How to open a private kindergarten in an apartment in 2021

However, there is another alternative - private kindergartens at home. Since this area of ​​business is not sufficiently developed in our country, it has good prospects for obtaining a stable income in a low competition environment.

Activity licensing and documentation collection

Opening a private kindergarten is associated with the collection and execution of certain documentation. The minimum list of which includes:

  • Licensing of activities for the implementation of preschool preparatory education.
  • Permission from the relevant state authorities for the location of the kindergarten in a specific room, checked for compliance with the established sanitary and epidemiological standards, as well as fire safety requirements.
  • Conclusion of permanent contracts for carrying out planned measures to maintain conditions in the room that meet sanitary and epidemiological standards (measures for deratization, disinfestation, cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems, removal and disposal of garbage, waste, etc.).

Unlike ordinary kindergartens, in Russian legislation such a service as a home kindergarten is not mentioned, so obtaining a license to organize it is not required. And many of these institutions operate on a semi-official basis without any licenses.

However, in order to carry out pedagogical and educational activities legally and be able to hire personnel, registration is still necessary. It can be carried out in the form of an individual entrepreneur indicating the type of activity "preschool education".

Space requirements

Opening a kindergarten at home means finding a suitable premise. It can be rented, bought or built, and must also be included in the housing stock (an apartment in a residential building or a private house) and meet certain requirements. In this case, a private house is a more favorable option in terms of the availability of an area adjacent to the house, which can be used for safe games and outdoor activities. Such circumstances are very useful for growing children's organisms, and also affect the increase in the prestige of the kindergarten itself.

Difficulties in the case of choosing this particular option may be associated with discontent of neighbors, and so that such discontent does not develop into conflicts with the law, it is recommended not to spoil relations with residents of neighboring apartments. In addition, if it is decided to redevelop the apartment, then these actions must also be carried out with the written permission of the relevant authorities.

One of the most important requirements for such premises is compliance with fire safety standards. It is also necessary to take care of blocking children's access to networks of any kind - electricity, water supply, ventilation and others. Requirements are also made to the total area of ​​the room, which is that about 4-7 square meters should fall on one child. area.

Don't know how to open a private kindergarten, but want it with all your heart? After reading the article to the end, you will learn the nuances of this difficult, but promising undertaking.

A network of children's development centers "Solnyshko" operates in Kaliningrad. They are run by 30-year-old Lev Allerborn. He opened his first kindergarten in 2021. At the same time, he did not have special experience and influential investors. By education, he is a philologist, linguist, and foreign language teacher.

Useful information: Kindergarten business plan

For 4 years, he created three institutions for preschoolers, brought them to self-sufficiency and high profitability. At the same time, the cost of a child's monthly stay in the kindergarten is only 7900 rubles, and the reviews about the quality of the service are very flattering. To feel the salt of history, keep in mind that a private kindergarten in the capital costs from 15 thousand rubles a month.

"Experts" unanimously say that it is impossible to achieve success in the preschool education niche due to the need for large investments and low profitability of the business.

How did the Kaliningrad businessman manage to achieve impressive profits, create a network of preschool institutions and fight off inevitable difficulties? In this article, we will analyze a step-by-step algorithm that will help you open a kindergarten at home without mistakes and financial losses.

types of preschool institutions

There are three types of income from caring for other people's preschool children.

Family kindergarten

A relatively affordable way to make money on organizing a family kindergarten is used by mothers with many children who are housewives. To do this, a woman must have a complete family and at least three children of her own. When organizing a kindergarten at home, the mother is considered the teacher, and the kids are her group. She can take no more than two other people's children under her wing.

A woman receives a salary from the state - 18 thousand rubles a month. In addition, she is compensated for the cost of feeding children - 100 rubles per day per child. For reporting purposes, the teacher provides food receipts. She is obliged to prepare a special menu. It is changed every 20 days, but you cannot make adjustments to it yourself.

Among the privileges of a family kindergarten are the accrual of seniority for the mother-educator and a small additional amount (within 1000 rubles per month), which is charged for taking care of each “alien” pupil.

If you are looking for how to open a home kindergarten, you should understand that it is not a business in the literal sense of the word. It is rather a good side source of income for prosperous families in which a woman is engaged ONLY in raising children.

Almost every city in Russia experiences a shortage of places in children's institutions. Therefore, there will always be enough parents willing to enroll their children in a new kindergarten. For this, of course, they must be sure that all conditions for the development of children are created there, and well-trained staff will surround them with attention and care.

The cost of children’s stay in the new children's institution is also of great importance. It is known how different income levels can be in different regions and even in different districts of the same city. The entrepreneur must correlate the wages set by him with the capabilities of the parents, otherwise the kindergarten risks being left without pupils.

The main distinguishing feature of entrepreneurial activity associated with children's institutions is the high weight of its social component, which imposes a special responsibility on the entrepreneur.

He should treat all aspects of working with children with equal care. In this, a competently drawn up business plan for a private kindergarten can provide him with considerable help.

Preparatory stage for opening a private kindergarten

First of all, you should decide on the legal basis of your business. As a rule, the owners of private child care institutions prefer the status of individual entrepreneurs. After registering with the tax inspectorate, PF and MHIF, as well as opening a bank account, you need to prepare a package of documents regulating various aspects of the activities of the children's institution.

The content of the package depends on the format you choose. As an example of this, it can be noted that the opening of a development studio or training classes does not require other documents besides the registration of an individual entrepreneur, with the exception that a special license must be obtained for preschool education.

Many kindergartens operating under these signs are actually kindergartens. Meanwhile, in order to officially open a private kindergarten, a license is also required, and in addition, it must be located in a separate building.

However, this course of action carries serious risks for both parents and garden owners. This can be troubles with the tax office, and the search for those responsible in the event of an accident with a child or his illness. Therefore, relations with the state and parents should be clearly regulated and supported by appropriate documents.

Legal business

Parents often face the question of who will look after the child when they are at work. Kindergartens are overcrowded, and it is almost impossible to get a place in the kindergarten for a child. Using this deficit, you can start your own, quite profitable business. It should be understood that the payback period for a kindergarten business idea can come only after 3-5 years. Before starting your own business, weigh the pros and cons. This article will help you figure out how to open a private kindergarten step by step, and what conditions must be met for the safety and comfort of children.

What should be a kindergarten?

Any parent has an idea of ​​what the ideal garden should be for his child. And, following the needs of the consumer, you can create your own private kindergarten! First, form a business plan for the kindergarten, draw up a SWOT analysis, identify the positive and negative aspects, and only then start creating the project. Start by defining the idea of ​​your institution against the backdrop of other gardens - competition should be created. Competitive things include:

  • Location;
  • Equipment;
  • Unique educational program.

How to start creating a private kindergarten?

It should be noted that legal companies do not have the ability to run a kindergarten. This can only be done by legal entities and individuals. To open a kindergarten, you will need to register with the tax office and local government. Great, we've done that - what's next?

Choosing a building and location for a future kindergarten

When setting up a private kindergarten, it is very important to choose a location and find the right location. In the case of this type of activity, this is the absolute basis. The premises must comply with the established requirements and at the same time be in an attractive location. This - especially in big cities - is really difficult. However, if it is possible to find suitable premises on the ground floors of large residential complexes, preferably with many young parents, we will not complain about the lack of clients.

The premises can be your own, rented or built from scratch. You should be aware that not every place can be adapted to a kindergarten. First of all, the area is important - and the proportions of the rooms - where there will be a maximum of 5 children, the room should be at least 16 square meters. In the case of a larger number of children, you will need to add 2 or 2.5 sq. for every additional child. An extra half meter must be provided if children are older.

The height of the rooms intended for the stay of children must be at least 3 m, and the temperature must not fall below 20 degrees. Install protective covers on central heating radiators. However, this is not the end. Door width min. 100 cm, and the staircase and walkway at least 120 cm. It is important to remember about non-slip materials (at least on the stairs).

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to open a private kindergarten at home to meet the demand of the population of the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg for the services of preschool institutions. The kindergarten will be a mini-format institution located in a residential area of ​​120 sq. meters. The mini-garden will operate in short and full day modes. The inmates of the kindergarten will be children from 3 to 7 years old who live in the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg.

The project to open a kindergarten is socially significant. According to the district administration, there is an urgent need for these services due to the lack of space in the existing municipal gardens. As of April 2021, the district needs at least 19 new kindergartens. Opening a private garden will allow parents to find a way out of this situation and use services within their area for an affordable fee.

Investments in opening a kindergarten, taking into account the creation of all conditions necessary according to the new SanPiN, will amount to 648.1 thousand rubles. Own funds will be used to start. The payback period of the project is 14 months. The preparation stage for the opening of the garden will take 3 months.

Key financial indicators of the project

Net Present Value (NPV), rub.

Project net profit *, rub.

Discounted Payback Period (DPP), months

Industry and company description

The tense situation with queues in kindergartens has affected many Russian families. As a result of the demographic hole of the 90s, the need for kindergarten services has significantly decreased, as a result of which many of them, having lost their pupils, have closed. If in 2021 there were about 45 thousand kindergartens in Russia, then twenty years ago their number was 76 thousand. In the 2021-2021 academic year, there were 43.1 thousand preschool educational institutions in the country. In September 2021, due to a lack of places, more than 183 thousand children aged 3 to 7 years and 270 thousand children under 3 years old could not go to kindergartens.

Increased attention to this problem began to be paid after the so-called May presidential decrees of 2021, when the government was tasked with completely eliminating queues for kindergartens for children from 3 to 7 years old by 2021. In addition to the construction of municipal preschool institutions begun in the regions, the authorities have created simplified conditions for opening private kindergartens for business. In particular, individual entrepreneurs received the right to conduct educational activities, and from January 1, 2021, private kindergartens were able to count on material support from regional sources. Also, a new SanPiN came into force, simplifying the organization of a private kindergarten at home within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Now for this it is not necessary to rent a room suitable for certain requirements - it is enough to re-equip a private house or apartment. According to Rospotrebnadzor, in Russia today there are 2,174 private kindergartens attended by 140 thousand children. At the same time, the number of commercial institutions is growing. The highest rates are recorded in Moscow - 6.7% per year, in the regions this figure is lower and amounts to 3%. However, the level of demand for kindergarten services still exceeds supply. In large cities, there are up to 108 children per 100 places in preschool educational institutions. Since the demand for public services is not fully satisfied, the creation of private kindergartens remains a promising and socially significant line of business.

The goal of our project will be to open a private kindergarten at home to meet the demand of the population of the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg for the services of preschool institutions. The kindergarten will be a mini-format institution located in a converted living space of 120 sq. m. The mini-garden will operate in short and full day modes (up to 11.5 hours). Pupils of the garden will be children from 3 to 7 years old, living in the Krasnoselsky district of the city. The capacity of the kindergarten will be up to 20 people.

The project to open a kindergarten is socially significant. According to the Krasnoselsky district administration, there is an urgent need for the services of preschool institutions in the district due to the lack of places in the existing municipal gardens. The opening of a private garden will allow parents to find a way out in this situation and use services within their area for an affordable fee. The kindergarten will provide services within the legal framework, and its activities will be aimed at stable work and further obtaining a license to conduct educational activities. The kindergarten will be equipped with a playroom, a sleeping room, a kitchen, and a place to eat. Children will be provided with a daily routine, including time for games and creative activities, walks, rest, meals.

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