How to open a mini-hotel: a business plan with calculations

Maintaining a small hotel is, first of all, hard work that brings satisfaction and some profit. If you enjoy interacting with people and have experience in tourism, it is worth giving it a try. For certain reasons, the tourism sector in Russia will develop rapidly, and if you manage to open a high-class hotel, guests will be happy to visit it. The most important condition for the fulfillment of the plan is to find an attractive place and ... an original idea for your hotel.

From year to year, the tourism business in Russia is gaining strength. This is because people need to rest and relax anyway, and travel contributes to this in the best way. Take advantage of the moment when the home hospitality industry is not yet widespread and the service is not good enough in many locations.

When you decide to go into the hotel business, you need to be patient. Don't expect big profits right away. First you need to earn a name and put in a lot of effort so that as many people as possible know about your brainchild.

You can turn your own house into a cozy hotel

Also remember that this is mostly a seasonal business. You won't earn much in the fall or spring, but you will have the cost of maintaining the hotel all year round. A lot of work awaits you during the summer months. Home boarding is not only a business that generates income, but also a business that brings satisfaction and joy. The owners of private hotels, who have been running them for many years, often claim that they would not change it for any other business.

Issue price

The smaller the hotel, the lower the investment cost. It is best to start with a small room (350 sq.), Which will have 7-10 rooms (2-, 3-, 4-bedded). A small hotel is easier to maintain, which means that you can put your business on its feet faster.

You can build a hotel from scratch or find an existing building that you can adapt to your needs. The second option will be much cheaper. A large house, which will be rebuilt into a small hotel, costs from 6,000,000 to 20,000,000 rubles. The price depends primarily on the location (the highest prices are in popular seaside and mountain resorts) and the quality of the property (new or renovated buildings are more expensive).

House price does not include the cost of the room decor. Arrangement of one room will cost approximately 8,000 - 30,000 rubles. You also need to fill each room with cabinet furniture:

  • Beds
  • Wardrobe
  • Table and Chairs

One of the most popular and interesting business ideas is the opening of a mini-hotel. But to implement this idea, you need to know a lot about creating this type of business. We will tell you about all this in the article and point out all the delights and difficulties that you will encounter in the development of the hotel business.

The hotel business is prestigious and always attracts investors. And this is ideal if you have an idea, but there are no funds for its implementation, because this type of business pays off quickly enough.

What documents are needed to open a hotel

So let's get started. You have an idea to open your own mini-hotel. First of all, you need to prepare a package of documents, register your business in order to remain an honest citizen and conduct business in accordance with laws and regulations. The main list of documents:

  • if you are the owner of the premises, you will need a document that confirms your ownership;
  • if you plan to rent the premises, then you will need a document that will prove that you really are a tenant;
  • to open your business from scratch you will need to register a legal entity or individual entrepreneur;
  • since you will be dealing with people, you will not be able to do without many authorities: first of all, you will need to obtain a conclusion of fire, sanitary, environmental, technical safety;
  • business implies the introduction of various paperwork - this is all legal aspects, as well as accounting, cash transactions, so you need will conclude contracts that will confirm the availability of work with such counterparties as lawyers, economists, accountants;
  • advertising permission is an important point that novice entrepreneurs often forget.

License to open a hotel business

After reviewing the list of documents, the question immediately arises: "What about the license?" According to the law of the Russian Federation, a license to open a hotel business is not required, everyone can open a mini-hotel, if only they have enough funds, knowledge, competence and skills that will help him organize all the necessary measures.

Types of hotels

And so, you still decided that this is exactly what you dreamed of - to open your own mini-hotel. In order to simplify your work, let's look at the main classification types of the hotel business:

  • classic mini-hotel;
  • small hotel;
  • resort-style mini-hotels;
  • roadside hotel or a motel;
  • a mini-hotel, which is located in a private house;
  • one of the most popular is a hostel.

How to open a mini hotel

There are several types of rooms and organization of the layout of the mini-hotel. It can be made according to the type of hostel (one room for 6, 8, 12 and more beds can be either of a general type or divided by gender) or hotel rooms, which provide for the presence of amenities in each room. True, it can also be done as a family apartment, where the bathroom is shared for several rooms.

The construction of a small hotel of a fairly high class will cost 200-300 thousand dollars in central Russia. In Moscow, this will require at least $ 5 million. The payback period of the hotel is five to eight years. But the profitability can reach 80%

Hospitality: Market Overview

There is no clear definition of what a mini-hotel is. In Europe, these are hotels with up to 50 rooms. In Russia, mini-hotels are, as a rule, objects with 10-100 rooms. They can be located both in detached buildings and in hostels, where a floor is allocated for guests, and very small hotels with up to 3-5 rooms - in one or several neighboring apartments.

According to experts, mini-hotels occupy no more than 5% of the Moscow hotel market in terms of the total number of beds. The situation is similar in St. Petersburg: the share of small hotels here is 5-6%. For comparison: in London, mini-hotels account for 15% of the market.

Resort regions are the leaders in the number of mini-hotels. The most active southern hotel business is developing in the areas of Greater Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik. A characteristic feature of small Black Sea hotels is that their owners usually conduct "illegal" business in order not to burden themselves with additional taxes. The services of mini-hotels are also being developed in the cities of the Golden Ring: Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl and others.

A separate place among small hotels is occupied by small departmental hotels left over from Soviet times, as well as new facilities built for themselves by large companies. These hotels serve only corporate clients and practically do not enter the market. The group of mini-hotels also includes many roadside 1-2-star motels located along federal highways.

Hospitality: Construction Costs

The active development of the small hotel segment is due to the fact that the residential and office real estate market is already sufficiently developed and saturated. And the interests of many investors are shifting towards the hotel business. Due to the growth of business and tourist activity, the demand for hotel services is constantly increasing, and after that, prices. In Moscow, for example, rates for accommodation in luxury hotels have recently been growing by 10% annually, and rates in business-class hotels - by 30%. In the segment of cheap hotels, growth is even more intense. And although in the hotel business, the return on investment is stretched over time, in terms of gross profitability, they surpass investments in residential and office real estate.

Ready business plan: guest house

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

Construction of small hotels is less risky than construction of large and medium-sized hotels. Here you can get by with your own funds without resorting to bank loans. For example, in central Russia, you can build a cottage and equip it for a mid-class mini-hotel for only $ 30-50 thousand. A small hotel of a higher class will cost $ 200-300 thousand. At the same time, the profitability of a small hotel business can fluctuate between 15-80 %.

Despite the fact that the Moscow government provides substantial support for the development of the hotel business, including the small one, there are not enough land plots suitable for construction for everyone. More precisely, the lack of land plots is felt only in the capital's primary land market. You can easily find a site on the secondary market, but its cost will crush the enthusiasm of any investor. With a land price of $ 7-8 million, the investment attractiveness of the hotel project instantly fades away.

At all times, cozy and comfortable hotels were in great demand in our country. And today, hotels of various levels, "stars" and number of storeys, as well as mini-hotels, which are distinguished by traditional home comfort, are in great demand. Let's figure out how to open a hotel from scratch and achieve maximum success in this business. An extensive catalog of business plans in which you can easily find a suitable model for yourself will also be useful.

Creating your own mini-hotel

Among the main advantages of a mini-hotel as a business are low cash costs, ease of legal registration.

Moreover, aspiring entrepreneurs can equip a small cozy hotel even in a private house.

Those wishing to open a mini-hotel should be aware of the current requirements for this institution. The number of seats can vary from ten to forty-five. In addition, the building should be equipped with such premises as:

  • sauna or bath;
  • swimming pool;
  • bar;
  • billiard room.

This is the minimum required. If desired and the availability of funds, you can equip other additional rooms that will make the stay of the guests more comfortable.

Business Registration

You can choose one of two options for registering a hotel business:

  • individual entrepreneurship - if the hotel has one founder and owner;
  • limited liability company - if several partners will manage the business.

Once the company is properly registered, it is necessary to register with the tax authorities. In this case, the best option is a mixed taxation system, which includes:

  • a simplified system - for activities related to the delivery of residential rooms;
  • a single tax on imputed income (UTII) - for organizing meals for hotel guests.
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Choosing a room is one of the most important stages

Such a business fully pays for itself in 5 years in tourist centers, in other cities - in 9. If you use ready-made real estate, then you can get profit by the end of the first year. The proposed business plan of the mini-hotel calculates the approximate costs required to open and continue its operation.

Step-by-step instructions and what you need to open

Services provided

It is recommended to start calculating and drawing up a business plan for a mini-hotel with a definition of the basic number of services provided.

At the first stage, you can limit yourself to standard sentences, such as:

  • change of linen;
  • laundry and ironing;
  • cleaning;
  • communication services;
  • breakfast ;
  • possibly parking.

If you intend to open a mini-hotel in the tourist center, it will be useful to organize excursions.


The more developed the tourist and business infrastructure, the higher the need for new places to receive guests, which means the higher the profit for the room owners. Not everyone can afford to stay in five-star hotels, so the demand for budget overnight stays is higher. Especially the relevance of the opening of the guest house increases in tourist centers. They purposefully go there for impressions and are ready to pay for service and quality of services.

Mini-hotel options

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