How to make money in the village: step by step instructions

Business in the countryside: 5 most promising ideas with nuances + 3 original options + 4 ideas for the most "advanced" + a real life story.

You should not curse the villainous fate if you happen to live not in Manhattan and not share secrets with Demi Moore, but discuss chicken breeds with your grandmother Klava, a neighbor across the garden. After all, a business in the countryside, with the use of brains and hard-working hands, can be made no less successful than in a chrome office in the center of Moscow.

And, perhaps, using our ideas, in a couple of years you yourself will not want to leave your native land.

the most promising business ideas in the countryside

Having shoveled a lot of information on the Internet and gathered for a "glass of tea" the familiar teachers of the agricultural institute and entrepreneurs, we have selected the 5 most promising business ideas in the village today:

growing medicinal plants in the village.

As quirky businessmen say, a person will always get sick, want to eat and die. And since he will be ill, then chamomile, yarrow, St. John's wort, sage, nettle, calendula and other usefulness, grown by you in the village, will come to his aid.

Medical raw materials from the village will be gladly accepted at procurement points, dealers in the market and citizens who are simply eager to get rid of ailments.

Nuance: do not think that you will be able to hand over the plants to a pharmaceutical plant if you have collected them somewhere near the busy Moscow-St. Petersburg highway, as radiological control and monitoring for the presence of heavy metals is being carried out.

But we are talking about business in the countryside, right? Where there is silky green grass, grasshoppers chirp and happy roosters sing?

Green tourism is a great idea for a village business.

Despite the misconceptions, even in the village you can do an interesting and profitable business. Moreover, the countryside has great advantages over the metropolis. This is a lot of free niches and no pressure from competitors. So how to make money in the village and where to start? These questions will be answered with step-by-step instructions and a selection of business ideas.

step - find an idea and choose a niche

The first place to start is to analyze the local market. Without this, you cannot find a profitable idea. Prefer niches that are free or have little competition. If the village is very small, and it already has a grocery minimarket, then you should not open a similar store. Otherwise, you will have to make an effort to identify the weaknesses of competitors and attract customers.

Business in the village offers a wide variety of ideas. Find out what the residents need, what is lacking in the village and would be in demand. Or bet on the fact that you will do business in the countryside and sell your products to neighboring cities. It is also important to understand the chosen direction of activity. Otherwise, you will have to hire knowledgeable people, and this is an extra cost. So take the time to research the industry.

step - work out the idea

Be sure to think through everything to the smallest detail. So you will know in advance how many resources will be required to open a business, and at what price to offer the product. A business plan will help with this. He will clearly show how and what can be sold in the village in order to earn. When compiling it, do not forget about the expense item. It may include the costs of purchasing equipment, raw materials, consumables, transport, renting premises, certification of products, and official registration. If you plan to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC, then be sure to find out if there are any benefits for the business in this village (for land tax, utilities, etc.). This will reduce costs and sell products at a lower price.

step - invest money

Having decided on the idea of ​​a business in the village, you need to take care of the start-up capital. Without it, even in rural areas, it is problematic to start earning. In most cases, you need to have at least a few thousand rubles, but there are options with virtually no cost. If you don't have personal money, look for an investor or business partner. Taking out a bank loan is not recommended. If the business turns out to be unprofitable, then you are at great risk of falling into a financial abyss.

step - start a business

After you draw up a business plan on how to make money in the village and find the money, you can buy everything you need. Promote your products actively and offer them to local people. Keep in mind that not everyone in the village has the Internet, so you will have to act the old fashioned way: post up notices on information boards and poles. Obtain product certificates if necessary. This will increase customer confidence in the newly opened business.

If you want to work "by the rules" or on a large scale, get the official papers. To do this, you need to notify all kinds of authorities about the conduct of their activities. Open a bank account for a legal entity and register your business with the tax office. There are two optimal options for a village. These are individual entrepreneurs (R21001) and a farm (R21002).

At first, you will have to work hard and make an effort to start a business in the village. The ideas of earning can be very different, and each has its own nuances in paperwork and obtaining permits from authorities. However, many rural businessmen manage to work “unofficially” without entering a large market.

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the actual question is which business to open. It seems that the desire is also the initial capital, but there are no ideas. How to choose the right niche for your business to generate income? The article examines the key points and features of business development from the point of view of various factors: territorial, financial, as well as business from the category "without leaving home."


What business to start from scratch: important points

Before asking yourself what kind of business to start from scratch, you need to ask the question, why do I need it. Many people reason like this: I'm tired of working for my uncle, I want to plan my time myself. Or like this: a neighbor opened a car repair shop (or something else), which makes me worse. This is the wrong line of thinking!

First of all, you need to understand what awaits you in the future. And waiting for you: considerable investments, both monetary and temporary, all kinds of risks, as well as a lack of control from the head. Now you are your own boss, controller and manager rolled into one. What is behind this and what qualities you need to possess, we think, is not worth talking about. And let's talk better about something else - about business ideas.

Key points to pay attention to

To define a niche and decide which business to open, you need to analyze the following:

Professionalism or hobby

First, you need to understand the business you want to do. For example, if you decide to open a store, then choose its specifics depending on your specialization. It is better for an auto mechanic to open a store selling auto parts, and a pharmacist a pharmacy.

Second, let's play a hobby. If you love and know how to knit beautiful things, then choose your business in this vein. Open a yarn and knitwear outlet. Or offer services for knitting exclusive items to order.

And, thirdly, we are looking for something behind ourselves that we can do better than others, but this is not directly related to our profession. For example, if you are well versed in a certain area and can explain all the nuances to other people in an accessible language, then why not offer your consultant help in this matter.

You don't have to be a city dweller to make money. And there are many sources of stable income in the village. There are different ways to get the main and additional income, you just need to choose the appropriate direction for realizing the potential.

Even residents of remote villages and settlements on the outskirts of civilization have learned to earn money both with and without Internet access. In rural areas, there are effective and profitable occupations that allow you to get finances even without investment.

Is it possible to earn as much in the village as in the city

When moving to a village, anyone is interested in making money there, because the number of employment options in villages and small villages is fundamentally different from working in cities. There is no such scope in the choice of profession.

As a rule, the level of wages in large urban-type settlements (urban-type settlements), cities and megalopolises is several times higher. But this does not mean that the labor of the rural population cannot be paid at the same level.

The scope of crafts in the countryside is great and depends on the skills and capabilities of people living in a particular area. Farmers are competently running the economy and are engaged in land work, craftsmen are engaged in needlework, teachers earn extra money by tutoring. Any capable person finds something to his liking.

The villagers are famous for handicrafts, therefore recognized craftsmen earn no less than any city dweller. Self-made household items are in demand and are sold at a good price in the same villages and beyond.

Villagers are freer and more independent people. In cities, work consists in fulfilling the duties established by the authorities, but the earnings for such employment are more stable among citizens.

The farther from the city, the more free time that can be spent on mastering new professions and crafts. It is always useful to study and engage in self-development, and, moreover, new activities bring monetary rewards with the correct organization of activities.

What is needed for this

It is unlikely that it will be possible to earn 1,000,000 in the village right away, but it is quite possible to provide yourself and your loved ones with a comfortable living if you make some effort. Since the specialization of studies in the villages is narrow, it often happens that there is simply no work.

In this case, additional work comes to the rescue. The easiest option is to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits in the vegetable garden and sell them in the city. But this is far from the only way to make money.

It is possible to organize a successful business not only in a densely populated city. Business in a village from scratch has many variations, while sometimes not requiring significant investments. If some other outbuildings and a personal plot are attached to the house in the countryside, then we can say that half of the work is done. The only thing to remember is the fact that life in the countryside is somewhat different from urban life, and therefore you need to be ready for changes.


  • the apiary does not require a large amount of land for its installation, since it is compact and fits quite well on several square meters;
  • the beekeeping product - honey - is quite expensive; this is a tasty product, the benefits of which are recognized by nutritionists, cosmetologists, folk medicine;
  • wax, honeycomb, royal jelly can also be considered as a result of this production;
  • another way to make business in the village is to organize the sale of the bees themselves, which are very often used in medicine.

You need to start a business with at least 10 families, gradually increasing the population of your apiary. In order to gain experience, you can get a job as an apprentice to some experienced beekeeper who will teach all the intricacies of the matter.

To organize such a business, it will take about 70-80 thousand rubles to purchase hives. We must not forget about special equipment - a protective suit, tools for work. With the right approach, it will be possible to get 25-50 kg of honey from one hive.


  • sale of meat;
  • sale of eggs;
  • sale of young stock;
  • sale of poultry fluff.

At the same time, there are quite a few options for what kind of birds to breed:

For poultry farming, you will certainly need special premises and, possibly, personnel.

Growing strawberries

This type of activity cannot be called the simplest. Growing strawberries is a laborious process that requires constant attention and your personal efforts. Payback is achieved, according to experts, after 1–2 seasons.

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