How to open a small phone repair shop

The smartphone, almost from the moment of its appearance, has become an integral part of the daily life of citizens. Now it is generally difficult to imagine how we did without him at all at the beginning of the 2021s, not to mention the "dark" Soviet times. Therefore, it is not surprising that these models of gadgets are constantly being improved, and their quality characteristics are breaking new records "in all directions".

Manufacturers strive to occupy the largest possible market share and therefore saturate their new products with magical functions that give their users the widest range of possibilities: from idle video filming to extremely useful business functions.

Let's try to make a rating review of the TOP-10 most advanced business smartphones of 2021 present on the market (that is, focused mainly on doing business) in order to choose the best smartphone for business in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the carrier of the main standards of modern smartphones: its interface is local and functional - the screen occupies more than 98% of the area of ​​the top panel. In this case, the front-facing camera is an "island surrounded by a screen".

Let's evaluate its technical characteristics in more detail:

  • Dimensions and weight: 70.4 x 149.9 x 7.8 mm; 157 grams.
  • Screen: diagonal - 6.1 inches; color AMOLED; resolution - 3040 x 1440 pixels.
  • Cameras: front - 10 Mp; main (rear) - 16 Mp, 12 Mp, 12 Mp; apertures and focuses of the rear cameras - F / 2.2, F / 1.5, F / 2.4.
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 9820, 8-core.
  • ROM: 128 GB.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • Battery capacity: 3400mAh.

The model cannot be called a budget model - its retail price starts at 60 thousand rubles. This is explained not only by the impressive technical characteristics of the hardware, but also by the advanced software: the basic configuration of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is equipped with the Android 9 operating system.

Honor X

The presented model is one of the cheapest in the rating: a smartphone under the Honor brand can be bought for only 17 thousand rubles. For an advanced machine, this is an unprecedentedly low price. And a lot here is explained by the lack of promotion of the brand. Let's evaluate the technical characteristics of the gadget:

  • Dimensions and weight: 77.3 x 163.5 x 8.8 mm; 197 grams.
  • Screen: diagonal - 6.59 inches; color touchscreen; resolution - 2340 x 1080 pixels.
  • Cameras: front - 16 Mp; main (rear) - 48 Mp, 2 Mp; apertures and focuses of the rear cameras - F / 1.8.
  • Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 710, 8-core, 2200 MHz.
  • GPU: Mali-G51 MP4.
  • ROM: 128 GB.
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh.

The device looks very stylish: the screen occupies more than 98% of the panel area, although the classic framing frame and its thickened "lower bar" are left. The number of rear cameras has been reduced to 2, and the front lens is located in a retractable console. This allowed "not to be smart" with the screen matrix flowing around the lens (which also helped to reduce the cost of the model's production technology).

Notices with house numbers

This business idea differs in that it does not require too much start-up capital. It's even more like an idea for a home business - you can do it yourself at home and it's pretty easy.

How can you arrange the production of plates with the house number and street name at your home?

This business idea is popular and in demand - few firms in our country carry out such orders, and if they do, they ask too high a price.

Some houses simply do not have a license plate or even a street name - after all, the ordering, installation (installation) of a house sign, in fact, should be dealt with by employees of public utilities. However, we all know how conscientiously this kind of work is done. But it often happens that a taxi service or even an ambulance service does not find the right house or street on time precisely because of the absence of a number plate on the house.

Business Profitability

A master can make a profit from two hundred to five hundred rubles from one plate with a house number and street name. Of course, over time, any license plate needs to be repaired or restored - your services will come in handy here too.

Workshop space

In order to organize your own workshop, a separate room or garage will be enough. The only condition is that the room must be clean, otherwise dust and dirt will settle on the finished product and spoil its appearance. You also need to arrange good lighting.

What tools and equipment will be needed to organize home production of address plates?

You need to prepare such a set of tools for work:

  • Stationery knives
  • Scissors
  • Emery
  • Clamps - four hundred to five hundred rubles
  • Squeegee (felt and plastic) - the cost is three or four hundred rubles.
  • Metal rulers
  • - a milling device for mounting a finished house plate or house sign A used device costs about three to five thousand rubles.
  • Install on your computer a program like CorelDraw X3 - this is a type of vector graphics editor.
  • Also later you will need a plotter - this device is needed in order to cut letters on a special film. However, you don't need to buy it to get started. The price of such a device varies from eighty to one hundred thousand rubles. At first, you can order such a cut in any outdoor advertising agency.

Also make sure you have a comfortable desktop. Remember also that you can order a flat or three-dimensional license plate, as well as with or without illumination.

  • 1 Features of the Russian mobile phone market
  • 2 A step-by-step plan for opening an online store selling phones
    • 2. Step 1. Analysis of the target audience
    • 2. Step 2. Selecting the assortment of the smartphone store
    • 2. Step 3. Selection of suppliers
    • 2. Step 4. Creating a website for the online phone store
      • 2. ... Well-developed site structure
      • 2. ... Unique design
      • 2. ... Quality content
    • 2. Step 5. Promotion of the online store of cell phones
      • 2. ... Contextual advertising
      • 2. ... SMM (social media advertising)
      • 2. ... Other Internet Advertising
    • 2. Step 6. Recruitment
    • 2. Step 7. Payment and delivery of cell phones
  • 3 Nuances of returning goods from an online store of cell phones
  • 4 How much money is needed to sell mobile phones
  • 5 How much do they make in the telephone business

Online phone store is a business that does not require large investments. Its main advantages are demand, high profitability and quick access to full return on investment.

Of the shortcomings - high competition, difficulties with suppliers are possible. How to find your place in the smartphone trade niche and a step-by-step launch plan will be discussed in the article.

Peculiarities of the Russian mobile phone market

The domestic market of cell phones is a rapidly growing area of ​​trade. This is influenced by many factors:

  • rising living standards of the country's population;
  • expanding the range of smartphones, making them available to everyone. Budget models can be purchased at a price of 3000 rubles;
  • high demand. Almost everyone uses smartphones - from schoolchildren to retirees;
  • the emergence of new functions in mobile phones. Now they are used not only for calls, but also for Internet access, communication in instant messengers, as an organizer and a camera;
  • the emergence of new mobile technologies;
  • high speed cellular Internet; <
  • expansion of network coverage of telecom operators.

The specificity of the product lies in the absence of domestic enterprises that produce smartphones - the market is filled with imported goods. The domestic smartphone market is different:

  • in high demand - sales of smartphones are growing by an average of 20-25% per year;
  • by high cost - this indicator is also growing annually by 20-22%. The average price of a smartphone at the end of 2021 is about 15,000 rubles;
  • an increase in online sales;
  • a year-round demand - the sales schedule is stable and does not depend on the season. A sharp jump is observed before the holidays - these days phones are sold with a 25-30% discount;
  • 90% of smartphones imported into the Russian Federation are made in China. In terms of functionality, the devices are not inferior to world brands, and are 2-3 times cheaper.

Step-by-step plan of opening an online store selling phones

A competent business plan will help to avoid mistakes and financial losses. Let's consider each stage of the project in more detail.

Mobile phones have long ceased to be a luxury and a toy only for wealthy people. The diversity of the smartphone market provides both cheap models and flagship phones at a variety of prices. But no matter how much the smartphone costs, the equipment loves to break down, you have to take the gadget for repair quite often, because the slightest damage can affect the performance. It follows from this that phone repair, as a business, will be in great consumer demand. The launch of such a workshop does not require large initial investments and special knowledge. The main thing is to love and understand technology, or hire someone who is well versed in this.

Relevance and benefits of the workshop

The relevance of a telephone repair workshop is due to a number of reasons. People try to be more economical when buying equipment, they do not want to change it often, therefore, in case of any breakdown, they initially go for repair.

Another important fact is the abundance of gadgets on store shelves, various companies annually release more and more new models, which they buy with pleasure, and then carry out repairs due to emerging problems.

Often, repairing faulty equipment is much cheaper than buying a new one - people understand this, so they prefer small workshops, where they will revive the phone for almost a penny.

Business benefits are:

  • Minimum start-up costs required to open.
  • If the entrepreneur is a master in the field of technology, then you can work for yourself.
  • This business is very flexible, it can be constantly expanded by taking various equipment for repair and providing additional services.
  • Minimal risks. The entrepreneur invests initially a small amount, which is easy to recoup in a couple of months, and if the business does not go well, sell the tools. In such a business, you don't have to sell the remaining goods, negotiate returns with suppliers, and so on.
  • High and stable demand for repair services.

How much does it cost to open a workshop

This type of business is not picky about start-up investments, absolutely everyone can open such a workshop.

List of starting costs:

  • Paperwork - 10,000 rubles.
  • Cosmetic repairs - 20,000-25,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of equipment for the repair of equipment - 55,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of tools for repairing smartphones - 35,000 rubles.
  • Advertising - 15,000 rubles.
  • Additional expenses - 5,000 rubles.

In total, to open a small workshop, you will need about 150,000 rubles.

At the moment, there are many outlets that sell phones, but at the same time small entrepreneurs open small shops with the same product and successfully sell the same phones, but in a cheaper price segment. In this article we will talk about how to open a business selling mobile phones in your city, what product to focus on and what advertising methods can attract the most number of customers.

Business Features

Competition in this area is very high, given the large online stores, where young people are used to buying all modern devices, but at the same time there are some customers who want to come to the store, look at the phone "live" and only after that make a choice about buying it. And there are a lot of such buyers. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that telephone retailing is quite a profitable business, especially in small provincial cities where there are no electronics supermarkets.

Basically, these small outlets are engaged not only in new devices, but also sell used phones. Excellent sales of used devices from Apple and Samsung are going on in this segment.

Also, their business is partially built on the sale of cheap Chinese phones - Meizu, Xiaomi, One Plus, and others. There is a huge selection of them, and for a low price you get a good performance phone with a rather expensive appearance, made of metal or glass. It is on such devices that local provincial stores of mobile devices mainly earn money, while their price, as a rule, is slightly lower than even in online stores and, of course, a service guarantee also increases customer confidence.

Premises and equipment

Choosing a retail space for a cell phone business is a very important task. Typically, such shops rent small shopping islands in shopping centers, for example, between floors, where there is a lot of traffic, or they rent a free-standing small store. The main thing is to find a place where there is a large flow of people every day. This will reduce advertising costs.

The size of the premises is desirable to rent from 15 sq. ... if it is a full-fledged department or store, and if it is a trading island, then the area there, as a rule, is 5 - 7 sq. ...

Now let's define the equipment you need to trade in mobile phones.

  • racks with glass shelves;
  • boxes for storing assortment and packaging;
  • furniture for a workplace for a seller;
  • computer equipment with a printer, for printing warranty cards;
  • store print;
  • cash register;
  • packaging products with store symbols.

Telephone Trading Rules

In order to open a point of sale for the sale of mobile devices, you will need to obtain all permissions from the relevant services. Here are the main documents:

  • You must be registered as an individual entrepreneur;
  • you must indicate the correct OKVED. For Russia it is 47. 2 - Retail trade in telecommunications equipment, including retail sale of mobile phones, in specialized stores. For Ukraine - 52. 8. - Specialized retail trade in non-food products.
  • product certificates;
  • buyer's corner. If this is a stand-alone store, then you also need to obtain a trade permit from the SES and the fire service. In the shopping center, these issues are usually decided by the administration.

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