How I got orders for sewing over the Internet, not knowing how to sew and began to earn 5000 per month on them

A small sewing workshop will be a good source of income. To find out how to make money on sewing at home, you should consider promising directions and principles for organizing such a business.

Where to start

A sewing company does not require significant initial investments. You will need high-quality sewing equipment and auxiliary tools, as well as consumables.

At the initial stage, it is necessary to determine the direction of future work. You can earn money from sewing skills not only on finished products. Many people are engaged in mending clothes and eliminating defects. This option of earning money is no less relevant and in demand.

What explains the demand for handmade

Most of the entrepreneurs who make money by sewing at home are engaged in the manufacture of handmade products.

The main reason is the ability to embody your own creative ideas and do something truly original and unique. It is equally important that handmade goods are in demand among buyers, therefore, they are profitable.

The demand for such products is explained by the following factors:

  • goods are made by hand;
  • they are made using natural materials;
  • handmade goods reflect the creative nature of the manufacturer;
  • these things are unique;
  • handmade products are often cheaper than branded products.

The production of handmade goods is considered environmentally friendly and safe. Small home workshops do not generate waste, unlike industrial plants.

Some people limit themselves to just making money on sewing, working as a seamstress from home. And the thing is, there are several more simple ways in this profession, on which you can also earn good money. And today I will share these secrets with you, so if you are interested, read on.

TOP + ideas for additional income working as a seamstress at home:

Method of Fabric Stores

If you are engaged in sewing, then for sure, for work, you often visit the salons selling fabrics. I, too, almost always accompany clients to such stores, helping them make their choice. On the one hand, this is a waste of time for me, because what is the cost of the return trip if the store is still located on the other side of the city. Of course, I try to choose establishments that are close to me in location, but there is not always a choice there. Therefore, it often takes me half a day to accompany the client and help with the purchase.

But if you look at it from the other side - this trip brings me real income. Which one you ask? No, the salon does not pay me for bringing my customers to them. But I have discount cards that I purchased from these stores. When a client buys fabrics, I present a card and according to it the fabric salon makes a good discount for the buyer. At the same time, I receive bonus points on a discount card in the form of real money. And fabrics, I can tell you today, are not cheap at all. For example, to sew a coat from high-quality wool made in Italy, you need to pay from ten thousand rubles only for the material. And even from a small percentage on a discount card, for one such purchase, rather large amounts can be charged on it. But in a month I can bring to them not only one client. Then this money, which I have accumulated on a discount card, I can spend in the same store to buy fabrics for myself. Therefore, walking around the store with a client is quite a rewarding experience.

Method of Online Fabric Stores

The same principle works when buying in online stores, only you can make it easier for your client to choose fabrics by calling him personally and sending a photo of the fabric in a message. Let's say you are a regular customer in some kind of online store, constantly go to its page and look at new items. And you see that a fabric has appeared from which an excellent dress for a regular client can be obtained.

You immediately call your customer or send a message with a photo of the fabric, the price and your sketch of the style (model) of the dress. Write that there is such and such a fabric and you can sew such a cool dress from it. An important point - you do not write the real price of the material, but you can overestimate a little, because you have done the work. The client agrees and asks you how you can buy this fabric.

Or invites you to make a purchase yourself. Imagine how you made it easier for the client - she will only be happy if you buy fabric yourself, sew a dress, and only invite her for fitting. Naturally, you take payment for the fabric right away, you don't need to buy anything in advance with your own money. Only by order and 100 percent payment.

Psychology is at work here - the client often wants something, but does not know what he wants. And you make it easier for him to choose by providing both fabric and style at once. So take it into service, dear craftswomen)

How to Rent Clothes

Have you ever thought about the fact that you can not only sew to order, but also make your own collection of dresses in order to rent? Not every girl can afford to buy an outfit for just one day. For example, for a photo shoot. Especially if it's some kind of thematic shooting, like a pirate party. Or suddenly a wedding is planned and the bride tells her girlfriends that everyone should be in the same outfit - tulle skirts and corsets.

They used to say: "Learn to sew, you won't be left without a penny and you will always earn money for bread"! The tailors easily found clients and sewed everything from pillowcases and baby clothes to wedding dresses and coats. Many women sewed themselves, because it was difficult and expensive to buy a beautiful and fashionable thing. But at the beginning of the 2021s, clothes became affordable, stores are now fighting for the buyer, delighting the assortment.

And what about the tailors? Are they out of work? Is it possible to make money on sewing today?

From evening dresses to dog outfits

Irina started sewing in the early 80s as a schoolgirl. I studied at the courses. I began to sew to order. In the 90s there was no end of clients. Then there were permanent ones. She sewed mainly women's clothing: dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses, suits.

But after 2021 there were almost no clients, and a part-time job was very much needed. At first she was engaged in minor repairs and alterations - to shorten, alter, sew up trousers. But all this brought little money and pleasure. Irina always had in her soul not only a neat seamstress, but also a fashion designer.

A friend once asked me to sew a simple jumpsuit for her dog. Why not? I tried and literally fell in love with dog clothes! A friend brought her acquaintances, who also had dogs.

I got it, learned and retrained! Now he sews custom-made clothes for four-legged friends and earns much more than before.

From wedding dresses to dolls

Natalia in the 90s began to sew wedding dresses, then they were well bought and ordered. Then the demand began to fall - the brides moved to beautiful shops with imported goods. In 2021, orders became very tight and Natalya began to think: what to do next. There was no other work.

At first I tried to sew children's dresses for parties and dances. But the price came out more expensive than in the store, not all mothers wanted to overpay for the author's work. Once one customer asked to sew two dresses - a daughter and a doll. And then Natalya thought - what if you sew toys?

Who was on maternity leave - will understand me. Sometimes it’s so hard to sit within four walls and see nothing but diapers and baby diapers that you want to howl out of boredom and climb the wall.

Well, if there is still not enough money, depression generally becomes a regular guest. So I became one of the ordinary mothers, with a bundle on my head and in a dressing gown with traces of a baby burp on my shoulder.

Now, when I make money on what I love (sewing), I remember that time with a smile, and I also thank the day when the thought came to my mind: “I don’t want to live like this anymore, I need something then change and develop, and not degrade. "

This is the story of my reader Victoria S. Today she will prove to you by her example that the decree is not a sentence, but it's time to discover new talents in yourself and earn extra money on it.

How I got the idea to do sewing

On Instagram, I stumbled upon the page of a girl who sews professionally. During the next feeding, I leafed through her account, read the posts. A successful girl today did not hide that she was self-taught and started everything from scratch.

It was a kind of motivation for me, because now she has opened her own brand, has several showrooms and earns very well. But at home my mother has an old sewing machine from the Soviet era, but quite working.

I firmly decided to try myself in the field of sewing, although I had never before digested all this painstaking work with needles, patterns and fabrics. I was not going to make adult clothes or something complicated - my goal was decorative pillows, textile toys, simple children's skirts made of cotton and tulle, bed linen.

Where did I start

I understood that my idea could burn out, so I didn't invest in this business, from the word "not a penny". I just started a new page in VK, downloaded pictures of cool things from the Internet and signed them on my own behalf. In total, there were about 80 photographs of "my" works.

Next, I started throwing friend invitations. First of all, it was about people living with me in the same city.

Since my product was more intended for children and their mothers, in the advanced search I set the age limit from 18 to 40 years old, indicated the female gender (hardly any dad would buy such things, men are more limited in this question).

I could send no more than 100 invitations to friends per day, alas, such a VK limitation. It was risky to write to strangers in messages - they could be blocked. Therefore, the process of recruiting potential buyers was slow.

Nowadays, many people are trying to find their niche in business. One of the best ideas is the tailor shop as a business. Having your own business is a great way of self-realization, a good income, and inspiring prospects for the future.

  • Custom tailoring and repair services are always in demand. A large number of people strive to dress original and comfortable. Such clothes can be obtained only through personal contact with the master, so that he takes into account all the features of the figure, taste preferences.
  • The work does not require large capital investments. A private atelier needs a minimum of equipment and tools. The main thing is a good master so that all completed orders are successful.
  • Fast return on business. One of the defining moments is the ability to quickly "get on your feet", recover costs and make a profit. A tailoring and repair shop can pay off in a few months.

Who can open a tailor shop

A good cutter or sewing technologist can start a small business. If tailoring is your professional activity, then with additional organizational efforts, you can create a small enterprise that will not only give work, but also make a profit.

Nice perspective, right? How to open a clothing repair shop from scratch, you will learn in this article. Opening a tailor shop as a business following specific guidelines is easy. There are many examples of successful entrepreneurship around.

Tips & Tricks for Beginners: Getting Started

How to start your own tailor shop starting at a minimum? It is rational to start opening a point for the repair of things. The easiest way to enter the sewing services market is offered. The costs of opening a clothing repair point are insignificant: renting a room of 10-20 sq. m. (from 15 thousand rubles a month), a sewing machine and an iron (60 thousand rubles), consumables (threads, needles, etc. - 10 thousand rubles). The cost of one order for the repair of clothes is from 500 to 1000 rubles. A working day is from 5 to 10 orders. The maximum (estimated) income will be 10 thousand rubles per day. Average monthly revenue is about 75 thousand rubles. If we subtract direct costs (rent, utility bills, wage bill and mandatory taxes) and overhead costs (up to 40% of the amount of basic expenses), then the profit will be about 15 thousand rubles per month. This is not a bad income directed to the development of the enterprise.

As soon as there are more orders, you can expand and open one or more outlets or a larger clothing repair shop. This will allow, with minimal investment, to get a well-paid job and to think over further ways of developing the enterprise. Many in our time are thinking about how to open an atelier, shop, outlet. Having some experience in this activity, following competent advice, everything is feasible.

Your family business can involve the whole family in the business - then you don't have to spend money on full-time specialists. But in the event that there is a need to hire a seamstress or a cutter, you need to count on additional costs for the remuneration of these workers. You can adjust the amount of expenses by such items as the purchase of materials, wages, current equipment repairs. If your entrepreneurial qualities are strong, it is possible that in the future, you will enter the international level. But it all starts with the first smallest steps. The experience of successful entrepreneurs will tell you how to open your own atelier and do everything right from the very beginning.

Important nuances of the sewing business

A private company for tailoring and repairing clothes or a private atelier can be a small family business, or it can get the turnover of a mid-level company.

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