How to make money on pies; open your own business and make money as a home pastry chef

Pastry chef services are one of the most promising areas for your own home business. You can bake cakes or pies for individual orders, catering or hand over your products for sale through retail outlets. Selling baked goods is a simple business for those who love and know how to cook, but in addition to qualifications, there are also a number of mandatory requirements and rules. Let's take a look at all the nuances of making money on homemade baked goods.

  • 1 Baking at home: where to start? Step-by-step action plan
  • 2 Choosing the type of baking
  • 3 Baking at home for sale: organizational issues
  • 4 How to legally sell homemade baked goods
    • 4. Required documents for business registration
  • 5 Baking business: selection of equipment
  • 6 It is important to be able to cook well!
  • 7 Like where you can take baked goods
  • 8 How much money do you need to start a business
  • 9 How and how much you can earn from baking at home
  • 10 Conclusion
  • Home baking: where to start? Step by step action plan

    A step-by-step business launch plan includes the following steps:

    • Market analysis. Selection of the type of baking.
    • Solution of organizational issues.
    • Registration and registration of business.
    • Select equipment.
    • Advertising and marketing of finished products.

    Choosing the type of baking

    There are a lot of baked goods. You won't be able to cover everything, so you have to choose a specific species or species. Your target audience and ways of attracting customers will depend on this. Main options:

    • Cakes and pastries. Homemade confectioners are very popular today, but such orders are usually received on holidays, that is, irregularly. On the other hand, in-demand pastry chefs may have orders months in advance.
    • Pies, rolls and other baked goods. They are usually sold to offices, stalls and other small retail outlets.
    • Culinary products for catering establishments. To do this, you need to start a large-scale production.

    The most common business formats:

    • Baking on order. Usually we are talking about small volumes.
    • A full-fledged bakery or confectionery at home with a wide range of products in small quantities. Sales through your channels through your own point of sale.
    • Service of events: corporate events, birthdays, weddings, commemoration. Scope of work - small wholesale.
    • Implementation through stalls and small outlets of fast food. Assumes periodic deliveries of a limited range of products in bulk.

    Baking at home for sale: organizational issues

    A home pastry chef must have and regularly (at least once every six months) update a medical book. A big plus is that the products of home confectioners are not subject to mandatory certification. But to work with shops and catering establishments, you need to draw up a declaration of conformity for each product.

    Usually pastry chefs who bake at home for sale and work with individuals start a business without registration, but over time, the lack of registration can lead to problems with the tax authorities. When a business goes beyond selling to relatives and friends and begins to generate regular income, it is necessary to draw up paperwork. If your target audience is individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, registration will be required immediately.

    The interest of consumers in obtaining a high-quality and unique product opens up new earning opportunities for individual craftsmen. One of the leading directions in this area is baking cakes at home as a business. The main advantage of this type of activity is the minimum investment and quick development of the client base. Among the disadvantages are the complexity of legalization and high responsibility for compliance with sanitary standards.

    Business plan for making cakes at home

    This type of activity is suitable not only for professional pastry chefs. If you have good skills and are willing to learn and master new techniques, you can build a profitable business even without a degree. An important step on the way to success is the competent drawing up of a business plan, which will take into account the start-up investments, select the range of products, think over the organization of the production process, calculate the cost and assess all possible risks.

    Selecting a product range and assessing the target audience

    Like any business, baking cakes to order cannot be a chaotic process, you must understand what you will produce and for whom. As a rule, cakes are ordered on the occasion of the holidays. The latter are divided into two groups that define your target audience:

    • Personal (family) - birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Such events occur all year round, and they form your main (permanent) income. The target audience for this category is families with children (middle-aged women). To work in this direction will require the creation of several basic recipes, with the possibility of individual decoration.
    • State - New Year, March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day. Such holidays create a peak demand for corporate orders. To serve this category of events, you can pre-create catalogs with ready-made decor, which will simplify the process with a large flow of customers.

    In addition, your potential customers can be restaurants and catering agencies.

    Particular attention should be paid to the choice of recipe. If you are not a professional pastry chef, start with the classic cake recipes: biscuit, honey dough, waffles. Also, pick up several options for creams. For each type of cake and cream, make a description and an accurate list of products, indicating the weight of the ingredients and the final product. All recipes used must be recorded in a separate book.

    Besides the recipe, it's important to pay attention to cake design. It is performed using various products: marzipan, mastic, images on edible paper, jelly, thick creams, glaze. The chosen cake decorating technique must also be entered in the recipe book indicating the ingredients, the amount of product consumption and the finished volume.

    Starting equipment for the production of cakes

    The business idea of ​​baking homemade biscuits is a rarity today, because such a product is rarely found on store shelves. It is not difficult to organize business cookies at home; even if you own the minimum start-up capital, you can always start from the bottom and rise to the top of the homemade cookie business.

    Starting a homemade cookie business

    Home business cookie ideas suitable for girls and women. Many mothers on maternity leave can start producing cookies at home, as well as families if it is in their best interest to start a family business. There are several options for starting a homemade cookie baking business. You can start with any of the methods for making homemade cookies and the business can grow in the future.

    You have a minimum starting capital

    Starting capital: 3 - 15 thousand rubles;

    Monthly profit: 3 - 5 thousand rubles;

    In such conditions, it will be enough just to choose several types of cookies and start a business. Equipment, as a rule, is minimal: cookie molds and baking equipment - various kinds of ovens. It is also necessary to purchase raw materials at wholesale prices. The product must be fresh - this is important when starting any home production. Find recipes and start baking.

    This modest home business does not require registration. When the business starts to gain momentum and actively develop, only then registration will be needed.

    In order to avoid creating an illegal business, the product is sold in the most usual way: with friends and neighbors at home and given to stores for sale. It will be easier to negotiate with neighbors - good relations and a high-quality product will allow you to constantly sell cookies. When it comes to stores, not every grocery store owner will want to deal with an unknown person who owns a cookie business at home. Nevertheless, having mastered the technique of communication and negotiation, most of the owners of such points can be persuaded. Shopkeepers will throw in their 20-30% and start selling your cookies.

    Business cookies at home with registration

    Starting capital: 10 - 20 thousand rubles;

    Monthly profit: 5-15 thousand rubles;

    There are several differences from the first method of creating a business. You will register your business, it will already become official, and from this function you will receive several advantages that will contribute to greater benefits. But setting up a cookie-making business like this would take a little more money and activity. The second difference between the official business is that you can create your own packaging, which will also act as an advertisement. This will give homemade cookies a status in the domestic market and thanks to the promotional packaging, you will be able to get your regular customers and start word of mouth with a low cost of the product with high, distinctive quality.

    Do you like to pamper homemade cakes? Have you thought about turning your hobby into an enjoyable job? Nowadays it is very popular to give beautiful and non-standard cupcakes, to give unique custom-made cakes for the holidays. Pies, puffs, buns - all this can also be a great way to earn money. How to start a home baking business for sale? Let's talk about it!

    Photo from www. urniterra. u

    Why is such a business attractive? It is easy and accessible to almost everyone who is ready to take time, spend energy looking for new tastes and create culinary masterpieces to order. Or maybe you are tired of sitting at home and want to find an application for your talent? Home business is a solution to two problems at once: lack of self-development and lack of funds.

    How to start a bakery at home from scratch?

    Where and how to start a home confectionery business, because making cakes at home is a really serious business and you need to think over everything to the smallest detail! First of all, it is important to determine the target audience - for whom you will make baked goods. Several options are possible at this stage:

    • Sell pies, buns, buns to offices and small retailers.

    Photo from www. irogru. om

    Photo from gotovim-doma. u

    How to open a bakery at home: do you need to register an individual entrepreneur?

    Indeed, the production of food products at home is unacceptable under the law of the Russian Federation. Therefore, industrial baking without declaring itself as an individual entrepreneur can turn into extremely unpleasant consequences. If you carry your pies in whole baking sheets to the car through the entrance, one day this can lead to a complaint against you and the corresponding penalties.

    Not a single feast on the occasion of the holiday is complete without a cake or pie. Blowing out the candles on the cake, making a wish, is loved by both adults and children. Do you love to bake and want to start your own small business? Then this article on how to make money on pies is just for you.

    You can start a business with minimal investment by organizing a bakery right in your kitchen. Baking is an activity for creative people, so it is interesting and profitable to do it. Today, such a business can be easily started and simply promoted using the Internet for marketing purposes. And if you suddenly get tired of this business, then you can wind up everything in the blink of an eye.

    Let's take a closer look at this issue.

    Pie and Cake Business - Where to Start and How to Succeed

    To start such a business, it is not at all necessary to register an individual entrepreneur, you can act as a self-employed. The payback of this business is very fast, and the profitability is high, if everything is done correctly. You will set the price for the products yourself, following the complexity of the work, demand and costs. Demand will be stable with decent marketing.

    It is important to understand that Ossetian pies and cakes are a product, which means a perishable product. A good cake or pie is fresh, freshly baked finished products. That is why the work must be done to order.

    The Internet will help you organize the sale and acceptance of orders. Extra costs it does not require. You can create a simple website or use the capabilities of social networks.

    The place to start is deciding where you will bake. If you do not have a large budget, then settle down right at home, taking orders via the Internet and preparing masterpieces at home.

    Is it profitable to bake pies for sale?

    It is really profitable to be engaged in baking business, because with the low cost of ingredients, the price of a culinary masterpiece from a creative baker can be very high. On average, it will take 500 rubles to make one beautiful and tasty cake, and the customer will buy it at least twice as expensive.

    How not to stay in the red?

    Before you start, analyze the market, find out more about competitors and their tools of work. If not far from you there are the same home confectioners with an already established clientele, then it will be difficult for you to break through. Then you will have to act with more affordable prices and originality of products.

    Having your own clearly planned concept is a sure way to business success.

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