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Opening a mini production facility at home or in the garage is not an easy task, especially if you have very little money and no experience at all. However, if you approach business competently and responsibly, even a small own enterprise can bring tangible profits. There are many options for self-realization. The main thing is not to overload yourself with the thoughts that all niches are already occupied, and it is not realistic to develop without connections and large financial investments - these judgments are still far from reality.

If you are determined to start your own mini-production, but settled on choosing a niche that you will master, you can use one of the proposed business ideas for home production.

Making mobile phone cases

Most residents of our country between the ages of seven and seventy-seven have at least one, or even several, mobile phones. And if you have a phone, then the owner, most likely, will definitely buy a cover for it, because it is not only a means of protection against scratches and other physical damage, but also a fashionable accessory. Making cases for mobile phones is a classic example of a home business that requires little or no investment. It will be enough for you to get a sewing machine (you will have to work with leather and other dense materials) and purchase raw materials.

Alternatively, you can do without a typewriter, for example, if you want to produce manually knitted covers. They are more valuable, but you will also spend much more labor on them. The resulting products can be sold on the Internet using your own online store, a group on social networks, or you can find dealers and sell products offline.

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Soap making

Setting up mini-production at home is not so difficult, especially when it comes to soap making. It will take no more than two or three days to master all the technological wisdom, after which it will be possible to start cooking. You don't need to buy equipment as such, the usual kitchen utensils are enough (although if you want your soap products to look like works of art, a set of special forms will not hurt), and the raw materials - soap base, flavorings, oils, and so on, cost a penny. The situation with the sale of goods is more complicated.

Firstly, target consumers are only women, and even then, not all. Secondly, all kinds of souvenir and gift shops are already packed with homemade soap products to the eyeballs. Therefore, you have to make a truly original product and use all kinds of marketing gimmicks. For example, add a couple of facts about its beneficial effects on the skin to the description of your soap. I will not describe everything in detail - there is already a separate article on the forum dedicated to the production of soap at home.

When talking about factories, most people imagine: hundreds of employees, areas with large long terminals, many different equipment, a fleet of equipment. Most of the Russian factories are built in this way, however, these enterprises are low-profit. The high profitability of good production is ensured not by the scale, but by the optimal and highly efficient equipment with the planned payback. New mobile factories are replacing the factories of the previous model.

Mini home production

I won't be mistaken if I say that the answer to this question worries how many people are, because whatever you say, creating your own mini-workshop looks like the best option for doing business. I immediately agree with a number of skeptics who will say that it is more profitable to just engage in banal buy and sell, all the more to choose what to trade from. At the same time, the situation is far from so unambiguous, because trade is a rather specific type of business and it is not suitable for everyone, we say it is from the perspective of buying somewhere and selling to someone. And so we will try to concentrate on real business ideas. which can be organized not just at home, in the production segment, that is, we will talk about the category of home mini-workshops.

Do not forget to subscribe within the next month, we will analyze, if not all, then at least the most promising and good business ideas for creating mini-workshops at home. Immediately I want to make a small remark, naturally some of the ideas for mini-workshops will not be new, for one banal reason I write more about real and working areas of small business, the consequence of this approach will always be a certain kind of duplication of promising areas with other resources. But "repetition, the mother of learning" and it is quite possible that it is among them that you will find something that "pleases" and will become the basis for your own business.

    Firstly, not big requirements for the premises. Any business idea for a mini home workshop should occupy a maximum of 20 square meters of floor space. It is this size that can usually be identified in the private sector. At the same time, it is also quite possible for residents of apartment buildings to allocate, for example, one room in an apartment. If this is not possible, then it is worth looking among other areas of small business, a separate room in any case will be needed for production.
    Secondly, the equipment and technological cycle of such a mini-shop should have a number of relatively specific features, such as:

- no harmful emissions

- minimum power requirements

- it must be non-explosive

We do not live in a vacuum, but there is no emptiness around, the consequence of such a fact, however strange, will be the need to take into account the opinions of people around and neighbors. I think the neighbors will not like it if something rumbles or emit all sorts of smells near them all day long. Frankly speaking, disregard for the opinions of others in my practice destroyed a fairly large number of production workshops, of course, this usually does not happen in a day or two, but the business is also built with a future perspective.

May I ask a question, what kind of trouble can neighbors make to the production workshop?

A large number, as a rule, neighbors start to write and complain to all instances, first lower and then further, usually the regulatory authorities may not react, but the water wears away the stone and constant checks and requirements for the equipment of the premises, certification and by the way, in the end it discourages even the most "stubborn" entrepreneurs from working. As a conclusion, this factor is one of the most important in determining what kind of business is engaged in at home.

Actually, we can stop at this, other aspects of individual business ideas for creating mini-workshops are already specific and should be considered in the context of individual areas (which we will talk about in future articles).

As for the main answer to the question - is it possible to create a mini workshop at home. Then the answer is unequivocal yes, subject to two basic conditions, that is, having 20 square meters and meeting the minimum equipment requirements.

If we are talking about plants, the overwhelming majority of people think that it is: a large number of equipment, thousands of vehicles, hectares with impressive workshops, a lot of workers. Many factories in the Russian Federation look like this, but these factories are essentially unprofitable. The high profitability of a good plant is ensured not by its scale, but by the purchase of optimal equipment. Mini-optimized factories come instead of outdated mills.

Mini home production

Total in the category: 34 types, investment sizes: from 10,000 to 3,000,000 rubles. The main characteristic of a home business is the use of its residential and non-residential premises (for example, a garage) as conditions for doing business, be it trade, small-scale production, provision of services or remote work.

Home business ideas are often interesting for those who want to start with minimal investment or even from scratch. An obvious advantage is the ability to start your own business without investing in the purchase, construction or lease of premises. The downside is the fact that you cannot engage in some activities (for example, you cannot open a legal store, especially if you live on the 14th floor of a high-rise building), the activity is limited by the scale of the premises (and the fact of living in it or nearby), the neighbor factor (not all neighbors will be happy if you open a sewing workshop in your apartment or bake bread).

Home business is perfect for those who offer services, the provision of which does not require an office and a fixed point for customer service (these are all forms of an exit trader, organization of holidays); for remote work (outsourcing) and for mini-production (for this, as a rule, a private house is more suitable than an apartment).

If you want to become an entrepreneur, but you have limited financial resources, no business experience, and you want, at least for the first time, to combine work and entrepreneurial activity, then we recommend choosing a future niche from the ones presented in this home business ideas section.

Mini home production

Czech production

Among all types of industries subject to an ordinary sewing machine, the most promising for both the CIS markets and the West is the manufacture of ordinary Czech women. Whoever has children three to ten years old in the 2021s, they know that these simple shoes made of thin leather cost 70-100 hryvnia per pair (and in Europe they do 20-50 euros) with the obvious price of the material not exceeding 10 hryvnia ... But the most offensive thing is that the design of the shoes is usually primitive - we are simply talking about smooth-white or smooth-black shoes according to a project three hundred years ago, without a hint of design at all.

Therefore, sewing multi-colored, well-decorated Czech womens shoes at home - as the Kharkov entrepreneur Pavel Anosov does - is very promising not only in Ukraine, but also in the West. That is what the named Kharkiv resident does. having already a shaft of sales to European countries through Internet sites. After all, the quality of his design goes head and shoulders above the market standard, because he has no competitors anywhere, and prices - 10-12 dollars - are half the standard European prices for such a product.

The very concept of "production" alarms novice businessmen. It is perceived as something global and large-scale. But everything big starts small. Moreover, small-scale production has established itself as a promising and long-term business. Where do you start? Buy a mini-workshop for the production of pasta or sausages, or maybe start making screws or toilet paper? All this is trite and requires a solid investment. We offer 10 business ideas of mini-production for small businesses that are relevant for 2021, which really have a chance to become a matter of a lifetime, expand in the future to a large plant and make a profit already at the start. Table 1. List of 10 mini-productions for small businesses

Specifics of starting a business in manufacturing

Opening even a small production requires elaboration of the concept and main points. Before the start you need:

  • register a business activity;
  • analyze the market, sales channels;
  • choose a room suitable for placing the equipment;
  • make a list of equipment and find equipment suppliers;
  • , if necessary, hire employees with professional experience in the chosen production area, or provide for training opportunities;
  • work out the technological aspects of production;
  • find suppliers of materials and raw materials;
  • work out the sale and delivery of finished products;
  • evaluate the financial component of the business in terms of initial investment and potential income.

Let's consider the ideas of mini-productions in more detail in the context of the features of running a manufacturing business.

Plastic recycling

You can open this business in your garage without investing large sums. As a rule, the capital for the creation of a mini-plastic processing plant is limited to 50,000 rubles. It is necessary to purchase the following equipment:

The machines are assembled and adjusted independently. You can ask for help from a specialist in this area.

The main advantage of this mini-production idea is the availability of raw materials. Plastic waste is used in the manufacture: bottles, pallets and much more. All of this can be reworked to create real masterpieces and stunning decorative elements:

  • marry ;
  • flower pots;
  • wicker boxes and more.

A prerequisite for this type of production is the entrepreneur's imagination. They develop such a business with the help of friends and acquaintances.

Yarn production

Handmade yarn is especially appreciated by craftswomen for its medicinal properties and quality, which is lost during production on an industrial scale. This affects the price of hand-made yarn, which can be used to organize your own business.

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