How to make money without leaving your home in 2021 - 13 ideas

Today the economic situation in the country is so deplorable that many people are forced to stay at home due to the lack of permanent employment. This suggests that online work has become more relevant than ever. How can you make money while sitting at home?

The benefits of working remotely

As you can see, remote work is not only regular earnings, but an opportunity to combine leisure and home comfort with self-realization and achievement of the set goal. Choosing freelance, you give preference to financial independence, rational organization of working time, as well as the possibility of choosing the occupation that suits you the most.

Text writing

People buy goods over the Internet, go to websites and order delivery. All of these online stores need good advertising for their products. Thus, you can make money on copywriting.

To start, you need a computer, Internet, writing skills and a few hours a day of free time. Your texts should be interesting, unique, and well received by the readers. Only constant practice can lead to great results.

Before ordering a text from you, in most cases employers want to familiarize themselves with the professional skills of the author. To do this, you need to have your portfolio. To create it, you can use the following exchanges:

  • ETXT. The advantages of the exchange are many orders, a quick start in the profession is possible. Cons - very low prices at the beginning of a career. But, in consequence, you can earn much more.
  • Advego. One of the most reputable exchanges on the Internet. The site has a special program that checks texts for uniqueness and grammatical errors. This is very convenient, since the service does most of the verification for you.
  • Text. u. Here you can both take articles to work and sell ready-made content. The downside of such an exchange is a rather strict moderation system. For example, the more the exchange finds errors in your article, the more commission it will take for placing the text in the store.

You can also make money by typing. They need to be retyped from manuscripts or scans, transcribed audio or video. The more difficult it is to recognize the text, the more they will pay for typing it. Also, the payment increases significantly when drawing up tables, formulas, equations, etc.

Online Tutoring

Home business has many advantages. Among them: minimal financial investment, saving time, the ability to work in a comfortable environment, the ability to combine work with other activities, flexibility of the schedule and workload. Of course, this employment option is not to everyone's liking; some people prefer strict discipline, a clear schedule, and in general work is associated with an office and conversations with colleagues over a cup of coffee during a break. If you belong to the first category of people - then this article is for you. If the second one is also for you, because it's time to find out what freelancers do for a living ????

Small Business Home Ideas

So, here is a list of ideas for a home business. In order not to be considered sexist, we will not differentiate between the options for the categories “for women” and “for men”. Choose your own activity for your liking.

  • Furniture assembly
  • Making souvenirs from wood, ceramics, metal and any hand-made products (for home and holiday celebrations)
  • Sewing , repair and decoration of clothes
  • Beauty services: beauty treatments, massage, manicure, pedicure, make-up, afro-weaving
  • Private kindergarten, mini-nursery at home
  • Confectionery business: baked goods, cakes, pastries, sweets
  • Catering
  • Growing vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Home-made jam and pickles
  • Accounting services
  • Legal advice
  • Psychologist assistance
  • Making cosmetics, soap making
  • Taxi dispatch service
  • Making candles at home
  • Tutoring services
  • Translation services
  • Editing services
  • Freelancing in any of the areas: copywriting, design, layout, programming, SEO and everything related to the launch and promotion of web projects
  • a website, a blog, a promoted account on social networks
  • Earnings in an online store (your own or through dropshipping)
  • Participation in affiliate programs
  • Sales of any goods through groups in social networks
  • Equipment repair
  • Organization of joint purchases
  • Growing plants and seedlings for sale
  • Earnings on Youtube
  • Printing photo books
  • Making accessories and furniture for pets
  • Making sweet bouquets

Many of the listed options for a home business require specialized skills and professionalism. It is better to take on what has experience, and even better - to what the soul lies.

What kind of business you can do at home: original needlework techniques

Separately, we want to draw your attention to needlework, because this direction is very rich in options. Classical activities such as knitting, macrame or embroidery require a lot of time and skills, and finished products are relatively inexpensive, which means it will not be easy to make money. There are art technologies that are less expensive in terms of consumables and time:

  • felting - felting. This technique creates toys, panels, decorative elements, bijouterie, garments
  • quilling - making flat or volumetric compositions from paper strips
  • decoupage - decorating by attaching a picture to an object (furniture, jewelry box , dishes, glass, fabric) and covering the entire composition with varnish
  • scrapbooking - making and decorating photo albums
  • batik - hand painting on fabric
  • sewing outfits for dolls <
  • patchwork or patchwork - making products from pieces of fabric
  • painting utensils
  • floral paintings

How to organize yourself to work effectively from home?

One of the most difficult obstacles that prevent people from making good money at home is the inability to organize their schedule, indiscipline. It is important to understand that working from home is the same work as in the office, but you will have to control yourself and your productivity yourself. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals and start your home business.

  • Provide your project with start-up capital. If the initial financial investment is not required, then provide yourself with a “financial cushion” for a while until you start earning the first money in your class.
  • Provide reliable high speed internet if your home business is going to be networking. This is your main tool and should always be available.
  • Constantly work on the development of your knowledge and skills in the chosen business, try to maintain yourself in a professional "tone".
  • Use marketing tools to promote your business.
  • Make a work plan: for a month, for a quarter, as well as a daily to-do list of your tasks. Keep a calendar. Try to stick to goals and deadlines.
  • Minimize all distractions, no TV shows and half-hour glances into the void during designated working hours.
  • Become responsible for your business, take it seriously. You and only you control the development of your business, which means that you are also responsible for the result and reap the benefits.
  • Eat on a schedule. Constant access to the refrigerator can put you on the dangerous trail of overeating ????

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