How to open a pizza delivery

Although there are already some companies on the Russian market that have managed to recommend themselves, everyone can try their hand at being a pizza manufacturer.

In this article, we will break down a business model focused only on manufacturing and shipping (no service). That is, in this case, there is no need for expensive lease of premises.

General Market Outlook

Pizza has already become a favorite dish in many European countries, so there are market leaders in this area. As for Russia, we do not yet have complete domination of individual companies, which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to take a place in the sun.

Of course, this does not mean that business will go smoothly. Still, we must not forget that there are many other competing companies that are engaged in the production of a different type of fast foot. All this must be taken into account when you draw up a business plan. Take-home pizza will save you a lot of money and will compete even with large companies.

Business Organization

There are two main approaches to organizing your business.

The first is to open an independent restaurant with a large hall for visitors and a built-in kitchen.

The second, on the other hand, excludes the opportunity for visitors to taste your meals on the spot. Sometimes this model is called "Pizzeria on Wheels". As mentioned earlier, we will consider this particular method of organizing a business, since it has many advantages. First, there is no need to spend money on premises (decoration, design, maintenance). Today it is very difficult to find a suitable place to open a pizzeria.

It is possible to combine these business models depending on the situation, but this will require a significant investment of capital. Every entrepreneur should strive to build his own personal network, covering all localities with it. In crowded places, you can set up a real pizzeria (with customer service), and in areas where such a model is impractical, it is necessary to organize only manufacturing and delivery points.

As for the status of your business, you can use an individual entrepreneur at the first stages. The status of an individual entrepreneur does not require the owner to form a legal entity and to contribute the authorized capital. In the process of business development, the company can be formalized as LLC (limited liability company).

Required equipment

Opening a pizzeria does not necessarily mean investing huge amounts of money in the business. This type of small food industry can be implemented in several formats: cafe, mobile van, home production. In a small town, it is advisable to use the model of "creating a manufacturing and delivery point as lunch for office workers or at home".

Having organized the process in the right way (purchase of equipment and raw materials, study of production technology, advertising campaign), there is every chance not only to earn decent money, but eventually become the owner of a real restaurant in which your signature pizza will be sold. exclusive recipe. As a basis, you can take the pizza recipe described below as in a pizzeria without yeast. And then we will consider how to open a pizzeria with minimal investment.

In this business, it is easy to manage stocks, since unsold finished products can be frozen and sold at discounts. With sharp ups in orders, it is possible to connect production of an incomplete cycle. That is, in addition, use pre-prepared and frozen dough from manufacturers of semi-finished products. Increase productivity on seasonal high-selling days (like holidays, etc.) and serve all your customers without spending too much money.

Pizza dough like in a pizzeria: recipe

Those who have experience in creating pizza for the purpose of selling, argue that its range should exceed five names. It is wise to bake a dish:

  • with fish and seafood;
  • meat and sausages
  • with vegetables;
  • with several types of cheese ;
  • with a bird;
  • with mushrooms;
  • classic.

Important! During the period of fasting, sales of products prepared according to a vegetarian recipe increase several times. It makes sense to expand the range of dishes suitable for consumers during this period.

Production requires recipes with costing and routing lists. Subsequently, they can be modified. Here are the classic recipes for dough and sauce, which have been repeatedly tested in practice.

Recipe for soft and thin pizza dough like in a pizzeria without yeast

An easy-to-prepare dough that stays soft and aromatic for a long time when cooked, contains the following ingredients:

If a few years ago pizza could be called an exclusively Italian dish, today it is made, sold and loved all over the world. This is why starting your own pizzeria can be a great business idea to implement. However, before starting work, it is recommended to study the intricacies of opening and organizing work, predicting risks and planning payback. This will help the business plan for opening a pizzeria, proposed below.

Opening your own pizzeria: relevance of the idea and market analysis

Opening a company that requires a fairly large amount of financial injections is always in doubt, especially in those moments when the market is going through periods of crisis. This is a big risk for an entrepreneur, however, the impact of this crisis is not so noticeable in individual segments. These areas include the pizza production and delivery business.

With an unstable economic situation in the country, the average income level of the population always decreases. Citizens are beginning to cut spending, and first of all, savings concern such an area as entertainment. It would seem that people should start eating less outside the home, however, there is one nuance here. Over the past twenty years, a culture of restaurant food has developed in the country - that is, satisfying hunger in some institution is not considered an issue.

What role do pizzerias play in this environment? It is important to note that it is they who are in an advantageous position - this is due to the predominant factors of the establishments:

  • Comfortable location. Pizzerias have long since moved from premium establishments to economical catering and mass market. This policy made them as close as possible to their target audience. High demand is always side by side with high supply, which allows you to stay afloat.
  • Operational service. Modern equipment allows you to prepare the proposed dishes within the shortest time - no more than ten minutes. This makes pizza a great food for a quick bite.
  • Affordable cost. One of the factors that keep this type of fast food afloat. The average bill for a person who went to a pizzeria to have a snack starts at 150 rubles. The average bill for a full meal is from 250 rubles. This is a favorable price level for both the owner of the establishment and its visitors.
  • The popularity of the dish. Unlike establishments with rare cuisine, a pizzeria does not have to be heavily advertised - pizza is one of the three most popular dishes in the world. All that is required for promotion is a quality product and quality service.
  • Wide coverage of the audience of potential customers. This factor follows from the above. Pizza is a favorite dish for a wide variety of customers - from children and teenagers to the elderly.
  • The variety of purposes of visiting the institution. As mentioned above, pizzerias can give preference for a quick snack, a full meal, celebration of a special occasion, family vacation, and more.

If we look at this market segment as a whole, then we can state its low saturation level: it will actively develop over the next five years, taking into account the latest trends. Demand will be enjoyed by democratic institution formats with high-quality, but at the same time inexpensive food and fast service. Among the directions that will be in demand, you can name Italian, Russian, European, Japanese and Caucasian cuisine. Pizza can be directly attributed to two of these areas, so its popularity will not decrease.

It is worth considering the trends that will gain momentum and which are worth considering before opening a pizzeria:

  • Healthy food. Despite the fact that pizza is traditionally a fast food, you can make it healthier by adding greens, avoiding deep fat and heavy sauces, and a variety of healthy drinks.
  • Use of natural products. A good solution would be to choose fresh meat, vegetables and herbs, seafood as an advantage, and to reduce the amount of fat in pizza. Recently, an interesting trend has emerged - pizza based on corn flour or bran dough.
  • Lack of preservatives, dyes, harmful additives. Keeping up with this trend is quite simple: use quality products and have certificates of conformity handy for them.

As you can see, opening a pizzeria is a profitable business idea that, if properly implemented, can bring a large amount of profit. Below we will answer the most common questions that may arise when writing a business plan for opening a pizzeria.

Choosing the format of the establishment

A pizzeria can be safely called a universal establishment, because it can exist in a variety of formats for a different audience of clients. So, you can choose a format with the required amount of initial investment of both 500 thousand rubles and 5 million rubles. Let's consider the most popular formats on the market today.

Fast food is becoming more and more popular, especially in metropolitan areas. The main consumers of fast food are young people and middle-aged people. Among all the options for "fast food" (hamburbers, shawarma, etc.), one of the most popular and loved by customers is pizza. According to statistics, about 400 slices of pizza are eaten every minute in Russia. This dish can be sold at a large mark-up, which promises a high profitability. Let's talk about how to open a pizzeria.

Business Features

According to the estimates of the statistical centers, the catering market is growing by 25% annually. These are very high growth rates. But there is also a disadvantage - the larger the market, the more offers and the higher the competition.

There are no obvious leaders among pizzerias. Each region has two to five large networks that compete with each other. Popular brands do not always manage to keep the high quality bar, so the consumer will never refuse to try pizza from a new pizzeria. You can start with one cafe, and eventually launch the network.

Despite the competition, you can take your market share in this niche if you offer a really high-quality product. Today there are pizzerias even in small towns, and they often combine two specialties: Italian and Japanese cuisine, that is, pizza and sushi with rolls.

business formats

The first thing worth paying attention to is the format of the establishment. Basic formats:

  • A classic restaurant or cafe. This is an institution with 20-25 tables, a cozy room, a small kitchen and a staff of professional chefs. The institution is themed and focused on Italian cuisine, that is, not only pizza is served here, but also other dishes, which, by the way, are also in high demand. A businessman needs to establish contacts with suppliers of quality fresh products and hire high-quality chefs. The menu is based on classic Italian dishes (lasagne, carbonara pasta, spaghetti bolognese) according to original recipes.
  • Kono-pizza kiosk. This option for serving the dish was invented by the Italians themselves. Pizza slices are sometimes difficult to hold with your hands, so they began to wrap them in a cone, as grandmothers used to roll newspapers under seeds, and began to sell them in such a convenient format as fast food.
  • Pizza shop. This is a small pizzeria that only consists of a kitchen and a dispensing area. Customers have nowhere to go, so they buy takeout. A pizza shop usually opens in large shopping centers, where the flow of people does not dry out from morning to evening. The main advantage of this format over a food court is a small area, which means savings on rent. The opening will require approximately 500,000 rubles. This option can be attributed to the budget.
  • Delivery service. Another popular option that does not require special costs (you do not need to rent a large room, purchase furniture for the hall, salaries for service personnel). It is necessary to organize a courier network and conduct a good advertising campaign.
  • Food court. A very popular business format for those who do not want to search for clients. When starting a business, you can keep within 800,000 - 1,000,000 rubles. Typically, food courts open on the upper floors of shopping centers. Food here should be inexpensive and tasty.
  • Pizza van. An original idea that originated in the USA. Pizza in a van can be sold whole or piece by piece. The main advantage of this business format is mobility. You can put your pizzeria on wheels in all hot spots in the city, where large crowds of hungry people gather. This format will cost about 700,000-800,000 rubles. The lion's share of the costs will come from purchasing the van itself and the equipment for making pizza.
  • Pizza bar. Another budget format (starting capital is about 600,000 rubles). The bar serves not only pizza, but also all kinds of snacks (sausages, chips, french fries, burgers, desserts, drinks). The establishment is aimed at a young audience who loves to gather in the evenings for a drink, chat and watch football.
  • Pizza makers. Vending novelty for the domestic consumer. We've all got used to machines that make coffee, but now machines that exchange pizza slices for money have begun to appear. They can be of two types. The first ones work according to a simplified scheme. The machines are loaded with semi-finished pizza. After purchase, the machine opens the sealed package and sends the dish to the oven. Improved pizza makers carry out the entire cooking cycle: from kneading dough to baking.

Pizza making - technology and features

The cost of pizza is calculated using technological maps. This is special documentation, which indicates the exact recipe for a particular dish and the consumption of each ingredient. With this information, you can calculate the cost of each type of pizza. If you take the "average" pizza, then its cost will be about 130-140 rubles, and the mark-up can reach a record 300-400%.

Making pizza at home as a business idea is unusual, because you rarely see pizza selling from home. But even with competition, this idea should be profitable in certain hands that the owner of a home pizzeria creates.

Everything about starting a pizza home business

Starting capital: 15 - 35 thousand rubles;

Monthly profit: 10 - 30 thousand rubles;

First, you need to assess the competition in business. If there are plenty of pizzerias with delivery, then it will be difficult to break into this business. Another question is, if there are pizzerias, prices are high, and not everyone has delivery. In this case, the chances of overcoming the competition are high.

Second is the scale of production. We look at the number of inhabitants of your locality, calculate the approximate percentage of the middle class of the population, as well as the number of middle class pizzerias. This is why it is done: in expensive pizzerias, orders of the middle class are less frequent, but average pizzerias can be overwhelmed (or not overwhelmed) with orders. If such pizzerias have enough orders, then your pizzeria will be profitable.

The calculation here is as follows: since your pizzeria will be at home, you will be considered a middle-class business. You can observe your competitors on different days and calculate the approximate number of applications (pizza orders) for further calculations of the profitability and return on business. You should also learn about the types of pizza, its tastes (quality) and cost. Since your pizza is at home, the business does not require renting a room for making pizza (rent), you can understate the cost of the product.

The third is additional sales. This will increase both profit and interest in your pizza. In addition, french fries, various cheeseburgers, shawarma, drinks, etc. can be sold.

We'll have to resolve the issue with the delivery of goods - paid or free. Delivery may be paid, and when ordering from 500 rubles. - free. This way you can sell more with an additional offer and free shipping.

Equipment purchase and registration

In the city, the business will have to be registered, so there will certainly be inspections of both the premises where the products are manufactured and the equipment. Checks can be sudden after starting a business, so don't slow down and keep everything clean and top notch. By adhering to these rules of doing business, you do not risk anything, otherwise you can lose both customers and the entire business.

Sales, advertising and word of mouth

In certain layouts, pizza can be sold directly from home. In this case, it is necessary to have a house with a convenient access and passage to it. For clarity, before launch, place an outdoor advertising sign at home in a prominent place, and post advertising banners around the area. Also, on an ongoing basis, it is necessary to advertise in the newspaper, both in the services section, and a small banner "Pizza with home delivery" and contacts.

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