhood of supermarkets: each has his own.

When several premises are looked after, you need to contact the landlords and arrange an inspection. It is good if a specialist from the local SES is present during this procedure: he can explain what exactly should be done with the room in order for it to comply with all sanitary standards. Beforehand, it makes sense to carefully study competitors (especially successful ones) - to see how their stores are equipped, how they trade - in a word, learning from someone else's success is even more useful than from someone else's mistakes.

Own cooking: business plan and potential income

It is advisable to assess the prospects of the future culinary store in terms of profitability only when the amount of rent is known. It is worth considering the fact that landlords are also interested in maximizing profits (only their own), and therefore charge increased fees for premises located in the most "fishy" places. For example, in the capital, one can safely be considered a successful option in a residential area with a monthly rent of 15 thousand rubles per "square".

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