Homemade fish smoking for future earnings

Working for "uncle", everyone at least once in his life had the idea to open his own business. If you want to have a small, but own business, you can get a closer look at the opening of a private smokehouse. Smoking for sale is profitable for those who live in a private house, have access to direct suppliers of raw materials, or are engaged in domestic animal husbandry. It is not necessary to open a large workshop for smoking meat and fish, it can be a small private enterprise where products can be produced without hiring hired forces.

With the right business management, a small smokehouse will allow you to gain enough experience to expand production and become a competitor to larger producers. Such a business is considered highly profitable, convenient in that at first it does not require large investments and can be located at your home. A garage, a small outbuilding or even one room is enough for this.

Lately, those wishing to open their own smokehouse are increasing every day, but even taking into account the high competition, it is a profitable business. In addition to a monthly stable income that will allow you to support your family, there will always be home-cooked meat delicacies on your table every day. This is what attracts many, but as in any business, it has its own nuances and subtleties.

If you are a pro in this matter, you can safely go to the market with your products. Newbies can start by renting a smokehouse. While you won't be able to make a lot, it will be good practice. Set a symbolic hourly wage, your relatives, colleagues, neighbors can become clients.

Hot or cold smoking: which is more profitable

The smoking process involves heat treatment with hot smoke, while the product changes its taste and is stored for much longer. Depending on the temperature regime, hot or cold smoking is distinguished. The name speaks for itself. With hot smoking, the temperature inside the smokehouse ranges from 55 to 120 degrees, depending on the product, and with cold smoking, the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees.

This is not the only difference, the cold method will have to smoke for several days, and the hot method is enough for several hours. In this case, the difference in shelf life must be taken into account. The shelf life of hot smoked products is from 1 to 3 weeks, cold smoked products are several times longer. There is a buyer for any smoked delicacy, however, hot smoking technology is considered easier. Since it has a short shelf life, it is better to smoke in small batches and preferably on order.

First steps towards success

Any business undertaking should start with the collection of information, i.e. market analysis. From the very beginning, you can not take into account the large manufacturers, since they are not the main competitors. And small entrepreneurs who are engaged in similar activities are sure to be found. Having carefully studied the prices and assortment, it is possible to draw conclusions which smoked meats are in demand. Buying a trial batch will help you identify possible flaws in your opponent's products. Try to avoid them.

For a business to be successful, every step must be carefully considered. When you want hopes not to be replaced by quick disappointment, they make up a semblance of a business plan. Let it be just a small family business, planning will allow you to estimate the approximate costs and compare them with future income in order to understand how beneficial it will be in your case.

Opening a smokehouse involves several steps:

If you are looking for, but still cannot find a way to earn extra money, the main thing - do not despair! There are many ways to work part-time, and you will definitely find the one that suits you. Here is today's guest of the Reconomica magazine, Evgeny Krivosheev from Tambov, for a long time could not find a business to his liking, which would bring income. But he stubbornly continued to search until he decided to build his own smokehouse. It was planned for their own needs: for family, relatives and friends. But what happened in the end, you will find out by reading this article.

My first smokehouse

Hello, my name is Evgeny Sergeevich Krivosheev, I'm from the city of Tambov, I'm 36 years old. Having a main job and receiving a stable salary, I was always looking for somewhere else to earn some money. The family is big, and the money that I earned was sorely lacking. Having a garage with an area of ​​four by six meters and an extension of four by four, I thought what would be there to figure out. I tried many options: from wood carving to car repairs. But, alas, nothing from my list of skills went into the family's income. Where there was simply not enough experience, where the demand for my products was not great (about wood carving - I cut backgammon), in general, it's a disaster.

First decided to make a small smokehouse

I have been hatching the idea of ​​a smokehouse for a long time. Shoveled a bunch of forums and sites. In this age of the Internet, it was easy to find information and blueprints for my first smokehouse. At first I wanted to build a small, simplest smokehouse for my own needs, in order to pamper my household with my own smoked meats from time to time.

Having decided on the dimensions, I began to search for a suitable material. The most budgetary option seemed to me - a lining smokehouse, with a stove as a smoke blower.

I took the lining from the solid cedar, this is a suitable option for building a smokehouse, since it is not a resinous tree and when heated it will not emit resin, which gives bitterness to the smoked product. Arriving at the market, I bought two packs of lining - ten pieces each, measuring 270 centimeters. For the frame, I took a regular 40 x 40 cm beam from pine. Began to collect. I will not describe the whole process in detail, but after assembly I got a "house" measuring 80 by 95 and 115 centimeters high.

Here's a house.

On the street or in the garage?

When all this was conceived, there were thoughts to put a smokehouse on the street. But the plans changed and I decided to install my creation right in the garage. To make the smokehouse airtight and not let in smoke, I sheathed the outer wall with mineral wool as a heater, then wrapped it in several layers with cling film and sheathed it all with clapboard. As a smoke generator, I used a pipe with a diameter of 150, with a conventional aquarium compressor.

The principle of operation is very simple. Chips are poured into the chimney, ignited through the ignition hole, and the smoke begins to flow into the smokehouse with the help of a compressor. It is better to take the compressor with air supply regulation, since the intensity of the smoke supply has to be regulated.

I decided to smoke both cold and hot

A smoked business can bring tangible profits, as smoked products are very popular. You can start work at home, equipping a garage building for a small smoking workshop. When using high-quality raw materials and equipment, delicious smoked meats are produced for sale: lard, meat, fish, chicken or turkey.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The benefits of a smoked food business include:

  • No complexity. Smoking products is a fairly simple process, especially if modern equipment is used that practically does not require human intervention.
  • Equipment compactness. Modern electric smoking devices are small and therefore do not take up much space. They can be placed in a household space.
  • Ability to expand production at any time. To do this, it is enough to purchase additional equipment and increase sales.
  • Opportunity to save on rent and transportation. If you smoke on your own site, then you can also open a store here to sell your products.
  • Year-round demand for products.
  • Opportunity to find wide sales markets.

The disadvantages of this activity include:

  • The need for constant control over the production process.
  • Time-consuming paperwork to obtain official permission for such activities.
  • The need to create special conditions for the proper storage of finished products.
  • Sales difficulties. Smoked meats are classified as perishable products, therefore, in order to avoid losses, it is necessary to have reliable distribution channels.

Where to start

Before starting to organize a business in the production of smoked products, it is necessary to develop a detailed business plan, calculate the amount of investments, choose a line of business, assess the demand for products, and find reliable suppliers of raw materials. All this will create a solid foundation for future activities.

Business plan

When you open a smokehouse to make a profit, you need to draw up a consistent plan of action. It includes steps like this:

  • Choosing a direction of activity (1-3 days).
  • Registration of a company and obtaining permission to conduct commercial activities (about 14 days).
  • Search for a room (1-2 weeks).
  • Search for suppliers (1-2 weeks).
  • Purchase of the necessary raw materials and equipment for smoking products (1-3 days).
  • Equipment installation, workshop cleaning (5-14 days).
  • Personnel search (1-2 weeks).
  • Release of a trial batch (up to 1 week depending on the selected smoking method).
  • Search for buyers and sale of finished products.

Calculating the amount of investments

Food is the basis of human life, therefore, such a product is in high demand in any economic environment. Food production always brings a good income, especially when it comes to such popular products as smoked meat or fish. You will learn how to organize a smokehouse at home as a business in this article.

Activity Registration

To avoid fines and other problems from regulatory authorities, before opening a smokehouse at home, you need to legalize your business. To do this, you need to collect all the necessary documents, certificates and permits.

First of all, visit the executive committee. There you will be asked to fill out special forms. In addition, you need to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC, draw up a sanitary book, and register with a pension and insurance fund.

It is quite difficult to issue a certificate for smoking fish at home in a smokehouse. We can say that this is almost impossible. But there is another, simpler way. Many entrepreneurs submit their products for examination in the laboratory of local markets. Usually such a document is sufficient to confirm its quality.


Since you will be engaged in the production of food, the workshop in which the equipment will be installed must meet all established norms and requirements. You must strictly follow all the instructions, otherwise SES can close your enterprise at any time.

For the business of smoking products to bring a good income, it is also advisable to open your own retail outlet. To do this, you need to purchase a special display case and refrigerators for storing goods. You shouldn't save a lot and buy old trade equipment. Modern refrigerated display cases are distinguished by high technological performance, small size and original design. Thanks to this, you will be able to attract more regular customers to your outlet.


There are several technologies for smoking fish in production, but they are all based on the same principle. When heated, the wood should smolder, but not ignite. In this case, it emits a lot of smoke, which is necessary for the smoking process.

Technological scheme for hot smoking fish

A typical home smokehouse is an iron barrel or box with thick walls. From above, the container is tightly closed with a lid. Inside, special grates are made, on which meat or fish are laid for smoking. A pan is installed under them, into which the fat flows.


Home-made fish smoking is not a difficult task. You can deal with it yourself with minimal investment. Because of this, starting your own business becomes a reality for every person.

Phased organization of homemade fish smoking

The implementation of a business idea for a better result should be divided into separate stages. Homemade fish smoking will not be a problem if you compare your personal capabilities. After that, it will be possible to get to certain results, which will become a constant profit.

  • Stage one - preparation of documents. You cannot sell food without a license. Before starting your own business, you will have to contact the tax office and other authorities to open a company. The costs will not exceed 800 rubles to pay the state duty. If this is not done, after the first check you will have to face an administrative fine.
  • Stage two - purchase of equipment. For smoking, you will have to purchase a smokehouse. It differs in size and principle of operation, so the cost ranges from 1 to 25 thousand rubles. The assortment allows you to choose the optimal equipment for self-preparation of a food product, which will subsequently be sold to customers.
  • Stage three - organizing storage. It is not always possible to immediately find clients, and work on order does not guarantee stability and big earnings. This problem can be corrected by proper organization of food storage. This will require a large refrigerator for cooling. Usually its price is 25-35 thousand rubles, but at first you can use inexpensive household appliances.
  • Stage four - organizing the sale. Profit is only possible after the sale of finished smoked fish. To do this, you will have to start looking for clients. The easiest way to start this process is with a website and an advertising campaign, which will require 20-25 thousand rubles. Subsequently, certain details will emerge that require special consideration.
  • Stage five - organizing delivery. Transporting food is no easy task. It is most beneficial for her to turn to professionals. In this case, you will have to spend a lot of money from each order, which will certainly not suit you. We would recommend personal delivery, but this is only available in the early stages of development. In the future, volumes will grow, so there will be no time, and you will have to find yourself a courier.

Types of smokers

When choosing a smokehouse, you should pay attention to several types of equipment. Each of them has important details that you should know. What options do manufacturers offer?

  • Electric ;
  • Wood.

Electrical equipment is much easier to operate. This is the main advantage that will surely interest you. In this case, homemade fish smoking turns into a simple, but not the most profitable task. Today consumers quickly recognize such a food item and are not interested in it.

A wood-burning smokehouse is a godsend for a fisherman. He knows very well what a pleasant smell the fish emits after cooking. He doesn't want to settle for other options. If you want to quickly sell your own products, you need to learn how to use small planed firewood correctly in order to make the best dish for many customers.

Which sales methods are more profitable?

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